David & Greg - PART 2

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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David & Greg - PART 2

Post by hoodtight » May 21st, 2012, 2:18 pm


At just on one o’clock by David’s much scrutinised Omega, he left his workspace to head towards the coats. Through the windows the day looked almost dark with grey, and the streaked distorted view of the suburban roofs beyond told him it was still raining hard. He found his suit and wellingtons, but couldn’t see Greg’s gear. His heart thumping with anticipation, he gathered his stuff up and headed for the lift, for which there were only a couple of people waiting despite the lunch time – probably because of the weather.

Down to reception, and out under the stilts holding up the building, round by the big rubbish bins where he and Greg had met that morning, he expected to see Greg. There was no sign. David’s heart fell, he had hoped beyond hope that today might be the day when he discovered the impossible dream of another lad with similar tastes to his own – surely a once in a lifetime chance. Obviously he was wrong, and added to his disappointment was the considerable nervousness that his secret was out, both in terms of fetish and in terms of sexuality.

He dithered, and then decided that he’d get dressed up and walk down to the river by the playing fields, find somewhere hidden and at least enjoy himself in his gear by himself. He pulled the crinkly pu nylon overtrousers on, feeling his cock beginning to grow as he did so. He pulled on the wellington boots, putting the overtrousers over them, and zipping the sides as he did to go to work this morning. Next into the cagoule, so designed that your head goes by default into the hood as you pull it on. He pulled the bottom of the cag down so it was level with his knees, zipped up the short neck zip, and pulled the drawcords tight tying them so that he could see out of the hood, but the top of the zip and gusset were just below his nose, covering his mouth. He headed out across the municipal carpark, practically deafened by the hard thrash of rain on the nylon over his ears.

Ten sopping wet minutes later, his hands, apart from his nose and eyes, the only uncovered part of him, puffy with wetness, he got to the towpath by the river, and after a bit of looking around found a spot where he thought he’d be unseen from anywhere amongst the bushes bordering the playing fields the towpath. It is somewhere he’d been before when he wanted to be unseen. He took one quick look up the towpath and discovered that in the noise of the rain he was no longer alone. Standing behind him, blushing inside his tightly fastened royal blue hood, was Greg. David’s heart missed a beat. His hand went up to undo the drawstrings so he could speak, but Greg’s hands grabbed his, and pulled him into the coke can and cigarette butt strewn patch in the bushes. Not a word was said, they gazed at each other, water still cascading off their waterproofs. For David, it was now or never, he took Greg’s hand and pressed it to the layers of red nylon above his pulsing erection, and with his other hand went to grope Greg. Greg was too quick for him, and grabbed him and held him close in a long swishy watery nylon encased hug. David reached up again to loosen his hood so he could speak.

Greg did the same releasing his pretty boyish face, but just moved forward to kiss David, his tongue forcing open David’s surprised lips as they hugged and kissed. David moved his hand gently down to pull up the skirt of the cagoule, eased down the front of the blue waterproof overtrousers, scrabbled for the zipfly of Greg’s trousers, and released Greg’s magnificent erect cock, they broke the kiss, with a gasping moan from Greg, David started to stroke the cock, and as he got down on his knees, tasted the taste on his tongue of Greg for the first time. Gradually David worked his tongue up and down his friend’s shaft, before taking the shiny rigid head into his mouth. Greg held the red nylon encased head over his cock making moaning some more, as David for the first time in his life found himself doing what had only been done to him once before by an older boy in the woods near his school. He used his tongue to stimulate the glans, as his lips ran up and down his friend’s penis. Gradually Greg started to convulse, and David took care with his timing so as not to cause anything to happen too quickly. After a while, he felt Greg’s back arching into a thrust and he pulled away as Greg’s produce shot into the nearby grass to mingle with the rain.

“Wow” gasped David, as he stood back up to kiss Greg gently on the lips.

“Oh David, that was incredible, I’ve never never thought that could happen” said Greg.

“Can you do something for me? I’m just bursting! Just kiss me and flog me off……please…..you don’t have to suck”

Greg didn’t answer, but just kissed David some more, and burrowed down to find his erection in the folds of red nylon and, like his friend, knelt in the grass and took everything that David could offer as he screamed his pleasure in the roaring rain.

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Re: David & Greg - PART 2

Post by hotwilly » May 23rd, 2012, 10:01 am

Well written erotic story - maybe not to some peoples tastes as it is two guys together enjoying rainwear
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: David & Greg - PART 2

Post by raincloud » May 25th, 2012, 7:01 am

keep it up :)

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Re: David & Greg - PART 2

Post by cammacg » May 27th, 2012, 8:40 pm

Superb story. We wait for the next episode, with bated breath, and a mackintosh....and a wish that it was me....

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Re: David & Greg - PART 2

Post by hoodtight » June 26th, 2012, 10:18 pm

Thanks to you all for such enthusiasm. Sitting here in my Pentland cag and trousers, hood up and thinking about the next episode. Any of you guys want to sit next to me in gear, and I'm sure we'd get the story out even quicker!!


Re: David & Greg - PART 2

Post by grahamdyrham » February 26th, 2013, 10:05 pm

these were great stories and reminded mme of my time in college - I would love to sit next to you and compose the next episode.
Regards Graham

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Re: David & Greg - PART 2

Post by Nick York » July 14th, 2017, 12:50 am

Me too, sitting next to you, secured in my mackintosh and getting warm as we put together part three! Your ongoing story is stimulating and resonates strongly.

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Re: David & Greg - PART 2

Post by Debbie Maclover » July 16th, 2017, 9:16 am

A lovely story, touching and sensual, made all the better by reading enclosed in my shiny PU mac. I agree with others; how delightful it would be to sit and write with you.


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