Peter and Kathy part 3

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Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by Rainwearlover » November 22nd, 2011, 12:54 pm

Here is part 3 of the story about Peter and Kathy, Enjoy and don´t forget to comment!

The following morning Peter woke up in Kathy´s bedroom. Kathy was standing with her back turned towards him, obviously busy looking for some clothes in her wardrobe. Peter looked at her, she was naked apart from the thigh high latex stockings which she had put on the night before.

Before long she found what she was looking for and turned around, she saw that Peter was awake and said good morning.

“Morning” Peter replied.

“Did you sleep well?” Kathy asked and sat down on the bed.

“Yeah.. just fine, thanks” Peter said. He hesitated for a moment before he continued. “Sorry, I didn´t mean to stay here over night…”

“No worries…” Kathy said with a smile and got up. “To tell you the truth, I kind of hoped you would after the good time we had last night…” “anyway… I´ll go take a shower now”.

Kathy went down stairs and Peter was left alone in the bedroom.

Peter didn´t really know what to do, so he did nothing. 15 minutes passed before he heard Kathy coming up the stairs.

“Still in bed…?” she said as she saw Peter. “There´s still a few minutes worth of warm water if you want to take a shower” she continued.


Kathy handed him a clean towel and showed him the way.

Some 15 minutes later Peter, now fully dressed, joined Kathy in the kitchen.

They had their breakfast. Kathy sat silent looking out the window, thinking about something. The rain had stopped but the sky was still concrete gray as if more rain was on the way.

“What´s up” Peter asked and looked at Kathy.

“Oh, nothing, I was just hoping it would be raining today as well…”

“I see…” Peter said and looked out again… “Well, as far as I can tell, the rain isn´t far away…”

After the gathering outside the pub, just like the day before, Kathy and Peter got a new stretch of river to clean up. But before they could be on their way Kathy dropped Peter off at his grandmother´s place so that he could get his gear.

As it was pretty warm and no rain there wasn´t really a need for them to have full coverage like the previous day. Because of this Peter didn´t bother with putting on the anorak and Kathy had replaced the orange coverall with red PVC bibpants.

The river clean up was uneventful and boring as they both seemed to be concentrating on the job, even though Peter, just like the day before, found himself looking at Kathy ever so often.

“Come on… I don´t want to be stuck here all day long” Kathy said as she saw Peter looking at her.

It was about noon when Kathy declared the work done and got out of the water. She sat down on the riverbank, with her waders still in the water. Peter joined her and sat down. They sat quiet just watching the water flow by.

“I was wondering if I could take you out sometime, dinner or a movie… if you want to that is…?” Peter said.

“Yeah, sure, I´d love to… What do you have in mind…?” Kathy replied and looked at him.

“Well… er… I... I really don´t know, because I don´t know much about this place… Maybe we could go somewhere else…?”

“Yeah, sure… In fact there´s a new place half an hour away that I wanted to go to for a long time…” Kathy said. “I´ll drive… that way I can show you around too… ”

“Great” Peter said.

“How about going there today?”

“Yeah sure, why not” Peter replied.

“Good, come around to my place later then…”

“I will” Peter said.

The conversation sort of died down, and they sat quiet for a while.

After a while they decided to get on with the job at hand, and about an hour later they declared the job done. They got out of their now rather muddy PVC gear and headed back. Kathy dropped Peter off at his grandmother´s place and got on her way. Peter stood and looked as Kathy drove off, thinking about the previous night.

The hours passed by slowly, but soon Peter was on his way back to Kathy´s place.

He rang the doorbell and a few seconds later Kathy opened the door. Before Peter had a chance to say hello, Kathy grabbed his hand and pulled him inside shutting the door. Peter was not prepared for this and was therefore “easy prey” as Kathy pressed him up against the nearest wall. She kissed him, looked into his eyes and said:

“God you´re hot!” Kathy kissed him again and continued: “I know this is going to sound weird, but ever since you put on your raingear this morning I´ve been… well… horny, I´ve fantasized about you all day long”.

Peter looked into her eyes and kissed her passionately.

“I´ve hope we could address my “problem” before we go…” Kathy said, not sounding slutty or desperate at all even though she wanted him badly.

Kathy didn´t wait for an answer, she already knew that it was going to be “yes”, the look on Peter´s face said it all.

Peter and Kathy continued kissing, their hands met and Peter noticed that Kathy was wearing latex gloves. He broke away for a moment to be able to see her hands, both covered in black latex, the feeling of her slippery latex covered hands was intriguing. For the first time that night he noticed what Kathy was wearing. Kathy had a white woollen sweater, and both to his surprise and delight, latex leggings. They continued kissing, Peter´s free hand was soon caressing Kathy´s latex clad bum. It didn´t take him long to notice the zipper that ran from her neck and down in between her curvy thighs.

As Peter processed the information from his find, Kathy looked at him, looking lovelier than ever before, and said:

“Yes, I´m wearing the catsuit”

The kissing and caressing continued and picked up in intensity. Kathy´s free hand began to undo Peter´s belt and pants and surprisingly quickly they dropped to the floor. Kathy guided Peter´s free hand from her bum to the front of her catsuit and to the zipper. Peter understood the hint and began to unzip the crotch of her suit. Kathy clearly enjoyed it. Peter took his time, unzipping the suit carefully.

Kathy hugged Peter as he worked the zipper down exposing her lady parts. Kathy whispered in his ear:

“Gloves… honey… safe sex…. In my sweater pocket…”

Peter reached for her pocket and found the gloves, these weren´t the same type that he had used before. These were the same as Kathy´s gloves and catsuit. He was a bit surprised but put them on, a perfect fit.

Kathy had unzipped the crotch of her suit while Peter was busy with the gloves. Peter stepped out of his pants and then took of his sweater, t-shirt, shoes, and socks. Kathy took of her sweater too, showing even more latex clad curves.

They continued to kiss and caress each other, Peter´s gloved hands ran smoothly over Kathy´s rubber covered breasts, and he could see that she was enjoying it. Kathy´s gloved hands slowly made it down to his underwear and pulled them down, liberating Peter´s erect shaft.

Kathy got down on her knees, Peter wasn´t sure about what was going on, was she going to give him a blowjob, surely not without a condom...?

Before he knew it Kathy was holding a condom and with her gloved hands she began to roll it onto his shaft. She got back up, looked at Peter and said:

"Now we can make love..."

Kathy took Peter´s hand and guided it down to her private parts, while she grabbed his penis and stroked it a couple of times.

Peter let his gloved fingers explore her until he found her clit and opening. He touched and fingered Kathy until she pushed his hand away.

"Come, let´s go upstairs" Kathy said and headed for the stairs closely followed by him.

"Please keep the catsuit on" Peter thought, not realizing he actually said it out loud.

Kathy stopped, turned to look at him and with a big grin on her face said:

"For you, anything, but I wasn´t going to take it off anyway..."

Kathy and Peter made sweet love, both reaching the climax at the same time.

"Hope I didn´t wear you out riding you like that" Kathy said as she got to her feet, looking at Peter.

Peter said nothing, he just got to his feet and kissed Kathy.

"You know..." Peter said looking at Kathy. "Seeing you rubbered up like that really turns me on"

"...if you want me to, I too could wear some latex..." Peter continued "or perhaps rainwear... if you..."

For the first time Peter saw Kathy blush.

"Yeah... I´d like that..." Kathy said.

They kissed again and Peter carefully began fingering her with his gloved hand while they continued kissing. Kathy reached a second orgasm, her body shaking.

While Kathy recovered Peter went to get rid of the used condom and when he returned a few moments later Kathy was about to unzip and peel of the tight fitting catsuit from her curvy body.

Kathy looked at him as he entered the room.

"Or would you like me to keep it on..?" she asked. "I can keep it on but I will have to put on some normal clothes on top to keep warm..."

"I like you to keep it on but..." Peter replied.

"Ok... I´ll keep it on then..." "on one condition..." Kathy added as she noticed she had the upper hand.

"Okay, what would that be then?" Peter asked not knowing what to expect.

"That you wear rainwear for as long as I wear the catsuit" Kathy said with a grin.

"Ok...? And that would be suitable dress for the restaurant...?" Peter asked, thinking about the reactions of the people that would be in the restaurant.

"Sure, don´t worry about that... As long as we both are gear up..." Kathy said as she zipped the suit closed, concealing her wet private parts.

"You will wear rainwear too?" Peter asked.

Kathy nodded.

Peter was glad that he wouldn´t have to be dressed up in rainwear alone.

"And I suppose you have something that you want me to wear...?" Peter continued.

"I could think of a thing or two..." Kathy replied. "But I think that you better put your clothes back on unless you want to be naked underneath..."

Kathy and Peter got dressed in their normal clothes. Peter looked at Kathy but there was nothing to give away that she wore latex underneath her clothes as she now had removed the gloves too. Peter had also removed his gloves by now.

"Ok, time for the rainwear" Kathy said with a smile and went to her rather large wardrobe and pulled out a pile of bright orange PVC.

Peter looked at the pile as Kathy started to unfold the rainwear. It turned out to be two complete rainsuits, Peter recognized them as the kind that the crew wear on fishing vessels.

"Here´s your suit" Kathy said and handed him the gear. "Get dressed!"

Peter took the orange bibpants and immediately noticed how heavy they were. He put them on, pulled them up and fastened the wide straps.

Kathy, already in her bibs stepped up to Peter and helped him adjust the straps.

They continued with putting on the equally heavy anoraks, Kathy got it on quickly and then helped Peter to get it on.

“Ok, just about ready to go then…” Kathy said and went down stairs, closely followed by Peter.

Their rainwear made the kind of noises that only PVC rainwear can make as they moved.

“Boots next then” Kathy said and took out two pairs of shiny black rubberboots from under the stairs.

“These should be your size” Kathy said and handed the bigger ones to Peter.

They began to put them on and to Peter´s surprise his boots were a perfect fit.

Fully dressed in heavy duty PVC rainwear Peter and Kathy stepped out and Kathy locked the door behind them. The sky still had the miserable shade of concrete grey and the rain wasn´t far away. Kathy unlocked her Transit van and opened the driver side door and got in Peter got in on the passenger side, Kathy turned the key and the engine reluctantly spluttered into life.

“Damn… ” Kathy said under her breath.

Peter said nothing as Kathy reversed the van out of the yard into the road. They drove away from Kathy´s house and the village.

“So… where are we going…” Peter asked.

“Oh… yeah… I forgot to tell you… there´s a new place at the seaside that I want to try for some time now… thought we might go there now…”

“Ok, sounds good” Peter replied.

The drive took about 30 minutes, and soon they were in what looked like a small seaside town with fishing vessels and a pier and all the other things one might expect to find in such a place.

Kathy parked the van outside a small shop.

“So here we are… ” Kathy said and looked out. “Don´t worry about the rainwear, here we´ll fit right in dressed like this…”

Peter was glad to hear her say that, as he felt a bit uneasy about the heavy and bright rainwear he was wearing.

“The restaurant is just around the corner, so, are you coming?”

“Ok, yeah I´m coming” Peter said and they got out and started walking. The restaurant was just around the corner, just like Kathy said, but to their surprise it was closed.

“Just my luck” Kathy said and looked at Peter.

Peter stood quiet and looked at the restaurant before Kathy spoke again.

“Fish and chips?”

“Sure, at least that should be open…” Peter said.

They set of along the street, the sea to their left and all sorts of small shops and cafés to their right. Soon enough they spotted a small rectangular white box like building with the words “Fish and chips” on the side. They went place their order.

“Emma?” Kathy said sounding surprised.

“Hi there Kathy” the girl inside said as she saw who it was.

“What are you doing here” Kathy asked?

“Working” Emma said.

As far as Peter could make out from the conversation between Kathy and Emma they were friends and had obviously know each other for some time. While Kathy and Emma did the usual catching up that follows meeting a friend it started raining. It was only a light drizzle but Peter was glad he was wearing rainwear. Kathy introduced Emma to Peter and they said hi.

“So… What brings you two here?”

“A date” Kathy said and looked at Peter. “The new restaurant was closed so, guess it is fish and chips now then…”

“On the house” Emma said and began preparing the meals… “…or caravan in this case…”

A few minutes later they got their meals and they finished them in a hurry as the rain had increased in intensity.

“Why don´t you two come over to my place now that you are here…” Emma said.

“Yeah, why not” Kathy replied.

“Great, I´ll just lock up and then we can go” Emma said.

A few minutes later Emma exited the caravan, dressed in white PVC rainpants, a red anorak and a red sou´wester on her head. On her feet she wore black rubberboots.

“Glad you know how to dress for the rain” Kathy said as she saw what Emma was wearing.

“Well… you know me…” Emma replied.

Peter wondered what she meant with that as the three of them set off towards the center of the town.

Some 10 minutes later they were standing in the hall of Emma´s apartment. Emma was already free from her wet PVC rainwear when Kathy and Peter began to take of their rainwear too.

“Make yourself at home while I go and get changed” Emma said as she disappeared through a door to their left.

Free from their rainwear Peter and Kathy sat down on at the kitchen table. They sat quiet for a few minutes before Kathy excused herself. She too went through the same door as Emma.

“Got some catching up to do with Emma, you heard her, make yourself at home” Kathy said as she disappeared through the door.

It went eerily quiet, the only sound left was the sound of the rain beating on the window. Peter sat down at the kitchen table. He looked around but found nothing of any real interest. Peter took the newspaper from the top of the pile next to him. As he did he managed to upset the finely balanced pile of newspapers and magazines and it all gracefully spread itself all over the kitchen in the way that only a stack of newspaper can.

“Damn” Peter said and began to pick up the newspapers.

Peter then noticed the magazine lying on the floor next to him, he looked at the cover a few seconds before realizing what it was. He couldn´t make out what it was called but the pictures on the cover made it very clear it was a rubber fetish magazine. Peter got to his feet still holding the magazine.

Peter´s mind was racing, what was Emma doing with a magazine like that, was she latex fetishist just like Kathy?

Peter noticed a bookmark in the magazine and turned to the page. He read the introduction of the multi-page article.

“A How-to by Emma, Our most recent model Emma volunteered to show us how to dress for some serious mudplay… In this illustrated guide she will show you how to dress from base layer to top layer… ”

Peter looked at the picture at the bottom of the page. There was Emma, Kathy´s friend, lying naked on a pile of latex clothes and rainwear. Just like Kathy she had a body that would drive any man wild.

Peter quickly turned the page. Emma was standing with her legs apart, busy easing a pair of dildo pants up her legs. The caption read: Pleasure first, Emma´s advice is to don´t rush these things, make sure you are thoroughly wet or use lube.

On the next page she was putting on her black latex catsuit, squeezing her boobs into the front zipped suit. She added matching socks and gloves to complete the first layer. Next on was a pair of heavy duty chestwaders in black rubber secured with straps across her shoulders.

On the following pages Emma added rainwear to her outfit, first a red PVC coverall on top of her chestwaders and on top of that white PVC bibpants and a pink PVC anorak.

On the final page of the article there a full page photo of a smiling Emma all dressed and set for adventure, plus a small caption next to a small picture of Emma in her gear wearing a black rubber gasmask. The caption read: “Emma is not a fan of gasmasks, but we included a photo of her in her gear and a gasmask for the mask fans out there… In the next issue we´ll see what Emma gets up to in that gear…”

Peter was left looking at the pictures and didn´t notice Kathy entering the kitchen.

“Oh… I see you found her rubber magazines… ”

“Err… I was just… I…” Peter stuttered.

“Don´t worry… come on, I´ll introduce you to her… properly”

That´s all... for now... if you would like to see a part 4 then let me know by commenting!
What would you like to see in future stories?


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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by tigergutt99 » November 23rd, 2011, 2:33 pm

Thank You for this one


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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by hotwilly » November 23rd, 2011, 5:20 pm

Cant remember reading P1 &P2 - will look back for them , then read P3
Thanks for posting
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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by Jjai » November 23rd, 2011, 5:37 pm

What a great storyline. You have got to carry on with this one !

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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by mason » November 24th, 2011, 3:33 am

This is an absolutely excellent story; very readable and interesting: I've been enjoying reading this.

Please keep writing!!


Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by RainyDee » November 24th, 2011, 10:20 am

WOW!! what an excellent story! there has got to be a part 4, you've set the scene perfectly for a geared up 3some session, all that rainwear they took off when they got to Emma's house, she must have a load more... and waders!! I'll be checking in regularly for the next installment!

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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by hotwilly » November 24th, 2011, 1:46 pm

Have just printed off & read at leisure over lunch parts 1,2 &3.

I have a hard on to show for it ...................thank you very much
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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by pvcluver » December 1st, 2011, 7:07 pm

Great story, thanks. I'm looking forward to part 4

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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by hotwilly » December 2nd, 2011, 12:08 pm

We want P4.....we want P4 ..........plse
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Re: Peter and Kathy part 3

Post by kulshan » December 3rd, 2011, 1:40 am

Excellent story and the plot builds! Will he? Will She? will they? We'll find out, hopefully!

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