Every little helps...

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Every little helps...

Post by PVC4 » October 21st, 2011, 9:07 am

So I`m walking out of Tescos one Sunday morning and I spot an oldish woman, about 6 feet tall walking with her grey haired husband towards their car with the shopping recently bought and she`s wearing a very long black shiny plastic trenchcoat that billows out around her in the light wind as she walks away from me. I can`t see her face, but I don`t mind because I`m already turned on by the shiny pvc mac. I get to my car and quickly circle the carpark to search for another glimpse of this pvc raincoat wearing woman. Suddenly I see her, sitting in the front of an old red VW Passat estate as her husband loads the boot with their shopping. There she sits in her lovely shiny plastic mac waiting for him to finish and then drive the car. I slow right down for a good look at her and notice that she is smiling at me as I stare. I drive on and find a place to stop where they will have to pass me to leave the carpark. After a while I see the red VW coming along the road and turn away so she won`t see my face again, but after they pass I pull out and follow the red VW at a distance to see where they live. After a while the car pulls off the road down a side road and then into the drive of a nice old house that is elegant and peaceful. the leaves are still not on the large old trees that surround the house and I pull up along the road and contemplate what to do next. I`m excited by the pvc mac and then more so by her smile as she noticed me looking at her in it. I get out of my car and walk slowly to the drive and peek around the corner, all is quiet and the abandoned car sits alone at the front of the house. I notice a side passage with a gate and quickly run up to it so as not to be seen. Opening the gate I see a back door and a window with a light on, I peer into the window and see the woman again putting things away in the cupboards. She`s indoors now, but hasn`t removed her raincoat for some reason. I watch as the shiny material swirls and sways with her movements. I must have been taken with the moment, because all of a sudden, I notice her staring back at me and smiling again. I freeze, shocked to be discovered and still smiling, she comes to the back door and opens it. I was wondering when you`d get here, she says, come on in then.
I stumble in past the woman in her shiny black mac and into the kitchen.
Now you seemed to like my raincoat, am I right?
Yes, I stammer feeling the colour go to my cheeks
Well come here young man, she orders and I step closer to her outstretched hands.
She grasps my hands and places them on her black glossy breasts, do they feel nice too? she asks
I can only murmer as I feel the soft flesh under my hands. Slowly I can feel the nipples harden as I carress her plastic covered breasts.
Suddenly her husband walks into the kitchen behind me and I turn to face him. he too has changed into a long black shiny PVC mac and has a black rubber gas mask on covering his entire head. His hands are covered with a pair of black rubber gloves and he wears black shiny riding boots to complete his outfit.
The woman says, this is Gerald my husband and we`ve decided that you need to pay for fondling my breasts through my lovely shiny pvc mac...would you like that?
Oh yes please, I start to say.
The lady takes my hand and leads me past Gerald into the rest of the house to a room upstairs which is completely bare except for a wardrobe and a long table. I also notice a video camera set up in the corner with a red light on to show that it was recording already. The woman in her shiny black mac, tells me to remove all my clothes and lie face down on the table, this is the point I notice that the table has a small hole drilled in it at the place where a penis might hang through. I lie down and the woman helps me place my already erect penis in the hole. Gerald has opened the wardrobe and has taken out some handcuffs, I lie still as he handcuffs first my ankles and then my hands to the table. When he is done, I am at their mercy. The lady starts to remove her shiny black raincoat revealling another shiny red raincoat beneath and as she shows me, nothing underneath that! Her breasts are truelyy fantastic and she shoves them in my face as I lie on the table, then she slides under the table and I feel first her hand and then her mouth around the end of my penis. Just then I feel Gerald behind me, he is touching my bottom and putting some cream on it, then hauling himself above me I fel his erection poking towards my arse. Slowly he slides into my arse and when he`s fully inside me with his massive cock, he starts to pump away, in and out, in and out, getting faster and harder with every stroke. While this is going on, his wife is sucking on my cock and rubbing it between her breasts. Gerald shoots his load into me as my own cock explodes in his wife`s mouth, I feel him colapse on top of my back, his black shiny mac, hot with his sweat and sticky. His wife comes up from beneath the table with my spunk dribbling out of her mouth and continues to rub her red pvc clad boobs in my face while Gerald climbs off my back. Then she pulls back and I see that Gerald has got her a massive double ended strap on from the wardrobe, and instead of wearing it inside her shiny red raincoat, the woman has poked one end through the gap in her buttons so that one end of the strap on is deep inside her fanny, and secured the strap on on the outside of her shiny mac. It hangs in the air before my face and she shoves it into my mouth, before climbing onto the table behind me and sliding into my arse with the great big rubber cock. Thrusting away I suddenly feel another mouth on my cock and realise that Gerald is sucking me off now as his wife fucks my arse with a double ended strap on, both wearing shiny plastic macs, cold and clammy...
I cum into Gerald`s mouth as his wife`s strap on pumps up and down my arse, her cold plastic mac brushing against my bare back. She pulls out with a plop and Gerald appaers from under the table, his cock stiff and poking through his black shiny mac. He comes towards me and his cock goes to my open mouth as he starts to fuck my head. His wife comes up behind him and thrusts the strapon up his arse and proceeds to fuck him as I suck his cock.

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Re: Every little helps...

Post by hotwilly » October 21st, 2011, 9:16 am

Great story - given me an instant hard on - wish I was "that man" - I think I need teaching a lesson...lol
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Every little helps...

Post by rubbermac » March 20th, 2017, 1:45 pm

Really love your stories.....dont suppose there are anymore in the pipeline?

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