Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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Hi all,
Found this on another site. I think it was originally on Mason's Tied and True Tales?

Good Thing, part 1 Part One

Barely suppressed laughter, giggles – even outright derision followed us wherever we walked. As usual, my girlfriend Joanne serenely strode on without a care in the world. I could only envy her confidence as I trudged alongside her. Her gleaming rainwear glistened like a lighthouse beacon in the soft light of the late morning. She reminded me of that ditzy blonde in 'Legally Blonde' – if you're into chick flicks, you'll remember Reece Witherspoon as the crazy, love-struck gal who invaded the prestigious and stuffy Harvard Law School on a wing and a prayer with hilarious results. I couldn't see much amusing about my current situation though. Instead, I could only reflect on the immutable fact that there really could be such a thing as too much of a good thing…
Famine and starvation is one thing – you really appreciate what you've got once the good times return – but gluttony is another ball game altogether. I had no idea how to deal with the rules of the game. Joanne is a strict taskmaster – what's good enough for her is also good enough for me – but could I live with her increasingly restrictive rules?

She was a mermaid, a siren, an angel. For someone like me, the girl was a vision from Heaven. She wasn't especially pretty – but no one else stood out anything quite like her. Her shiny hot-pink soft plastic raincoat with its matching sou'wester rainhat and rainboots separated her from the rest of the herd sprouting so many umbrellas in a vain attempt to protect them from the driving rain. Think Barbie and you've got some idea what she looked like. The girl was the only one even remotely dressed for the inclement weather – yet I could see half our fellow commuters staring in her direction as if she had just stepped straight off a spacecraft from Mars.

Her face creased in a dazzling smile as we approached. I wasn't silly enough to think that it was my Brad Pitt looks which she found so attractive (I don't even look like him!) – nevertheless I couldn't help feeling absurdly pleased and flattered that she'd picked me out from the milling throng impatiently waiting for the lights to change so they could dash across the rain-swept street. It was a vile day. The gusting gale was pushing water across the tarmac in miniature waves and I could only wonder how rough it was out there in the nearby ocean. Perhaps it was my shiny yellow rainsuit which she liked so much. I'd bought my new rainwear online a couple of months ago after discovering it during a 'Google' search.

It's not hard to see why Joanne liked my rainsuit so much - it's really shiny and yellow!
My rainsuit is very smooth, shiny and yellow. It's why I love wearing everything so much. Even putting my rainwear on is half the fun – slide the long overalls all the way up my legs, adjust the elastic straps over my shoulders before slipping on and doing up the matching hip-length jacket. The hood comes last of all. I tie the drawstrings tightly beneath my chin before setting out. At first, I was embarrassed wearing something this shiny and yellow in public before realising that hardly anyone noticed my rainwear – as long as it was really wet. If anyone did look, they just assumed that I was a motorcycle courier – there's lots of them around here. I could get away with wearing my rainwear during days like this but it'd taken all my reserves of courage to work up to this point.

With a startling suddenness, Barbie Girl was standing opposite me. "Um… hi," I said. I'm not good with the opposite sex. Girls can sense my desperation – and fear in much the same way an impala can sense when a lion is eyeing it off as a meal. Therefore, at age 30, I'm (still) dateless – and desperate! I'm also a virgin – and that hurts as well. It's never been much fun going out and seeing all my mates pick up – although I was not sure how I would manage in the unlikely event that I ever managed to lure a real live woman back to my bachelor pad. I've got a few skeletons in my closet, the discovery of which did not bear contemplation.

"Hello," she replied and I smiled again. I instantly felt comfortable with her. I had no idea why, I just knew. Perhaps it was that unspoken, shared bond we'd recognised in each other?

"Horrible day huh?" I grinned before inwardly wincing. It was hardly an original observation but I didn't know what else to say. Talk about stating the bleeding obvious!

"No, it's a beautiful day!" she brightly replied.

The towering Sydney Harbour Bridge was barely visible deep within the grey, scudding cloud and scything rain cloaking the beautiful blue harbour like a blanket. The Opera House was an indistinct white shroud in the teeming rain. The weather was an advertisement for the Harbour City which never showed up in the glossy tourist brochures extolling its virtues. What the people experiencing the lifetime thrill of climbing the Bridge (yes, there is a company conducting organised ascents of our famous "coat-hanger"!) thought about the totally inclement conditions spoiling their unique adventure, I dared not speculate.

"Well, you could say that," I hesitantly replied. I'd certainly never met anyone quite like the cute elfin little thing confidently facing me. It was late afternoon and darkening rapidly. The P&O super-liner Oriana was lit up like a Christmas tree against the deepening gloom while any number of quaint green and gold ferries busily bustled past, ferrying commuters and tourists to every far-flung part of Sydney Harbour. "Depends on your point of view."

Damn, but she was pretty! Although I couldn't make out every detail of the girl's features beneath the wide brim of that shockingly pink vinyl sou'wester and the up-turned collar of her rainwear, it wasn't hard to see how attractive my new companion was. She was slim, very slim. At least we stood roughly the same height. I had perhaps one inch on her, that's all. I liked the way the girl's rainwear accentuated each sexy curve of her body. She'd tucked everything in with a matching belt, forcing the hem of her rainwear to flare out a little where it was rippling and rustling with a loud crackle of plastic in the increasing wind. Her lovely features were surprisingly brown and I wondered why because she wasn't obviously Asian. Eurasian perhaps? Her nose was a cute button while a bright, mischievous set of dazzlingly blue eyes boldly examined me, moving downwards then upwards. Her hair was barely visible but I could see a few curly bangs vainly trying to escape their plastic prison. I could hardly tear my eyes away from her rosebud lips; they were round and full – what would it be like kissing her while we… Forget it, I chided myself. I knew it wasn't going to happen.

"Yeah," she agreed. Her smile was a bright, beautiful thing and I was immediately smitten. We were made for each other, I just knew it. "I guess the duck's'll be happy though."

She spoke with a broad Australian twang and I wondered where she was from.

"Yes, they will," I smiled before cheekily adding, "At least some people I know won't have to worry about getting wet…" pointedly gazing in the direction of her glistening rainwear to emphasise my point.

This time she laughed and I happily returned her sudden impish grin as she replied, "Like you?"

"You got me there," I said. I was glowing inside. I'd heard that if you could make a girl laugh, you were already halfway there. It'd been a long time since I made a female of the genus Homo Sapiens laugh. I was batting on a good wicket. Gazing full into her face, I said (hoping that my voice wouldn't betray my true feelings), "I like your raincoat, it looks really nice!"

Her face beamed with delighted pleasure before somewhat diffidently replying, "Thank you… It keeps me so dry." Then, "I like your rainsuit, it's so yellow and shiny! Where did you find it?"

Thoroughly startled, I struggled to catch my breath. It wasn't every day that I had a conversation like this. Girls never said things like this – except in my dreams. The bizarre, almost surreal quality of our chat wasn't helped by the incredible vista or the crowds jostling us as they swept past on their way to the ferry terminal. The peak-hour rush was under full swing. There are few places in the world where people (I'm one of them) call an ancient ferry regular transport. The Manly ferry was just leaving and I idly studied its progress past the giant liner. Dwarfed by the huge bulk of the Oriana, the two hundred foot long, snub-bowed transport looked like a child's toy. (just to digress: as an Aussie, I am perfectly well aware how strange that a name like Manly Beach – or Manly ferry sounds to overseas visitors! It's hard not to say things that sound amusing in a juvenile sort of way although the joke wears off after a day or so)

"Uh… on e-bay," I admitted as I self-consciously caressed the thick vinyl protecting my hair. I'd done the hood up – almost as tight as it would go and I felt as if she could see right through me. "Days like this, it comes in really handy," I awkwardly said, trying to justify the reason for wearing something this outlandishly yellow.

"I just bet," she giggled. "Anyway I think it…" She never completed her sentence.

Someone impatiently pushed past, sending her sprawling and if I hadn't grabbed her by the arm, she might've fallen. "Hey, watch where you're going, you idiot!" I angrily exclaimed.

"It's OK," she smiled. "Hey, thanks for saving me!" she beamed before glancing downward and I flushed hotly as I noticed that my hand was still resting upon the cool, slick vinyl sleeve of her raincoat.

"No worries," I elaborately shrugged with a casualness I did not feel before jerking my hand away as if her arm was a hot potato. "It's getting a bit crowded out here."

"Yeah… too right, it is!"

I was beginning to panic. I didn't want to lose this nice girl. To lose sight of Raincoat Girl would be more than I could bear. But my traitorous tongue was tied up in knots while we smilingly studied each other. I didn't know what to say. Suddenly someone else bumped past us and I inwardly sighed. We were standing in the direct path of another horde of wild animals desperate for shelter. The rain was pelting down harder than ever. It was positively drumming against the hood and shoulders of my shiny rainwear – while I remained as dry as a bone within its protective folds. Water was slipping down the sleeves and sides of my rainsuit before splashing downward by my feet. The girl's smile was so bright that I hardly noticed the gloom of the day or the rain striking us with a cold fury. She was so nice! What should I do? I had no idea what made me say it; the words just escaped my tongue before I could control them. "I think we're in the way here, why don't we go somewhere a bit more sheltered?"

Her eyebrows arched with surprise and I inwardly cringed. Any second now, I would be shot down in flames.

Suddenly she smiled again before replying with an unbearable slowness, "That's a good idea. Where shall we go?"

I'd done it. I'd actually made it past first base!

Hardly daring believe my luck, I smiled again. "How about a pub nearby?" I suggested, waving my arm in the general direction of the Rocks. The Rocks is one of the oldest districts of Sydney. Huddling beneath the gigantic shadow of the Cahill Expressway and the Harbour Bridge, it was Sin City's former grog and bawdy red-light district of before being cleaned up and transformed into a tourist precinct. Many charming old terrace houses (most of which have been converted into galleries or restaurants) and some pubs still remain. They're popular with tourists and businessmen alike but given the bad weather and the time of week (a Thursday), I didn't think they would be crowded. The terraced promenade leading to the liner terminal was almost deserted save for a few hardy gulls and pigeons disconsolately pecking for scraps. Normally it's one of the best places in Sydney for people spotting or whiling away a leisurely afternoon – but not today. Not one of the dozens of the benches provided for leg-weary visitors was occupied. A sole busker in a black garbage bag was moodily touting for coins but his empty guitar case eloquently summed up his talent – or lack of it.

"Why not?" she replied with another killer smile that seared my heart. "Sounds good to me. A drink would be nice, now I think about it."

"Oh, I reckon!" I exclaimed. I was already daydreaming about sampling a certain nectar of an entirely different kind that the ones offered on tap. If only my mates knew. They love stirring me up because I'm still a virgin.

"Well. If we're going out together, I think we should introduce ourselves," she said with that no-nonsense, take-charge voice I was to learn too well during the months to come.

"Yeah, I agree," I replied awkwardly. My shyness was returning. "Um… my name's Eddie." It is actually short for Edward Charles Smyth-Jones. My parents are ardent Royalists – hence their choice of moniker. Given a choice or say in the matter, I'd change it tomorrow but… I don't want to upset them.

"And mine's Joanne!" She leant forward with a huge smile before taking my hand and briskly shaking it with an unexpected, almost masculine firmness. "Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you too," I smiled, absurdly happy with the ease which I'd just… picked up out of nowhere.

"Shall we?"

The old, cosy pub was far from full when we entered the public bar. Only a few die-hard drinkers (all suits) occupied the seats near the bar. They all looked up as we entered and I flushed again as one of them hooted with drunken laughter upon spotting us. However, Joanne barely noticed their amusement, striding all the way up to the bar with me in tow.

"Bit wet today huh?" the cheerful bartender said as he approached us. Joanne still hadn't removed her hot pink sou'wester. Her gleaming, shiny rainwear shone like a lantern beneath the dim effulgent lighting of the bar. A small fire was burning in a nearby nook and I could see its flames reflecting off her raincoat.

"You could say that," Joanne grinned.

"It's real raincoat weather, as they say," he chuckled while I tried not to notice the stares. I could feel the table nearby looking and it wasn't altogether a pleasant feeling. I'm not extroverted by nature but Joanne either didn't notice – or care as she smiled before ordering.

Drinks in hand, we retreated to a quiet booth around the corner where she finally removed her pink headgear before smiling again.

"Cheers," said Joanne. Classes clinked. I was in Heaven. There I was sitting with a beautiful girl wearing the most gorgeous raincoat that I'd ever seen. If I'd known how my life would change from this point, I might have had second thoughts about the whole thing. I wanted to take off my rainsuit (the toilets were nearby) but I somehow sensed that she wanted me to leave it on – so I left everything on save for the hood.

Normally conducting small talk with a pretty girl is the most excruciating form of torture that I know of – but it was anything but the case with this lovely creature. I've never known the time pass so quickly as we laughed and chatted. Joanne was great company! Along the way, I learned that we actually had heaps in common (another first) including a shared love of the great outdoors. Equally down to earth as me, she preferred hiking, camping, fishing and sailing over the nightclubs and glitzy malls of Sydney. Joanne managed an expanding travel company and she was hoping to branch outwards into the Central Coast, Wollongong and Newcastle soon. I told Joanne that I flew a desk in a nearby office and she laughed when I said that Dilbert had nothing on me. Even the few silences punctuating our conversation were unusually comfortable as we sank deeper into the comfortable leather couches. She hadn't even taken her raincoat off; preferring to leave it buttoned up to the collar. By now I was somewhat lightheaded from the number of beers I'd consumed. It was during one such lull that she landed her bombshell.

"So… you like wearing rainwear?" she asked with an unnerving directness.

"Uh…" I floundered. What could I say? She had me by the short and curlies. I miserably gazed into her face, expecting to see contempt and derision decorating her beautiful, fine features. Instead, Joanne appeared strangely anxious, almost ill at ease.

My heart caught. Surely… not? Tonight was really the stuff of fantasy. It was preposterous thinking that it could possibly go further.

I bit my lip before slowly replying. Joanne didn't seem upset or worried about my choice of weather protection. If anything, it was what attracted me to her in the first place. Well. I had nothing to lose by telling the truth. I might even get lucky. In for a penny, out for a pound, as they say. "Yeah," I carefully said. "I… really like wearing… plastic rainwear. Um, how did you know?"

Plastic rainwear. There, I'd just come out and revealed my deepest, darkest secret to an almost complete stranger. Would she understand though? How the look and feel of plastic or vinyl excited me to an unbearable degree so that my cock felt like a solid rod of iron as soon as my skin come into contact with anything smooth or shiny? I've got no idea why I feel that way about plastic, only that it's been that way for years. I remember wearing a PVC raincoat to kinder – and how I always received such pleasurable sensations deep within my nether regions as soon as I put everything on. Instead of pursuing girls during my confused, turbulent, guilt-stricken teenage years, I chased down plastic rainwear in the shops – particularly camping and disposal stores which proved such fertile hunting grounds. Almost all my sexual thoughts and fantasies revolve around 'doing it' in plastic – which, of course, so far have gone unrealised. The closest I've come so far is Mrs. Hand and her five daughters. Usually I can't even get it up unless I've got my raincoat on. I stared into Joanne's face. Her plastic slicker rustled with an intoxicating crackle as she shifted position before replying. Her round, luminous eyes were very wide.

"Really?" she breathed, her cheeks flushing hotly.

I hesitantly nodded. I could feel my heart racing. It was beating so hard that I thought Joanne must pick up its thunderous bass beat any minute. "Yes – really."

Joanne gazed into my eyes. "I knew," she cryptically replied.


"When I saw you, I knew," she replied. "I could see it in your face." She leant forward like a judge pronouncing sentence. "Are you busy tonight?"

"Huh? Yes… I mean… um, no! I'm not doing anything tonight."

"I think we've got a lot in common," Joanne breathed. "I really like you, Eddie. I want you to take me to Heaven tonight."

I was so shocked that I couldn't speak. I'd never met anyone quite like this dreamlike vision seated only centimetres away from me. I wasn't even sure if I was hearing correctly. She wanted me to take her home and… oh my God. My mind reeled with the erotic possibilities that the night suddenly promised. I was living out a fantasy and I hoped that I wasn't dreaming. However, Joanne's hand which had somehow crept down to my thigh was only too real. It was busily caressing the smooth, yellow PVC covering my legs and a gusty sigh escaped her lips as her burning eyes captured mine again. "Mmmm… I like the way it feels. So shiny and smooth."

"Yeah," I mumbled, scarcely able to believe this was happening.

"You're not kidding are you, Eddie?" she suddenly asked. "Because I'm really serious about this. I can't have anyone in my life who doesn't like plastic."

"Joanne…" I sighed. "I… I've always dreamed about… meeting someone like you. I really love wearing plastic raincoats and well… I've always wanted to… well, you know."

Joanne grinned. "Yes, I know…" She clapped her hands delightedly. "I can't believe this is happening!"

"Me too," I replied with the fervency of a priest taking Mass.

"Where do you live?" she quickly asked.


"Oh terrific!" Joanne gasped. "That's where I live too. Did you take the ferry today?"

This was just unbelievable. It was just getting better and better every moment. "Yep, I sure did." It'd been an exceptionally rough passage across the windswept passage of water facing the open ocean beyond the Sydney Harbour heads. More than once the lurching Manly ferry had buried its blunt bow in the dark green walls of water funneling through the Heads. I glanced outside the mullioned window. It was still blowing hard. Rain was sheeting across the narrow road. Another drenching was on the cards.

"Oh, that's great," Joanne exclaimed before pulling out a timetable. "We've got time to catch the next ferry if we hurry."

"Let's go then," I said, rising.

"Let's sit up front," said Joanne.

"You sure? We'll get wet."

"Well, what are raincoats for?" she said, giggling. "That's why I really love taking the ferry to work."

"Same here," I sighed. I'd definitely died and gone to Heaven. Joanne was my soulmate and I shivered with the delicious knowledge that I'd finally found someone who shared the same kinky desires as me.

"Here," Joanne mischievously said, placing her bright pink sou'wester rainhat in my trembling hands. "Do it up for me will you? There's a dear."

I'd hoped that there wouldn't be too many people tonight but the terminal was unusually crowded. Perhaps everyone had decided to sit out the rain before giving up? We were the only ones wearing plastic or PVC and I was acutely conscious how much we must stand out from the milling crowd beneath the wide roof of the terminal. Although there were umbrellas aplenty, few people wore any coats. I saw a few nylon cagoules and Goretex jackets here and there but that was about it apart from a middle-aged lady in a long opaque off-white raincoat. The grins I saw told me not everyone approved of our choice of rainwear. Joanne had steadfastly refused to allow me to lower the great gleaming dome of gleaming yellow vinyl tightly drawn around my face, saying, "We're going to get wet soon enough so no need to take it off." Of course, her shiny pink sou'wester acted like a beacon, ensuring that we were the center of attention during the thankfully short wait for the ferry.

No one else sat up front, although I could feel the curious stares from behind as we took our places on the bench seats right up front, just behind the dubious shelter of the forward superstructure directly above the bows. We were the only ones seated up front today within this normally most coveted position. After boarding, we'd climbed one set of stairs before gingerly negotiating our way down the aisle and dozens of gaping onlookers on the second level before making it up front into the semi-enclosed seating area right up front – where there is very little protection from the elements. There are perhaps ten rows of seating in this section and the first five or so are totally unprotected from the elements. We could have sat below right behind the bows but I'd seen the big green combers sweeping the area clean earlier so I decided the risk wasn't worth the excitement. We would be safe enough, twenty or so feet above the waterline – I hoped. The weather was actually worsening, if anything. Sydney was receiving the tail end of one of the great tropical depressions which often sweep southward during summer and it was dropping a ton of rain upon the drenched, shivering city.

{[When it rains, it really pours!]} "Why don't anyone dress properly for this kind of weather?" Joanne wonderingly asked after taking our seats. "I can't understand why some people apparently would rather get wet than…"

"Maybe not everyone feels the same way we do…" I gently replied.

"They're idiots!" she vehemently replied and I smiled before tenderly folding my arm around her shoulders.

"But you've got me," I smiled. I couldn't remember feeling as happy all my life as Joanne unhesitatingly burrowed closer, wrapping her slim arm around me.

"Yes, I've got you," she breathed. "Oh Eddie, you know what I want to do with you tonight?"

"Yeah, I've got some idea."

Joanne laughed. "Good boy. You know, I'm so horny already."

I still couldn't believe this was happening as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Hiding my stiffie was impossible. I'd never managed to sustain an erection this long (except when I wore my rainwear to bed). This was way beyond the most lurid of my occasional marijuana-laced fantasies. Joanne was kissing me now, running her hands over the crackly vinyl hood covering my hair. "Oh that feels so good," she sighed. "So nice and smooth."

Joanne's beautiful face was aglow as we tenderly gazed into each other's eyes before kissing again. If this was what love was all about, I definitely wanted more, I thought as her warm lips closed around mine an instant before her hot, darting tongue probed my mouth. She'd wrapped herself around me like a starfish and I could only wonder what Jo would be like in bed while we kissed as if our lives depended upon remaining locked together for as long as possible.

{[The clouds are really rolling inwards now, blanketing Sydney like a shroud]} The wind and rain struck us almost as soon as the venerable old Queenscliff cautiously edged out into the choppy water of the harbour. Almost immediately windblown spray sheeted over the bows before striking us and we instinctively ducked before laughing. It was a foretaste of the journey lying ahead. Normally, the run from Circular Quay to Manly takes about 30 minutes but given the ferocity of the storm, I knew it could easily blow out to almost an hour. We hadn't even cleared the Opera House and already the ferry was wallowing in the nasty, short windblown chop. The wide expanse of the Harbour was unusually deserted – normally it's a nautical playground where you'll see anything from battered old blokes whiling away the hours fishing for bream in their small aluminum dinghies to sleek multi-millionaire's yachts. No one was out on the water except for the ferries plying their trade. The Oriana slid past on our left. No passengers waved farewell as we picked up speed. The weather wasn't exactly conducive to staying up late outdoors on the private balconies afforded to most of their wealthy guests.

A couple of minutes later the immense bulk of the battleship grey Harbour Bridge loomed up high above us. As usual, I couldn't suppress an awed shiver as we slipped past before turning right. The top of the main arch is some 134 metres above sea level. Even the bridge deck sits some 51 metres above the Harbour below. A fall from that height would be fatal (although one very fortunate construction worker who tumbled from the deck in 1935 survived with only 3 broken ribs – apparently his toolbox disturbed the water enough to break his fall to some extent). It's like hitting concrete from that height. The Queenscliff was now butting directly down the Harbour into the teeth of the gale. Although our elevated position mostly sheltered us from the spray, we had no such protection from the swirling, squally wind and driving rain. Joanne huddled closer before giggling again as water streamed down our rainwear. I'm sure that the passengers cozily seated in the well-lit cabin behind us probably thought we were crazy but I was too intoxicated with the joy of the moment to care about what anyone thought.

It was the first time that I all but ignored the awesome panorama of the Central Business District perched above the Harbour. There was Centrepoint Tower standing sentinel over the brightly-lit office blocks and residential towers lining the water's edge. It was a scene I never tired of but tonight the view had competition – Joanne. I could not tear my eyes away from her laughing eyes – or her shiny rainwear. Joanne's darting tongue was a dancing devil – and it was driving me crazy.

"Oh Eddie… I'm so glad that I met you," she breathed after reluctantly coming up for air.

"Me too," I sighed before wondering if it was worth pushing my luck with a lottery ticket. Probably not. There are some things that money simply cannot buy and this was one of them.

"Eddie… oh Eddie…" Joanne moaned. "I want you so much." Suddenly before I had time to react, she gripped my hand before pushing it beneath the waistband of her crisp slacks. "Make me happy," she cooed.

Suspending my disbelief was impossible as I nervously pulled Joanne closer before easing my hand downward. Fortunately the relatively high-backed seats we were occupying partially hid us from view. I knew that all the other gawking, nosy passengers could see were our shoulders and heads. I just hoped that Jo wouldn't notice how much I was shaking as I hurried to obey her instructions. If only she knew. It was only the first time I'd ever made it this far south – never mind the fact that I was actually feeling up a girl in almost as public a manner as possible!

I closed my eyes before gustily inhaling. I was dreaming now. Any moment, I would wake up and… At that moment, a wave slapped past the bows, sending a bridal veil of spray flying past. It stung my eyes and I brushed everything away before wonderingly shaking my head. I really was 'doing it' on the Manly ferry with a girl wearing the most gorgeous pink raincoat I'd ever seen.

"Come on," Joanne urged. "Make me happy please."

I didn't need any further encouragement. I was too far-gone to think about anything but venturing into previously forbidden territory. Her moan was loud as I insistently pressed further downward. Her skin was impossibly soft and warm, and I luxuriated in the new sensations that I was receiving. She obligingly spread her legs apart to allow easier access. Suddenly I reached her crotch and I stiffened with utter shock after realising what Joanne had on beneath her pants.

Oh my God… She was really serious about this kind of thing, wasn't she? Her plastic panties were so soft and smooth. I couldn't resist fondling the wide, crinkly waistband of Joanne's undies before moving onward. They just felt so nice!! I'd never felt anything as wonderfully soft and smooth as the plastic covering her crotch.

"Feels nice, don't they?" she murmured before smiling.

"Oh yes," I sighed. My dick was harder than ever. They felt… wonderful!

"Do you have any?" Joanne abruptly asked.

"Huh? Have any what?"

"Panties. Plastic ones, I mean."

"Uh… no, I don't," I nervously admitted, hoping that Jo wouldn't mind.

"I'll lend you some of mine if you like," she said. "Then you can wear them all the time like I do."

Oh my word… Not for the first time, I briefly wondered if I was already in over my head. My head was spinning – already I felt as if I was spiralling out of control and it wasn't an altogether pleasant sensation. Nevertheless, it was an offer I just couldn't refuse. Already I was wondering what her soft, elastic plastic panties would feel like against my skin. "Uh… thank you very much," I gulped.

"You're welcome," Joanne happily said. "I'm so happy that I've met someone who loves plastic like I do."

I mutely nodded as the Queenscliff lurched again. The motion of the ferry was subtly changing as we cruised downstream and I briefly wondered why before realising that the swell was already quite big. It must be really bad outside if the waves were pushing this far upstream. We weren't even close to the Heads yet.

"You know, I really hate wearing my stupid suit," Joanne complained, indicating her neat pinstripe slacks. "But I have to."

I grinned. "Yeah, I know."

"I'll be glad when I get home," she sighed.

I just had to know. "Um… what do you wear when you're… home by yourself?"

My question was rewarded with a look which eloquently said, 'Are you crazy?' A sudden grin followed. "Plastic of course!"

"Oh wow…" I breathed, trying to visualise the incredible sight of Joanne wearing her raincoat around the house. "Really?"

"Oh, yes…" Joanne mused. "I always change as soon as I get home. I've got heaps of plastic bodysuits, which I usually wear when I'm home. You'll like them. They feel so nice."

"I just bet," I weakly replied.

"Do you have many raincoats or anything like that at all?"

"Not really," I sighed; hoping that Joanne wouldn't think any less of me for my admission. "I've got a few – maybe ten or twelve but… nothing like your collection, I think."

Joanne grinned. "I've got hundreds of raincoats – um… as well as rainsuits, overalls, underwear, yeah like that. I just can't wait to show you everything!"

"I can't wait to see your stuff," I sighed. I could only imagine what her collection looked like. One thing was already certain. She was quite obsessive about this plastic thing. Joanne lived and breathed plastic rainwear. I was so entranced with the turn our chat had taken that I'd almost forgotten what I was supposed to be doing.

"Eddie… are you gay?" Joanne suddenly giggled. "Aren't you going to…"

"Oh yes… sorry!" I gasped before awkwardly groping around for her love canal. My hand found a curly bush of hair and Joanne moaned again.

"Keep going… please… I like that."

I obediently pushed downward. Suddenly my questing fingers encountered a warm wetness and I gasped before biting my lip as they slipped all the way inside her slit. I'd never imagined that anything could feel this… nice! So warm, smooth and impossibly slippery.

"Oh, ohhh… that feels so nice!" Joanne moaned. "My clit… touch it… please!"

Thank God I'd studied the anatomy of the vagina in detail in preparation for just this moment. I knew what Joanne wanted me to do and I scrambled around before discovering this little, round nub. The short, sharp scream as I touched her rosebud told me that I was on the right track.

"Oh, baby! Please… don't stop!"

I'd died and gone to Heaven. There I was feeling up, masturbating only the most beautiful girl I'd ever met on the ferry home. Every sense, sensation was heightened beyond belief – I could see and feel everything with a crystal-sharp clarity – most of all, the scarcely believable softness of Joanne's puss and the incredible hidden warmth it contained. As if that was not all, I was also acutely aware of the cool smooth plastic of her undies caressing the outside of my hand and wrist while I fingered her. The intoxicating crackle and pop of Joanne's unbelievably shiny vinyl rainwear added to the assault upon my senses as we clung to each other. The wind and rain was really lashing us now and I could see water beading on the smooth vinyl of our rainwear before streaming away. I was so hard now that it hurt. My dick felt as if it was trying to burst out of its restraining foreskin.

As if aware of my torment, Joanne sympathetically gripped my swollen privates before gently squeezing everything. She couldn't reach my penis because my yellow vinyl overalls prevented her from obtaining access but her touch was a benediction, a taste of things to come.

The Queenscliff was beginning to roll badly and Joanne shrieked with excitement as it buried its bows in a wave, sending a shower of spray high above us. It struck us with a rattling roar and she instinctively ducked, turning her head away before laughing again. Although I couldn't see much through the driving rain and darkness, I'd made this commute so many times that I knew this region of the Harbour like the back of my own hand. We'd long since passed Point Piper (the home of the rich and famous) before swinging around in a wide turn and straightening up again for the long run past the Heads on our way to Manly. We were just passing Watsons Bay now.

The worst was yet to come. An inky blackness on our right told me that we were fast approaching the Heads where the Harbour meets open ocean. South Head was perhaps half a kilometre away on our right. The giant swells were much larger now and I almost lost my grip as the ferry sank its bows into a huge, foaming wave. Before we had a change to react, a sheet of spray exploded upwards, soaking us both. Water streamed down the scuppers and Joanne screamed before letting go of my crotch and holding me tight. The rain was heavier than ever. Water was streaming down my rainwear and I was glad of the protection the thick vinyl provided. A rattling noise not unlike buckshot told me we'd hit another wave as the ferry rolled before staggering into another comber.

The Queenscliff was not handling the conditions well. Although the Queenscliff is some 200 feet long, the grand old ferry is not designed for making ocean passages. Its narrow beam and relatively shallow draught makes it highly vulnerable to anything bigger than the wakes thrown up by the largest pleasure craft. We were only just passing South Head and nothing but thousands of miles of raging ocean laid on our right (or starboard side). Although it was almost pitch black out here, I could just make out each massive swell approaching from starboard. They were intimidatingly large. The Queenscliff was corkscrewing badly now and I began to wonder if we should retreat to the safety of the enclosed passenger cabin as the Queenscliff threatened to dive all the way to the bottom. White water surged past the front bulkhead just in front of our knees and we both ducked as a wall of spray smashed into our exposed backs. This was beginning to be not much fun any more. Joanne's rainwear wasn't providing much protection although I was doing my best to shelter her. I was still quite dry beneath the protective layers of vinyl keeping the sea and rain out but the conditions out here were frankly, quite scary. I badly wanted to laugh while I thought about everyone seated behind us in the shelter – and safety of the cabin. What must they think about us now?

"Are you OK, Jo?" I yelled as spray shot past us.

She hesitantly nodded before smiling. "I'm really enjoying myself!" she shouted.

[Tsunami] Slowly, ever so slowly, the pitching, rolling Queenscliff forged ahead. A red light on our starboard side told me that we were approaching North Head. The worst was almost over now. Soon we would be in sheltered waters again – not before time, I thought. I'm a good sailor but it was honestly frightening out here. A couple of times the Queenscliff rolled so far that I thought we might turn turtle any moment. It was only through the greatest of good luck that we hadn't fallen. We'd wedged ourselves between the bulkhead and our seats but it was hardly a comfortable way to ride. The driving rain was also adding to the discomfort outside. I would not be sorry when we reached Manly.

Suddenly I sensed, rather than saw a huge wave bearing down on us. The Queenscliff began to roll into the yawning trough and I screamed, "Down!" a split second before it struck.

"Tsunami!" Joanne screamed.

The Queenscliff stopped dead before convulsively shuddering as if struck by a missile. The bow vanished beneath a black, glassy wall of water and I hung on for dear life as it rose – and rose higher. This was the kind of thing the tourist brochures definitely never talked about! With an agonizing slowness that seemed to take forever, the bows rose as the Queenscliff righted itself and the wave rushed past with a terrifying, rumbling roar. Everything went opaque as a blinding curtain of white spray struck us before being torn away by the howling gale.

"Oh my God…" said Joanne.

There were less dangerous ways of receiving a sexual kick but I dared not mention as much to Joanne who was nervously studying each approaching wave. She was unnaturally quiet now. The worst was past though. It was still rough but the waves were now approaching the Queenscliff from the stern quarter as we sailed past the South Head into much more sheltered water. Our destination was in the lee shore and our speed began to pick up as we approached the Manly terminal. It was still blowing as hard as ever but the windblown chop was no more than a couple of feet now.

A couple of hardy passengers actually ventured outside and joined us, admiring the view from the bows. Manly does not share anything like the skyline Sydney has but it's still pretty enough especially during nighttime when all the twinkling lights illuminate the harbour like a billion fireflies.

"You're crazy," one guy said in a jocular voice. "I can't believe you sat out there in that."

"You're probably right," I grinned, hoping that he wouldn't notice my embarrassment.

"That was the scariest trip I can ever remember," he commented, lighting a cigarette before inhaling and blowing the smoke out in a cloud.

"It wasn't much fun," I agreed. "I thought we were gone when that wave hit us."

"It was a bastard of a wave. Biggest I've seen. I just heard that they've cancelled the last two ferries," our kindly observer mused between quick, nervous drags. "Too dangerous out there."

"I'm not surprised," I said with heart-felt agreement.

"Fucking awful weather," he sighed. "My umbrella broke so I'm gonna get soaked."

"Should've worn a raincoat," Joanne cheekily piped up.

"I would but… what would the office say? They'd laugh at me if I wore anything like that," he said and I inwardly winced. His comments were a reminder how unfashionable our choice of weather protection was. Better dry than… well, 'wet'.

"Who cares what other people think?"

Offended, our visitor flicked the butt overboard before disappearing inside. "I do."

We were the last off the ferry. Yet, despite the weather, I could clearly see the amusement which many of our fellow travellers regarded us and I inwardly squirmed. As usual, Joanne blithely ignored their stares. "They're just jealous," she said and I grinned. It was absolutely bucketing down as if God was determined to recreate the Great Flood especially for the Sin City as Sydney is sometimes called for its gay and lesbian Mari Gras and exuberant, hedonistic lifestyle.

More stares greeted us as we leisurely strolled up the almost deserted Manly Corso. I was certain they were less interested in my darkly pretty partner than her shockingly pink rainwear and of course, myself garbed from head to toe in almost equally shiny vinyl. It is a short walk from the ferry terminal to the world famous Manly beach and it was not long before I found myself parading down the beachside promenade with Joanne who'd long since recovered from her fright after our encounter with that giant wave. Fortunately, there were precious few people braving the wild weather. The beach was deserted, another first but I knew it wouldn't be long before the first die-hard wax-heads returned for another crack at the battalions of giant waves majestically rolling inwards like Guderian's Panzers, attacking the foreshore with a white fury. Surfing is Sydney's second sport, behind only rugby league. The only company we had was a couple of people walking their dogs ("why aren't they wearing raincoats either?" Joanne asked in a loud whisper) and a single jogger desperately seeking his daily endorphin fix. His face red and sweaty, he ran past without even sparing us a glance.

Joanne's beachfront apartment was only a kilometer or so down the road and I wondered how she could afford this place on her salary. Inheritance maybe? A couple of million was tied up easy in her heavenly pad.

"Home sweet home," Joanne sighed, before wrapping her arms around me as soon as we passed the front door.

"There's no place like home," I agreed as she pressed her lips against mine. I could see a gorgeous crystal clear PVC raincoat casually slung over the black leather couch fronting the ocean beyond. Nice. How many more did she own?

Joanne noticed the direction of my gaze and she smiled. "Like it do you?"

"Oh yes," I sighed. I'd finally reached Heaven.

"Come on, I'll show you my raincoat collection. I've got heaps more," she proudly boasted.

"Shouldn't we change first?" I mildly asked. "Your trousers are soaking wet."

"Yeah," Joanne replied, slightly piqued that I didn't want to see her raincoats first. She glanced downward. "Phew, it was wet out there."

"Next time, wear a rainsuit like me," I said, without thinking about the consequences.

"Yeah, good idea," Joanne smiled, clearly pleased that I'd taken the initiative. "Ok let's change now and we'll put on our plastic bodysuits."


"Oh yeah!" Joanne exclaimed. All smiles now, she explained: "Remember, silly? I already told you. I've got these really beautiful clear plastic bodysuits that I always wear around the house. You'll love them!"

Oh my word. I was amazed. Although I really love wearing plastic raincoats, I rarely wear them around my place. As if I didn't already know, Joanne's words confirmed the extent of her love affair with plastic. She lived, breathed plastic rainwear. Oh well. I definitely wasn't complaining. It was so nice meeting someone who felt the same way about my favourite material that I did. "Could you show me please?"

"Sure!" Joanne bubbled. "I've got one that you can wear as well. In fact, I think I'll pick out something more appropriate for you to wear," she said. I'd just unbuttoned my dripping rainjacket, fearful of leaving water over the carpet. She impaled me with a basilisk stare. "You're not allowed to wear anything except plastic from now on."

"Oh…" I was somewhat taken aback to say the least. I didn't know whether I should be pleased or… After all, I'd been fantasizing about meeting someone like Jo for long enough. "Yeah… Ok," I obediently said. "But… what about pyjamas? You know, when we go to bed?"

"I've got some plastic PJ's," Joanne firmly replied. "You can wear those."

"Oh…" I'd definitely arrived in plastic Heaven. If but only I'd known at the time… "No worries," I weakly replied. Joanne was certainly quite dominating. Already she'd taken charge of my life in ways I hadn't expected.

"Wait here," Joanne ordered. Taking my rainwear, she continued with another brilliant smile: "I'll go hang these up in the bathroom then I'll quickly change then I'll bring your stuff as well."

I mutely nodded. Everything was happening so quickly that I still hadn't caught up with the speed that events had overtaken me. Meeting Joanne, the ferry ride here, my first kiss, feeling her up (had I really done that?), the walk here and now… I was certainly in for an unforgettable weekend, that much was certain! What would Mason (the webmaster of Tied and True Tales) say? I wondered if he would ever believe my story or dismiss it as fantasy, as Joanne flashed me another devastating smile before lightly skipping away. She still hadn't bothered undo her rainwear. Her sou'wester was still parked atop her hair as well.

While Joanne perambulated around her bedroom, I nervously gazed outside the large windows. I had little idea what to expect. This was just way outside my (albeit very limited) experience. There was little point worrying about what might happen tonight. Instead I vainly tried to take my mind away from everything happening to me by looking outside. The storm was still raging outside. Although there was no lightning, the wind and rain was still as heavy as ever, striking the thick glass with a machine-gun fusillade of rain with each strong gust. The straggly Norfolk pines lining the beach scarcely blocked the panoramic view beyond and I almost forgot Joanne while I watched the wild surf beyond. The breaking waves were illuminated a ghostly white by the lights from the mainland. I smiled before heavily exhaling. My nervousness was increasing. I'd been dragged, kicking and screaming, way out of my usual comfort zone into the home of the most… unusual woman I'd ever met.

"Helloooooooo…" Joanne called out and I half-turned before gasping.

The plastic playsuit that Joanne purchased from a Japanese mail-order catalogue I'd never seen anything quite like the apparition proudly facing me, a wide delighted saucy smile decorating her lovely face. She was wearing (should that be "not" wearing?) the most amazing see-through crystal clear one-piece plastic bodysuit. Her grin grew wider and wider while I stared. Joanne might as well be naked for all it 'covered'. The only concession to modesty – if one could call it that, was the beautiful clear soft plastic panties and bra she wore beneath her rustling, crackly PVC cat suit. Her plastic bodysuit fastened in front with a zipper while a set of elasticized cuffs gripped her arms and ankles tightly. A matching elasticized waistband drew everything inward, helping mould the smooth vinyl to the luscious curves of her slim, youthful body. The finishing touch was the crinkly, roughly ovoid hood pulled tight around Joanne's head, neatly framing her oval face. She'd tied the drawstring laces as tightly as they would go beneath her chin with a double knot so nothing would slip. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and I felt my dick instantly harden as I drew my breath inwards.

"I always wear this around home," Joanne blandly commented before smiling again.

"It… looks fantastic!" I sighed. "I really love it!"

Joanne's smile was huge. "It feels so nice."

"I just bet it does." Suddenly I noticed that she was carrying a similar clear plastic suit and I uncomfortably squirmed as my cock quivered with excitement. How I wanted to wear it!

"Oh my, you're keen," Joanne's giggle was loud and I involuntarily blushed. "Well, go put yours on then. Here," she smiled, holding out a carbon copy of the plastic bodysuit she was wearing plus a neatly folded wear of ultra soft – and smooth panties. "My undies might be a bit small for you but that's OK."

I mutely nodded. My throat was dry. The plastic was so wonderfully smooth to the touch. I was totally smitten as soon as Joanne placed everything in my trembling hands.

"Ok - come on, hurry up, big boy," said Joanne, pointing in the direction of the bedroom and I hastened to obey.

Judging from the cleanliness, lack of personal artefacts and small size of the room, it was obviously a guest bedroom but I hardly noticed or cared while I hurriedly undressed. Like a drug user preparing his next fix, I just had to experience the incomparable sensation of smooth plastic against my skin – and this was the kind total plastic enclosure that I'd never dreamed of.

My manhood was so hard that I thought it would explode any moment while I carefully eased my impossibly soft plastic panties up my legs before adjusting them around hip height. It was the first time I'd ever worn anything like these and I could not believe how soft and smooth they felt against my bare behind. The plastic was almost a second skin as the sticky fabric clung to my skin with the tenacity of a child. I liked the way the wide elastic waistband and leg openings helped seal everything in place. Already, I could see the condensation forming inside. They fitted me almost perfectly – save for the manner my erect cock insisted upon standing to attention and I had difficulty pushing it back underneath.

My plastic suit was next and I wonderingly ran my hands down the impossibly clear glass smooth vinyl. The bodysuit wasn't as 'soft' as my undies but it still felt just as nice! Time to put it on now… My dick was on fire while I slid the smooth, crackly vinyl up my legs. It was surprisingly noisy but for me, this was part of the attraction. Within seconds, my catsuit had already reached my crotch and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out with pleasure as I gingerly eased my arms down each sleeve in turn. The smooth plastic felt wonderful, wonderful! No wonder Joanne enjoyed wearing it so much, I thought as I carefully pulled the zipper upward. The manufacturers had thoughtfully provided a triple three-way zip system and working out why didn't require the intellect of an Einstein. I bit my lip as I tried not to think about what doing it with Jo would be like in one of these. Only the hood remained and I pulled it up before leaving it loose.

A mirror had been thoughtfully provided on the inside of the door and I disbelievingly studied my reflection before stepping outside. I might as well have been naked for all the glistening vinyl covered. But ohhh… It looked and felt so good! My dick was as embarrassingly big as ever and I grimaced before reluctantly leaving the sanctuary of the bedroom.

"Oh, my word!" Joanne exclaimed before stepping backward and critically studying me as if I was an entomological specimen from South America. "You look great!"

"Thank you…" I muttered. I wasn't used to being eyed up this lasciviously by anyone, least of all by someone as beautiful as Joanne.

"But… why didn't you do up the hood?"

"Um…" I had no answer. Perhaps I'd subconsciously wanted to see how Joanne would react.

"Come here," said Joanne. Her fingers twinkled. Within seconds, she had fastened the hood securely around my face with a double knot, yanking the laces tight.

I couldn't help smiling as she tied everything in place. The sheer intimacy of even this simple act was just unbelievable. Instead however, I was rewarded with a frown. "Huh?" I didn't understand.

"From now on," said Joanne, "you must always wear your hood like the way I've done it for you. Not loose – tight, like that. Understand?"

I mutely nodded. There was no point arguing – not that I wanted to. That uneasy feeling persisting in the pit of my stomach wouldn't go away though and I wondered why. I remembered Joanne's insistence that I leave my hood up during the long wait for the Manly ferry earlier.

"But… what if we're outside and it stops raining?" I had to know.

"Eddie…" Joanne spoke to me in that sickly-patient tone of voice suggesting that I was mentally defective for daring to ask. "Once our raincoats goes on, they stay on. And that includes the hood, even if it is not raining. You will leave everything buttoned up to the collar and the hood in place. If it's good enough for me, it is also good enough for you as well. No ifs, buts or maybes."

"Yeah… I understand," I slowly replied. Strangely enough, I was more excited than ever. There was something about being… dominated like this, being ordered to wear my rainwear whether I liked it or not that was threatening to push me over the edge – and I suspected that Joanne knew as much as well.

"My dearest darling…" Joanne embraced me before pushing her tongue inside my mouth and pashing me again. Her darting, dancing tongue was a devil and I vainly suppressed a groan as her hand gripped my cock imprisoned deep within two layers of plastic. Her other hand squeezed my buttocks before moving upwards. Jo knew what she was doing. Her hand was pushing the cool, smooth vinyl against my body. The incredible sensation of the plastic caressing my bare skin was threatening to drive me over the edge and Joanne knew it as well. Murmuring, "Feels good, doesn't it?" she slowly worked her way up between masturbating my aching shaft. Finally her hand reached my neck before caressing my cheeks and I thought I would pass out from pleasure. Every nerve ending was on fire!

My neck and cheeks are especially sensitive and I was acutely aware of the wonderful vinyl clinging against my skin while Joanne ran her fingers over my head. Suddenly aware that Joanne probably wanted me to reciprocate in kind, I pulled her close before gently rolling my hands around her head and down her back. "Ohhhh…" Joanne's moans were increasingly louder as I continued petting her with increasing boldness. She almost hit the roof when I reached her trim, taut tush! I cannot describe how good it felt squeezing each round plastic-coated cheek while she wriggled and squirmed in my arms with increasing abandon.

Without any warning, I erupted like a volcano with a shocking suddenness. The events of the evening had finally caught up with me.

Shocked and embarrassed, I stared downward as Joanne's disbelieving giggles rang in my burning ears. My plastic panties were sticky with creamy jism. I'd come like a… callow teenager – before I had time to consummate our budding relationship. Oh no… She would never want me now.

"Don't be upset, Eddie," Joanne whispered in my ear before tenderly kissing me full on my lips. "Plastic kinda has that effect on me as well, it's just such a big turn-on for me too! Can't you see how wet I am already?"

I shamefacedly nodded. "Yeah… thanks."

"Well, better now than later," she dryly commented and I flushed again.

"I'm so sorry…" I sighed.

"Look, don't be…" Joanne replied, nursing me as one might an unwell child. "Like I said I know because I understand. Plastic is just the biggest turn-on ever. I'm not surprised that you came like that. If it makes you feel better, I'm happy because I now know that you're the same as me. I've always wanted to meet someone who feels the same way about plastic raincoats like me," she whispered.

"Yeah… me too," I smiled. I could not believe how understanding Joanne was. I felt much better already.

Grinning wickedly, Joanne mused, "Besides… you'll last much longer tonight, big boy."

I was going to get laid tonight. She'd all but said so and I silently exulted. But what if…? I bit my lip. "Are… you sure?"

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Re: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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"I'm sure." Joanne's reply was infinitely gentle. A second later, I felt her hand caressing my sensitive neck and I gasped before returning her soft kiss. "See? Look, you're getting excited again already."

I glanced downward. Jo wasn't kidding. Already my prick was stirring. "Who needs Viagra when you've got plastic?" I joked.

Joanne's laugh was loud. "Oh yessss…" she gasped. "You're so right! Oh, Eddie… I'm so glad that I met you!"

"Me too…" It was amazing how quickly I'd returned to Heaven.

"I want you, Eddie…" Joanne moaned. "I'm so horny now. Please… fuck me now."

I needed no second invitation. My dick was already standing to attention again. This time I didn't have to look. I was so ready for her. Was I ever!

"Come on!" Joanne peremptorily pulled me along and I unprotestingly followed with a loud rustle and crackle of vinyl. This was just … not … happening. This was the kind of thing I only read about in Penthouse letters but a hundred, a thousand times more incredible. Boy meets girl – nothing unusual about that. But what if she loved plastic raincoats as much, if not more than me? And she lived less than a kilometre away from my small pad up on the hill. I had no idea what the odds were – but they had to be long indeed.

At first glance, Joanne's bedroom was much like any other young woman's private boudoir- prettily feminine, a big dresser (housing lots of cosmetics), even bigger stereo system, untidy and thoroughly lived in. It was a warm room, a comfortable room and I instantly felt at home. Her huge king sized bed was… Oh my God… I could not believe what my eyes were telling me. There wasn't anything unusual about the soft white doona coverlet thrown across her bed. I'd never seen a bed with soft, clear plastic pillowslips or a mattress cover though.

"I can't sleep without plastic," Joanne muttered, clearly uncomfortable about allowing someone such an intimate glance into her world.

I sympathetically nodded before smiling. "I don't mind though," I replied.

"Oh Eddie…" Joanne sighed, wrapping her arms around me again and caressing the great dome of plastic covering my hair. "My dearest darling Eddie." She gazed into my eyes. "I'm just so glad that I've finally met someone who understands!" Without giving me a chance to reply, she happily prattled on: "The last time I brought someone home, he took one look and said, 'I'm out of here!'" Her eyes clouded over with a sadness I hadn't seen before. "He called me weird," she said in a small, sad voice.

"Well, I don't think you're weird," I immediately replied and the look on her face told me that I'd said the right thing. "You're very normal. Lots of people do like this kind of thing – it's just that no one talks about it publicly."

Joanne held me like a balmy summer evening. "I knew when I first saw you that you were the one for me." her sigh was a dreamy lullaby. "I just knew that we were meant for each other."

Less than five hours ago I'd been so lonely. Now I was holding a beautiful girl in my arms. I couldn't remember the last time that my heart ever felt so full. Never mind that we'd met in fairly unconventional, even bizarre circumstances, the main thing was that I finally had a woman in my life now – and it all felt so easy, so natural. Even the gushy sweet talk was coming easily. "Sometimes you find love when you least expect it," I replied.

"Oh absolutely," Joanne breathed before pulling me down with her on the bed. The soft, clear plastic mattress cover was unbelievably smooth to the touch and I felt my penis instantly harden again as soon as my fingers touched everything just before Joanne swept me up in her arms again. She was all over me now, showering kisses on my lips and cheeks. Although I'd never been to bed with anyone before, again I was surprised how easily everything was coming while I ecstatically responded in kind. Joanne's roaming hands were everywhere and I couldn't help groaning as she gripped my buttocks again before moving upward. My catsuit was virtually a second skin as the sticky plastic clung wetly to my skin. It felt just sooo good! Her tongue was a darting devil, wrapping itself around mine as we kissed hungrily, deeply as if our lives depended upon remaining locked together as long as possible.

"Oh Goddd, oh my Goddddd… I want you, I need you so bad!" Joanne moaned. She was grinding her hips against mine and only the thinnest layer of plastic separated my aching cock from her crotch. "I'm so wettt now!! Please fuck me now!"

She disentangled herself long enough to undo the zipper so that I could access her crotch before doing mine. While I disbelievingly watched, Joanne reached inside before pulling my plastic panties down and gripping my penis. I couldn't believe how big, how hard I was as Joanne breathlessly pulled it out. I'm not small but my swollen, excited member never seemed larger. The tip of my dick was a swollen, angry purplish-red and as I stared a dribble of pre-come oozed out of the centre.

"Oh wowwww… You're so big," Joanne breathed, clearly delighted with the size and bore of my weapon. She grinned full into my face before leaning downward and licking the head of my penis. I almost lifted myself off the bed as Joanne slowly ran her tongue downward. I'd watched my share of blue movies as a callow teenager but… I'd never dared imagine that anyone would do this to me! I just couldn't stand the incredible tingling as Joanne unhesitatingly licked me before… actually taking everything inside her mouth. I could only watch and groan as her tongue slowly swirled around the swollen, tender head of my manhood.

There I was lying on my back while this incredible plastic-clad girl gave me the first blowjob I'd ever received. The vinyl hood covering Joanne's hair glistened and shone beneath the warm glow of the bedside lamp while her head bobbed up and down with an almost metronomic rhythm. Joanne was really sucking hard now. The devilish tingling was just about unbearable as she rolled her tongue around my ultra-sensitive glans before boring downward and deep-throating me again. It was a bit like masturbating myself but a million times nicer!

It was only with the greatest of self-control that I didn't come then and there. Perhaps Joanne sensed that I was ready now for she abruptly withdrew before pulling me around until I was all but lying on top. "Fuck me now… please fuck me hard!" she ordered.

I hesitated before gingerly pushing forward. I'd never made love to anyone before and I didn't really know what to do. The last thing I wanted was for Joanne to laugh or ridicule me so I stubbornly pressed onward. How did I… go about making love to her?

Joanne's expressive face was surprisingly tender. She didn't say anything, instead gently gripping my tumescent organ and guiding me deep within a completely new world. I'd never imagined anything could be this soft or warm. My penis was being gripped by a giant fist, which gently squeezed everything just after entering her. The unbelievable, exquisite pleasure was so great that I couldn't help crying out and she grinned.

"Feels good doesn't it?" she smiled, wrapping her arms around me with another intoxicating crackle of plastic.

"Oh yes…" I breathed as my overload brain adjusted to the delicious new sensations flooding my body.

"Please… fuck me now," Joanne groaned before thrusting upward. "I want you, I need you so bad."

Unsure how to go about satisfying Joanne, I hesitantly withdrew before pushing downward. A sudden loud squeal from Joanne told me that I was on the right track. "Ohhh… Oh! That feels so good! Faster please!"

Encouraged, I thrusted harder.

"Yes! Oh yesss…" Joanne moaned as she kicked and bucked beneath me, grabbing my plastic-covered arse tightly with both hands and hanging on as if her life depended on remaining locked together as long as possible. I'd begun to find my rhythm now and I pumped in and out of the girl I now loved. Incredibly it wasn't long before I discovered that the harder I banged Joanne, the better it felt. I was barely aware of the sticky, sweaty plastic sticking tightly to my body as I drove inwards then outwards with increasing abandon. All I could think about was… coming again.

"YEEESSS! Like that!" Joanne screamed. "Fasterrr! Harder! Please don't stopppp baby!"

A tingling of a totally different kind was consuming my throbbing, aching cock and I redoubled my efforts, sensing that I was on the verge of something very special. Suddenly the tingling soared out of control. I vainly tried to hold on as long as I could but it was just impossible. With a sudden, incredible, explosive rush, I came with the force of a volcano, my jism squirting all the way inside Joanne, filling her to overflowing. The relief was so incredible that I couldn't help crying out again just as she screamed, "Ohhh, OHHH!! Oh my GOD! I'm coming………"

Suddenly exhausted, I collapsed atop Joanne. Now I knew why so many men would say – or do anything – in order to achieve the same exquisite sensations and sense of relief that I'd just experienced. A wonderful sense of wellbeing was already stealing over me as we rested in each other's arms.

"Dearest Eddie…" Joanne was all smiles. "That was so good. You're a real stud. Are you sure that this was your first time?"

I grinned. There could be no greater compliment than being told that I was it in bed. Her lavish praise was balm to my soul. "My dearest darling… I dunno what happened But… it just felt right with you."

Joanne glowed. "That was just the best ever!" she gushed before kissing me hard. "That was just so special for me. Honestly… I'm so glad that I met you."

"It was very special for me too, my darling." I knew that I would remember tonight – especially this moment all my life. I wonderingly gazed down onto the glowing face of the lovely girl lying below me. The plastic hood covering Joanne's hair was very shiny and I tenderly ran my hand down the smooth sides, knowing that it was what brought us together. Had it really been only six hours ago? Already I felt almost as if we'd been together forever.

"I really think we were meant for each other," she murmured. "Don't you, my darling?"

"I could not agree more," I happily replied before gingerly shifting position. My semi-hard dick was still inside Joanne and I didn't want to pull out yet.

"I like the way your cock feels," she sighed. "I felt so full when you were big earlier."

"It was absolutely wonderful…" I breathed.

"It was wonderful for me as well," she gurgled before pulling me close and hugging me so hard that I could hardly breathe.

"I hope… that there will be lots more times like today," I carefully replied.

"Oh! You just said it, baby! Me too!" Joanne happily exclaimed. "And we will wear our raincoats all the time and…"

I nodded agreement as the funny feeling in the pit of my stomach returned. It was only fleeting however, as Joanne took my lips in hers, kissing me hard again. I couldn't remember the last time I'd ever felt as content or happy as we cuddled in each other's arms. It was a very special level of intimacy I'd never realised existed. Just lying in each other's arms after making love… it was so special and I wished that the moment would last forever.

I was still hot and sweaty but I hardly noticed or cared as the hours flew past in a glorious daze.

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Re: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 2

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Part Two

"I'm thirsty. Are you?" Joanne smiled after our millionth kiss.

"Yeah… Now that I come to think of it, I am!" I smiled, feeling thoroughly contented and satiated after enjoying another thoroughly satisfying round of lovemaking. Plastic was the ultimate Viagra and I hadn't had any trouble performing again – and again, much to Joanne's delighted pleasure and approval. She was still as tightly enclosed as ever inside her plastic bodysuit although I could hardly see her breasts because of the sweaty condensation forming inside. It was somewhat uncomfortably clammy now although I definitely wasn't complaining! "I wouldn't mind a snack as well."

"Sounds good to me too," Joanne grinned. "Then we'll call it a night and hit the sack."

"What about… um…" I nervously stumbled over the words. "Its getting a bit wet now."

Joanne nodded. "Yeah. We'll have a shower and wash everything – for some reason, sweat makes plastic go hard easily, then it ends up tearing."

"Oh, I see." Nonplussed, I digested her latest statement. "What will we wear then? Nothing?" I was looking forwards to cuddling up close with Joanne tonight – I'd never slept with anyone until today.

"Oh, we'll wear my plastic pyjamas," she airily replied as if such garb was nothing out of the ordinary. "You can borrow a spare pair, I've got several."

"Oh my word…" Joanne was just unbelievable. "By the way… that reminds me – I still haven't seen your rainwear collection yet. I'm dying to see it."

"Oh, yeah!" she enthusiastically exclaimed. "I just can't wait to show you!"


"Hmmm…" Joanne's eyebrows furrowed delightfully. "What say we shower first, then change for bed, have something to eat and drink before having a look at my raincoat collection?"

I smiled. "Sounds good to me."

Stepping in the shower clad from head to ankle in clear, protective plastic was a totally unique experience for me. The spray of water just bounced and streamed down the vinyl in dozens of bright, silvery rivulets. I glanced around with utter amazement. Joanne's bathroom was the last word in luxury. Marble everything. Heated towel rails. The softest, fluffiest towels this side of the Equator. A huge spa bath dominated one corner of the room, commanding a fantastic view of the nearby hills and ocean beyond. But perhaps best of all, the massive walk-in double shower stall, enclosed by a glass screen contained not one but two showerheads, allowing both of us to shower side-by-side. Joanne stood by me, allowing the water to stream down over her plastic bodysuit.
Her beautiful face was glowing with a deep, inexpressible joy and I couldn't help smiling. I knew how she felt for we'd both been in the same boat not so long ago. She looked so happy!
"Dearest Eddie…" Joanne impulsively hugged me again and I happily returned her kisses. I was hard again. The combination of the warm, slick, smooth plastic and her embrace was doing it again!
"My darling Jo…" I murmured, enjoying the incredible smoothness of the wet plastic as the water splashed downward in a hissing spray. It no longer felt sticky or clammy now.
"Mmm…" Joanne gurgled before kissing me hard.
I wanted our shower to last forever but eventually Joanne said, "We'd better take off our plastic suits – it won't be long before we run out of hot water."
I badly wanted to laugh. Wearing our plastic rainwear totally defeated the whole purpose of showering – I was practically as dry as a bone beneath my protective cocoon. Even my sweat-soaked hair hadn't touched a single drop of water but I hardly minded or cared. If anything, it was an experience which I'd really enjoyed.
"What do I do now?" I asked after helping each other change out of our plastic bodysuits. We'd begun the process with undoing the tightly tied laces holding the hoods around our heads before allowing the water to sluice down the inside of our rainsuits. I could not tear my eyes away from Joanne's beautiful light brown, naked body. Her erect, excited dark chocolate nipples were very brown against her pale brown skin. They were the most beautiful breasts that I'd ever seen, I thought.
"Just pull them inside out and let the water do all the hard work," she smiled. "It'll wash everything away then I'll hang them up to dry."
"No worries."
She smiled. "Wash me well after I finish doing these."
Joanne had vanished inside the walk-in robe after ordering me to wait and I nervously cleared my throat while I waited for her to emerge. I was warm and dry now after towelling each other down. To be honest, I wasn't that keen on wearing plastic again tonight – I wanted to feel Joanne's soft, warm skin more than ever after soaping her down in the shower – including the most intimate portions of her anatomy. But she obviously had other ideas and I didn't have the heart – or courage to contradict her. I'd already had my fill – in the most pleasurable possible manner and this just seemed like overkill. It was not as though I minded that much though. It was a long time since I had ever felt that horny! Just like a drowning, starving sailor rescued from the ocean, all I could think about was more… I could not get enough of Joanne – or her tight, tight hot pussy, which so readily opened wide just for me.
After a seeming eternity, Joanne happily trotted back inside, her arms loaded high with more plastic rainwear – or whatever she had in mind for us to wear and I instantly felt my penis harden.
"Where did you get all that from?" I disbelievingly asked while she carefully separated everything into two piles, one deep pink and the other, a dazzling yellow.
"Some company called PVC-U-Like," she happily replied, the joy still evident in her voice. "I found them on the Internet." Proudly, "I got them to make this lot up special for me."
"Must've cost a bit," I murmured.
"Yeah. Heaps." She smiled again. "Ok here you go." Joanne dropped everything in my lap and I couldn't help gasping again. The plastic was as soft and smooth as our vinyl rainsuits were hard and crackly.
"I've always loved jelly jackets," Joanne conversationally said. "They're just so nice and smooth – so I got them to make everything in the same kind of plastic."
I nodded again. "Yeah… it feels fantastic," I wonderingly replied, vainly trying to ignore my throbbing, pulsing dick.
"I like wearing these better for bed," Joanne mused, "mainly because it just feels so good! Also because it's easier to put on and wear in bed."
Joanne was much more than simply plastic-fetishistic, she lived and breathed plastic. It was a total lifestyle, the same way some people lived for the ocean or golf – and I tried not to think about what I'd gotten myself into. I glanced downward and was lost again. The cool, smooth plastic gleamed and shone beneath the warm glow of the light. Suddenly all I wanted to do was try everything on. It was so beautiful!
"Put the pants on first," Joanne suddenly said, "Then the jacket."
{[Getting ready for bed]} I could only stare like an old lecher while she eased the plastic rainpants all the way up her legs, firmly seating everything directly above her crotch before gently snapping the wide elastic waistband in place several inches above her navel. Watching Joanne dressing was the most erotic sight I'd ever seen. It far rivalled the tabletop-dancing club I'd visited on a buck's night with my mates – but there they'd merely disrobed. The performance had done nothing for me – but this was far, far different. Aware of my fascinated gaze, Joanne deliberately drew out every minute of her dressing ritual. I could just see Joanne's legs and the darker triangle of her furry bush beneath the semi see-through plastic, and it was really driving me crazy now.
Smiling widely, Joanne picked up her jelly jacket before sliding it on and slowly drawing the strong zipper all the way up from her hips to the base of her neck. Its attached hood hung limply behind her neck and this too she slowly pulled upward, carefully easing it into position before drawing the laces tight and fastidiously fastening everything with a tight double-knot, framing her fine features in a wide, shiny translucent pink oval. Ignoring my astonished gaze, she leant downward and slipped her feet into a matching pair of plastic socks, which also came with a tight-fitting elasticised band exactly similar to her jacket.
"You wear this every night?" I incredulously asked as she straightened before standing.
Joanne shot me a sharp look as if to say, 'Are you crazy?' before smiling. "Oh yes, of course!" she exclaimed before adding, "Every night. I can't sleep otherwise."
"Stupid question," I sheepishly replied.
"Absolutely. Now come on, put your pyjamas on and I'll help you."
When my mates heard that I'd finally hooked up with a real, live girl, they would insist on receiving a blow-by-blow account of my night with her – but revealing the finer detail was impossible. How could I explain the way Joanne tenderly pulled those gorgeous soft plastic rainpants all the way up my legs before settling them around my waist with a satisfying 'snap!' – or the way she zipped up my jelly jacket before drawing the hood tight around my face and doing up the laces so nothing would slip or loosen? It was a very special intimacy of a kind that they just wouldn't understand. I would probably find myself jeered all the way out of the public bar and into the beer garden. A vivid image of my mate's likely reaction when they met Joanne suddenly popped up in my brain and I inwardly cringed. They would laugh, for sure. Oh well, there was no point in worrying about what tomorrow would bring. As the old saying goes, 'Live every day as if it's your last!'
I knew that I had nothing to be ashamed about – if anything, I couldn't imagine a more loving introduction to the wonderful world of sex. I knew in my heart that what we were doing was… right, it was so right! Joanne was a beautiful girl, a lovely girl. I knew that I shouldn't be thinking this way. Perhaps it was only because I was still feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the rapidity of my seduction – if that's what it was. I certainly couldn't recall another time anyone hit on me, never mind taking me home and… She was calling all the shots and I had to admit that deep down, I liked being dominated like this, being forced to wear plastic regardless of my wishes. Joanne was gently easing each plastic bootie up my ankles and I couldn't help sighing with pleasure as they caressed the ultra-sensitive soles of my feet with a touch like no other.
"Now plastic boy, we're all ready for bed," Joanne beamed, stepping backward and critically studying me.
I blushed as I noticed my reflection in the mirror. There I was covered from head to toe in gleaming smooth, translucent plastic. Only my face and hands were visible. The bulge in my rainpants was also clearly visible and I quickly looked away before admiring Joanne's rainwear, if one could call it that. It was strictly indoor wear. She was positively resplendent in her beautiful blue plastic outfit and my heart tripped over itself before performing a perfect somersault. "You look so beautiful," I sighed.
"Oh, thank you," Joanne giggled. "You look lovely too."
I knew that I was so lucky to have met someone like Joanne and I impulsively pulled her into my arms before crushing her lips against mine. All my worries had vanished like a will-o'-the-wisp as she responded to my kisses. Suddenly I'd discovered the meaning of life and it was called "love". Nothing, but nothing beat having a beautiful girl in my arms but best of all, I could tell that Jo felt the same way about me. Happiness is an insubstantial, ethereal emotion but… I was happy now – deliriously so.
"Well… " Joanne breathlessly breathed, "what say we have something to eat now?"
"Shall we?"
"I haven't got much in the fridge," Joanne sighed. "Normally today is my shopping day but…" She shrugged her shoulders before giggling. "Instead… today I met a handsome stranger who really knows how to fuck."
I grinned. Joanne always knew how to make me laugh! She was such a bright, bubbly irrepressible personality. It was hard to feel down for long around her. "Who's this wonderful guy you just met?" I teased. "He must be really great if you like him so much."
"Why, it's the guy standing right in front of me!" Joanne exclaimed. "He's got such a big, hard cock," she theatrically sighed. "I love it when he puts it inside me and fucks my brains out."
"Oh my God, Joanne," I breathed. "You really know how to make me horny huh? Oh God… I want you so bad."
Her giggle was loud in the still air. "That's the general idea. I want you so much too."
"We could always go back to bed…"
"Later," she firmly replied. "You're kinda all used up now. I like it better when you come so hard and really fill me up."
I smiled again. There was nothing, but nothing better than the sweet release when I came. "Yeah… I really like that as well."
"I just bet you do. Anyway…" Her brow furrowed delightfully while she thought. "You like pizza?" Without waiting for an answer, she continued, "How about we order take-out pizza?"
"Um… I love pizza but…"
"What's the delivery guy going to say when he sees you?"
Joanne shrugged. "Who cares what he thinks? They only want our money anyway."
I didn't even want to think how he (or she?) would react seeing me like this and I squirmed with embarrassment. "I'd better go change now while you order our pizza."
"No! Don't you dare!" Joanne exclaimed. "Leave your raincoat on. You are not allowed to take anything off. Leave it on."
"Huh? But I…"
"He won't care," she insisted. She turned around before picking up the phone. "What do you like?"
Defeated, I reluctantly replied, "I love Hawaiian."
"Oh good!" Joanne's cheeks dimpled. "That's my favourite as well. We've got so much in common, don't you think? Ok, hang on while I call them."
Our conversation was bordering on the bizarre – Joanne calmly discussing what we should order whilst kitted out from head to toe in gleaming plastic. I glanced downward and studied the plastic booties covering my feet. What would the deliveryman think if he…? Joanne was talking animatedly, explaining exactly what she wanted in no uncertain detail and I grinned. She was nothing if not assertive. Jo certainly already had me twisted around her little finger for sure.
"Yes, I said extra bacon! Got that? Good," Joanne said, rolling her eyes in my eyes as if trying to explain the stupidity of people who couldn't understand clear English. "How much? No worries. Thanks! Bye!"
I smiled again, picturing the consternation in the kitchen as Joanne's order was relayed through to the cooks slaving away in front of the ovens.
"Really!" Joanne's expressive face was alight with indignation. "Honestly, some people just have no idea. He tried to say we can't do that and I said, 'Look buster, I'm the one paying for this, not you!' So he just gave up after that but I don't think he was very happy."
"The customer is always right," I said sententiously.
Joanne, preened, pleased that she'd gotten her own way. "Exactly." She leant forward before extracting her wallet from a small bowl containing her car keys and any amount of small change. "Here," she said, pulling out a redback – twenty bucks. "I'll heat up a couple of plates and clear the table. You give this to him when he arrive – Oh, and mind that he gives you the correct change!"
I bit my lip. "Um but…"
"Don't take your pyjamas off!" Joanne ordered. "I know what you're thinking. He won't care anyway."
I inwardly cringed. Was Joanne trying to humiliate me like this on purpose? I couldn't believe that this was actually happening.
Joanne wrapped her arms around me. "Thanks for helping out, my love," she crooned before kissing me. "I wouldn't ask if I thought anything would happen. I've done this before, heaps of times."
Oh my God, I thought. The mind boggled. I could only visualise the scene as Joanne confronted some unsuspecting deliveryman in her plastic PJ's. I really didn't want to do this but I sensed that Joanne would be upset if I said no and I inwardly sighed again. She certainly didn't seem to think there was anything strange about our apparel but I knew that it was unlikely anyone wouldn't see it that way. It might not worry Joanne but it worried me. I'm not naturally extroverted and I positively hate being laughed at. Whatever, I would just have to grit my teeth, go ahead and do it. I would push the money in his hand, grab the pizza and run! To hell with the change…
"Oh my God," said the pretty young thing as I opened the door and I inwardly cringed.
{[The Orange girl]} The girl was wearing a shiny bright orange PVC rainsuit complete with matching waterproof overpants. Her heavy, industrial-strength rainwear was slick and wet with rain. I liked the way the drawstring hood, which she hadn't bothered lower, so prettily framed her cute face. Even the matching vinyl pizza carry bag was orange. I knew who she worked for. 'If it's Orange, it's orange!' the TV adverts ran. Normally I could not have torn my eyes away from her but I hardly noticed how shiny her beautiful rainwear was, as I vainly tried to pretend that I was anywhere but here. I had a brief glimpse of her eyes widening with shock as they travelled over my shiny blue pyjamas/rainsuit. At least my dick had the decency to hide (more out of sheer, acute embarrassment than anything else) while I awkwardly shuffled from one side to another. She was very pretty, that much was obvious but I hardly cared or noticed her looks as I focused on the pizza box nestling in the crook of her arm.
"Um… I-" She cleared her throat before hesitantly beginning again. "I've got a pizza delivery for Joanne – One Hawaiian with extras." She couldn't tear her eyes away from me as she spoke. Worse still, I could hear a giggle forming in her throat. I just wanted the ground to swallow me up – whole. I closed my eyes before sighing. She was clearly expecting me to confirm our order but my tongue just wouldn't form the words.
Instead, I dumbly nodded before handing over Joanne's twenty and reaching out for the pizza box. A delicious smell was wafting across my nostrils and I suddenly realised that I was hungry.
"Oh no!" she exclaimed before jerking it away. "You've gotta sign for it first."
"Yeah! You've gotta… hehehe!" She couldn't control her laughter and I inwardly raged. "I mean… you have to sign so we can show that we delivered your pizza on time." She checked her watch before scrawling something on a small form attached to a mini-clipboard and handing it to me. Her hands then immediately shot upward to her mouth and I could feel my ears burning while I wrote out the official proof that she'd done her job. Their attention to customer service was commendable but… why did they have to pick us? I could feel her eyes studying me again and I knew that she'd seen my plastic booties. Any chance of pretence was long gone. She could also see that I was starkers beneath.
"Th… thank you very much," she giggled, handing over my change. "I hope you… you… hehe! - enjoy your pizza."
"You're welcome," I muttered.
"Have a nice… um… day!" With that, she thankfully turned and darted down the landing, spraying little droplets of water in her wake. I hoped that we would never cross paths again.
"I see that you got our pizza OK," Joanne smiled on my return. "No problems?"
"I had to sign for it," I sighed. I could feel the soft plastic sticking to my embarrassed, sweaty skin.
"Did she like your pyjamas?" Joanne blithely asked.
"What do you think?"
Joanne grinned. "C'mon, lets eat now. I'm starving. Sex always makes me hungry."
"Hungry for me or…?"
She laughed before hugging me again. "Both!"
It was not all bad news, I thought. At least I wasn't alone as usual. It was not every day that I met a soulmate. What I'd just enjoyed (and would continue to enjoy) with her tonight was worth every price demanded of me. So I thought.
Our pizza was delicious – and it came with all the trimmings that she had asked for. The aluminium plate was empty by the time we finished.
"Yummy…" said Joanne. "That was nice."
"It was the best pizza I've ever had," I boldly declared.
"We will have to go there again," Joanne smiled.
I grinned and replied, "Yes, we will."
Joanne nodded. "For sure. You know what I really like about pizza?"
"No bloody washing up!" Joanne's laughter filled the air like liquid music and I felt my heart contract while I studied the lovely creature seated on my right. Her plastic rainwear shone in the dim light, highlighting each crease and fold as she unconsciously shifted position. I especially liked the way the plastic formed miniature waves in the center of Joanne's tightly tied hood. It was stretched smooth on either side, save for the top where the plastic creased in the center.
"What are you looking at?" Joanne smiled.
"Um, I like the way the plastic creases in the middle of your hood," I replied. "It looks so sexy."
"Ohhh…" said Joanne. Her smile was a sun as she held me the way a limpet might cling to a wave-swept rock. "I'm so happy that I met you!"
Forgetting my earlier embarrassment, I fervently replied, "Me too."
"I've only known you for a few hours but… I hope it will be for much, much longer than that," she said in a low, earnest voice.
Joanne was all but saying that she wanted to be my girlfriend, indeed maybe something much more than that. I felt my heart flare with a deep joy, slowly suffusing my body while we hugged each other in an embrace which seemed to last forever. I'd finally found my mate. My long, lonely years of isolation had finally come to an end and I wanted to rejoice. My parents would be happy too. They'd banged on often enough about 'getting out there' and meeting the right girl. I could hardly wait for my chance to show off Joanne to everyone. She was so beautiful!
"My dearest darling…" I felt my voice crack with emotion and I hugged Joanne harder, savouring the unique sensation of smooth plastic covering warm skin. "I'm so glad that I met you too and I'm really looking forwards to going out with you and… doing everything together."
"Yeah!" Joanne's voice was bright, bubbly, enthusiastic. "I just can't wait to go out walking in the rain with you!"
"Uh, yeah…" I could only imagine what Joanne's idea of recreation might involve. The Manly ferry was still fresh in my mind. "By the way… I still haven't seen your rainwear collection. You said you were going to show me."
"Oh yes!" Joanne breathlessly exclaimed. "Come on, come with me and I'll show you!"
Caught up in her infectious enthusiasm, I eagerly followed my new girlfriend. I could hardly wait to see what she owned. I imagined that she might own a couple of dozen outfits or so. Surely she'd been exaggerating earlier.
Joanne led me through her bedroom where I'd just lost my less-than-cherished virginity to a beautiful girl in plastic before halting and pointing to an inconspicuous door. "When I moved in, I had one of the old bedrooms converted to an um… second walk-in robe – and that's where I keep my raincoats now," she explained before shyly adding, "You'll be the first to see them. I've never shown anyone before."
She strolled forward and punched in a six-digit combination of numbers on an electronic lock that I hadn't noticed before. Obviously Jo wasn't keen on anyone learning about her thing for plastic rainwear. How big was her collection that she required this level of security?
"Ok, in you go," Joanne said with a slight tremor in her voice, gently pushing me forward before following.
The sight which greeted my eyes was so astonishing that I stood rooted to the spot as if turned to stone and gaped. One of my hobbies is gold prospecting (I own a metal detector) and I've made a few nice finds over the years – nothing really spectacular but enough to finance several overseas trips and paying off my car. But the thrill of discovery was nothing compared to the incredible Aladdin's cave that I'd just entered. I'd never seen anything like the treasures Joanne's room contained – certainly not collected together in the one location. The word, 'Aladdin's Cave' is a badly abused clich? but it perfectly described the stunning beauty and magnificence of Joanne's gleaming, shimmering rainwear collection. Light bounced off her huge collection of plastic, PVC and vinyl raincoats like a million diamonds. Shocked and awed, I slowly surveyed rack after rack all jammed full with plastic rainwear and clothing of every colour, hue and description.
I couldn't even begin to guess how many raincoats she owned. 800? 1,000? And that wasn't even counting the innumerable other items on display such as rainsuits, overalls (like the clear ones we'd worn earlier), dresses, bloomers, underwear along with several garments I couldn't positively identify where they'd been neatly folded and stored in row after row of mahogany shelving. Details began slowly manifesting themselves as the initial shock gradually began wearing off. She'd neatly stored everything by type (knee-length raincoats, short trenches, jackets, two-piece rainsuits - and colour. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink… Oh my God… My head spun as my brain tried to assimilate the incredible sight. I'd found my Nirvana.
Overwhelmed, I turned to Joanne who smiled uncertainly. I could see a flush appearing in her cheeks and I returned her smile. "I'm shocked," I said.
"Yeah…" Joanne nodded agreement. "I guessed you would be."
"Honestly… I'm overwhelmed – I never expected anything like this." I glanced around again. Those glass-clear PVC raincoats were gorgeous! Joanne obviously liked them as well for she'd stored everything in a separate space.
"I've never shown anyone before," she said again.
"Yeah I know. But I… I think they're so beautiful. I just love your raincoat collection. I've never seen anything like this before," I breathed.
Joanne beamed. "Really?"
"Oh yes," I sighed. "You've got no idea how much I love all this." I waved my hand around in the general direction of everything to emphasise my point. "I can't help feeling jealous," I joked.
"Don't be." Joanne's voice was unusually serious. "It's also yours now because you are a part of me."
"Oh my word." I did not know what to say. I was completely overwhelmed again. Eventually, I replied, "Th-that's the nicest thing anyone ever said to me."
"You know, Eddie… I really like you," Joanne whispered. "I knew that we were meant for each other when I saw you. And um… you're so nice and kind. You're easy to talk to and you make me laugh and… mmm…" Her smile was so tender that my heart caught as she placed her hands on my shoulders. "We've got so much in common… I never imagined that I would meet anyone who loves plastic as much as I do." She was crying softly now. "It's my life, you know. I can't get off unless… you know? I used to feel so lonely and isolated. Then… I met you."
"My dearest darling," I murmured. Joanne was in my arms now, clinging onto me as if I was a firefighter rescuing her from a blazing building. I wanted to hold and protect her. She'd inadvertently revealed a vulnerable side of herself that I'd never realised existed. "I haven't known you for long but… I feel the same way about you. I think you're so lovely – in every way."
Joanne mutely nodded. "Th-thanks…" she sniffed. "You're just the best. I'm so glad that I met you. I feel like I've just walked out of this awful, lonely Stygian blackness into a world full of colour and bright sunshine – you know what I mean?"
"That was very poetic," I smiled. "I think you described that so well. "Yeah…" I gustily exhaled. Joanne's bright attentive face was so beautiful. I couldn't get enough of the way the tightly tied hood framed her lovely face in gleaming, rippling plastic. "I know exactly how you feel because I used to feel the same way before meeting you. Sometimes I used to think that I was a freak because I like wearing plastic rainwear."
Joanne's sigh was huge. "I can't control myself. I just love plastic soo much! The way it looks and feels… I can't live without plastic rainwear and um… It's just the way I am. Eddie, I am the way I am and you'll just have to accept me as I am."
I'd already known how much Joanne liked wearing plastic but I couldn't help feeling slightly unnerved after learning about the depth of her feelings. It was more than mere fetish, it was an obsession. I bit my lip before carefully replying. "Look… you're not alone. I know exactly how you feel because I used to feel the same way before meeting you." It wasn't the complete truth but I wasn't about to let on as much. I loved plastic as much as Joanne but it was something I could live without – at a pinch anyway.
Joanne smiled. "I know… that's why I'm so happy I finally met you."
I had to know. "Um… Jo, how did you get into this plastic thing anyway?"
"I'm not sure," she whispered as her face coloured. "I… I used to wet my bed when I was young so… Mum put a plastic sheet underneath so she wouldn't have to keep changing the sheets every day. And… um… She made me wear plastic panties as well to help contain everything – the really soft ones like we were wearing earlier."
"Oh my word," I sighed. I was beginning to understand this strange girl much better now. Sensing that she desperately needed this release, I held Joanne close while she continued talking. "Go on?"
"You know, she even made me wear them to school. Every day. Until I was twelve, would you believe?" She hung her head before sighing again. "Can you imagine how embarrassing it was when I had to change for P.E and they… they saw my plastic panties?"
"Oh my God… that must have been awful." Always the odd one out at school, I knew from bitter experience how cruel kids could be.
"It was…" She didn't elaborate, instead continuing: "Eventually, I have no idea why, I… I began to like wearing them. I liked the way the plastic sheets felt as well. They were so nice and smooth. I remember feeling so strange. I hated wearing my plastic underthings but… I felt good inside when I put them on… I just couldn't understand why but I did."
"Yeah..." I nodded. I could understand where she was coming from.
"At first I didn't really mind while I was five or so but… once I got older, I just felt so embarrassed and humiliated being forced to wear them all the time."
"I don't blame you," I sympathetically replied.
"Mum said that I had to wear my plastic undies whether I liked it or not. We had some awful fights about that."
"Oh…" I was lost for words.
"But…" She bit her lip before quietly continuing. " You know… I really hated wearing them as well partly because it was so embarrassing but also… um… because deep inside, I actually enjoyed wearing my plastic panties. I really loved the way the smooth plastic felt against my skin and that was one of the reasons I hated wearing them so much for so long because I just couldn't handle my feelings."
I nodded sympathetically. I understood exactly how she felt. It's hard coming to terms with an aberrant sexuality – especially when it's deeply rooted in discipline.
"So there I am walking around in my plastic panties and raincoat when it was wet… Yes, plastic as well. She said I had to wear it almost every day as well." She laughed again. "And I'm just really getting off on everything."
"Oh my God…" I could understand how unhappy and confused she must've been as a kid. "And that's how it all began."
"What happened after your mum said you didn't have to wear them any more?"
"I kept wearing them," Joanne grinned. "But not to school. I remember changing out of my cotton undies when I got home and putting my plastic ones on. I also wore them all weekend long too."
"Did your mum know?"
"I think so but thank God, she never said anything." Joanne sighed again. "We never really got on that well. I know she thought I was a bit strange. I moved out when I was eighteen and I've lived on my own ever since. But by then the damage had been done. I couldn't sleep – or get off unless I was wearing something plastic and that's when I really began starting to collect anything plastic I could find – especially raincoats."
"I see… Thanks so much for telling me everything, that's one hell of an amazing story. Anyway… yeah - My mum was just like yours," I mused. "Maybe nothing like yours but I remember her buying me a shiny yellow plastic raincoat, I think it was actually vinyl by the way - with one of those big rainhat things, a sou'wester, you know – and I think that's how my thing for plastic began. She was never really strict about my wearing it but I do remember enjoying the times she helped me with putting everything on, doing up all the buttons and sending me out to school."
"You're lucky," Joanne said with feeling.
"Think positive," I smiled. "If your mother had not made you wear those plastic panties, we might not have met."
"Yeah!" Joanne giggled. "Too right…"
"Its funny how things work out sometimes," I mused. "Life sure moves in funny ways. Anyway… thank you very much again for telling me… all this," I gently said. "I know it can't have been easy for you."
"Thank you so much for listening and… everything," Joanne breathed before wrapping her arms around my neck again. "I've never told anyone about… all this before." She kissed me hard again, lovingly running her hands down my tingling spine and bottom. "You're the first person I ever met who really understands."
"It's a pleasure," I smiled as my heart tripped over itself again. I was fast falling in love with this funny, sweet, beautiful, vulnerable girl. She'd just bared her soul to me and I felt a strange shiver travel down my spine as I thought about the way she'd confided in me. "Just remember that you are not alone. I'm here because I like wearing plastic rainwear too."
"Oh Eddie…" Joanne was purring like a cat. "I know that we're going to be so happy together. We will wear our raincoats all the time together, huh?"
"I could not agree more," I smiled, hoping that Joanne wouldn't notice my sudden unease. The bad feeling I'd experienced earlier was back. She was really into all this so much, it just wasn't funny. "Anyway… on a happier subject, I just love your raincoat collection. You've got the most fantastic collection of raincoats that I've ever seen. Honestly, it just blew me away when I walked inside."
Joanne grinned. "I'll never forget the look on your face. You were so shocked."
"Where did you find everything?" I asked.
"Well, at first, I used to go to all the shops and buy every raincoat I could find. Department stores, army disposals, camping and op shops – I found heaps of good stuff there. Then the Internet came along several years ago and I think you can guess where I found the rest."
"Yeah, I know." E-bay is a modern miracle. "Anyway… which raincoats do you like wearing the most?"
"I love them all!" she giggled.
I laughed. "I bet you do."
"Anyway… I like wearing soft plastic the very most of all," she sighed. "Like what we've got on now."
"I can see why," I breathed. "It feels just so good! I absolutely love the way it feels."
"I also like translucent plastic, anything yellow – especially shiny yellow vinyl and… oh yes, I just positively adore glass-clear PVC." Joanne waved her hand in the direction of the crystal raincoats I'd noticed earlier.
"Oh I love those too! They're also one of my favourites," I sighed. My dick was letting me know in no uncertain terms what it thought about them as well. "I've always wanted one of those. I wish we could try everything on now!"
"You'll get your chance later," she smiled. "Anyway… what say we call it a night now? I'm feeling tired now and we have to work tomorrow."
"Yeah, good idea," I replied, vainly stifling the yawn I could feel forming.
"Besides… I also want you," she giggled.
I slept like a baby that night. Utterly exhausted after our ferocious lovemaking, we collapsed in each other's arms before drifting off to the land of Nod. It was the best sleep that I'd ever enjoyed, perhaps in part because of the manner which we slept with our arms and legs wrapped around each other's. It was an intimacy of a kind I'd never enjoyed before and perhaps that also contributed to my rest.
Someone was sucking my penis and I groaned with pleasure before sleepily stirring. I'd had such nice dreams all night long but this was the best one yet. I automatically stretched before yawning as is my wont before realising with a shock that I wasn't alone. I had not been dreaming either. There was Joanne, a wicked smile decorating her face as her hand lightly stroked my aching, erect shaft. The rippling dome of plastic was still stretched as tightly as ever across her forehead and cheeks, perfectly framing her lovely oval face and I blinked before staring.
"Good morning," said Joanne. "I was wondering when Rip Van Winkle would wake up."
I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. The beautiful, plastic-clad Asian girl playing with my cock was a mirage. I blearily blinked again before shaking my head but she didn't go away. Instead of my usual cotton pyjamas, I was clothed in… the most beautiful soft, smooth plastic from head to toe and I couldn't help shivering with pure, sensuous spine-tingling pleasure as it caressed my sensitive skin. "I'm… not dreaming am I?"
Joanne laughed merrily. "No Eddie darling, you're not dreaming."
"I still can't believe what… happened last night. It was so beautiful," I sighed. Meeting Joanne, walking home with her in that storm, the ferry ride and that wave, putting on our plastic bodysuits and making love…
"I'll prove that it's not a dream. Fuck me now. Fuck me deep," Joanne smiled, before pulling me into her arms and crushing her soft, warm lips against mine with an intoxicating rustle of plastic.
When I exploded deep inside Joanne, I felt as if I'd lifted straight off into orbit.
"Oh, that felt so good," she moaned while we dreamily laid in each other's arms.
Joanne's hands were gently roaming my plastic covered back and her ministrations were already achieving the desired effect. It wasn't even ten minutes since I'd shot my load and I wanted her again. "I'll say," I smiled. "I like the way you do that. You're making me horny again."
"Make love to me again," Joanne giggled, "before we get up."
It was grey and wet outside although last night's storm had dissipated. Low, grey cloud scudded overhead, driven by a fresh breeze. "We'll have to wear our raincoats," said Joanne. She sounded anything but unhappy about the prospect.
{[The view from Joanne's Manly apartment]} "Yeah," I reluctantly replied while I admired the lovely view from the balcony. Eating breakfast alfresco was a novel experience. Although it was still wet, it was not cold. It was only seven-thirty or so but the wide Manly beachfront promenade was already crowded with people – cyclists, joggers and other assorted fitness freaks, several early morning waxheads, people walking their dogs and commuters enjoying the fresh air. A Tai Chi class was being conducted on the beach below, its participants sensuously swaying in the wind like supple willows. No one was wearing any kind of rainwear other than a few light nylon spray jackets. The memory of last night's ferry ride was still fresh in my mind – and it would be full at this time of morning. "We sure will." I didn't know whether I should be pleased or worried. Joanne's idea of weather protection was very different from most people. "What… will you wear today?"
"It's not really wet enough for our rainsuits," Joanne mused. She sounded disappointed. Suddenly she brightened. "I know what we'll wear!" she gushed. "I've got just the thing. Come on, Eddie."
"Yeah!" Joanne enthusiastically bubbled. "I remember what you were telling me last night."
"Wait," Joanne firmly replied. "I'll be back in a minute."
I apprehensively gazed outside on the tranquil scene below. My much more humble one-bedroom flat (it's all I can afford given the way Sydney real estate prices are) doesn't command a view anything like this and I was determined to enjoy the vista below. What did Jo have in mind for me anyway?
"Ok, I'm baaaa-ccckkk!" she sang and I turned.
"Oh," I said.
Joanne's face fell. "You don't like it?"
"No, no!" I hurriedly backpedaled. "I didn't say that. I'm… just surprised that's all."
She was wearing a beautiful glass-clear mac – but it was the matching slicker limply draped over one arm, which really caught my attention. Surely, she didn't intend for me to wear that outside? I'd never, ever seen anyone wearing anything remotely like the raincoats Joanne wanted us to wear today.
"Sure!" I managed a reassuring smile before taking it from her outstretched arm. The cool, smooth PVC was thicker and heavier than the beautiful soft jelly jackets we'd worn last night to bed. It was also distinctly less pliable. I liked it. I liked Joanne's raincoat very much. And I knew that I also wanted to wear it. Joanne must have seen the look on my face for a heavenly smile appeared on her face. I watched her cheeks dimple as she tenderly took the raincoat from my hand and shaking it open with a wonderful rustling, crackly noise.
"Turn around." Joanne's voice was honey.
Time almost seemed to halt as I unhesitatingly faced away from Joanne before feeling my penis instantly harden as she guided my arms into each sleeve. The last time anyone helped me dress for the day was my mother but her loving touch was nothing like Joanne's.
"There." I could hear the satisfaction in her voice as she turned me around again before critically adjusting my glistening rainwear so that it sat just right on my shoulders. The raincoat was surprisingly long, ending just below my knees. It was a real raincoat, of the kind I thought never existed anymore – except in pictures. I was harder than ever as she began fastening each button. My gorgeous PVC raincoat, coupled with the soft plastic panties she'd made me put on after showering were both having a disastrous effect upon me. Clever Jo. She'd known that I would be unable to resist.
It was the most beautiful raincoat that I'd ever worn. I wonderingly studied the crystal-clear vinyl while Joanne carefully continued doing up each button. The detail was unbelievable. It came with two pockets (each protected by a waterproof flap held down by miniature buttons) a wide belt (fastening with a D-ring), a drawstring hood, real buttons and sleeve cuffs which could be pulled tight and secured in place with smaller D-rings. But best of all was the hood hanging limply downward behind me. Suddenly I felt much happier.
"Now Eddie…" Joanne's voice was suddenly firm as she pulled the wide, crystal clear hood upwards after buttoning my raincoat all the way up to the neck. "Leave the hood alone this time. It does not come off without my say-so or permission. Understand?" With that, she tugged the drawstring laces tight before knotting off everything with one, then another, tight, almost unpickable knot.
I mutely nodded, completely overwhelmed with the special attention that I was receiving.
"Good boy," said Joanne in a proprietorial, almost school-marmish voice as she firmly cinched its matching belt into position before giving it a final tug for good measure. "Oh my word, Eddie – you look simply lovely," she gushed.
I disbelievingly studied my raincoated reflection in the mirror. I couldn't believe that it was me, kitted out from head almost all the way down to my calves in clear, glistening PVC. I could see the overhead ceiling light bouncing off the clear, crackly PVC. It flared outward in an appealingly feminine way below my belt – I just loved the way its clear, rippling folds highlighted my slim legs. I've got a slim, almost girlish build and I couldn't help thinking how well it suited me. But perhaps best of all, my raincoat was surprisingly noisy, which of course, only added to its visceral appeal for me.
"Oh wow, it really suits you," Joanne breathed. "Honestly, I think you look fantastic."
I had to agree. It did look good on me. Why didn't more people wear raincoats like ours? I couldn't help voicing my thought out aloud and Joanne laughed.
"I could not agree more. Anyway, we've got each other and that's all that matters," she smiled.
"Yeah… absolutely."
"Eddie…" Joanne cooed as if addressing a baby, "could you help me do mine up?"
{[Glass clear raincoat and umbrella]} Joanne's long glass-clear slicker was very similar to mine save for the addition of a matching, wide-brimmed sou'wester with tie-tapes beneath. I hoped that she wouldn't notice the way my hands were shaking as I did up each button, sealing her inside a clear plastic cocoon.
"My belt now. Pull it tight," she ordered and I scrambled to obey. I could not help wishing that we didn't have to go out. All I could think about was taking Joanne then and there. I knew what she was wearing beneath her conservative pin-stripe business suit – after all I'd personally pulled Joanne's soft, elastic plastic panties up her legs before positioning them directly above her crotch.
"Oh God, I'm horny already," she sighed.
"Join the club," I replied looking at her with hopeful eyes.
"Later," she firmly replied. "If you behave yourself, I'll let you fuck me tonight – any way you like, as often as you like." Soothingly, "We'll wear our plastic pyjamas, the ones you like so much, then make love."
I inwardly sighed. Clever Joanne! She'd just secured my cooperation. I would have to wear my raincoat all the way into the City – whether I liked it or not. Joanne also knew that I would obey because I needed the sexual release that only she could provide me with so badly. Like a drug addict, I already needed another plastic hit. Dammit! I really was a slave to my dick.
"Now Eddie, listen to me." Joanne stood in front of me, her hands planted on each hip while her raincoat swayed and swished sympathetically in perfect synchronization with her movements. "I am aware that you're possibly not very keen on wearing your raincoat outside but if its good enough for me, it's also good enough for you too. Anyway… that means no fiddling with anything. You don't undo a single button or your hood if you feel hot - or even if it stops raining. Your raincoat stays on – period until I say you can take it off. Agree?"
I reluctantly nodded. Suddenly I was very unsure about everything again. Joanne was a stern taskmaster and I knew that I had no option but to go along with her. Of course I could always say no – she wouldn't force me – but I couldn't bear to see the disappointment in her eyes. She would be very upset and hurt if I backed out now. I knew how badly she wanted to share her raincoat thing with me. Besides, I also wanted to do this as well, despite my misgivings.
Joanne pulled me close before planting one arm around my waist and stroking the gleaming, transparent PVC hood covering my hair with her other hand. More softly, "I'm so happy that we can share this together." Joanne's eyes were shining and I felt a warm glow enter my heart while I held the very special girl I adored in my arms. "Imagine how much fun we'll have together."
"Yeah…" I smiled before tenderly kissing her full on the lips. The crackle of Joanne's clear raincoat was shockingly loud in the hallway while we embraced each other.
"Mmm…" Joanne shivered with pleasure before sticking her tongue in my mouth and sinuously wrapping it around mine in a kiss which left me weak-kneed and gasping for breath by the time she pulled away. "Oh… that was nice."
"My dearest darling… you're so beautiful – in every way," I smiled. I was totally smitten. I would have crawled over broken glass for Joanne.
"Do you know how handsome you are?" she replied. "Really, like I already said, your raincoat suits you."
"Thank you… You look wonderful." I couldn't resist: "So sexy too."
Joanne grinned before describing a slow circle with yet another intoxicating, spine-tingling crackle of PVC and happily preening in front of the mirror, tweaking her sou'wester in a totally unnecessary adjustment to what she imagined was a more rakish angle. "Anyway… shall we?"
{[The boardwalk alongside Manly Beach]} The last time I felt this self-conscious was during the first evening of dancing classes at school when I'd spent most of our lesson agonising over my appearance between stepping on my partner's toes. But the agony of that night paled into insignificance compared to our walk down the ocean Beach Boulevard. We were very much the centre of attention while we strolled hand in hand along the terracotta pavers. It was unbelievable. Despite the inclement conditions, we were the only ones appropriately dressed for the inclement weather. Although the teeming rain was nothing like as heavy as last night, it was still wet enough to require some level of weather protection – and for Joanne that meant - rainwear. Proper rainwear. As in raincoats. Including her matching clear plastic dome umbrella helping advertise our presence.
Always I'd enjoyed total anonymity during my morning walks to meet the ferry – even in my rainsuit (I'm not the type that girls look at twice – indeed many don't even notice me) but not today. Confident as ever, Joanne walked blithely ahead but I died a thousand deaths as we made our stately progress along the wide path. Even Manly's joggers who are usually too pre-occupied with their fitness regimes and pedometers to care much about anything else performed a double take as they passed us. The Tai Chi class I'd noticed earlier came to a grinding halt as we passed them. Although some people (who'd clearly seen it all before) barely noticed us, the majority of people simply stared or grinned in a manner which told me that they found us terribly amusing. The whistles which followed us scarcely helped either. I didn't know which was worse: the whistles or open laughter and occasional derisive catcalls from the immature young wet-suited waxheads and schoolkids clustering together like schooling fish in large, ragged packs. Many of them already appeared quite bedraggled from the constant rain tumbling downwards from the grey, brooding sky but it was clear that they would rather be wet than appear, well, wet!
Now I knew how most celebrities must feel whenever they left their barred and gated houses. It was not a good feeling being followed everywhere by dozens or hundreds of eyes – much less snide sniggers directed our way. Eventually, I began to adjust to the unwanted attention dogging us every foot of the way. Not everyone was unfriendly or rude though. Joanne stopped to pat a gorgeous white Shi Tzu, which came up sniffing around us. Its owner rewarded us with a lovely smile and a warm, "good morning!"
"Are you OK?" Joanne suddenly said. "You seem very distracted today."
I sighed before replying. We hadn't spoken much along the way, instead walking along in a companionable silence but the few times that she'd said something, I'd asked her to repeat what she'd said.
"You know," I carefully replied, "I feel very self-conscious. Everyone's… looking at us."
"Yeah," Joanne replied after an uncomfortable silence. "Just… ignore them. That's what I do. Fuck 'em. Who cares what they think?"
"Uh huh."
"Honestly, it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks," she patiently replied before stopping and smiling. "The most important thing is… that we've got each other now."
"Yes, that's very true," I smiled. Joanne had stopped, taking my hands in hers as she faced me. She was so beautiful! The world around us ceased to exist as I gazed into her lovely face crowned by that impossibly sexy sou'wester. If not for the rainwater collecting and pooling before trickling downwards in miniature rivulets from the shoulders of Joanne's rainwear, it would have been hard telling she was wearing anything other than her neat business suit. My cock was hard again from the overwhelming visual and physical stimulation that I was receiving. I could not get over the utterly delicious manner which my soft plastic panties were sensuously gripping my behind.
"Eddie… I think you look lovely," Joanne said in such a gentle voice that I was transported back to the days when my mother spoke to me like that. "Remember that this is for us, wearing plastic rainwear is something that gives both of us so much pleasure. It makes you feel good, it makes me feel so good too. A pox on everyone else and what they think!" she said with sudden venom before smiling warmly.
Unable to find the right words to say in reply, I simply nodded. Joanne could just about get away with wearing way-out-there rainwear like hers but my situation was somewhat different. Guys don't wear raincoats – period. Unless they were purely utilitarian garments like the overalls you see on fishing boats or drab Burberry-type coats so popular in the central business district. A motorbike courier in a yellow rainsuit and a red vest with reflective stripes roared past. Not that there was any law expressly forbidding rainwear such the gorgeous clear slicker I was wearing – rather, it was those unspoken rules learnt through observation which clearly delineated quite specific fashion boundaries for men. Now here I was breaking just about every convention – although Joanne didn't seem in the least worried – but then little seemed to faze her. If anything, her beautiful face radiated an inexpressible joy and I couldn't help smiling again. I was so lucky to have her. My chest was strangely tight while we held each other as if our lives remained upon staying glued together long as possible.
The wind was picking up again, swirling and eddying around us, and I could hear it picking up the flowing hemlines of our raincoats with a titillating rustling, crackling noise. I could hear a strange pitter-patter as well and I wondered what it was before realising that it was the rain striking the exposed hood of my raincoat.
"Why are you smiling?" asked Joanne.
"I like the way the rain sounds on our rainwear," I explained.
"Oh yes!" she exclaimed. "I love it so much as well. Are you enjoying our rainy day walk?"
"Mmm… yes, I am," I hesitantly admitted. I was enjoying myself, in a perverse kind of way. I'd always wanted to go outside like this with someone who shared the same pleasures that I did – but it was just that Joanne was so… extroverted and I was really finding it hard to cope with the attention. I felt as if everyone could see right through me, that they all knew my deepest, darkest secret. I knew that I wouldn't have gone along with this with anyone else but I'd unhesitatingly let Joanne make me wear something I would never normally wear outside by myself. Why I liked being dominated like this, I had no idea – perhaps it was that subconscious masochistic side of me pushing me into wearing such a less-than-manly, even humiliating article of apparel. Of course… I also had to admit that wearing my beautiful smooth, clear see-through raincoat made me feel so good inside, in a way I just couldn't articulate in words – sexual, emotional and visual – it was all of these things.
I was a confused camper, all right.
"Really, I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself," Joanne smiled before planting a kiss on my lips, which immediately drew several whistles. "Do you see anyone else enjoying this weather? I don't think so. Everyone really hates it when it rains. You should hear everyone at work complaining when it's wet." Thoughtfully, with a note of bewilderment in her voice, she said, "I can't understand it, why doesn't anyone want to go out when its raining, why not put on a raincoat and go out?"
"You sound like a cracked record," I mildly replied. "I remember hearing you say this last night."
"Yeah, yeah, I know!" Joanne replied with a trace of impatience. "What I'm trying to say is that we should be able to enjoy a wet day as much as when it's sunny. I think it's so beautiful outside when it's cold and wet. Just look at those clouds."
I began to feel as if we were going around in circles. "Yeah… that's what I've always thought as well."
"Anyway… please – just relax and enjoy yourself. Just ignore everyone else. You've got me," she smiled.

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Re: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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I nodded again. Joanne was right. Why was I worrying about what other people thought while I had her right by my side? Joanne was the sexiest sight that I'd ever seen. If I'd never met her before, I would have been unable to tear my eyes away from the woman in her sparkling, crystal clear PVC raincoat. I greedily ran my eyes upward to the brim of Joanne's sou'wester, then all the way downward, savouring every heavenly detail of her gleaming rainwear. "Yes, I've got you," I eventually agreed. "You're so beautiful, did you know that?"
"Me or my raincoat?" she teased.
"Both," I smiled. "I love your raincoat, I think you look so gorgeous and ohh… sexy! – but also like you very, very much as a person. I know that I haven't known you for long but… I've really enjoyed your company and um… I really hope we'll be together for a long time."
"Oh Eddie…" Joanne sighed. "How do you always know the right thing to say? You know my darling… I hope I don't scare you off but… I think I'm falling in love with you. You've made me so happy and I also hope that we'll be together forever."
"I never thought that I would meet someone like you," I wonderingly replied. "Then it happens when I least expect it and… well, it's just been the most wonderful thing ever. Every time I just look at you, my heart goes… well, you know what I mean?"
"That's how I feel too," Joanne quietly replied, unusually serious for once. She hugged me so hard that I thought my ribs would break before kissing me again. "Oh my word, we really should be getting on our way or we'll be late." She quickly kissed me again before smiling. "Remember what I said, OK?"
Entranced, I happily nodded. When Joanne smiled, her whole face it up like a lighthouse – her cheeks dimpled in the cutest manner that I'd ever seen, her deep brown eyes danced with pure joy while her flashing teeth blew me away. And her beautiful, sexy rainwear was simply the icing on the cake. Who cared about what anyone else thought? As long as we had each other, everything would be all right.
{[Glass clear raincoat and umbrella]} The bad weather wasn't keeping people away and the crowd began to swell as we approached the Manly Corso which is a long pedestrian mall bisecting the narrow peninsular stretch of land where this iconic Sydney suburb lives. Banned to all vehicular traffic, the popular Corso is home to dozens of shops, many excellent (if expensive) restaurants, ice-cream parlours and take-away joints. The Corso walk is unbelievably popular in summer when half of Sydney descends upon Manly. More importantly, this wide thoroughfare connects Manly Beach with the ferry terminal (and nearby aquarium) located within Sydney Harbour itself.
The rain was steadily increasing again, tumbling down from the dark clouds above – but again despite the fact that we were just about the only people appropriately dressed for the weather, the stares and comments followed us all the way down the Corso. Although I was still feeling terribly self-conscious and awkward, ignoring the stares was becoming easier now – all I had to do was focus on Joanne (which wasn't hard) and block out the extraneous 'noise'. Joanne was all sunshine and laughter, and she frequently had me in stitches with her stories and endless chatter.
With a suddenness which surprised me, the ferry terminal loomed up ahead and I swallowed before crossing the busy road. There was a constant, heavy stream of saturated commuters scurrying across the narrow road like so many worker ants. Plenty of umbrellas – they were an absolute menace, I thought as someone nearly jabbed me in the eye while we were waiting for the lights to change. But again no raincoats although I saw a yellow school slicker here and there but their owners were all young. A cyclist was padlocking his bike to the rail and he was wearing an olive green PVC jacket and pants. No one was paying him the slightest attention. There were hundreds of schoolkids – the majority of whom I knew would be attending the exclusive private schools of Sydney's North Shore. Most of them were wearing their school-issue nylon windbreakers also serving as rainwear – but an amazing number hadn't bothered with either umbrellas or raincoats. I could see them staring and giggling, and I quickly turned away before facing Joanne. The lights changed and we were swept across the road.
"Leave your hood up!" Joanne hissed as we entered the spacious terminal, its high roof providing the first real shelter since leaving her apartment. "We'll be on the boat in a few minutes so why bother?"
I inwardly sighed as we strolled past various fast food outlets. I felt more like a freak than ever but Joanne again didn't seem to notice or care, instead firmly pulling me along in her wake. The ferry was already in and I could see everyone impatiently surging forward as if this would somehow speed up their departure. "I hope we get a seat up front," Joanne muttered as we joined the queue. We were a long way from the gate and I knew it would not be long before the ferry filled up.
"I don't think we'll have to worry about that," I replied in a low voice. What if… God forbid, they closed the gates and we had to wait for another boat? At the moment everyone was more concerned about boarding than checking out the winter fashion show. "Look at the rain out there."
Joanne nodded before gripping my arm more tightly so we wouldn't get pulled apart. It was a very nice feeling and I happily studied her beautiful, glistening rainwear. What little water remained was rapidly slipping downward, leaving the glass clear PVC virtually as smooth and unblemished as ever. If only she knew how much her touch was affecting me… She glanced sideways as a mischievous grin spread across her face. So she knew.
A disappointed hum suddenly rose from the crowd and we glanced upward. The sailors were pulling the gate closed. The ferry was full. My heart sank as I realised that we would be subject to the scrutiny of our fellow passengers for as long as it took for the next ferry to pull in and disgorge its load of passengers. I reached upward to pull my hood down – perhaps I would not be as noticeable with it down. Joanne was quick to veto me, slapping my hand away. "What did I say before? I said no!"
I bit back the quick retort I could feel forming on my lips, instead breathing inward deeply before calmly replying. "But… there's no need to leave it up – we won't get wet here and it'll be 10 or 15 minutes before we board the next ferry."
Joanne visibly tried to control her irritation. "What is a raincoat for, remember? We'll be sitting outside soon enough. Besides… if you're going to wear a raincoat, then it should be worn properly – that means buttoned up to the neck and the hood tied around your head. Leave it up, you hear?"
She was nuts. Not for the first time, I wondered what I'd gotten myself into. Joanne's rainwear obsession obviously went much deeper than I'd realised. It was truly disquieting. On the other hand… I knew that I would never receive another opportunity. Jo was a girl in a thousand, probably something more like a million. I could spend the rest of my life looking and never find someone who loved plastic rainwear as much as her. Last night was still vivid in my mind – I knew that I would never forget what had happened. My plastic panties also served as an emphatic reminder what I'd discovered with Joanne. No one else would be enjoying foreplay almost 24 hours a day, as we were. I was already as randy as a goat on heat and I wondered if it would be affecting her the same way as well.
The natives were getting restless and I uneasily shifted position. I was acutely aware how much we stood out from our fellow commuters. The majority of our grumbling companions were already settling down to various pursuits all designed to while away the time – thank God for the digital revolution! Just about everyone was glued to their iPods, mobile phones, GameBoys or other electronic toys stirred their imaginations. That favourite old standby of commuters worldwide, newspapers were also popular especially this time of year when everyone wanted to read about, and dissect the latest rugby or football results. It was already uncomfortably warm inside the sheltered terminal and I could see my rainwear misting up from the inside with condensation but I knew it was not entirely due to the cramped conditions. My body always heats up whenever I feel embarrassed and/or nervous. Joanne looked happy enough though, casually glancing around as if nothing was out of the ordinary. My dick was hard again as I studied her thick, transparent rainwear. I could not get enough of the way that the clear, smooth PVC looked and felt.
We hadn't gone totally unnoticed of course, but most simply looked surprised before turning away to more interesting pursuits like the daily crossword or beating their high score on the electronic game of choice. A small, but noisy group of students was standing nearby and I shrank away as someone noticed us before grinning and nudging his mates. I wanted to die as they all stared before laughing nastily. "Hey, what's with your raincoats?" one short but tough-looking guy called out. "Afraid you'll drown or something?"
"Huh?" Startled, Joanne looked around.
"You're so spaz," he sneered. "Retards."
"Shut the fuck up," Joanne retorted before stepping forward. "I don't give a flying fuck what fuckwits like you think. Now fuck off before I really lose my temper." She delivered everything with a quiet calm, venom. The incredible thing is that she was actually smiling.
"Who s-says?" His earlier bravado was fraying around the edges.
"I do," Joanne icily replied, displaying a bunched fist for him to see. "Want to know the best thing about being a girl? I'm allowed to punch the fuck out of ya but you're not allowed to hit back."
Fear had replaced his cruel, sneering grin and I badly wanted to smile as he stepped backwards, tripping over his bag and awkwardly stumbling before shooting a final, malevolent glare in our direction.
"People like those, they're cowards," she scornfully said in a low voice as our tormentors pretended to find the scenery outside of great interest.
I was shocked. I'd never seen this side of Joanne before. She clearly knew how to look after herself.
"I'm really surprised," Joanne eventually remarked after a short silence. "I've never had trouble like this before."
I knew why, I thought but I did not want to antagonise Jo so I kept my counsel. It was just terribly disappointing though. I could not understand how – or why some people could be this intolerant. It was actually quite frightening being treated like this just because I was wearing a raincoat, for God's sake! I really wanted to take it off but I knew that Joanne wouldn't let me so I didn't say anything, instead avoiding the curious stares of our fellow commuters. At long last, after another interminable five or so minutes, the next ferry (the good old Queenscliff again, seemingly none the worse for wear after last night) finally showed up and we all boarded without any trouble. As usual, we had to run the usual gauntlet of stares and giggles on the second deck before making it past the doors leading to the open seating area up front.
Unlike last night, we weren't alone though. Although it was sparsely populated, most of the passengers were schoolkids – who couldn't wait to light up in defiance of all authority (smoking is not allowed aboard ship) and I could hear them jeering as we sat up front in the pouring rain. It was a silvery, misty curtain, blotting out most of the inlet and the Harbour beyond. Thankfully, the howling gale of last night had all but vanished. It was now virtually as calm as it'd been rough last night. Our seats were soaking wet but our raincoats were long enough for us to sit on without any discomfort. Joanne immediately wrapped her arms around me, immediately drawing a couple of shrill whistles but she ignored them. Her eyes were shining as she said, "I'm so glad that I can share my life with you now."
"Me too," I smiled. I was feeling better now. At least we could enjoy some semblance of privacy here.
"I'm horny again," Joanne sighed. "I wish you could fuck me now."
"Yeah, plastic kinda has that effect on me too," I dryly observed, thinking about the smooth plastic panties caressing my bottom and tingling privates.
"I don't know how I managed without you before," she whispered, lovingly caressing the clear PVC sleeve of my raincoat. "I love plastic so much but… you know, last night was the first time I've done it with anyone in plastic… It was just sooo nice!"
"It was so beautiful," I said with some feeling. "Um… honestly, it was the best night of my life. I'll never forget it."
"You know what?" Joanne smiled, as she played with the top button of my rainwear, "There's going to be lots more nights like last night."
The ferry was finally pulling out and I glanced around as a couple of newcomers took up places opposite us but I hardly noticed their shiny rubber Dunlop slickers as I replied, "Oh yess… I really hope so."
"Hope you haven't got any plans for tonight, because I want you again," she giggled. "I'm not going to take 'no' for an answer."
I pretended to think. "Let me see… Wait while I consult my diary for today."
"Hey!" Joanne laughed. "I think I'll just kidnap you instead."
"I wouldn't mind that," I smiled. "My darling, the only plans I've got for tonight, tomorrow and the one after all involve you."
"That's much better," she breathed before hugging me hard again. "I'm never going to let you go."
I squirmed uncomfortably. Joanne wasn't just kidding; she really meant what she said. Her expectant face was alive with happiness and I felt something squeeze my heart again. "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere," I smiled.
"You'd better not!" Fiercely, "I don't know what I would do if I lost you now!"
"We've only just met," I gently reassured Joanne who was trembling in my arms. Oh my. She was really gone on me, and it was a new feeling. "My dearest darling," I murmured, stroking the cool, smooth rain-splattered PVC of her sou'wester, "like I said I'm so glad that I've met you and honestly, you're the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with."
"Really? You mean that?" Joanne beamed.
Slightly bemused, I mutely nodded. I still couldn't believe that this lovely girl who could probably have anyone she liked actually wanted to be with me. It was a heady sensation. Of course, I told myself, it was only because I liked plastic as well and I swallowed before biting my lip. I couldn't help feeling that maybe this plastic thing was more important to her than me – I was only a convenient means to an end. No, of course not! I told myself as her lips found mine for a quick, urgent kiss. She really likes me!
The ferry was beginning to roll now and we instinctively glanced sideways. We were crossing the open stretch of water between Sydney Harbour Heads. The massive swell had abated considerably but it was still rough enough to send our youthful companions packing amidst a chorus of shrill screams as a sheet of spray lazily floated upwards before blurring past in a stinging shower of icy-cold seawater. Joanne grinned. "They wouldn't have to worry if they were wearing raincoats like us."
"It's so much fun when we can wear our raincoats outside like this," I mused. "Especially when it's raining like this."
"Oh, absolutely," Joanne happily agreed. "That's what they're for."
I glanced upwards. The sky was that peculiar, uniform shade of grey which told me that the rain would not stop any time soon. The wind had almost totally dropped and the heaving dark waters of the Harbour were pockmarked with countless implosions as each raindrop spent themselves in the same element that they'd been born in. "I think we'll definitely need our rainwear today."
Joanne smiled. "I think so too. I checked the weather forecast yesterday afternoon – they reckon it's going to rain for a while."
"Yeah," Joanne giggled. "I'm always so happy when it rains."
"What if it's not raining?"
"Yeah," Joanne sighed. "I hate it when it's hot and sunny and I can't wear my raincoat."
"I know how you feel," I sympathised.
"But…" Joanne continued, "I always wear something plastic even if its only my panties underneath my shorts."
I smiled again, imagining Joanne going out in the sub-tropical heat of Sydney like that. In summer, the humidity soars to unbelievable heights. Although it was late autumn, it was still warm enough that most people wore as little as possible – like today. I could feel sweat trickling down the hood of my rainwear but I dared not loosen it.
"Of course," Joanne added, with utmost seriousness, "I always carry a raincoat with me – just in case, unless its obvious that there is no way it's going to rain."
"Mmm, I see."
"But if it looks like it might rain, I always put it on," she said. "Without fail."
"Oh." I didn't know what to say.
Joanne's eyes bored into mine. "Unlike some people I know, that also means doing everything up properly – buttoned up to the neck and hood done up tight. Otherwise, what's the point of wearing my raincoat?"
"Yeah…" The nagging knowledge that there was a razor thin line between hobby and obsession, eccentricity versus madness wouldn't go away. We were swinging around in a big circle now and the nauseating corkscrewing, rolling motion had vanished at last. The Sydney Harbour Bridge squatted directly ahead of the bluff bows of our ferry like a giant coathanger but it was heavily shrouded in mist and rain. I pitied the climbers who'd shelled out a couple of hundred bucks – each, for the dawn climb. They would not have seen much and I mentioned the point to Joanne who grinned.
"Wouldn't that be good fun? I've always wanted to do that, especially when it's really wet, then we could wear our raincoats up there."
"Yeah." Everything seemed to revolve around rainwear. Much later I would remember Joanne's comment.
"Are you OK?"
"Yeah… Sorry," I hastily dissembled. "I was just enjoying the view. Sydney looks so different when it's wet."
"I'll say," Joanne smiled. "It's got this sort of surreal beauty."
"Wish I could paint this," I sighed. "But I'm hopeless at drawing, much less painting."
"Have you noticed that no one ever takes pictures of Sydney when it's wet?" Joanne mused. "Every time the weather's good, I see a million shutterbugs out here."
I laughed. "Well, Sydney kinda lends itself to that picture-perfect postcard image of blue skies and… you get the idea."
"Yeah. Well, I'm not complaining!" Joanne laughed.
Eventually we lapsed into a companionable silence as the immense Harbour Bridge loomed above us. It totally dominated everything, even the city on our left. Despite my lingering doubts, I was glad that I'd met Jo. Whatever happened between us from now on, my life would never be the same again. I was not, however, looking forwards to disembarking. Joanne and I would be forced to go our separate ways – and I would be left on my own. It was still raining heavily and I knew that I would be forced to leave my rainwear on – otherwise I would be soaked. Besides… Joanne would make sure of that!
As if reading my thoughts, Joanne said, "We'll have to say goodbye soon."
"Yeah," I sighed. I wasn't looking forwards to being apart for more reasons than one. "I'm going to miss you!"
"Me too," she sighed. "It's gonna be a long day. Anyway… what time do you want to meet after work?"
I checked my watch. "The earliest I could make it is five-thirty. Better make it six to be on the safe side."
She nodded. "Sounds good to me too. Then… we'll go straight home." Suddenly all giggles again, "I want to fuck your brains out."
"Please… I'll never be able to concentrate at work now."
"That's the general idea," she teased. "Give you something to think about, huh?"
The ferry was nosing into its berth now and I swallowed. The moment of truth was near now. "Now, Eddie…" Joanne sternly said, "I want you to leave your raincoat on until you arrive at work – no if's, buts or maybes. Understand?"
I hesitantly nodded. I wasn't happy about this but… strangely enough, I was more excited than ever.
"And don't even think about taking it off or anything. I wish I could join you but I can't," she sighed. "I will ask you if you wore your raincoat when I see you again. Don't think about lying to me either because I will know."
I'm not a good liar. My face always betrays me whenever I told a porkie. Jo had me over a barrel. I would just have to wear everything all the way to work.
With a tortured screech of metal, the Queensliff thumped the jetty once or twice before gliding to a standstill as the engines far astern were reversed. "Come on, let's go," Joanne impatiently said. "I'm already running late."
I felt even more self-conscious than ever as we quickly strode across the Cahill Expressway and the bus stops opposite Circular Quay. I imagined that everyone was staring and I gripped Joanne's arm more tightly as she unerringly navigated the swirling, polyglot masses of humanity – businessmen, secretaries, fast-food employees, bleary-eyed diehard clubbers, schoolchildren, backpackers and those tourists brave or desperate enough to make it outdoors today. A group of Japanese tourists stared and one pretty girl actually took a photo of us.
"Is your work far?" Joanne brightly asked as we reached the safety of the other side. A wide pedestrian concourse separated a group of shops from the Cahill Expressway.
"Not really," I quickly replied before wishing I hadn't.
"Oh good, you can walk then," she smiled. "Perfect day for it."
"Yeah," I muttered. "At least I won't have to worry about getting wet will I?" Water was streaming down our rainwear but despite the extended level of protection that we were enjoying, I couldn't help noticing more than a few smiles or giggles.
"No you won't," Joanne firmly replied before smiling. "Do remember what I said, won't you?"
I nodded again, wishing that there was some way I could delay the inevitable. If only she hadn't picked out something so… outlandish.
"Good boy," she happily chirped. "Oh my darling, I'm so glad that I met you!" Joanne flung her arms around me, hugging me with all her strength. "You've made me so happy, you know that, my darling?" she said in a softer voice. "I just can't wait to see you again," she sniffed. "T- Take care w-won't you?" The moisture dribbling down her cheek wasn't rain, I noted.
"I will," I awkwardly replied. "Don't worry, I'll be good." My cock was hard again as Joanne lovingly caressed the smooth, clear PVC of the hood tied around my face. "Please take care too, OK? I'll see you again after work."
"Yep, see you then. I'll miss you so much, you know! Anyway… um… I'd better say bye now." Joanne crushed her lips against mine with a wild, tempestuous display of raw emotion before reluctantly withdrawing. "S- see you later today." Her eyes were glittering with tears. "Eddie… I… I love you very much. Um… anyway… Byeeee…"
"Byee… just for now," I breathed holding the most special girl I'd ever met in my arms. Had I heard what she'd just said correctly? "My dearest darling, I haven't known you for long but I love you too," I softly replied before gently returning her kiss. "Please take care and see you later."
"Yep, see you later," Joanne sighed before breaking her embrace, turning and striding up George Street without a backward glance.

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Re: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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Good Thing, part 3 - free fetish story
I'd never felt as alone – or conspicuous as I stared after Joanne before she vanished in the crowd. There I was in my sparkling, crystal clear rainwear without Joanne to help deflect attention away from me. Everyone was staring, I could just see their curious, pitying gazes out of the corner of my eyes as I slowly trudged uphill. The Central Business District (or 'CBD" for short) is hilly and my progress was slow as I carefully meandered my way upwards between dodging scurrying commuters, early-morning shoppers, and endless smoking, belching lines of traffic. I normally like checking out everyone – especially all the pretty girls (and there's plenty around here!) along my way to work but today I carefully kept my eyes averted so I couldn't see their reaction. I didn't dare lower the hood, despite the shelter of the buildings hugging the footpath – Joanne would quiz me later for sure. An unruly group of construction workers actually whistled as I passed the hole they were digging but I studiously ignored them as best as I could.
Eventually, I found myself becoming inured to the constant stares as I neared my work. I had plenty to think about too – especially my new relationship with the most incredible girl I'd ever met. Incredibly, I was even enjoying myself. It was so nice wearing such a beautiful raincoat which actually kept me dry. The combination of my soft, elastic plastic panties and the deliciously cool, smooth clear PVC were providing unparalleled stimulation. The crotch of my panties was slick with my arousal as I finally reached my destination. Perhaps Jo was onto something after all. How I was going to last the day though, I had no idea.
Another problem now presented itself – how to slip inside undetected. Fortunately, I work for a small form and our offices are located on the top floor of an unassuming old five level building constructed sometime during the late fifties. We're one of eight firms sharing the building and we occupy the entire level up top. There's a small clockroom hidden on the first level that everyone uses – all I had to do was drop off my dripping rainwear and hope no one would investigate its ownership – unlikely though. We all keep pretty much to ourselves here, apart from the usual nods or 'hello's' as we encounter each other in the lift. I was several minutes late (not that anyone would care or notice – we're pretty flexible around here. As long as the work gets done, nobody cares about strict punctuality) so I was unworried about running into someone – and it was too early for a "smoko" break. I inwardly sighed as I surveyed the building – I felt ridiculous planning how to sneak inside when all I had to do was stroll through the door as if nothing was out of the ordinary…
The Greek bloke running the paper stall opposite grinned and waved a cheerful greeting and I flushed hotly before hesitantly returning his wave. Incredibly, he didn't seem to notice or care about what I was wearing. It was raining harder than ever and no one noticed me as I dashed across the rain-slick tarmac with my head bent as if dodging the deluge. Somehow I made it up the stairs (there was no way I was using the lift!) before making it into the cloakroom unseen and hurriedly hanging up everything. A damp earthy smell filled the room and I grinned as I ruefully surveyed my colleagues' saturated Burberry or Drizabone coats. That was one good thing about plastic or PVC – it just shed water like the proverbial. Joanne would laugh when I told her. I smiled. I knew what she would say.
The day dragged on forever. Normally conscientious as the day is long, I even managed to earn a reprimand by my surprised boss for making several mistakes with a couple of important contracts we were working on. All I could think about was Joanne – and the incredible night that I'd just spent with her.
"Maybe he's in love," the office wit said and everyone laughed. It's a well-known fact that I'm not Brad Pitt. In fact, a couple of ladies here are always trying to match me up with their friends but I'd never discovered the spark intended to ignite the flames of passion - until now and I idly wondered what my friends would say if they knew about Joanne and our peculiar passion which had drawn us together.
Joanne… Dearest darling Jo… Her name was a mantra, which I endlessly repeated over and over between vainly trying to concentrate on my work. I'm lucky enough (by virtue of seniority) to enjoy a window seat and every time I glanced outside, it appeared to be raining harder than ever. Even the pigeons roosting on the wide windowsill of another similar building feet away from ours were moodily sheltering from the downpour between constantly crapping on the stained brickwork.
I didn't make it outside for lunch. Although I was starving (sex definitely stimulated the appetite, I thought), going without was preferable to being forced to don my rainwear and fielding any number of awkward questions from my colleagues, or God forbid, my boss. The last thing that I wanted anyone to know about was my rainwear fetish, much less a girl called Joanne. I normally keep everything hidden inside by bag, changing into my rainsuit only in a nearby public toilet. In fact, I would have hidden my clear slicker inside my bag as well but it was too bulky to fit inside with everything else.
Hopefully it would clear. I didn't want to wear my clear plastic raincoat all the way down to Circular Quay. Friday is a busy night when half of Sydney routinely slips into weekend party mode – regardless of weather. Incredibly, I received my wish. As five rolled around, the dark, sullen clouds obediently responded to my secret imprecations. The rain slowed to a drizzle before halting altogether. It was only a reprieve but it would be enough. Joanne could hardly take me to task for not wearing my raincoat for the very good reason that it wasn't raining.
No one would question why I wanted to leave early – no one ever worked back on Friday. Hurriedly, I took leave of my bemused (and curious) colleagues before dashing downstairs, scooping up my rainwear and leaving with undignified haste. Although I still felt conspicuous carrying such an unusual garment on my arm, it was much better than being forced to parade down Pitt Street like a performing seal. If anyone noticed my rainwear, they would (hopefully) assume I was carrying it for my girlfriend. As a matter of fact, I did draw a few curious glances but otherwise I made it down to Circular Quay – where Joanne was already waiting for me. As usual, she was also wearing her clear PVC slicker – with everything cinched tight and buttoned up to the collar.
Her expectant, happy face fell as soon as she saw me. "Why aren't you wearing your raincoat?" were her first words.
"Because it's not raining," I defensively replied. "I didn't think it was necessary."
"Oh Eddie…" Joanne sighed. I'm really disappointed in you." She looked like she was about to cry and I inwardly sighed. "You know, I thought… I really thought…"
"Joanne… please!" I exclaimed, overwhelmed and upset with her response. I'd been looking forwards to an emotional reunion, with lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses – not this! "I do love wearing plastic, you know that but… but…" I didn't know what to say. How could I explain that I was too embarrassed to wear it outside in public like this? "Um… I just didn't realise."
"I feel really hurt," she sighed before glancing upward. It was already darkening, the pregnant clouds bellying downward with renewed energy. "I thought you really liked wearing raincoats as much as me."
"Sorry…" I sighed. "I… I'm just new to the whole thing and I… um… I still don't know your rules yet."
"I already told you!" she fiercely replied. "If it even looks like raining, you put your raincoat on without fail."
Thoroughly upset and confused, I repeated, "Sorry, Joanne, I just didn't know. You know that I wouldn't do this on purpose."
"I suppose so," she sighed before rewarding me with a thin smile. "I'll let you off this time but if it happens again, you're in deep shit. Now put your raincoat on!"
I knew better than to argue. Silently, I unfolded its glassy clear folds before reluctantly slipping it on.
"Here," Joanne motioned me over in front of her before personally doing up each button. I could felt my face reddening as several passerbys stared and chuckled before moving on but I didn't dare say anything while she continued lacing me into my rainwear, pulling the belt savagely tight. "If you don't like it, just let me know but you'll never see me again, ok?"
I miserably nodded, stunned with the rapid change that had come over her. How could Joanne get so excited because I didn't wear my raincoat simply because it wasn't raining? Didn't she even understand how hard it was for me wearing something like this outside? I closed my eyes before inhaling deeply and slowly exhaling. "I do like it!" I expostulated. "Didn't I prove that enough already last night?"
"Maybe not enough," she coldly replied, yanking my hood up before tying it viciously tight with a series of knots so that it would never work its way free. "There! That's much better now," she exclaimed before critically studying me.
"Joanne… why are you like this!" I pleaded. "You know I love you. I was really looking forward to seeing you again. Why are you behaving like this?"
"Oh Eddie, I'm so sorry," Joanne moaned before hugging me hard. "I… I was really looking forwards to seeing you wearing my raincoat and I guess I got a bit excited… Sorry… I didn't mean to hurt you."
"It's OK…" I sighed. This wasn't good. I couldn't believe how pushy my new girlfriend could be. "I understand how you feel. I'm sorry too."
"It's OK…" Joanne unwittingly mimicked me as she replied, "I do understand how you feel as well. Anyway… I'm so happy to see you again. You've got no idea how much I missed you, my darling."
"I missed you too – very much," I slowly replied. "I couldn't help thinking about you all day long. I think they already suspect though."
"That I've met someone."
Joanne laughed before delightedly hugging me again. "Same here. I think they knew as soon as I walked through the door. They're all going, "'Who have you met? Is he handsome?', blah blah."
"I hope you told them that I'm an absolute dreamboat."
"Actually I didn't say anything – I left them guessing. Everyone wanted me to go out with them after work but I said that I… um… had to go out."
"So now you've probably all but confirmed you're seeing someone, I guess."
"Probably – but that's their problem," Joanne smiled before delightedly laughing. "Yayyy! It's Friday now and we've got the whole weekend to ourselves. Whatever are we going to do with all that time?"
"Make love?" I happily suggested. I was already feeling much better now. Joanne was back to her normal self, as if nothing had happened.
"Mmm…" Joanne pretended to think. "I think that is an excellent suggestion, Mr. Edward. I second the motion."
"So moved," I smiled, taking Joanne's arm. The clear PVC was very smooth to the touch and I instantly felt my penis swell again. "It's unanimous then. I just can't wait to fuck your brains out, my darling."
"Oh, stop it, Eddie!" said Joanne, giggling so hard that her whole body shook. "You're making me so horny already."
"Well, shall we?" I replied. "The sooner we're off, the sooner you'll be out of your misery."
"Shall we?"
"Ohhh God, Jo…. I don't know how you do it," I groaned after spending myself inside her for the fourth or fifth time since arriving home. We'd tumbled into bed straight after arriving home, stopping only to change into our soft plastic playsuits – where we'd stayed since. The soft, sticky plastic clung to our sweaty bodies like a second skin as we held each other in the warm afterglow of making love.
"I wonder if plastic has anything to do with it?" Joanne said with mock seriousness.
"That is entirely possible."
"Mmm…" Joanne happily murmured before kissing me with a sweet, gentle tenderness totally contrasting with that of the wildcat who'd done her best to carry out my wishes. "Thank you for… everything my darling." She gazed into my face with huge, liquid eyes. "I love you very much, I will always love you, my darling."
"I love you too, Joanne," I softly replied, gently caressing and squeezing her plastic posterior. I knew Joanne loved it when I fondled her bottom this way. I was glad we were back in the privacy of her home. It hadn't been an easy evening. The rain had obstinately held off during the ferry ride home, but Joanne had stubbornly refused to countenance taking off our embarrassing rainwear, much to the barely concealed amusement of our fellow travellers. She'd simply said, 'But it might rain any moment.'
Joanne was quickly proved right after all. Infuriatingly, the rain began tumbling down again as we left the terminal, sending everyone scurrying for cover. We'd enjoyed a light Chinese take-away for dinner – but again, Joanne was adamant that I leave my rainwear on (she'd allowed me to leave my hood down but that was all) in that busy shop while we waited for them to cook our meal. I was very relieved when we finally left. Eating outside in our rainwear in the constant, teeming drizzly rain on the steps overlooking Manly Beach was a unique experience though – and one that I'd thoroughly enjoyed. I was not sorry to be home though. Hopefully we wouldn't be going anywhere this weekend.
"Sleepy now?" Joanne asked.
"Yeah… I am," I murmured. "Want to sleep now?" I was looking forwards to lying in Joanne's arms again, like last night. I'd slept like a baby deep within her comforting, loving embrace.
"You want me to hold you?" Joanne grinned.
I enthusiastically nodded. Yes please.
"Sorry, no can do," Joanne chuckled. "I'm going to punish you."
"Punish me? What for?" I couldn't imagine how Jo could possibly discipline me in any way.
"Remember? For not wearing your raincoat earlier. So I'm going to give you the full plastic enclosure treatment tonight." Soothingly, "You'll love it."
"Wait. I'll be back." Chuckling," she climbed off our bed before adding, "Oh by the way, take off your plastic bodysuit. You won't need it."
"What?" I had no idea what Jo was talking about. Punish me? How?
After a seeming eternity (actually probably only a couple of minutes), Joanne returned with a shiny black rainsuit – and a vacuum cleaner.
"What the…"
"You'll find out," Joanne giggled, unfolding the strange looking suit. It was like no other that I'd seen. "Now… you know what this is?"
I shook my head. The curious contraption was shaped somewhat like a sleeping bag but that was as much as I could tell.
"It's a bondage bag. A bondage vacuum bag, to be exact." Joanne's delighted laughter echoed around her quiet bedroom as she pointed out its features. "See, it's got no arms. No legs either. Once you're inside, I guarantee that you won't be going anywhere. I zip you up then…" Pointing to a nozzle not unlike that of a bicycle tire she remorselessly continued, "I attach that to the vacuum cleaner then presto! You're sealed up inside like a sandwich. End of story." She leant downward before unzipping the side. "Ok, come on, get in now."
"Do I really have to sleep in that overnight?"
"Yep." Joanne's expression told me that I couldn't expect any mercy. Her voice softened. "If you really can't handle it, I'll let you out but… don't even dream about crying 'wolf', understand? Or I'll put you straight back inside and you'll stay there until Monday morning."
I couldn't believe this was happening. Of course I could have refused outright but to do so would have been to invite Joanne's wrath and possible expulsion. I had no option but to go along. What the hell. It might even be fun. My heart was pounding away like a bass drum as I approached the strange bag. It didn't even have any eyeholes. Another tube protruded outwards where… the mouth should've been. Oh my God.
"Yes, little boys should be seen and not heard," Joanne giggled. "Now in you get."
My penis had shrunk almost to nothingness as I climbed inside the surprisingly tight-fitting, snug bag.
"Good boy." Joanne was all smiles as she directed me to lie on my back, arms positioned by my side. "Ok good night now, my darling. Sleep tight and… sweet dreams." She leant downward before kissing me. "Oh and just one last thing…"
"I love you very much." Another infinitely tender kiss.
I smiled. "I love you too."
"See you tomorrow morning." With that, Joanne peremptorily pushed me under before gently guiding my head upward until I found the breathing tube. It came with a strange flange, which I guessed was intended to prevent anything slipping out and asphyxiating me. How thoughtful. However, I didn't have time to dwell upon the creativity placed into my restraints as I carefully inserted everything inside my mouth. Cool, fresh air immediately flowed down my throat and I began to relax. At least I wouldn't have to worry about breathing.
Joanne's voice was suddenly very far away. "You're OK? Comfortable? … Good! OK, I'm going to do you up now." Which she did, with a loud zippppp noise, which told me that I was now very much her prisoner. I still had plenty of movement but I couldn't see – or hear. The pliable soft plastic was surprisingly thick. An agonising, interminable pause followed before I felt, rather than heard Joanne fiddling around with the side nozzle – judging from the movement of her hands, she was screwing everything in place just like a car or bike tyre. A couple or so seconds later, she patted me on the stomach before flicking the switch. With a stunning rapidity, my bag shrank with a faint hissing noise, leaving me tightly bound and completely helpless. I could not see, hear or move. I was trapped until Jo decided to let me out. The suction was absolutely incredible. I could not even move my arms, so tightly the thick clinging plastic gripped my body. The smooth plastic felt… like nothing else as it moulded itself to my body. It was a wonderful sensation being caressed by plastic from head to toe and I felt my cock swell with equal rapidity as I happily squirmed from one side to another. This was no punishment at all. Joanne must have guessed that I was not exactly in distress as her hand glided over my excited, swollen member.
This bondage thing, or whatever it was called, was fun as well. There was something about being rendered totally helpless, which I also found terribly exciting, a sensation which dramatically doubled as Joanne began placing straps around my body and pulling each one very, very tight. Ankles, knees, thighs, waist… She was really playing for keeps!
Eventually after another long hiatus, I again felt, rather than noticed Joanne climb into bed with me. Something was drawn over me – probably the thick plastic covered doona we'd slept under last night and I shivered with pleasure as Joanne snuggled up against me before draping one loving arm over my chest.
I was so excited that I couldn't sleep as I savoured each incredible sensation that my plastic prison provided – the way that the clingy, increasingly sweaty plastic felt against my bare, tingling skin coupled with my tight, restrictive bonds. I couldn't move at all! I should have been scared with being so thoroughly restrained and silenced with the unique hood acting as a gag and blindfold. Instead, the strangest sense of wellbeing and security began stealing over me as I relaxed in my plastic cocoon. In many ways, it was incredibly liberating being rendered utterly helpless like this. The worry and stress of the last weeks and long, lonely months began to fade away as I settled down for the night.
Even my earlier humiliation in the Chinese shop had retreated to the furthest recesses of my brain while I thought about the wonderful girl who somehow managed to dream up new and inventive ways of taking me to Heaven every night. Joanne was the best girl I'd ever met and I felt my heart ache with love and longing for the girl lying by my side. I wanted her again but I would have to wait until she untied me. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep.
My shiny yellow raincoat reflected the bright rays of the sun as I strode down the beach… The hood clung to my hair like glue but I couldn't remove it. Everyone was laughing at me. Humiliated and upset, I hung my head as I trudged down the wet sand. I had no way of taking off my horribly bright rainwear… My skin was a sweaty mess and I groaned again as Joanne took my penis in her mouth… I was boiling now but she did not seem to care…
With a shocking suddenness, I woke. I blearily shook my head before trying to force my eyes open but a great weight held them closed. I instinctively tried to raise my arm but it was trapped. Surprised and disorientated, I lashed out before realising that I couldn't move – I was encased like a mummy inside this strange, unyielding plastic cocoon. Was I still dreaming? My night had been populated by increasingly strange and disconcerting dreams – a virtual parallel universe where every known law had been tossed on its head… Slowly my brain cleared. Oh my God… Joanne… MY plastic bondage bag… I squeezed my eyes shut before exhaling and inhaling. I was so horny that it hurt. Where was Jo anyway?
She wasn't there any longer and almost immediately my mind imagined the worst. She'd abandoned me to die a horrible, lonely death inside this awful bag. I just couldn't move! I was about ready to panic when Joanne finally returned.
"Good morning!" Joanne's bright, happy face was the first thing I saw as she peeled the sticky, sweaty plastic away. As usual, her face was circled by a gleaming, rippling dome of plastic, pulled tight so that only her skin was visible. It was about the sexiest sight that I'd ever seen and I couldn't help groaning as my aching dick instantly swelled up like a balloon. "How are you today? Sleep well?"
"Yeah… I'm fine," I mumbled. "And good morning to you my darling. You look as beautiful as ever."
"Thank you…" Joanne happily gurgled. "Ready to service me now, big boy? I want you. I want you to fuck my brains out."
Was I ever! I eagerly scrambled out of the bed.
"Put this on…" Joanne held out my rainsuit.
A nicer way to begin a new day I just could not imagine. Our lovemaking just seemed to get better every time – perhaps because we were becoming more attuned to each other's needs? She'd certainly appreciated it when I'd gone down on her – and how she'd responded! I'd thought that the only time anyone swallowed was during porn flicks.
Breakfast was equally unforgettable, made all the memorable by the double layers of deliciously sticky, clinging plastic rainwear we were wearing. Joanne wasn't just a pretty face. She also really knew how to cook and I hadn't had any trouble eating everything placed before me. Grilled bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms – all prepared on the barbie outside. Yummy! Watching Joanne slaving away over the grill was as much fun eating – with Jo clad from head to toe in shiny, translucent plastic – and a matching clear PVC apron protecting her rainwear from the sizzling crackling bacon and eggs. I glanced outside while Joanne greedily polished off the last couple of eggs on her plate. Jo ate the same way that she made love – with a great deal of vigour. It was still raining outside. The rain was not heavy but it was persistent enough to ensure that anyone foolish enough to venture outside without protection would quickly receive a good soaking. The cloud cover seemed a little lighter – maybe it might clear later? The weather forecast wasn't as optimistic though. The radio announcer actually sounded apologetic, as if it was his fault the weather was so bad.
We enjoyed a panoramic view of Manly Beach and the promenade in front. Unlike yesterday, it was not busy – the only signs of life below was the occasional saturated fitness freak, a few disconsolate waxheads checking out the flat ocean and the usual conscientious dog owners out with their pets. A bored council revenuer wearing a green council issue rain jacket watchfully making sure they scooped up their pooches' poop. I smiled. It was a long time since I'd felt this good – or relaxed. I was looking forwards to a lazy Saturday with Joanne. The erotic possibilities of the day were endless. "Oh, that was a nice breakfast," I smiled. "My compliments to the chef!"
Joanne beamed. "Thank you!" She looked so beautiful when she smiled. I couldn't resist her bright, happy grin.
"So… any plans for today?"
"Hmmm…" Joanne's eyebrows furrowed, a sure sign that she was thinking and I smiled again. I was already picking up her little mannerisms. "It's still raining, isn't it?"
It was not a question but I obediently nodded.
"Maybe we could go out somewhere, have a nice long walk." Joanne clicked her fingers. "I know what. Let's catch the ferry to Watson's Bay. We could go walk up to the Gap, then have lunch at Doyle's afterwards."
"Um…" I demurred. I was not keen on going out today – even if it was raining. What if… God forbid, it stopped raining? Watson's Bay was always busy and I really wasn't keen on being the center of attention again. Besides… I had other plans. I wanted to spend some time trying on some of Jo's raincoats in her collection – along with a little more quality time in bed. "I was thinking… that maybe we could just have a quiet day, just the two of us alone." I smiled to show I had no ulterior motive in mind before hastily continuing. "I really want to get to know you better and… besides I'd also love to try on some of your beautiful raincoats!"
Joanne's jaw set in a mulishly stubborn line. "No – I'd rather go out. We should make the most of this weather while it lasts."
I could see the beginnings of a pout as I hastily composed my reply, and my heart sank. Meaning, Let's go outside in our raincoats. I just didn't feel comfortable about displaying my secret fetish in front of Joe Public. Plastic raincoats… oh my God. I was sure that everyone who saw us out together knew. Jo didn't seem to give a damn what anyone thought though – that or it was her supreme confidence, which allowed her to behave like this. Whatever. She was nothing if not stubborn and I knew that I had no more chance of influencing her decision than an atheist of persuading the Pope to recant his Catholicism.
The last thing I wanted was a fight – my sensitive antennae was twitching like mad as Joanne's frown deepened. She certainly looked nothing like the girl I'd fallen in love with and I stifled another sigh before reluctantly replying. Besides, I also couldn't bear to upset the girl I now loved. I knew how much it meant to her going out together in our rainwear. "Yeah Ok… why not? I'd like to get outside and enjoy some fresh air too."
Joanne's face lit up like a lighthouse. "Oh great! I'm really looking forwards to going outside in the rain with you."
"Same here," I lied.
"But… what happens if it stops raining?" I curiously asked.
"Then we're in trouble," Joanne coolly replied. "Because we won't be able to take our raincoats off."
"Huh?" I didn't like the turn this was taking.
Her eyes were glistening with excitement and I squirmed again. "What we'll do is wear nothing but our plastic clothes underneath…"
"Yeah!" Joanne was all smiles now. "We'll have no way of taking our rainwear off because everyone will see what we're wearing underneath, it'll be so exciting!"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Although I really liked the idea – Joanne was right; it would be so exciting. I couldn't imagine doing anything more naughty - but… I also couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do less. What if it really DID stop raining? We would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. "Mmm, I see. Have you done this before?" I carefully asked.
"Yep, sure have," she grinned. "Plenty of times."
"What happened?"
Joanne smiled like a cat up to its whiskers in cream. "Nothing. It didn't stop raining. Although I've come close a few times."
There's always a first time, I thought but I didn't say so.
"Well?" Joanne demanded. "You want to do that? Shall we?"
"Yeah… OK," I sighed, hoping that Jo wouldn't notice my lack of enthusiasm. With my kind of luck, it would clear then…. I didn't want to think about it.
"Remember what the weather forecast said? They said it won't stop raining," Joanne smiled. "This'll be so much fun!"
Famous last words…
"Yeah… This could be very interesting," I smiled. As usual, my dick was betraying me.
Joanne giggled. "Oh, absolutely. You know, I'm wet already just thinking about this. Anyway… Well, we should go pick something out. Actually…" her smile widened. "I've got just the thing for you."
"Just wanna make sure that there'll be no way you'll back out," Joanne smiled. "Like yesterday, remember?"
"Oh yeah." I remembered all right.
"Anyway… can you load the dishwasher while I go pick something out for us to wear?" Joanne cooed. "When you're finished, just go to my bedroom and I'll help you put everything on."
Excitement mingled with outright fear while I cleared away the detritus of our breakfast. I had no idea what Joanne intended for us to wear but it was certain to be something which would stand out just as much as yesterday, if not more. I looked outside again. The rain was reassuringly heavy but that was no guarantee it would last.
"OK, I've got everything!" Joanne called out. "You finished yet?"
"I'm coming!" I yelled back.
"Wait for me huh? I like it when you come!" she shot back and I flushed. She'd picked up my Freudian slip straightaway.
My heart was a jackhammer as I approached Joanne's bedroom. What did she have in store for me today?
"Don't look," a buck-naked Joanne beamed, blocking my view of the rainwear neatly laid out on her bed. "Change out of your plastic bodysuit first." I began to feel as if I was on a slippery slope with no end in sight as Joanne approached me from behind. "Ok, put this on now."
I turned around before gasping with utter shock. This was going to be worse than anything I'd ever imagined.
Surely Jo couldn't be…
"I'm serious." Joanne's level voice contained a slight edge which told me that I had better not refuse. "Put it on."
The unbelievable plastic baby playsuit that Joanne made me wear underneath my raincoat
I simply could not believe the evidence that my eyes were sending to my brain. Joanne was proudly holding up the most unbelievable (and I do not use the word lightly) babyish pink plastic playsuit – complete with a matching frilly baby hood. The rippling playsuit was high-cut, its inch-wide elasticized waist sitting somewhere around stomach height. Each leg opening also came complete with a similar elastic band. I could see a plastic panel attached to the pants and a pair of long tapes dangling downwards. My stomach turned over as I disbelievingly digested the sight.
"Jo… I can't wear this," I weakly said.
"Yes you can, and will," she replied with a steely smile. "No one will see what you're wearing once you put your raincoat on."
Joanne had all the answers. Defeated, I allowed her to pass my feet trough each leg opening before pulling the horrible playsuit all the way up my legs where it came to a rest just below crotch height. As usual, I felt the familiar tingle of excitement surge throughout my body as the cool, soft plastic caressed my stomach and bottom. Joanne's giggle was loud. "Like it, do you?" she chuckled before passing the trailing tapes over each shoulder, crossing them over each other and tying everything off in a big bow where they met another, shorter pair of tapes attached to the rear of my pants. Before I had a chance to react, Joanne happily slipped the frilly plastic hood over my head before securely tying it in place beneath my chin.
"Thee-eere… "Joanne cooed. "Doesn't my ickle-wickle baby look simply gorgeous!" She gave me a hearty slap on my rump before ordering me over to the mirror.
"Oh my God…" I moaned. If my mates saw me dressed like this, I would never hear the end of it for the next hundred years.
"You look lovely," Joanne giggled. "Now we'll dress baby for the rain."
The last time I wore a raincoat anything like the shiny yellow slicker Joanne was holding out for me was way back during my kindergarten days. It was a virtual carbon copy of the brilliant buttercup yellow raincoat I'd happily worn to kinder every day when it was wet – right down to the large, curved pockets. Even the noise was the same – that heavenly squeaky, crackly rustle it made with each step was music to my ears, one capable of raising an instant erection even when I pressed my fingers against it inside my wardrobe. I remembered begging Mum to put it on me even when the hot Aussie sun was glaring out of a brassy sky. Joanne was slipping my arms down each sleeve and I bit my lips as the cool, smooth vinyl lovingly caressed my arms with a touch which I still found as irresistible as those golden days long ago when my Mum buttoned me up into everything before tying the hood tight around my face. Even the sweet tenderness was the same as Joanne unconsciously repeated the same act my patient mother used to perform with such good humour and love every day before kinder, meticulously doing up each proper plastic button, one by one all the way up to the neck. My throbbing penis was on fire while Joanne carefully tied the great shiny, gleaming dome of my raincoat hood tight around my face.
My pink plastic playsuit was no longer visible – even my ridiculous baby hood, but I was acutely aware that it was there as the soft plastic caressed my tingling skin. The contrasting textures were quite amazing – the sticky softness of my plastic baby suit competing with the slippery smoothness of the vinyl coating my arms.
"Well, Eddie… you look positively sweet – you're all ready for a lovely rainy day walk now," Joanne said with satisfaction.
"Yeah," I muttered. Sweet was the operative word. Hopefully none of my colleagues would choose Watson's Bay for R&R today.
[Joanne admiring herself in the mirror] "Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander," Joanne smiled before unhesitatingly slipping her legs inside a possibly even more outrageous outfit then mine. A pair of pale pink, baggy long baby pants (ending halfway up her thighs) was swiftly followed by a wide baby bib completely covering her stomach, chest and breasts. Imagine a wide pink lifejacket and that's what her 'bib' looked like from the front. Its ruffled outer edge was impossibly cute but I found it hard appreciating such niceties as the moment of our departure drew inexorably nearer. Joanne actually looked happy while she carefully tied everything in place behind her back. Her matching baby hood (very similar to mine) went on last. "This is so much fun, isn't it, my darling?" Joanne happily burbled while she did up the laces. "I just can't wait to go outside for a long walk."
Fun was all in the eye of the beholder, I thought.
"Help me do up my raincoat please," Joanne smiled, handing me her almost similar, equally shiny yellow slicker. The deep yellow vinyl sparkled and gleamed like a newly waxed car.
It was not all bad news. How many long lonely nights had I daydreamed about doing just this? The transparent, radiant joy lighting up Joanne's face while I fastened each button was heart-warming. "Thank you for helping me, my darling," Joanne smiled before leaning forward and tenderly kissing me. "Now do the hood please – make sure it's tight so it won't slip."
The sense of d?j? vu was greater than ever while I completed lacing up Joanne into her glistening rainwear. Perhaps it was because I'd dreamt about this moment so many times? Now it was actually happening to me. The crackle and pop of our vinyl raincoats was loud in my ears as I tied the last laces tight in a neat, non-slip bow. Joanne was a vision from Heaven in her gleaming yellow vinyl.
She looked so beautiful and I felt my chest tighten as my penis throbbed with a desperate longing which just wouldn't go away. I wanted her so badly again – even though we'd only made love less than a couple of hours ago. I wanted to take Jo then and there but I knew she would never hear of it – certainly not so soon. First we would go out then… I gustily exhaled before gazing downward, admiring the expanse of polished vinyl concealing our kinky secret beneath before realising that I had no shoes on. The only pair anything remotely suitable I had with me was my old pair of black Ballys but I only wore those for work. Of course we could detour to my flat and pick up something I could wear – but I could not face my neighbours in only about the shiniest yellowest raincoat in all Sydney. It wasn't cold anyway. Maybe I could borrow some thongs or something like that if she had any.
[Joanne almost ready to go out - Only her boots remain to be put on] "Have you got any shoes I can wear?" I asked. "Like thongs," I hurriedly added lest Joanne misinterpret my request.
Joanne beamed, her brilliant smile almost as bright as that of the vinyl rainwear we had on. "Yeah, I've got something. Didn't you notice them earlier?"
"Here." Put these on," Joanne ordered as she passed me a pair of rubber-soled, matching yellow rainboots. "They will keep you nice and dry."
They were exactly the kind of nice, sensible – and very feminine rainboots any young woman would delight in wearing around town but I just couldn't imagine pairing these with my shiny yellow slicker. I would resemble one of the silly, cartoonish extras from the morning kiddie shows and in fact, I'd once seen Humphrey Bear wearing a similar dazzling yellow raincoat during his 9.00 morning show while I was babysitting my niece a couple of months ago. I felt faint as I accepted my rubber boots from Joanne. These weren't some fashionable pseudo 'yachty' brand, they were the genuine article – 100% rubber with a shiny yellow outer layer. "Jo… I don't think I can wear these," I said in a weak voice.
If looks could have killed, Joanne's furious glare would have seen me depart for the netherworld in microseconds. "Ok, ok you win," I sighed as I eased each boot up my shins. They were fractionally too small, uncomfortably pinching my toes but it was the least of my worries as I caught my reflection in the mirror. I closed my eyes, unable to believe the sight facing me. My face peered out of the tightly tied hood concealing my soft plastic baby bonnet – The only other part of my body visible was my hands, peeking out of the sleeves of my rainwear. The hem ended inches above my boots and I could see my face reddening again, as I realised no one could possibly miss my equally embarrassing shiny yellow rainboots.
I exhaled again as Joanne happily pulled on her boots as casually as if getting ready for work. Oh my God. There I was, wearing a horribly shiny yellow raincoat (and a pair of rubber rainboots!) which both went out of fashion roughly around the Jurassic Age – which I had no way of taking off. I would stand out like a circus clown at a banking convention. I definitely could not believe this was happening. And Joanne actually planned on going out dressed like this. Didn't she have any idea? At that moment, I would've given anything to resume my humdrum, lonely existence.
Then again, maybe not… Joanne wrapped her arms around my neck and shoulders before pushing her tongue inside my mouth for a heavenly kiss with transcended time and space. Her hands roamed over my back, shoulders and head, sending shockwaves of pleasure through me with every loving caress. Joanne knew that I loved it when she caressed the plastic hood covering my head. Her eyes were shining as she reluctantly broke our kiss. "I love you very much, my darling…"
"I love you too." Somehow Jo knew how to capture me every time I looked like wavering. As usual, she'd scored a direct hit on my heart. She was an angel – one I simply could not resist.
The angel smiled as our eyes met. "I just love dressing up for the rain," she bubbled. "I think half the fun is putting everything on. Don't you?"
I had to agree. How often had I played virtually the same ritual by myself, hundreds of times? "Yeah… You're so right." I smiled, in spite of myself. "It's… it's the first time I've done this with… someone – especially a lovely girl like you. And that makes it so special to me."
Joanne slowly rose after fussily adjusting her gleaming rainboots. "My dearest darling…" she breathed in a husky voice. "You've got no idea how much this means to me as well. "I'm so glad that I met you."
"You've only told me that a dozen times," I joked.
"Because I am glad that I've met you!" she exclaimed. "I'm not kidding, you know."
"I know…' I carefully replied. "I'm so happy that I met you too." And I was, I knew. I didn't have to lie about how I was feeling. I knew how lucky I was to meet someone like her. The closest I'd ever come to anything like this was putting my on rainwear and jerking off in lonely solitude over the pages of magazines like Shiny or Dressing for Pleasure. I was literally living my favourite masturbatory fantasy. Joanne just looked simply wonderful in her gleaming, shiny yellow rainwear and matching boots. My willy was desperately trying to escape its plastic prison and I stifled a groan. Any time now I would come.
"Hold me please," she said. "Hold me tight!"
I couldn't remember feeling happier as I held the slim, supple girl in my arms amidst an electrifying crackle of impossibly smooth, shiny yellow vinyl. We had so much in common that it was almost frightening. I was still enjoying the relatively new experience of having someone like Jo all over me. It made a big change from being cold-shouldered at pubs or nightclubs. "Ohh, that feels so good," Joanne sighed an instant before her soft warm lips found mine. "I just can't believe this is happening."
It was a sentiment I wholeheartedly shared and I smiled again before hugging her even harder.
"Oh, I like that so much," Joanne breathed.
My balls were on fire and I bit my lip before sighing.
"What's the matter? Are you OK?"
"Yeah I'm fine… I… I'm just so horny again. I want you."
"Not until we've been out," she giggled. "Then I will really take you to Heaven."
"I wish we could go there now," I cheekily replied.
"Oh my…" Joanne's hand had insinuated itself between my plastic playsuit. "You really want me, huh?"
I desperately nodded. "You've got no idea how much you turn me on."
Joanne grinned. "You've been a good boy. And besides… I don't think its fair on you to go out like this horny." Before I could react, she ducked downward before lifting the hem of my raincoat and gently retrieving my massive member from its plastic prison. "Ohh so big." Her voice was heavily muffled but there was no mistaking the delight. "Ok, let's make you happy now."
Her lips closed around the head of my penis before pulling it inside with a rhythmic sucking motion. The exquisite tingling sensation as Joanne rolled her tongue around the tip of my cock was just unbearable but she wouldn't allow me to pull away. I was so hard that I thought my dick would explode any minute. Although it was not the first time she'd gone down on me, it was the first time I'd enjoyed the best seats in the house, in a manner of speaking. The view was incredible: Joanne kneeling at my feet while she deep-throated me. The light above illuminated her gleaming vinyl rainwear with an almost unbearable brilliant brightness. The rubber soles of Joanne's rainboots were just visible beneath her rustling rainwear. I happily studied that beautiful shiny, rippling yellow raincoat hood, drawn tight around the head of the lovely girl sucking my cock. I closed my eyes before groaning again. I just couldn't stand the physical – and visual stimulation that I was receiving. At that moment I was willing to walk over broken glass for Joanne. Perhaps she knew as well, for it was why I remained with her so long, despite the unending torments she would inflict on me later.
Joanne was a sultry, wicked temptress. She knew how to play me like a violin. Just as the sweet, exquisite tingling grew and grew until I couldn't bear it any longer, just as I was on the verge of coming, she instinctively backed off. She'd settled into a rhythm, alternately licking my cock like a Popsicle between deep-throating me, always maintaining a constant, delicious pressure with her lips every time she took me inside her mouth.
I just couldn't stand it any longer. The rising heat at the base of my balls told the story and I instinctively gripped Joanne's head so that she wouldn't withdraw. As if understanding my need, she gave the tip of my penis one hard, throaty suck – which was enough to push me over the edge. I didn't come so much as exploded. A second later, Joanne emerged, managing a beatific grin despite seemingly a gallon of creamy come dribbling out of her mouth. Her face also splattered with my juices, she convulsively swallowed before laughing. "Oh my God, I really needed my raincoat there!"
"Yeah…" I was just overwhelmed – again. Jo was just incredible. I'd never met anybody so loving – or wanton before. Sex would never be boring with her around. "Ohh that felt so good," I sighed, wiping excess come off Joanne's forehead and the edge of the vinyl hood secured around her lovely, laughing face.
"Can you wipe it off there as well?" Joanne asked, pointing to a spot just below her neck where more of my jism was oozing down the slick, smooth vinyl.
"Y-yeah, sure…" I faintly replied, awed that any girl could behave like this, least f all, my own Joanne.
"Tastes good," she commented, theatrically smacking her lips. "Very nutritious. Guess I won't go thirsty for a while too."
I just nodded.
Joanne smiled again before rising. "You know… I can't believe that I'm doing this too," she mused, gazing directly into my eyes. "But… it feels so natural because… you know… I love you. I love you very much." She held me at arm's length before adding, "You look lovely, you know."

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Re: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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"I love you too, my darling," I wonderingly replied, unable to believe this was happening. Happily, I studied Joanne's impossibly shiny, glistening yellow raincoat and boots. I could not resist. "Well… you look so sweet in your raincoat, my darling. Like a real baby."
I wish I hadn't said the words as soon as they left my mouth. I was under no illusion how ridiculous we would look in our shiny safety yellow slickers. Like ducklings waddling along a busy highway.
"That's the general idea," Joanne giggled. "We won't be able to take off our raincoats off, no matter where we go."
She really knew how to puncture my enthusiasm like a balloon. I didn't know what to say. I'd really been enjoying myself as well. Joanne and her darting tongue had transported me to palaces of pleasure I'd never dreamt existed. During the excitement of the moment, I had completely forgotten that we were supposed to be going out.
I wanted to tell Jo that I didn't want to go outside like this but… I just didn't have the courage. I've never been good at things like this. I would rather give in than face any kind of confrontation. I knew that she would probably blow up if I said 'no'. Therefore, I meekly followed Jo down the hallway while my heart sank faster than the Titanic.
Ever wondered what a condemned prisoner feels like as they approach the gallows? It was a question I'd asked myself more than once after watching a TV documentary about capital punishment. Now I had some idea how they felt as Joanne firmly towed me down the small, overgrown pathway past the apartment block she called home. It was still raining but it was far from heavy, more a lightish drizzle than anything else. My pink plastic playsuit was clinging to my butt with a heavenly stickiness and it forcibly reminded me that our rainwear wouldn't be coming off… for God only knew how long.
The traffic lights were against us but Joanne forced us to wait in full view of a couple of stunned pedestrians standing opposite us although the traffic on North Steyne Road was light. A truck drew to a halt and I instinctively glanced sideways before wishing that I hadn't as he grinned in my direction before beeping the horn several times. Oh God. This was going to be worse than I thought.
A couple of minutes later, we found ourselves tracing the same path that we'd taken yesterday morning. Thankfully, the crowd was much thinner – the rain was keeping everyone indoors. There was a touch rugby match going on the sand below us and I grimaced. Every participant from young to old was covered in sand and soaked to the bone besides – but they were all having an absolute ball. We were way overdressed for the weather but Joanne didn't seem to notice or care, striding along as if she didn't have a care in the world. Our eyes met and she smiled before squeezing my hand. "Enjoying yourself?"
"Yeah…" I had to admit to myself that I was enjoying myself, in the most perverse way. I'd always wanted to go outside in the rain with my girlfriend like this. Our beautiful yellow rainwear was so appropriate for this weather too! I stared downward with utter fascination as we splashed through a deep puddle, the water reaching above the toes of our yellow rainboots. I loved watching the way the water splashed and swirled as we sploshed through everything. It was such a simple childhood pleasure that I'd almost forgotten enjoying as a child as I sent water flying with each step.
Perhaps Joanne felt it too for she suddenly said in a surprisingly reflective voice, "You know, Eddie, there is so much beauty when it's wet - the way the misty fog and rain obscures the tops of buildings so they seem like they`re disappearing into the sky... the dreamy melancholic beauty of the greyness in the sky... the sweet, almost earthy smell of rain-slick asphalt... the slick sheen of cars, windows... mmm, even our raincoats reflecting artificial light... watching the drops slide into one another and combine into streams flowing down the sleeves of our raincoats... the sound of the rain hitting the concrete... the crisp clean feel of the air...the dreamy sleepy state of mind it creates..." She smiled before gripping my arm tightly. "Little kids in yellow rain coats jumping in puddles... watching you really takes me back in time. They're all pleasures that I really honestly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy."
I didn't know what to say. Joanne was right, of course. Somewhat overwhelmed with the course that events were taking, I happily splashed through another puddle, steering a direct path through the deepest body of water I could see. I was living a dream. Our raincoats swished and rustled with an intoxicating crackle of vinyl as we headed down the long path. I just wished though that we weren't so damn conspicuous though. Even the usual hard-core joggers I saw every day interrupted their stride upon spotting us – although none bothered stop.
"Expecting a cyclone or something?" a giggling teenage girl asked and her companions laughed. I bowed my head – I wanted to die. None of the girls had any rainwear on although they were sharing two umbrellas between them. I could feel their incredulous stares boring into my skull like a laser drill. I was sure that they could see how much I was getting off on this.
"It's raining. We were afraid we might get wet," Joanne solemnly replied and the girls shouted even louder but it was obvious that there was no malice in their merriment.
"I'll say," another girl grinned. "It's been shithouse weather."
"It all depends what you make of it," Joanne said in a serious voice. "It's not a nice day but rather than stay home and sulk, we decided that we should get out there and enjoy the rainy weather. Honestly, I really believe that everyone should put their raincoats on and go outside when it's wet."
The first girl slowly nodded. "Yeah for sure. I hate sitting around with nothing to do as well. You know… I do like your raincoats. They're cute. Where did you find them?"
"Just look on the Internet," Joanne replied. "I found these on e-bay."
"No worries. Thanks!" they happily chorused. "See ya!" they cried before skipping away.
Not everyone was as friendly though.
"Fucking spastic retards. Lookit them," a tough male voice said and I inwardly groaned.
"The only thing that's spastic is your brains," Joanne angrily retorted.
"Hey!" Our tormentor leapt up before aggressively confronting us and I shrank inside. I'd rather face an angry pit bull than someone like him. Homo sapiens are so unpredictable.
"Cool it, Jo," I moaned.
"Heyyyy… it's a girl," he laughed, a nasty, throaty humourless chuckle. "I thought maybe you were gay or something. We got lotta those aroun' Sidney."
"Oh I'm so sorry to disappoint you," Joanne replied in a sickly sweet voice which made me cringe. "Fraid we're anything but gay."
"You look gay to me," he replied before sullenly retreating. "Fucking weirdos."
I was so embarrassed that I wanted to die. Our shiny yellow slickers and matching boots were, if anything, but conventional wear. He'd just made that loud and clear. Again we were the center of attention and everywhere I looked, I saw only amusement, even outright derision. "Joanne… um…" I hesitantly began. "You know… we kinda stand out… if you know what I mean?"
Joanne sighed loudly before stopping and stomping her foot on the wet tiles. "I don't care what other people think. If they don't like what we are wearing, that's their fucking problem!" she sharply replied.
Overwhelmed with d?j? vu, my head spun. We'd had a similar talk less than twenty four hours ago but Joanne just didn't seem to understand that our raincoats hardly constituted 'normal' wear, whatever that was. Even ferals and Goths had their own dress code – ours was… well, no code at all. "I guess so," I wearily replied. I didn't want a fight.
"It's me, I love wearing plastic," Joanne loudly commented, "and if anyone else doesn't like it, well, that's just too fucking tough."
I nodded again. My penis was shrinking to nothingness in inverse proportion to my embarrassment. We really stood out like the proverbial. Everyone who passed us stared and I just wasn't finding the attention any easier to deal with. Even Joanne's company was little panacea. Unlike yesterday, the shoppers and early morning diners enjoying a lazy breakfast were in no rush, and everybody noticed our stately progress. Joanne refused to hurry as we strolled down the Corso in our glistening, rain-slick rainwear. Again the reaction ranged from outright amusement to contempt, even disapproval. Either way, few seemed unaffected. It didn't help when we encountered a couple of young children wearing almost exactly similar yellow raincoats as ours. Their mother didn't seem impressed, pulling them away as we neared them. Joanne smiled and said, "I thought they looked so cute."
Although it was unusually cool, I was already hot and sweaty. I embarrass easily and I sweat like a pig when I'm nervous. Plastic is impermeable – which of course is why it's so waterproof but the same qualities which make it so suitable for rainwear also means that it doesn't breathe. The two layers of plastic I was wearing effectively trapped most of the body heat I was generating and there was only one way of cooling everything down… Thankfully nobody noticed how badly it was affecting me but I knew that this happy state of affairs might not last long. I shook my head again, unable to believe that I'd been so effectively trapped inside my rainwear. It was a plastic prison I had no way of escaping.
Why then, was I excited again? Of course the answer was simple – I got off on the way the sticky soft plastic felt – the wetter the plastic got, the more it clung to my skin and it was a massive turn-on. Joanne's slightly glazed eyes told me it was also similarly affecting her too. Our eyes met with a look of complete understanding before she winked in my direction as her hand squeezed mine.
The ferry terminal was also quiet – the rain was keeping a lot of the casual day-trippers away but we were far from alone though. I felt more like a freak than ever as we traipsed through the spacious terminal in our glowing rainwear. The harsh overhead lights bounced off the glistening yellow vinyl, still slick and wet from the steady rain. I could not even lower the great gleaming dome of my raincoat hood because it would have revealed my shockingly pink baby hood – complete with its collection of frills and ruffles for all to see. We could not have stood out more had we gone in the nude – and in some ways I felt going out in our birthday suits would've been preferable.
People were openly laughing while we waited the endlessly long (in reality, only 5 or so minutes) time it took for the ferry to arrive, turn-around its passengers before allowing us to board. The rain was still falling as we took our bench seats in the prized position directly behind the wide, bluff bows. Our ferry, the wonderfully named Charlotte, was one of dozens of smaller boats servicing any number of terminals dotted around the wide, spacious harbour but they only made the run across the exposed stretch of water behind the Heads in good weather due to their smaller size. Surprisingly we weren't alone. Another couple occupied the seats on our right and I couldn't help staring as the girl carefully sat down after wiping the water away.
An attractive brunette, she was wearing a beautiful translucent blue plastic raincoat, buttoned up to her slim neck – and she'd also tied its attached hood in place around her face with a couple of very secure knots so that it wouldn't slip. She rewarded us with a sympathetic smile after spotting us. Joanne clearly wanted to speak to her but she was stymied by the girl's protective boyfriend who seated himself between us. Seemingly oblivious to his girlfriend's gorgeous rainwear, he fussily adjusted the hood of his conservative parka before lighting up and casually glancing around the tranquil, rain-dappled embayment. He certainly didn't show any interest in our raincoats either, essaying a single glance in our direction before returning to his cigarette.
"He doesn't deserve someone like her!" Joanne hissed and I smiled.
"They might not feel the same way we do," I pointed out in a low voice so they wouldn't overhear us.
"I guess so," Joanne reluctantly agreed. "Oh well… It's nice to see that at least someone is properly dressed for this rainy weather!"
"Hear, hear," I smiled before apprehensively glancing upwards. Thankfully the cloud cover was uniformly grey although I could see a marginally brighter spot where the sun was attempting to break through. Oh oh. Hopefully, it would keep raining or we would be in all kinds of trouble. It wasn't so much that I had no way of removing my rainwear, it was more that I had to leave the hood tied in place otherwise… I could not see Joanne allowing me to make an emergency pitstop to take off my soft pink baby hood so I could safely lower the hood. Oh God…
Apart from that couple, at least we were more or less alone out here. The ferry was nosing out into the current now and I began to relax. There was no one else to bother us – and the lower deck superstructure had been sensibly designed without windows in front. It would be all too soon before leaving our nautical sanctuary for the hubbub and crowds of Watson's Bay. It was always crowded, no matter how bad the weather. The excellent food available from restaurants like Doyles, and the beautiful scenery was a huge drawcard for locals and tourists alike.
The Queenscliff was waiting to take our place and it greeted us with a mournful hoot as we drew level with its enormous bows. Oh my God… That wave must have been bloody big if it came that close to hitting us the other day. It was crowded with passengers – day-trippers making the trek to Manly and I flushed before looking away. I could feel their concentrated gaze and I didn't want to see their reaction. Joanne had no such qualms though, happily waving to everyone amidst a loud crackle of vinyl.
What was it about being on boats which made everyone wave like lunatics? I wondered as we slipped past the Queenscliff. No one ever waved to each other on board trains or buses. I mentioned my thoughts to Joanne and she laughed before hugging me hard.
"Oh my darling Eddie…" she sighed. "How do you always do it? You always make me smile."
"I'm in training to be a comedian," I cheekily replied. Am I ever! We were about to provide a show no one would ever forget.
Joanne's eyes were swimming with tears after laughing again. "I think you would make a very good comedian," she smiled.
I already am, I thought. Look at us! We're entertaining everybody. But I didn't voice the thought. Luckily we made it up forward to Joanne's preferred position, right behind the bows. It was much calmer today. There was virtually no wind so we wouldn't have to worry about rogue waves trying to sweep us away. More importantly, we were semi-private. Sensibly, they had not built windows into the front of the superstructure for obvious reasons. No other passengers joined us. I knew it was a respite which wouldn't last but I was thankful for small mercies. Joanne grabbed me almost as soon as we seated ourselves on the hard wooden benches, before pushing her tongue inside my mouth. Oh my God… Sometimes life did carry its compensations I thought, while she kissed me with increasing urgency and passion. The other couple was also mating with each other as well and I inwardly smiled. They only had eyes for each other, just like us.
The rain struck us with increasing force as our transport nosed out into the harbour before quickly picking up speed with a happy, chuckling gurgle of water. Confident that nobody would disturb us out front, Joanne slid her hand beneath my rainwear before gripping my swollen, excited penis. Her loving attention was almost too much for me and I couldn't help groaning as her tongue rolled around mine. It was a limpet which refused to let go, no matter how much I squirmed. I was in Heaven again as she guided my hand to her soaking wet pussy. My fingers slid inside the hot, wet tightness of her slit without any resistance. Joanne's juices were already freely flowing while I stroked her clitoris. Her insistent kisses became increasingly ragged as I increased the delicious pressure, switching between fast and slow. I just couldn't get enough of the way her sweet button felt beneath my fingers – or the incredible softness of her plastic playsuit against my hand and forearm. I was acutely aware of the soft plastic of my playsuit caressing my bottom and chest, and the delicious cooler smoothness of my vinyl rainwear covering my arms and head while we played with each other's bodies. Joanne was pumping my penis as if she was milking a cow and I bit my lip before moaning again. Already I could feel the pressure building while I focused upon bringing her off.
With a shocking suddenness, Joanne convulsed as a deep moan escaped her lips. She'd come. My fingers were swimming in her juices. If only I could lick them away with my tongue but that really would be going too far out here. I didn't have time to think about it though as I came with a sudden rush, spraying the inside of my plastic playsuit with a sticky, clingy mess.
"Ohh, I don't know how you do it," Joanne sighed.
"I've got no… idea either," I shakily replied. "Maybe it's love."
"Or the Power of the mac," she giggled.
I had to agree. I'd never enjoyed orgasms anything quite like this – nor with such frequency since meeting Jo. "How about both. I can't believe how much this… plastic thing turns me on." I sighed, "but… you also turn me on too."
"I've never been turned on like this b-before!" she gasped before hugging me hard with a crackle of vinyl. "D-darling Eddie… thank you so much for making me so happy." She gazed into my eyes before smiling again, such a sweet tender smile that it made my heart contract painfully. "I love you… I love you very much."
"I love you too, Jo," I sighed, as she happily snuggled up against me in my arms. At that moment, all my worries vanished while we held each other. Jo's lips were very soft against mine and I sighed with pleasure before quickly glancing around. The oily, still water was pockmarked by a billion miniature dimples and I studied them with fascination. As quickly as each disappeared, they were instantly replaced by a dozen more. The rain was a silver curtain which shrouded the tall sandstone cliffs guarding the harbour entrance and I marvelled that it could be so calm when it'd been so rough only a couple of days ago. The marching mountains had been replaced by dark, flat featureless plains. Only the oily deep blue, swirling eddies below told us that it was alive. It wasn't hard imagining a giant kraken looming out of the deep before sucking us down to a watery grave entangled within its tentacles and I shuddered before returning to Jo. Her gleaming yellow rainwear was a much nicer sight and I happily returned her smile as she caressed the hood of my rainwear.
How many other passengers would be enjoying the ride as much as we were?
Precious few, I thought. This was just so naughty and I giggled.
"What's so funny?" Joanne smiled.
I laughed before telling her.
"Oh yeah!" she smiled before hugging me again. "I know it's so naughty but… I love you. I just want you all the time."
"Me too," I sighed. My dick was already swelling again. It didn't need much stimulation and I grinned again before uncomfortably shifting position. "I want you do bad too. I want to fuck your brains out."
"Later," she giggled before pressing her lips against mine again.
In this more than pleasant manner, the remainder of our ferry ride passed without incident beneath leaden skies and pouring rain. All too soon, we glided into the Watson's Bay wharf and it was time to disembark. Despite the inclement weather, Watson's Bay was crowded with seemingly half of Sydney. Well, I'd known all along what to expect. Established in 1788, It's also recognised as Australia's oldest fishing village. Watson's Bay attracts both visitors and locals with its unique and charming blend of secluded beaches, spectacular coastal walks and waterfront restaurants. Lots of umbrellas but nary a raincoat in sight. "Why don't we just return home?" I hopefully suggested. "I'd rather spend the day with you in bed."
"No. Why should we?" Joanne somewhat crossly replied. "Eddie, I know what you're thinking. If you don't like it, push off."
I inwardly sighed before placatingly replying, "Sorry… You just have that effect on me and… well, you know? But of course I want to spend the day outside with you!"
"Good," she sharply replied. "Don't be a silly boy huh?" More gently, "Remember, this is all about having fun – and just think how horny you'll be when we get home."
You're damn tooting, I thought, as I awkwardly rose with a crackle of vinyl. Jo certainly wasn't kidding. I just hoped nobody could see how much this was affecting me. At least she didn't have worry about concealing her arousal. I'd never been so horny – or embarrassed as we slowly shuffled off the ferry between the usual stares and occasional outright laughter.
{[The beach at Watsons Bay]} I felt like a giant banana as Joanne happily led me around. Our humiliating shiny yellow rainwear stood out like a lighthouse beacon on a stormy night. We were impossible to miss while we strolled along the sandy crescent beach in the warm rain. It wasn't cold, far from it – and if we had been alone, I would have really enjoyed the experience. There were plenty of shirtsleeves – and few coats. Even more embarrassingly, half-naked children were playing on the water's edge, becoming thoroughly sandy and wet during the process, and they just made me feel even more out of place. Their grins and giggles let me know all about what they thought about our outlandish garb. Even the usual clutch of aggressive seagulls didn't know what to make of our presence, scattering as we approached them.
There weren't many diners at Doyles (The site on which the restaurant now stands is where Doyle originally sold his daily fish catch in 1845) because it was still early. However, half the tables were already occupied and I gazed seawards as heads turned. Luckily there was plenty to see and it wasn't hard playing the role of a tourist as I sweated within my layers of soft, sticky plastic and vinyl. If only the gawking spectators knew what we wore beneath. Did they know? I felt my face colouring again while I pretended to study the anchored boats in this prettiest of secluded coves. Most were small although I could see a large Grand Banks trawler anchored perhaps 50 yards from shore and a sleek, very expensive jet black millionaire's sports yacht further out. I recognised it as a Sunseeker – if it was sun they were seeking, they would be in for a long wait. The view beyond was spectacular, the Harbour stretching to infinity with the collection of buildings of Sydney's bustling CBD just visible in the distance. The teeming rain made it hard to see much beyond a kilometre or so. I envied the people who enjoyed perfect lifestyles in their perfect houses – they were probably worth a few million each.
Eventually Joanne suggested that we should go for a stroll past the Gap. "We'll both be hungry by the time we get back," she smiled before taking my hand in hers. "What do you think?"
{[The beautiful - and infamous Gap]} I nervously nodded. I wasn't looking forwards to the ordeal of buying lunch. Suddenly I didn't feel very hungry but there was no way I could admit as much. She would only blow up. At least it might be quieter up there. The Gap is a spectacular series of tall, rugged sandstone cliffs located less than a hundred metres away from the secluded calm of Watsons Bay. Huge waves pound the rocks every day, even during the calmest days. As spectacular as it is dangerous, the Gap is also the location of the Dunbar wreck. Shipwrecked on the unforgiving, forbidding rocks in 1857, it ranks as Sydney's worst maritime tragedy. The Gap is also famous for other, less savoury reasons: a reported 20-30 people suicide each year by leaping from top of the cliffs down on to the waiting rocks below. There's spots where it seems the heaving ocean is virtually below your feet a hundred and fifty feet below the well-fenced path. I couldn't care less about its colourful history though. The Gap is one of my favourite walks because it really allows me to see how Sydney Harbour is positioned relative to the ocean. After reaching South Head, it's possible to see the entrance to the harbour, North and Middle Heads and the main channel leading up towards the city – it's one of the most popular viewing spots of all for the annual Sydney Hobart yacht race beginning here every Boxing Day. We would also pass Camp Cove and Lady Beach, two of the most picturesque and idyllic small beaches anywhere in the world. "Yeah, why not?" I eventually replied. "Sounds good to me." The constant rain would deter all but the most hardy as well – another attraction of the walk that she was proposing.
"Shall me?" Joanne smiled before sighing. "You know, I really love coming here… especially when its cold, rainy and wet but… you're the very first guy I've ever been able to share this with."
I was immensely touched. Joanne was so sincere. Ok, she might be a little nutty but at that moment, I didn't mind in the least. Jo was completely genuine with her feelings for me and it made all the difference. She was hugging me again and I closed my eyes before relaxing in her tight embrace, savouring our special closeness along with the incredible visual and sensual stimulation that I was receiving from the look and feel of our glistening, shiny rainwear. Water was dripping off the gleaming buttercup yellow raincoat hood tied tightly around Joanne's lovely, happy face, and I felt my heart swelling with love for this wonderful, beautiful, crazy girl who'd so recently entered my life with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. I couldn't live without Jo but I didn't have the courage to say as much. Instead, I replied. "I'm so glad that I've met you… It's really good being able to… share everything like this together."
"That's what's it's all about isn't it…" Joanne's voice caught as she hung her head before gazing into my eyes again. "Just that special sharing with someone I… I love very much. I'm head over heels with you. You've got no idea how… how happy I am now, how happy you've made me."
I didn't know what to say. Jo clearly meant every word of her short speech. I already knew her well enough to know that she was as honest as the day was long. What you saw was what you got with Joanne. She didn't pull any punches, instead, preferring to speak straight from her heart. There was nothing in the least devious about this most unusual of girls who didn't mind letting it all hang out – literally. I studied her gleaming rainwear before marvelling that anybody could wear something like this. It was so yellow and shiny. Even more incredible was my knowledge what lay hidden beneath the smooth, slippery folds of her dripping rainwear – only the most embarrassingly pink soft plastic baby playsuit that I'd ever seen – nothing else. I would never meet another like Jo in a dozen lifetimes. She was just so… what was that word again? uninhibited – I didn't know anyone else capable of behaving remotely like Jo. She was so exuberant, so outrageously out there that I could barely cope – yet, despite my embarrassment, I realised that I was actually enjoying myself in the most perverse manner. My dick was harder than ever and I briefly wondered how I would cope until arriving home. I wanted Jo more than ever. A sudden wicked twinkle in her eyes told me that she was aware of my arousal and I sighed again before replying. "Thank you for… everything too, my darling." I gazed into her huge, dark eyes before smiling. "I love you, Joanne."
"I love you too," she sighed before wrapping her arms around my neck, lovingly caressing the smooth vinyl covering my head as she pressed her lips against mine for another searing kiss. There we were in our plastic raincoats, kissing as if our lives depended upon our lips remaining glued together for as long as possible. Joanne's hands were everywhere, roaming over my head, my back – even my plastic covered bottom accompanied by an intoxicating, almost musical crackle of vinyl. I'd dreamed about this moment for so long, and now it was happening to me. I not only had a partner like every other couple I'd envied for years but someone who really loved wearing plastic rainwear as well. If only she wasn't quite as… obsessive about everything, I thought, as I heard another loud giggle. Although I couldn't see the source of the mirth, I knew exactly who was providing the freak-show. However, it wasn't enough to spoil my good humour – yet.
Eventually Joanne withdrew after trying to swallow my tongue for the thousandth time before smiling. "I'm really enjoying myself today!" she beamed. "Isn't this good fun?"
"Yeah," I replied with a good deal more enthusiasm than last time. So far, the sky hadn't fallen in on us. Jo wasn't out to humiliate me. She was just… being herself and the knowledge, for some reason, made me feel better. I inwardly sighed before hugging her again. Maybe I was analyzing everything too much. Perhaps I should just lighten up and learn to enjoy myself. I glanced upwards. It was still raining as steadily as ever, great fat drops plopping downward from a slate-grey sky before imploding with a truly musical pitter-patter on our rainwear or vanishing without a trace in the porous sand below our feet. My gleaming Wellingtons were covered in gritty granules of sand but unlike shoes, none found its way inside. "I love the way the rain sounds on our raincoats," I observed.
"It's so beautiful isn't it?" she giggled. "I could stand outside and listen to the rain all day long." She glanced around curiously. "I just don't understand why so few people appreciate a wet day like this."
Plenty, it seemed, I thought but I didn't question her by-now familiar refrain. "What say we go enjoy our rainy day walk now?" I hurriedly interrupted before she had time to continue.
"Oh yeah…" she smiled, her eyes dancing with merriment and utter joy. "Well… shall we?"
{[The beautiful - and infamous Gap]} "Shall we?" I echoed before taking her hand in mine and setting across off the wide, green park. The spacious, steeply sloping park ran all the way from the top of the towering cliffs to the calm, sheltered foreshore within the Harbour. It was the dramatic contrast between harbour and ocean which made this walk so popular. The park was unusually quiet although a few hardy picnickers had set up camp beneath the trees near Doyle's take-away fish and chip outlet. Rather than head straight uphill, Joanne chose to take the path angling uphill away from our intended destination.
The reaction of other people to our rainwear was as fascinating as it was embarrassing and I wondered if I would ever become as immune to people's stares, laughter, even outright hostility as Joanne. Watson's Bay was popular with elderly couples who liked the genteel charm of this most historic community. They weren't as approving of our rainwear though and I could only look away as their icy stares bored through us. The concentrated jeers of a few toughs throwing a rugby ball around in the rain didn't help my nerves either. "Fucking pervs," one of them called out in a blue-steel voice honed by years of chain-smoking. The hypocrisy was immense. I could feel them undressing Joanne with their eyes as we strolled past with a loud swish of brilliant yellow vinyl. It was an antidote for the unrelieving grey of the day but precious few people seemed to appreciate our colourful rainwear and boots.
A man in a blue Goretex jacket and a battered old brown Akubra with a wide brim was photographing the shrouded Sydney skyline. The quality of his lenses and camera bag told me that he was a professional photog – or an enthusiastic amateur. He glanced up before smiling as he spotted us. "Oh my word," he drawled with a rich Aussie twang. "Yer really stand out like a sore thumb."
"Yeah, we've kinda noticed that," I ironically replied.
"I reckon mate, I reckon," he grinned. "I won't ask what you're wearing underneath but I can tell ya enjoying yerself, no worries."
"Yes, we are," Joanne grinned, clearly pleased that he was showing so much interest in us.
"Where do yer live?" he asked.
"Manly," she replied. "We came over by ferry. What about you?"
"Bondi. I thought I'd take the opportunity to get a few shots of this rain," he said. He glanced upward. "Strewth, mate, it's really pissin' down innit?"
"When it rains, it pours," I sagely observed.
"Fuckin' oath it does," he chuckled. "But… you know, Sydney has this beauty on a cold, grey wet day that sunny can't touch." He examined us more closely. "but I'm guessin' ya would already know that."
"Absolutely," Joanne agreed and I inwardly winced, hoping that she wouldn't se off on one of her rambling spiels.
"I always photograph Sydney when it's wet. Any fuckin' man and his dog can take a picture-postcard-perfect shot of a perfect Sydney day but it's that creativity I enjoy. Crook day like this, it's a challenge to photograph."
"Looks like it." I could tell that Jo had real respect for him. She wasn't displaying her usual wisecracking self with him.
"Can I ask ya a favour?" he suddenly asked.
"Huh? Yeah, sure," Joanne uncomprehendingly replied.
"Can I photograph you?" He grinned to show that his question carried no malice. "I love the contrast of your happy sunshine yellow raincoats and this cold gloomy, grumpy weather."
"You're so poetic," she giggled. "Why not? We'd love to."
"Good on yer, sport," he smiled. "Reckon I'll get some great shots."
Preening outrageously, Joanne said, "I've never been a model before."
He laughed. "I've never photographed anyone like you before. But… really, I'm not looking for 'posed' shots, ya know what I mean?"
"You mean… sort of natural like?"
"Got it in one." His humour and good spirit was so infectious that I had to laugh along with him.
"C'mon, Eddie," Joanne urged. "Let's do it."
"Pretend I'm not there," he said. "Just… be yourselves. You're lovers enjoying a beautiful day out together."
"He is so in sync with us," Joanne said under her breath as we reversed our footsteps.
"I'll say," I agreed. "He's a good bloke."
"OK, just walk along the path… hold hands, you know like that. Bewdy, mate."
Joanne was enjoying herself, I could tell as we happily swished down the path. For perhaps the next ten or fifteen minutes, he took shot after shot of us. The most incredible thing was that his work actually appeared to legitimize our bizarre apparel. Perhaps a dozen passerbys, all dressed for the rain in conservative nylon rainwear strolled past our shoot but they all wore approving smiles. One even complimented our friendly photographer friend on the very imaginative – and creative work he was doing. Suddenly, it was no longer soft porn, it was art.
"Ok, time for some fun now," he said. "Remember you're lovers, time to do what comes naturally."
Joanne was all giggly, schoolgirlish laughter as she took me in her arms with a wonderful, rustly crackle of vinyl. "I love you," she smiled before tenderly pressing her lips against mine.
"Cut!" his voice eventually said. "You're very lucky people, I can tell you really love each other, your passion just shows through."
"Thanks…" Joanne blushingly replied.
"It was a pleasure," he smiled. By the way, my name's Danny but everyone calls me Poet. What's yours?"
"My boyfriend's Eddie," Joanne proudly replied, "and mine's Joanne. Jo for short."
"Good to meetcha," he replied, holding out a large callused paw which had clearly seen many suns. "Thank you too for allowing me to photograph you. I've got some great shots."
"No worries," Joanne smiled. "We really enjoyed ourselves too!"
"I enjoyed myself too," Poet smiled. "It's not every day I meet people like you. Before we bid each other adieu, let's take one last happy snap for the road."
Smiling hugely, Joanne linked her arm around my back before cuddling up as physically close against he as possible. After exchanging addresses, we happily bade each other farewell. Months later, I would study these photos, turning each over and over in my hands, between wondering what happened to us.
"He was so nice," Joanne sighed as we set off along the concrete footpath precariously perched on the edge of the precipice.
"Yeah, he sure was," I absentmindedly replied, while I admired the magnificent view. The heaving, churning ocean was never still. Although the big storm had long gone, the sea still roiled against the unyielding rocks in a white fury as if determined to batter the land within to submission. Eventually of course over millions of years, the patient waves would succeed by which time we would be long gone. What would our graves say about us? I wondered while we strolled along the rain-slick path in companionable silence before pushing my morbid thoughts out of my mind. It was time to celebrate being alive with the best girl that I'd ever met.
Our shiny yellow rainwear glowed in the muted light. I happily studied the wet glistening vinyl as raindrops beaded with each other, stubbornly resisting gravity as long as possible before trickling downwards with ever increasing speed as they collected more water along the way, funneling down each crackling fold of our raincoats before splashing downward around our booted feet.
There was no wind, and the heavy moist, humid air swirled around us like a suffocating blanket. The exertion involved in clambering uphill before reaching the path and our walk was heating my body – which the heavy, clinging vinyl couldn't clear. I was perspiring profusely by now. If anything, I was almost as wet as if I'd gone out without any weather protection – ironic huh? I badly wanted to laugh as the sodden, sticky plastic clung to my skin with the consistency of wild honey. This was all just making me so horny that it hurt. If only I could jump her here and bow but we'd probably find ourselves arrested for public indecency. There was no cover up here – just rock and windswept, straggly vegetation. Joanne's eyes met mine and she grinned as we shared a look of complete, mutual understanding.
"Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked softly before collecting me in her arms for another heavenly hug.
"Very much," I smiled. "I'm sweating like a pig though."
"If you think this is bad, you should try rubber."
{[Joanne in her rubber rainwear]} "Yeah, rubber." Joanne was all smiles. "Sometimes when I really feel like disciplining myself, I force myself to put on my latex rubber catsuit which I wear underneath my shiny black 100% rubber mackintosh before going out for the day. It's really thick and heavy and I just get soooooooooo hot, it's not funny."
"Hot in what way?" My head spun as I tried to visualize the incredible sight of Joanne setting out in her shiny black rubber rainwear.
"Wanna find out?" she giggled. "In fact, I think we should do that one day. You'll have a ball, I just know it."
I closed my eyes before inwardly groaning. Once she'd passed sentence, I knew that appealing was out of the question. I'd seen pictures of those… SBR raincoats in Shiny, Dressing for Pleasure and Rubberist, and I knew that we would stand out even more in head to toe shiny black rubber, if such a thing was possible.
As if confirming my gloomy thoughts, a couple of cyclists rolled past with a tinkling peal of laughter upon spotting our rainwear and I cringed before turning away. I would never become used to this kind of attention. The good vibes that I'd so carefully built during the morning were already quickly dissipating. I just wasn't the extroverted type and I never would be. Jo could get away with it – just but not little old me. Well. I had no choice but go along with it – if I wanted to keep Joanne. I was terrified of losing her and I sighed again before obediently trotting alongside her again. Did she know how I was feeling? She certainly had me in her thrall and there was nothing I could do about it. Like a drug addict, I couldn't get enough of the delicious smorgasbord of rubber, plastic and PVC that she was presenting me. I knew that I would agree to whatever she suggested and it wasn't a great feeling.
The sky was distantly lighter in the horizon and my insides churned while I studied the dull, flat blanket of cloud curtaining Sydney. It was still raining but not as heavily. If it cleared now, we would really be up Shit Creek without a paddle. Joanne had just ensured that. We had no way of removing our raincoats – not unless we wanted everyone to see our humiliating, babyish hot pink plastic playsuits the thick vinyl was concealing. I felt my skin heating up again while I thought about the horrible prospect of revealing everything for all to see. Our rainwear would have to stay on until we arrived home – no ifs, buts or maybes. I couldn't even undo the hood or they would see the plastic bonnet that she'd secured in place earlier.
Joanne was setting a brisk pace and almost before I had time to breathe, we reached one of the most spectacular of many lookouts that Sydney is famous for. We could see the far distant Central Business District, much of the famed harbour, the Heads and the open ocean beyond. We'd arrived just in time to greet the beautiful Queen Elizabeth II sailing through the heads and I felt my skin prickle with awe as the famous liner serenely sailed through the smooth sea. There were bigger, faster, newer liners plying the seas but none could match the grandeur and majesty of this glorious, stately ship. Despite the weather, its decks were crowded with passengers enjoying the unparalleled views. We were also far from alone. The arrival of the big ship had attracted a crowd of spectators – none dressed anything like us and I could feel their stares as I studied the huge liner. Several people hadn't even bothered cover up for the rain – their saturated T-shirts and shorts bearing mute testimony to their contempt for the weather gods ruling our lives. A small yacht was making heavy weather of passing the liner and I could see its crew in yellow oilskins struggling with the sails as they flapped about in the sudden lee created by the ship.
"Ever been sailing?" I asked Joanne.
"No, but I'd like to try," she smiled. "Imagine being able to wear our raincoats all day long. It would be such good fun!" She leant over the fence before looking more closely. "They're wearing rainsuits," she said. "Oh they look nice, so shiny and yellow."
Everything revolved around rainwear, I thought but it was more than my life was worth if I dared criticize Jo.
"Well, shall we?" Joanne eventually said after the QEII vanished upstream. The lookout was clearing now as people tiring of the view drifted away.
I nodded before nervously studying the sky. It was definitely beginning to clear. The rain was already easing to a heavy drizzle and I sighed before groaning. I was beginning to feel more ridiculous than ever, helplessly cocooned inside our shiny yellow rainwear. People were really staring now and I could feel them wondering why we were dressed like this. My dick wasn't getting any smaller though and I cursed its tiny, one-track mind. Yeah. With my kind of luck (I'm not a lucky gambler!), it wouldn't be long before the cloud vanished then… "What say we head home?" I hesitantly asked Joanne. "I think it's going to stop raining soon."
"Let's have lunch first," she stubbornly replied. "I'm hungry now. Then we'll go home."
"I think we should go home now, I don't want to… um… get stuck outside like this."
"Oh, come on!" Her voice was suddenly impatient. "You knew this might happen when you signed up for this."
I didn't feel like telling her that she'd 'volunteered' me for this. "You know… everyone's staring." I complained. "What if it stops raining? I can't even take my raincoat off. You really made sure of that."
If looks could have killed, I would have dropped dead on the spot then and there – or turned into a pillar of stone. Suddenly she giggled before replying. "It's all part of the fun isn't it? If our luck runs out, it runs out."
"I feel just so embarrassed," I protested.
Joanne stopped again before sighing. "Don't be such a spoilsport, I'm in this too," she pointed out. "I can't take my raincoat off either. Like I said, it's all part of the fun." She pointed to my swollen dick. "I can tell you're really getting off on this, right?"
She had me by the goolies. There was no denying that our rainy day romp was a massive turn-on for me. Damn my perfidious penis – it was incapable of lying. "I guess so," I eventually replied.
Joanne laughed before gently pulling me into a clinch and caressing the hood of my raincoat with one hand while the other ran down my back. Far below, the ocean rumbled and swirled like my over excited gonads. "I'm so wet, baby," she moaned before quickly glancing around. No one. We were alone for the moment. She gripped my cock with her hand before grinding her hips against mine with an electrifying rustle of rain-slick vinyl. "My cunt's got this tingling that just won't go away. God, oh Goddd, I want you so much."
I was in a quandary. Although all I wanted was out, I couldn't help admit that I was enjoying myself. Joanne's attention was so pleasurable that all I could do was groan while she milked my cock with her fist before hurriedly letting go as a couple of people – an elderly couple with a King Charles spaniel approached us. Their beautiful spaniel was friendly but Jo hardly had time to lean down and pat the dog before a cold glare and a sharp command called it on its away. "I think they saw us," she giggled and I flushed before smiling. Exhibitionism isn't really my game.
"Why don't we go home," I said again, "where we can really enjoy ourselves? There isn't much privacy out here."
I could see her weakening but she suddenly rallied much to my dismay. "Not yet. I'm hungry. Besides… I've been hanging out for their fish and chips. Those Doyle's people make better fish and chippies than anyone else I know. C'mon, we might as well eat while we're here, then we'll sit in the park and feed the seagulls." She smiled again before giving me another loving squeeze and withdrawing.
"Yeah OK," I sighed. Like practically half of Sydney, I was all but addicted to their excellent seafood. Besides, ordering and eating wouldn't take long.
"Terrific," Joanne beamed. "Let's go."

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Re: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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Made me extreamly horny - good story - just a bit long

Thanks for posting it
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Re: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Part 1

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Thank You for posting, a really nice story :D

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