Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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My telephone rang the following morning. It was Mike. I told him about the terrible incident yesterday with David. He was shocked. I’ve been trying to get hold of Zoe, I handed the telephone over to her. Listen, he said. I will be back in two days’ time. I need to discuss things with you. Will you be free?

For you always, she smiled. She handed the phone back and we slept for a little longer.
The police arrived a later, asked a few more questions and told us that Alexandra had died overnight. She had taken a bunch of powerful pills that had eventually killed her.

She probably took them just before she called you and it takes time for them to progress throughout her body.
The police left us, and we silently drank our coffees.
Let’s go for a walk to cheer ourselves up a little.

I can’t go out in my working clothes, she said indicating her leather jacket and skirt.
I might have something for you, maybe a little too large but we can fix that.
I offered her a pair of PVC tights and a red and black PVC cagoule. She put them on and laughed. I think I will have to grow a little taller. But they will do for today.

We walked quietly together along the riverside deep in our thoughts. Came back home, ordered another takeaway, watched a film on the TV and went to bed.
I’m back, said Mike on the telephone the following day is Zoe with you?

I passed the phone to Zoe. Can you come round at 8pm tonight? No monkey business, just to discuss something with you.
Okay, see you then. She turned to me. I’ve known Mike for around eight years. I think I know exactly what he wants in pain and pleasure, but now he wants to discuss something? I’ll have to wait and see.

At 8pm Zoe went down to Mikes apartment, rather than go in Charles’s oversized PVC cagoule and tights, she wore her leather jacket and skirt.
Is that all the clothes you have? Asked Mike with a smile.
It’s all I have here.

Here try this on for size. It’s a present I bought just for you in Brussels.
Zoe opened the box and pulled out a one-piece black rubber catsuit. Go into the naughty room and try it on. She took off her boots, skirt, and jacket and with difficulty pulled on the cat suit and zipped it up to her neck then put her boots back on.
It fits great, she called to Mike. Thank you, but why?

Mike came in and sat on the bed. I’ve a favour to ask you. I’m leaving for Brussels the day after tomorrow for about a year. I have a friend over there who does what I do with expensive bikes, but he also has a very posh show room in the city centre. We think we could increase turnover if I sourced more expensive bikes over there and we sold them together.

If I give you the code to this apartment would you pop in every week just to check all is okay?
Zoe nodded her consent.
You could even bring a client or two back to this naughty room.
Zoe shook her head. No, all my clients have homes, boats, offices, or hotel rooms that they pay for. But I might bring Charles down if he misbehaves!!

Great that’s settled, said Mike. He wrote down the entry pass number. Oh, and give Charles this. He handed his rubber jacket and trousers to Zoe. My friend in Brussels is a leather man, not rubber.

Zoe put on her skirt and jacket over the rubber catsuit and returned to Charles’s apartment.
He gave you this, Zoe handed the rubber jacket and trousers to Charles.
Why? I said, fondling and sniffing the jacket

He’s going to Brussels for a year and wants me to look after the apartment and said if you misbehaved, I could bring you down to the naughty room for some severe discipline!!
Zoe then took off her jacket and skirt. Charles jaw dropped. We both get a
rubber present.

I can’t wait to misbehave!
It was a week later, when Zoe tightened a dog collar around my neck and attached a long lead and dragged me down to Mikes naughty room. Apparently, I had misbehaved!
Two hours later we returned to my apartment.
I quite enjoyed misbehaving.

I want to do it again soon.
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Looks like Charles is in for a year of fun with Zoe
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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