Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I moved Alexandra’s suitcases into my spare bedroom. She showered and eventually appeared wearing a purple top and tights.
I thought I would complement your purple PVC outfit, she said with a grin.
I’ve ordered the takeaway; it should be here soon. Another drink?

I poured the drink and my door buzzer sounded. I answered and it was Zoe. I let her in, she arrived wearing her shiny nylon mac that she knew I was very fond of. I introduced her to Alexandra, explaining that David was away until tomorrow so she would be staying here with me.
The door buzzer went again. It was the Indian takeaway, I paid and said we would have to share between the three of us.

Zoe took off her nylon mac revealing a black leather hot pants suit. I gasped, it looked so sexy and inviting. Alexandra said Wow! and touched the softness of the leather. Very sexy, she smiled.
We sat and ate the Indian dinner, finished off a couple more bottles of wine.

Alexandra recalled at length her marriage with David. That he was very sexual, rough and could be very violent, especially with guys, with shiny clothes and boots. sometimes with girls That they both didn’t mind sharing lovers as long as they came back to each other later. David’s increase in sex with men and violence eventually broke up our marriage and we were divorced a couple of years ago.

The reason she had been in Australia was to be with her terminally ill mother who had sadly now passed away.
We finished dinner and retired back to the lounge. Zoe and Alexandra sat remarkably close together on the settee. I noticed a little bit of special eye contact going on between them.

Would you like me to leave? I asked. No, said Zoe. I need you to join in. She collected her nylon mac and wrapped it tightly over my face. I felt hands fondling my body. Whose hands I didn’t know but it felt good. Someone unzipped my jump suit, and I could sense two mouths going to work on me. I tried to control myself but gave in to the superior pleasure of two women.

I was guided into Alexandra’s bedroom, Zoe’s nylon mac still pulled tightly around my face. I was pushed onto the bed and I sensed and heard a lot of sensual caressing and kissing going between the two of them. I began to get an erection again, someone smacked my balls heavily and my nipples were squeezed painfully. I cried out. I was rolled over on to my front and my backside was slapped severely. I thought of the fat guy the other night.
Suddenly everything went quiet, then I suspected that Alexandra was down between Zoe’s legs using her tongue to bring Zoe to a very loud orgasm. After a few minutes and movement from the girls I heard a similar orgasmic cry from Alexandra, then apart from heavy breathing and gasping for breath everything became peaceful.

After a good half hour, I pulled Zoe’s nylon mac from my face, saw the two girls in each other’s arms, pulled a duvet over them and left for my own bedroom.
I awoke the next morning to find Zoe asleep next to me without her leather hot pants but snuggled into her nylon mac.
She opened her eyes, smiled and I kissed her gently.

Later after coffee I dressed in my black vinyl coverall and worked on a couple of ideas for future articles. The telephone rang. It was David. My code for the apartment door. I wrote it down. Can you give it to Alexandra please? I’m on the train now so should be with you in around two hours.
Zoe and Alexandra finally arose from their slumbers. Each had a coffee then when Alexandra had repacked one of her suitcases we moved down to David’s apartment. Left her there to wait for David’s arrival and returned to my apartment. Zoe was stood in her nylon mac her nipples pushing hard against the shiny material.

I must go, she smiled. I have a client later and sadly ‘Ingrid’ is not invited. She gave me a kiss and caressed my vinyl enclosed balls and left.
I did a little more work, then I heard a tap on my door. It was David. Christ, you shouldn’t be wearing that outfit with me around he said. He came in, closed the door grabbed my balls and pushed me down onto the settee. I remembered what Alexandra had said the night before… That he was very sexual, rough and could be very violent especially with guys wearing shiny clothes and boots.

He pulled out his erection, pointed it directly at me and shot volumes of cum on to me. Keep that fantastic outfit on. Come down at 7pm I will need to enjoy more of you. I’ll go now and sort Alexandra out. He left and went down to his apartment
I sat slightly out of breath and surprised as to the speed of his actions. I cleaned up my vinyl coverall and poured a stiff whisky. A little early I thought but what the hell.

At 7pm I went down to David’s apartment and knocked on the door. Alexandra slowly opened it. She was naked, splattered in blood and crying. I think I’ve killed the bastard, she sobbed.
I stood still not quite knowing what to do. She pointed through the open door to David’s blood-stained body with a long knife sticking out of his chest.
Have you telephoned the ambulance or police?

I’ll do it now. But I shouldn’t come in. Evidence and stuff. I must have seen too many TV cop films with falsely accused people.
I ran back upstairs and telephoned 999 then quickly changed from my vinyl coverall into normal t-shirt and jeans. I didn’t need any raised eyebrows from the police.

The sirens could be heard, then my doorbell sounded. I let them in and quickly they were in David’s apartment. I introduced myself as the person who had telephoned and was taken to one side by a police officer who took copious notes.

The ambulance crew wrapped Alexandra in a blanket and took her down to the warm waiting ambulance where she was fully checked out. The police told me to go back to my apartment and they would be back later with more questions.

I took another drink and telephoned Zoe. She had just finished with her client. I’ll be straight round. She said.
She arrived just at the same time the police did. Keeping her nylon mac on, not wanting to reveal her sensual leather skirt and jacket to the police.
I explained to them that Alexandra had arrived the night before with two suitcases, we all three had dined on an Indian takeaway and she had told us that she was his ex-wife and he could be a violent person. I didn’t want to tell them about his sexuality or his ex-wife’s.

The police left saying they would be back tomorrow with specialist teams to check out his flat.
Zoe could tell I was shocked and upset. Poured me another drink and we went to bed and quietly slept.
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Interesting twist in the story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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