Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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The next day I looked out of my window and saw a removal van below and two guys bringing furniture into the building. I made a strong coffee then decided what to wear for today. After a few phone calls I decided on my purple PVC jump suit. I always felt horny wearing it. About 2pm the removal van had left. I thought about going down to see how David was getting along but decided against it. I pulled on my purple knee length wellies and black PVC mac and went for a stroll along the riverbank towards to wooded area.

A few dog walkers were about as I entered the woods. I slowly walked around not seeing anybody who might require some relief. I walked to the very end then returned only to confronted by David.

Hi, I said. I thought you were getting your furniture today.
Yes, I got it all, but I saw you leaving the building dressed in your mac and I just had to follow you to see where you were going. You look breath-taking dressed like that, you’ve got me going again, the furniture can wait.
What happens around here then? Is it a dogging area? Is it any good?

Well you found me so it must be okay. If you enjoy messing about in mud, there is a good place just a little further along. I smiled, brushing my hand on the same nylon jogging pants he had worn yesterday.
Can we do something here? He asked hesitantly.

We can but it’s much warmer and comfortable back home. I squeezed his balls and we walked back to our building.
Come on in, he said, as we reach floor five. His furniture was already in place just a load of boxes waiting to be unpacked. One was already opened and contained what look to be rubber gloves, leather studded collars, masks, belts, rubber boots and gags.
They look very interesting, I said to him.

One of my things is I quite enjoy capturing a guy, binding him, gagging him, blindfolding him and then milking him.
Sounds exciting, I said.
Would you like to experience that?
Before I could answer he had selected a rubber ball gag, inserted into my mouth and secured it round the back of my neck. Next, I was blindfolded with a rubber mask and carefully he sat me on a chair binding my hands behind me.
I could sense his hands opening my mac and unzipping my jump suit exposing my erection. His warm mouth slid up and down my shaft and I could feel his hands caressing my black PVC mac. The rubber ball gag was removed and replaced by his erection which he thrust into me faster and faster. I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and I tried to keep the cum in my mouth but there was too much, and it dribbled out of my mouth down all over my mac and jump suit.

He left me there for around ten minutes while he enjoyed himself licking my purple wellies, stroking my mac and squeezing my nipples.
He released me from the chair, took off the blindfold and helped me to my feet.
I looked at the other boxes. What delights do you have in them? I asked.
I’ll let you experience them later but for now I should tidy up and you should clean my cum from your mac.
I left and went upstairs to my apartment and cleaned my mac and checked my emails and wrote some articles.
It was five days later, my front door buzzer sounded.
Can you buzz me in please?
Which apartment do you want?
David in apartment five. Said a female voice. I buzzed her in and opened my door to listen for the lift. It stopped at five and the person began to press David’s buzzer. No reply. I walked down to the fifth floor and there was an attractive youngish woman complete with two suitcases still pressing the buzzer.

Hi, I said smiling. He must be out. Would you like to wait in my apartment until he returns?
That is kind of you, she said eyeing me up and down in my purple PVC jump suit. We placed the two suitcases back in the lift and went up one floor to my apartment.
Take your coat off and make yourself at home. Would you like a drink?
She took off her long shiny red puffa coat, sat down and enjoyed a glass of white wine. It looks like you are here to stay a while, I said indicating the suitcases.

I hope so, she smiled. It’s a surprise for David, I’m his ex-wife.
Oh! I didn’t know he had been married, well actually I know nothing about him, he’s only been here a few days. Do you have a mobile number for him?

Yes, but I lost my phone on the flight coming over from Australia.
Here use this and see if you can find him. I passed my mobile to her. She dialled the number, and it rang for quite a while before David answered.
Hi David, its Alexandra.

Hi what’s up, where are you?
I’m in your neighbour’s apartment. When will you be back?
Not tonight, I’m in Scotland, be home tomorrow afternoon. Why are you here? Can you pass me to Charles please?
Hi Charles, he whispered. It’s my ex-wife, can you look after her tonight and I will be home tomorrow and explain everything to you.
Okay no problem, see you later.

I put the phone down, it looks like you are staying with me tonight, if that’s okay with you.
Thank you. May I take a shower later, it was an exceptionally long flight.
I refilled her glass, she smiled.
Are you hungry? I can order a takeaway. We decided on an Indian.
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Amazing story i can't put it down, please hurry with the next instalment
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