Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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With Mike gone on a buying spree for a couple of weeks or so and the new owner below me currently not living there until the apartment was furnished, I carried on with my writing and enjoying the occasional visits from Zoe.
I get ideas from wearing fetish clothing around my apartment and letting my mind run riot or going out for a walk or drink and meeting someone that may or may not turn out stimulating.

Today I thought I might stroll along the riverbank towards the woods. I always become excited wearing my tall black rubber waders and my long black oilskin coat totally naked underneath. It becomes dark just after seven so any action in the woods should start soon after.
I strolled along the riverbank and spotted a couple of cars and a van parked at the entrance to the woods. Possibilities here I thought.
I walked along to a very muddy area. In some parts I have been knee deep in mud, but today I just sploshed around ankle deep trying to keep my oilskin mac clean.

I strolled around, slowly my eyes were adjusting to the darkness and the moonlight.
I was just about to leave the muddy area when two guys entered. I stood still and watched them as they groped each other, then one sank down on both knees deep into the mud and pulled down the other guys jogging pants and proceeded to pleasure him.
I managed to get out of the area without spoiling their enjoyments and walked back home disappointed at not having any deviant pleasures.
A guy wearing a red and black shiny nylon cagoule was keying in our security number in the front door. It opened and he let me in, we walked to the lift together. What floor I asked.
Five please.

So, you are the new owner, I said. I’m Charles and live on the sixth floor. Pleased to meet you.
David, he said. My stuff arrives tomorrow so I’m dossing down tonight just in case they arrive early with the furniture. I’ve got a sleeping bag for tonight.
Do you fancy a drink? I asked. We stopped at the sixth floor and entered my apartment. Scotch? I poured two large scotch’s. Cheers and welcome.
I observed that he had a noticeable erection trying to push its way out of his nylon tracky bottoms. I like your cagoule, I said fondling his arm and feeling the soft smooth shiny material.

He smiled and touched my oilskin mac. That must be wonderful to wear.
I began to pull on the poppers from the bottom revealing my rubber waders.
His eyes stared as I slowly undid my mac one by one. Let me do that for you please. He pulled on the poppers.

I think you are going to burst through your pants, I said fondling his bulge. All my poppers opened revealing my thigh high waders and naked body.
He pulled his exceptionally large erection out of his shiny nylon tracksuit bottom and pointed it directly at my balls and shot an enormous amount of hot cum over my shaft and balls. He then went down on his knees and licked and cleansed his cum from my balls.
Sorry about that, he apologised. It’s your waders and oilskin mac. Anything shiny makes me cum loads.
I think I should keep them on, I laughed. Another drink?

We sat quite close together on the sofa. So apart from cumming a lot at shiny clothing what do you do for a living.?
I’m an architect. So, I’ll be working mostly from here. What’s your line of work?
I write books and articles about erotic men’s fantasies and deviations.

If you want to do some research on me feel free. He stroked my oilskin mac again. Then pulled me over to him so I could suck his swollen cock. I sucked on him until he pumped another large amount of cum into my mouth and on my face. With his hand he rubbed his cum all over my face and as his cum dribbled from my mouth, he rubbed it over my hair.

Wow, I gasped. I’ve never experienced so much cum at one time. Are you always like that?
Only with guys and only when they have something very shiny on.
Well that’s certainly going into my next article!

I should leave you now so you can get cleaned up. Thanks for the welcome and the drinks.
Okay. I hope all your stuff arrives tomorrow and if you need a hand let me know. I meant with your furniture!
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Nice neighbour
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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