Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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The next afternoon I received a telephone call from Zoe. Could she come round to discuss matters? We agreed on seven pm.
She arrived punctually. I buzzed her in and waited for her as she came up in the lift to the sixth floor. She arrived, smiling, wearing the same boots and a shiny black nylon mac. I led her into my apartment and asked if she would like a drink. Sorry, no alcohol for me thanks. It sends me crazy and sometimes I can become very violent.

She took off her nylon mac but still wore the same zipped up leather jacket and skirt as last night. Have a seat, I said.
We sat together on the settee. Love your PVC jeans she said running her hand up and down my thigh. I smiled and explained that PVC was one of my things.

Like I was explaining last night, I have a client who loves being dominated by me, but I am sure he would enjoy a little play with what you had under your skirt as well. He is English, overweight, and quite generous. The appointment is tomorrow evening at his office. Would you be interested?
So, I dress like last night, let him play with me and that’s all?

That’s it, unless things develop in a nice sort of way. Don’t forget he will be well restrained.
I nodded my agreement. I’ll pick you up dressed tomorrow evening, I’ll ring about five minutes ahead of my arrival and will park down in your basement car park.

Zoe’s hand moved over my thigh again. I took the hint and unzipped her leather jacket, took it and her skirt off, and I guided her to my bedroom. Here wear this, I handed her shiny black nylon mac to her. I don’t want you getting cold. She quickly put it on and pulled the belt tight around her waist. I licked her breasts through the nylon mac. I heard an intake of breath from Zoe. She lay down of the bed, I parted her booted legs and began to lick her pussy.

Her body began to writhe, the sound of her breathing and the swish and rustle of the nylon mac were intoxicating for me.
She had a shuddering climax and lay still.
Do you ever sleep with your clients? I asked a short time later.
Never, she replied. In fact, I have sex very rarely, but only with people I like and intrigue me.
So where do I come in? Intrigue or like?
At the moment, a little bit of both, she smiled.

She jumped up from the bed, redressed herself in her leather jacket and skirt then the nylon mac and left after squeezing my balls severely.
I was slightly perplexed, she wanted an orgasm, which she received but did not return the compliment. Also, on the alcohol subject…… It sends me crazy and sometimes I can become very violent……Why?

I thought of going down to see Mike but decided against it. I may possibly find out tomorrow.
I spent the next morning typing up notes and ideas then began to prepare myself for the evening. It was quite easy really as my clothing had already been chosen.

The telephone rang, Zoe was on her way. I took the lift down to our underground car park and waited in the darkness. She arrived, I got in her car and we sped off to her client’s office.
I forgot to thank you for last night, she said. You were wonderful and kind.
Did you think of a girly name yet?
How about Ingrid?

Okay that will do for tonight then I’ll invent a sexier one for you.
We arrived at the offices, rang the bell, and were let inside. I began to become a little nervous at this point. Zoe slapped me across my face, Pull yourself together Ingrid. You will enjoy yourself.

The building appeared empty and at the far end of a long corridor a light came on and a door opened.
A rather large overweight guy stood naked in the doorway and welcomed us both inside.
This is Ingrid, the girl I told you about with something a little extra you might want to enjoy, said Zoe putting her valise down.
Open your mac Ingrid and show him just a little of yourself. I opened it revealing my thigh boots, mini skirt and t-shirt. The naked guy gave an audible lustful sigh, dropped to his hands and knees, and began to lick my boots.

Zoe opened her valise and took out a pair of handcuffs, a ball gag, a rubber flogger and a studded paddle.
Bend over the desk, quickly, she ordered. She handcuffed his hands behind him, stuffed the ball gag fiercely into his mouth and began to thrash his backside with the studded paddle.

I stood back and watched as Zoe continued to inflict pain. His buttocks began to change colour as he squirmed and moaned with pleasure. The handcuffs were taken off and she swapped the studded paddle for the rubber flogger and thrashed his back, then returned to work on his backside again.

Stand up and turn around, she ordered. She squeezed both his nipples extremely hard, he flinched and cried out. His ball gag was removed. Get on your hands and knees and lick Ingrid’s boots clean.
I stood before him, opened my mac a little and watched as he began to lick the foot and heels. I began to feel excited the higher up he moved as he slowly reached my mini skirt, I had a full erection. He took it deep into his mouth and swallowed my cum as I exploded into him.
Zoe returned to severely flogging his back and without the ball gag his cries of pain were extremely loud.
No more, he pleaded.

Zoe stopped and packed her punishment equipment into her valise. He remained laying on the floor. Thankyou Mistress and to you Miss Ingrid. Your envelope is on the desk. Until the next time. Thank you both.
We left and returned to my flat.

Outside my front door was a parcel and a card. I unlocked the door and we entered. Do you have tonic water? Asked Zoe.
I poured a tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon and a whisky and water for me. I read the card. It was from Mike.
Hope you both had an incredibly good time tonight. I’ve had to go to Belgium for a few weeks….motor bike business. I thought you might like this vinyl coverall I’ve had it on my wall and never used it. So, I thought of you. See you soon, Mike.

We sat down on the settee together, I like you, she said pulling my blonde wig from my head. But if girly is your thing then so be it.
I don’t mind both ways, I replied. It’s the fetishy thing I enjoy most. Plus, the fact that you wear leather with no knickers and bra. I love that and your super nylon squishy mac. Zoe put her hand up my PVC mini skirt and gripped me tightly. I gasped as she gripped me even harder. Would you like me to punish you like the guy tonight?

I’m not too sure. I replied.
Okay, when the time is right it will happen.
But I will just be like one of your clients. I would prefer to be a friend. I received another squeeze and a long kiss.
I opened the parcel. Inside was the black vinyl coverall I had seen next to his leather and rubber motorcycle suits in his naughty room. I need to try this on, I said.

I went to my bedroom took off my boots, mini skirt and t-shirt and pulled on the one-piece vinyl coverall. It fit perfectly, I zipped it up the front to the neck. My body heat made the vinyl softer and I returned to Zoe. Her leather jacket and skirt were carefully arranged on the settee. Zoe was hiding behind the door in her boots and my black PVC mac.

Wow, you look great in that. What a great present. She said. Look it’s a two zipper, so I can access the important bits. She pushed me down on to the settee and opened my zip from the bottom and began to play with me.
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Absolutley Brilliant....Many Thanks for all your writings ,so very exciting...
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Oh lucky man !!
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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