Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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A few days had passed by and I received a phone call from Mike. Would I like to come down for a drink tonight around 8pm and could I please wear the same fetish gear as last time? I agreed, hoping we were going to have a really good time tonight.

I took the lift down the two floors to Mikes apartment, pressed the bell and the door was opened by an attractive dark-haired lady, zipped up, tight black leather jacket, knee length leather skirt and boots.
You must be Charles, she said smiling, I’m Zoe. Please come in.

Is Mike not here? Yes, He is in the naughty room, but he asked me to speak with you first and offer you a large Talisker.
I sipped the Talisker and waited for her to start.

I have known Mike for several years, I am a professional dominatrix. He is just one of my clients. He mentioned that that you had got together the other day and you were a very passable, sexy female, especially in a fetish kind of way. I am occasionally in need of such a person. Some of my male clients need just to be punished by me, others want the same plus a sexy female with a little added surprise under their skirts.

As you do look so stunning and you write erotic stories and articles you might be interested in joining me occasionally for joint sexual encounters?
Please stand up. I smoothed my ankle length black pvc mac, Zoe ran her hand up my thigh boots and found my added surprise.
She stood up and asked me to check her out. I ran my hand up her leather skirt and found a warm ladies pussy.
If you are that way inclined, I could let you take advantage of it.

She kissed me and we entered the naughty room. Mike was naked stretched over the end of a sofa. He had the leather bag over his head, his backside was covered in red welts, and his wrists were manacled together.

You have made a useful find for me Mike. She pulled the leather bag off his head and he smiled with relief that he had suggested Charles to her.
Now start to work on Mike, she ordered me. I took off my long PVC mac revealing the tall boots and mini skirt. Stop, she ordered. I need to do something. She grasped my balls tightly then instructed me to lay on the bed and sat down firmly on my erection.

Moving steadily up and down on me, I unzipped her leather jacket exposing her pert boobs. I pinched them gently and she began to work harder producing breathless noises. Her hands were wrapped tightly around my throat. Suddenly she cried out, gasping with extreme satisfaction.
Pulling herself up from me, she slapped me twice, hard across the face. Okay bitch, I will be in touch very soon. Find yourself a suitable girly name.
Right Mike, she said, you did very well. The next session will be free of charge.

She zipped up her jacket and left the naughty room and Mikes apartment. I unlocked Mikes manacled wrists. He tenderly rubbed the red welts on his backside. Have you got a nurse’s uniform in your PVC collection? He asked smiling.
Sorry no, but I do have a thin white PVC mac, so I could double as a doctor for you. I’ll go upstairs and wear it if you want. He nodded.
I took the lift and replaced the black mac for my thin white one, leaving on my boots and mini skirt and adding a pair of purple surgical rubber gloves.

Mike was in the lounge pouring out Talisker for us both when I returned. Very authentic, especially the gloves, he laughed.
He had put on a long red nylon cagoule and sat resting on the settee. I sat next to him. How long have you been into pain and Zoe?
Quite a few years now. It gives me a real buzz being dominated and controlled by her, but she doesn’t come cheap. You might want to learn from her and dominate me sometimes.

Do you have anything that is off limits? I asked.
Don’t know, until I have tried it a couple of times.
I turned to him and pushed a couple of rubber covered fingers into his mouth. He began to lick and suck them, his hands caressing my white PVC mac. He turned over, kneeling on the settee. I pulled his nylon cagoul upwards from his backside and inserted my two wet rubber gloved fingers to his expectant backside.

Slowly I increased the number of fingers and carefully inserted my fist. He was very well lubricated, I suspected he had pre oiled himself before I came back down.
I gently turned my fist inside him and pushed a little further inside.
Stop! he cried.

I could sense him relax a little, so I started again gently.
No more!
I stopped, then gradually removed my rubber gloved hand slowly from him.
He turned over and looked at me his eyes glazed with pleasure.

Let me know when you require the services of this doctor again, I said laughing.
I left, went back upstairs, climbed into bed with all my rubber and PVC clothes on and dreamed of what plans Zoe had for me.
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Would swop places with either of them if it was on offer
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Great story, this could develop to really erotic story. Love it
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