Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I collapsed onto my bed and slept until late in the morning in my shiny black PVC jeans. When I woke, I tried to remember last night? I couldn’t remember all of it, but I think I knew I had enjoyed it tremendously.

I had to be ready for 8pm so careful planning was in order. As the afternoon progressed, I showered, shaved, and prepared the clothes I was going to wear. I had a short relapse and dozed off for an hour. Then began to apply makeup, wig and the clothes.

By 8pm I was ready, very tall black thigh boots with killer heels, black pvc mini skirt, gold PVC t-shirt and my long ankle length black PVC Macintosh, tightly belted and topping it all off my blonde wig. I checked my makeup and checked again just to be sure. I just hoped I would get a good reaction.
I took the lift down to Mikes floor, steps and high killer heels do not bode well for me!

I tapped on his door and he opened it immediately. Jesus! He exclaimed. You look fantastic. Come on in. He guided me into the kitchen his hands were all over my mac, squeezing and stroking, I felt well at ease with the welcome.

Mike had his rubber two-piece suit on. We did leather yesterday, he laughed. I gave his crutch a tweak as I absorbed his breath-taking rubber aroma.
He poured out two large Talisker’s, handed me one and kissed me on the cheek.
Thanks for coming down. Let’s go into the naughty room.

It was warm, the lights were very subdued and sexy, and the background music played.
We stood in front of each other, his hands were caressing my mac, then he began to undo my belt and to his delight discovered my mini skirt and thigh high boots.
I’ve just gone to heaven, he declared.

He lifted my mini skirt discovering the absence of knickers and squeezed me. We kissed, his rubber aroma got to me and I had to slip my tongue into his mouth. He reluctantly disrobed me of my mac and pushed me onto his bed. He started on my heels and licked me all the way up my exceptionally long boots until his mouth found my skirt. He turned me over and spanked my bottom lightly. I then felt a very wet tongue rimming me. It was fantastic. I shuddered and gasped with pleasure. I felt myself being fingered and loaded with a lubricant followed by Mikes cock entering me gently. He thrust into me increasing speed until he hit the jackpot and came.

Breathlessly he pulled himself out, took each of my wrists and shackled them to the metal bed head. He pulled a leather bag over my head and tightly secured it around my neck. I was gasping but the smell of the leather was fantastic. I sensed he had left the bed. Within seconds I received a painful slap on my buttocks and then more.

Again, my backside was entered, but this time it was not Mike it was a dildo. He inserted it fully then switched it on. At first, I cried out then I began to enjoy the experience.
His powerful hands wrapped around my throat. I felt that at any moment I would choke. He released me, extracted the dildo and pulled the leather bag from my head.

I lay on the bed gasping, totally surprised at what had happened and surprised that I think I was enjoying it!
He lay next to me smiling. If you want to get your own back, you can. I rested for a little while, then stood up, straightened my PVC mini skirt, found my mac, put it on pulling the belt tight around my waist, adjusted my wig just a little and said. I bloody well will.
Mike poured another two drinks for us both then produced a studded leather paddle. This might help, he said. He lay on the bed encased in his rubber jacket.

I pulled down his rubber trousers and thrashed his backside with the studded paddle. No reaction from him, I was obviously not thrashing him hard enough. I intensified my efforts and was gratified to hear him cry out for more. I carried on thrashing his backside. It had turned very red when he ultimately cried out for me to stop.
I did.

Mike eventually rose from the bed and pulled me up with him. That thrashing was almost as good as my personal dominatrix provides.
He caressed my PVC mac again then locked my hands above my head with the two wrist hooks on the wall. My mac was opened, and he progressed upwards until he found my erection waiting for him. He expertly brought me to an excruciating orgasm unlocked my wrists and I collapsed to the floor.
He left me and locked the naughty room door. I managed to drag myself to the bed and slept with the wonderful aroma of leather for a couple of hours. Mike re-entered the room and covered me with a heavy leather sheet and left me alone again.

Next morning Mike entered the room totally naked, slipped in between the leather sheets and began to play with me. My mac was soft and warm from my body heat, he began licking my mac just around my nipples, it was so exciting I squirmed and groaned.
I need to go to the loo!

I returned and he continued to caress my mac then told me he had to go out in the afternoon to see someone who he thought, would be extremely interested in me.

I returned to my apartment. It began to rain in the afternoon. I thought of doing something I hadn’t done for a few weeks. I removed all my clothes, pulled on my very tall rubber waders, put on my thick unlined vinyl hooded cagoule, zipped it up the front, inserted a ball gag in my mouth and tightly fastened it round the back of my head. Pulled the vinyl hood over my head and pulled the draw strings tight so that my mouth and nose were covered just leaving my eyes free of vinyl.

Next came my grey unlined PVC mac, belted and finally a pair of gloves. I walked out of my lounge onto the terrace and into the rain. The sound of it pattering on my hooded head and mac was fabulous. I put my gloved hands in my deep mac pockets and sat down on my garden chair enjoying the feeling of the rain and seeing how my mac glistened.

I began to gently move my hands around inside my pockets and felt myself becoming aroused inside my mac. I played with myself slowly. I wanted the feeling to last as long as I could. I couldn’t wait, I speeded up and orgasmed, the rain continued down on me. I stood up and felt my warm cum dribble down my legs. An amazing feeling, I moved back into my lounge sat down on my sofa and dozed off for a short while.
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Amazing stories can't wait to read the next chapter
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Excellent story - thanks
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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