Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I’m Charles, I live in a luxury three bedroomed apartment on the sixth and top floor overlooking a small river and some dense woodland in the distance. The apartment has a small, secluded garden terrace great for sunbathing or having dinner or cocktails. I write erotic stories and articles for men and have a great time researching the stories. I am reasonably well off. My family left me a decent amount of money and investments before their passing.

I am in my mid-thirties, quite fit, slim, and reasonably good looking as Charles. When I occasionally cross dress, the makeup and wig does help a lot.
The fifth floor of the block has just been sold and painters and workmen have been decorating and laying carpets for the new owner.
The fourth floor is owned by Mike the bike. I think he is mid-fifties and strong looking. He owns an expensive motor bike and dresses in leather bikers gear most of the time. We are friends and have lots of fun times together. He sometimes prefers me as Charles but more often he prefers me in a frock as Charley/Ingrid.

Mike bought his apartment a couple of years ago and his workers spent a good month changing his kitchen and one of the three bedrooms.
When the work was completed, he moved in and all was peaceful again. One evening there was a knock on my door, unusual as no one can enter the building from downstairs without being buzzed in.
I opened the door to find Mike resplendent in black leather jeans and leather shirt. He was holding a bottle of Talisker whisky and two chunky glasses.

I just wanted to introduce myself and apologise for the noise over the past month. He said with a friendly smile, glancing slightly obviously at my white t-shirt and tight black shiny PVC jeans.
No problem, I said. Come on in, are you all settled in now?
Yes, no more noise from me.
He opened the bottle of Talisker whisky poured two generous measures and I added a small amount of water to each glass. Let’s sit down and have a chat.
We sat on the sofa and told each other about ourselves. Mike made his living dealing in expensive classic motor bikes travelling around the country and abroad buying and selling.
I told him about my writing which caught his interest. Also, my love of PVC, cross dressing, and Macintoshes. He stood up and poured another couple of generous drinks came back and sat closer to me on the sofa. His knee gently pressed against my leg; I didn’t react, I carried on talking. He pressed again. This time I pressed back.

He took a large slug of Talisker and his hand lightly touched my shiny PVC jeans. I looked at him and smiled. He moved his hand up to my crutch as he grew in confidence. I placed my drink on the side table next to me and squeezed his crutch. He had already attained an erection. He placed his glass down and knelt in front of me as he forcefully opened my legs. He began to lick my PVC crutch before opening my belt and pulling down my zip. He moved down on me taking me into his mouth pulling and sucking hard and then softly. He expertly licked my shaft and balls before sucking me again. I gasped out loud as I came into his mouth. He swallowed my cum, smiled and sat back beside me on the sofa and took another slug of Talisker.

Well that was very unexpected and pleasurable, I said to him. Can I return that wonderful experience?
No rush, he smiled. Would you like to see what I’ve done in my apartment?
Sure, I would love to. I stood up, pulled up my zip and tightened my belt.
We walked down to his apartment, not using the lift for just two floors. He opened his door and let me enter, squeezing my PVC covered buttocks as I passed him.

His lounge was all tasteful and modern, his kitchen was state of the art but so far very clean and unused. Do you cook? I asked.
I can but I haven’t yet. He showed me his bedroom and the second bedroom he had turned into an office. The third bedroom was an eye opener. It was a room built for sex. Great lighting, Dark walls, ceilings, a king-sized bed covered in black leather with two large leather covered pillows a heavy metal headboard. A complete wall with his motorcycle suits hanging, three in leather, one in rubber and an all in one black vinyl coverall.
This and the kitchen was where the work guys made the most noise. This room is now almost soundproof. He looked at me and smiled. I’ll just go and top up the glasses, stay here and have a nosey around.

I went straight over to the rubber suit. Stroked it, buried my head in it and smelt its fabulous aroma. Mike had returned and caught me.
Smells and feels good doesn’t it, he asked, handing me another full glass of Talisker. Try the jacket on if you like.
I pulled the rubber jacket on over my white t-shirt and zipped it up. As I stared at myself in the large wall mirror, I began to get another erection. Rubber jacket and shiny black PVC jeans. Oh my god, I looked great. I took another sip of Talisker and sat down on the bed. Mike pulled out his erection and pushed it into my willing mouth. He held the back of my head and pulled me forcefully towards him. I gagged as he thrust himself in and out of me until with a great shudder, he came and collapsed next to me on the bed.

Well that’s one of the best introductions I’ve ever had from a neighbour! When can we get together again?
Mike looked at his watch, It’s 11 o’clock. Let’s make a date for tomorrow down here, shall we? I’ve plenty more bottles of Talisker. As we lay on his bed, he told me he loved my PVC jeans and did I own anything else in PVC. Like what? I asked him.
Thigh boots, skirts, dresses, Macs, he replied.

I’ll show you tomorrow. My head was spinning from the sexual excitement and more probably from the excess of Talisker. I had reluctantly given Mike his rubber jacket back and walked slightly unsteadily upstairs to my apartment.
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Bloody Hell......More Please!!!.....Thank You so much for your writings ,Brilliant as always!!!
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Wow - great opener story -see there is three more parts / chapters ; will continue reading
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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