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Posted: October 20th, 2020, 1:32 am
by Jennifer987
My Perfect Fantasy

I have been thinking about what would be my perfect rubber/PVC garment if I could have anything in the world. Well, as it turns out, what I came up with is very reachable and could be possibly made to order from the likes of Honor latex without too much cost.

I much prefer latex garments that are not too tight but still slightly restrictive just like a belted raincoat with a tied hood. I have several of these and thoroughly enjoy them both out in the rain and in bed. They give me a sense of being held in a cocoon, nice and warm and comforting and the feeling of the latex on my skin is erotic.

So what I have come up with is a cross between a raincoat and a cape. It would have sleeves and a fitted hood with an elasticated neck about 3” high, not too tight but snug. The hood would also be elasticated around the face and nicely fitted around my head.
The body of the coat would have no fastenings and be quite loose around my breasts and hips to enable my lover to be inside with me. The length would have to be very long say about 30” below my feet and around 50” wide at the bottom with a heavy duty zip closure. I would enter the coat through the bottom sliding my head through the neck and slipping my arms into the sleeves which also would be elasticated at the cuffs with a 2” bands.

I think the medium weigh/gauge black latex will be my preferred material, not too thin as to tare easily but thin enough for a nice soft feeling.
With a lover inside with me nestling her head between my breasts and suckling my nipples as we lay on my bed will be perfect. She could then ease down to caress my vagina with her tongue to bring me to fulfilment, we could then change place without actually either of us getting out of the coat. It would be a bit of a struggle but very enjoyable but very much worth it as I could then pleasure her as she had done me.
This is my dream fantasy, but something that is possible so maybe one day I can bring it to fruition.



Posted: November 19th, 2020, 6:04 am
by Buttons
Wow Jennifer, I just found your blog. I would love to join you in your special coat. It has given me thought as to what i think my perfect fantasy would be.
Anyway thanks Jennifer.