Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Friday was an early start. I loaded Jess’s large suitcase into my car, and we set off back down to the shopkeeper’s store.
Jane was waiting for us, I loaded her suitcase and drove to the railway station. The train was on time. I manhandled the cases on board, kissed them both and waved farewell before returning to the shopkeeper’s store.
Away on time, he asked.
I nodded. Seems a strange place they are going to be working in, but if it’s no good I’m sure they can look after themselves. I’m expecting a phone call from Jess either tonight or in the morning.
The shopkeeper looked disappointed. I was hoping you might stay over. I shook my head. I’ll come over another time.
The shopkeeper smiled. There’s something in the storeroom for you.
I went inside and there resting on a chair was my favourite shiny black oilskin mac. I took hold of it, pressing against my mouth and nose, then put it on, closing the poppers, tightening the belt around my waist, and thrust my hands down into the deep pockets.
The shopkeeper entered the storeroom, put on his red PVC mac, and sat down on a chair. I thought you might like the surprise. He opened the oilskin mac and extracted my semi erection. I’ve closed the shop for half an hour so we can enjoy ourselves.
We did, shooting hot cum over our macs. It was a lot more exciting than the first time when I wore my sisters black polka dotted plastic mac. I must have been more tense then.
Why don’t you visit me next Sunday and Monday? I said, placing the oilskin mac over the back of the chair.
Yes, I would like that, he replied. Give me the post code for my satnav.
I left and drove back home. I opened the front door and the first thing I noticed in the hallway was Jess’s burgundy PVC mac. We had both forgotten to pack it. I buried my face in it, remembering the wonderful time Jess and I had enjoyed during the past week.
I went up to my bedroom, stripped off, collapsed on the bed pulled Jess’s burgundy PVC mac tightly around me and dozed off waiting for Jess’s telephone call.

To Be Continued when we get to know exactly what Jess and Jane are involved with at the club.
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Love it when he is with the Shopkeeper.....Many Thanks
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