Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I am a single guy, bisexual and content with my life at the moment. I have two older sisters, both married but my eldest sister has just become divorced. When we were children, they would sometimes dress me in their girly clothes and seriously tease me.
My newly divorced sister had pleaded with me to come down to her holiday cottage for the weekend to keep her company and also help look after her two young children.
I took the train down for a long weekend with them. On the Sunday it was a dark day then suddenly by lunchtime it began to rain cats and dogs.
I hate to ask you, said my sister, but could you go to the village shop for a few things for dinner? I think he closes up at lunchtime.
I looked out of the window and thought I might just drown in the deluge. My car was at home, and I had arrived by train.
Don’t worry she said You can borrow my mac.
I could not refuse my sister. She brought out her black and white polka dotted PVC mac and helped me into it.
Here she said. Pull the hood up and that will keep you nice and dry.
She pulled the hood over my head and pulled the cords tight. Then pulled the belt firmly around my waist.
I hope nobody sees me!! I said. Relishing the feeling of wearing her PVC mac. PVC was just one of my secret passions
I went out into the rain and eventually found the village shop. The owner was just closing for the day but welcomed me in.
You are lucky, he said. But I always try to keep open for guys in PVC macs. He said with a knowing look in his eye. What would you like? He brought a small towel and wiped my face and shoulders. That should do, he said, wiping my wet PVC chest and concentrating on drying the lower half of the mac.
This I began to enjoy as he took longer than was really necessary to rid the PVC mac of rainwater.
He smiled at me, I quite like guys in PVC mac’s.
Thank you, I smiled. It’s not my mac it’s my sisters.
Oh, well it complements you, he said drying the same part of the lower mac again.
I could feel myself reacting to his drying movement and was enjoying it. He sensed this and put his hand up inside the PVC mac hand and gently squeezed my erection.
We both smiled at each other as he continued to arouse me. My hand dropped to his crutch and gently touched his erection. He stopped playing with me, crossed over to the shop door, locked it and turned the open/closed sign to closed.
Come with me, he said, his hand rubbing the back of my PVC mac. We went into his small storeroom. He sat down, facing me and slowly undid the poppers, then opened the PVC mac, pulled down my zip and extracted my rather large erection.
He squeezed it hard then took it fully in his mouth. Sucking me in and out at great speed. I locked my hands around the back of his head pushing myself deeper and deeper into his mouth. I gasped noisily as I shot my hot cum into him. I pulled myself gently out of his mouth as he dribbled over the bottom part of my PVC mac.
He stood up offered me the chair and said It’s your turn now. He pulled out his enlarged glistening cock and forced it into my open mouth. He came quickly and his cum dripped out of my mouth and down the chest part of my sisters PVC mac.
He passed me the towel and I wiped the mac clean. I dreaded to think what my sister would say if she found out.
Well that was an unexpected pleasure he said. Maybe we can do it again soon. Do you live in these parts?
No just visiting my sister for a few days.
Well this shop is always closed on Mondays. Would you like to come around tomorrow afternoon? I can offer you one of my mac’s, they are all cum proof, he smiled.
That should be interesting, I’ll have to think of an excuse for my sister though.
He squeezed my balls again and asked what it was I came to the shop for.
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Nice short story - thing dreams are made of
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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