My raincoat fetish life

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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My raincoat fetish life

Post by Joeplastic123 »

I want to tell my story from the beginning.

When I was very young I had a blue cagoule and my sisters had rukka style raincoats. Any opportunity that I got i would wear them and just loved how they felt on my skin. As I got older and the Internet came about I started searching for pictures of girls in shiny pvc coats and catsuits and my love for all things shiny and rainwear just grew. I got married and told my wife about the fetish and she was very open minded and got some plastic raincoats and all in one suits to wear for me in the bedroom which was amazing. I sneakily bought a few extra for myself and would wear them when she wasn't in.

Then I found this forum and started to chat to other people with the same love as me for all things rainwear. Thats when I realised I like to take pictures of my self with my stuff on and send them to other people. I got chatting to some other men and the thought of being with another man in all the soft plastic really turned me on. So I arranged to meet with a guy, went around to his house dressed in pvc maids uniform, pink plastic panties, pvc stockings, shiny transparent sliver max and yellow rubber gloves. He made me clean his house whilst doing as he please with me. It was a great experience but didn't quite tick all my fantasies. I wanted to suck and be taken by a man whilst dressed in soft pink plastic, bound and used. I met with another man much older than myself but he wa ted me to take him which I did. I got caught chatting online to another man by my wife and she thought I was gay, which isn't true as I only fancy women but have the fantasy to be taken by a man. She stayed with me for a couple of years then recently left me, i only have myself to blame but I cannot help my sequel desires and fantasies.

Now that I am single for the first time in many many years I want to try and pursue those fantasies before I get myself into a long term relationship with another women where I then need to hide all of those things. I really do wish there was a women out there that loved rainwear as much as me but it doesn't seem there are any around my age.
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Re: My raincoat fetish life

Post by Hotnylon123 »

Im in a similar situation , love womem but want fun with a guy .
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Re: My raincoat fetish life

Post by PakamacMagic »

Yes, I'm in exactly the same position, for even though my wife doesn't mind me wearing my plastic things, bless her, I think it takes a male to really understand just how one's feeling when wearing nothing put filmy plastic next to one's skin.
For, in another room, I even sleep in it from time to time under sheets, pillows and duvets, which can be so erotic, feeling the softness of the plastic all over my naked form, oh what bliss.

I also so like wearing my plastic rainwear outdoors, especially Pakamac ones, which along with other makes from all over the world, I have quite a collection, generally wearing shorts and tops under my lovely plastic things, which I also wear when ever its wet, especially during summer showers, and no one has ever commentated on that, so please do try it too, for you may well be surprised how little attention you receive.
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Re: My raincoat fetish life

Post by annabell-cagoule »

Joe, you need to find a women who is bi and happy for you to be too, then find a rainwear guy and girl you can all play with, then everyone is happy :) x
Lets get swishy!
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