That lady in the shiny red mac.....

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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That lady in the shiny red mac.....

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My wife has always been a little strange. It suited me because, so am I. I define myself as somewhat submissive, she has always been pushy, controlling, yes dominant, hence the reason we are compatible. My liking for shiny macs drew us together.
That first meeting she was wearing a full length hooded shiny gloss red mackintosh. I couldn't stop staring. I was like a dog on heat. She looked fantastic. Tall, slim, long dark hair cascading over the huge hood sitting across her shoulders. She turned and caught me staring, I quickly overt my gaze, and turned away. Seconds later a whisper in my ear, 'do you prefer my mac or me?' I turned to find myself face to face with her. 'Well?' I was overwhelmed. 'You.... well both' I blurted out. I could feel myself blushing profusely. 'Good. Right answer.' With that she spun and swished away. My eyes just followed and admired. The neighbors garden party continued on into the late evening. I caught a glimpse once more and then she was gone. I remember feeling saddened. I should have introduced myself, offered to get her a drink, but, typically, I am not gods gift to women, I certainly dont have the charm and as I bid my goodbyes, somewhat pissed from the over doing of free wine, I wobbled down the shared drive to my back door. Im sure I had left the hallway light on, I always do if I know Im going to be out late. Who cares. I struggled my way upstairs, removing socks, undo belt, half removing teeshirt on the way. Landing light missed it. Throw off teeshirt. Bathroom. Wee, wee a bit more. Giggle. Stop. There was a strange aroma, could it be my aftershave, no perfume. Into bedroom. Stop. Silence, not quite, very slight purry sound of breathing. I flicked the lamp on and there.....there..... on my bed was she, she all wrapped up in her beautiful mac, hood up. Her face aglow in the lamplight. Her eyes opened, she smiled, the sound of a zip, she pulled the duvet back, revealing semi nakedness wrapped in shiny red vinyl. Ive never seen anything so beautiful. 'Happy Birthday' she sleepily smiled again, 'Its not my birthday' my reply, 'yes it is, its just come early'...............
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Re: That lady in the shiny red mac.....

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Oh My Giddy God, what a fantasy! Can't wait for Episode @!
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