PVC Adventures (in lockdown) with M - Part 11

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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PVC Adventures (in lockdown) with M - Part 11

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After three months of lockdown M and I are increasingly frustrated at not being able to meet up for some pvc fun. Now that hotels are to reopen soon and people from two households can meet indoors whilst maintaining social distancing, we’ve hatched a plan! All my previous stories have been based on real true events. This one is a fantasy but I’m sure we’ll be turning it into reality soon. This is how we hope to relieve 100 days of fetish frustration but keep within the rules.

We will meet in London and go to a restaurant. We’ll be hoping for cooler weather than just now and hoping even more for rain. But M is a very accommodating friend and will always wear one of her shiny macs even on a warm day. And today she won’t disappoint appearing at the agreed meeting place in a new long shiny black raincoat. No boots understandably but very sexy stiletto shoes instead.

We’ll have a pleasant meal sitting suitable socially distanced- no physical contact. M will have taken off her mac and laid it provocatively across the seat next to her. She’ll be in a low-cut dress just above knee-length plus black fishnets.

As we near the end of the meal I will reveal to M that I’ve booked a hotel room - this won’t come as a surprise to her although she’ll feign disapproval. With her very sexy dominatrix look, she’ll warn me that we must maintain strict social distancing so there’ll be a need to improvise!

We’ll walk to the hotel, M wearing her mac but not belted up as it’s quite a warm day but with her stilettos clicking sexily along the street. We’ll check in, head to the room. As we arrive at the door, M will take charge.

‘Now this is what we’ll do. I’ll go in first and go into the bathroom to get ready. You follow in to the bedroom, get undressed and lie on the bed and don’t get off the bed!’

She will then disappear into the bathroom. I will do as instructed and undress and lie on my back on the bed. It will seem like ages before she opens the door from the bathroom, and struts into the room, mac on, belted tight, collar up but the top button undone to reveal a suggestion of cleavage. And, most interestingly, she will be holding a ruler in her right hand.

‘This is a two metre ruler. At all times you must keep that distance away from me, whatever happens. I hope you understand.’

She will then start tottering around the room in her heels, her sexy raincoat swishing as she moves and every now and then she will reach out with the ruler to check that she’s not getting any closer than two metres. I will be getting very excited by this but when that becomes obvious M holds her ruler above me and gently taps my stiffening manhood with it.

She will continue to tease from a distance gradually unbuttoning more of her mac and playing fleetingly with her nipples and allowing one hand to disappear under the flap of her coat to find her special place. She will occasionally bring the ruler close to my cock - she will even measure it from a distance.

‘Not long enough yet - try harder’

It will be obvious that she is getting close and I will by now be wanting release. It will require a tremendous act of willpower for me not to move towards M and she will sense this.

‘Stay still’ she will order.

M will then sit on a chair, close her eyes and concentrate on what she desperately needs. Her shiny pvc raincoat will still be belted but the buttons will all be undone. One hand will be playing between her legs, the other will now be furiously rubbing her nipple and every minute or so she will push up a breast and suck it with her tongue.

I will now be beside myself with desire for M and in desperate need of release and I will move towards the end of the bed and reach out towards M.

‘Down !!’ will shout M.

‘You are breaking the rules. Lie on the bed face down now.’

I will do as instructed. I will lie there. I will wait wondering what will happen next. I soon discover as the thwack of M’s ruler lands on my exposed buttocks once, twice, three times in quick succession.

‘Don’t break my rules. Keep 2 metres away. Do as you are told.’

‘Yes Mistress M. I promise to obey the rules’.

I will remain lying on my stomach, my head and arms tantalisingly close to my pvc-clad lover and with my member firm, stiff and about to burst.

M will return to her seat, resume her journey to climax, seemingly ignoring me and my urgent needs. What am I to do?

I will sense that she will get there soon and that in itself will be spurring me on and I will feel my juices starting to move.

Then, suddenly, M will stop in her tracks.

‘I’m too hot’ she will exclaim’ I’ll have to take off this mac’.

Normally this would be a great disappointment to me but soon I will realise that M has a wicked plan.

‘There you go. Look after it for me’ she will say as she throws her mac towards me before resuming playing with herself.

The meaning will be clear to me. I will take the sexy shiny coat, lay it on the bed, organise myself over it and start to rub my manhood against it. Any lingering doubts I will have about M’s intention will disappear when she exclaims loudly,

‘Fuck my mac! Fuck it now. ‘

‘Yes mistress , with pleasure.’

M will now be rubbing herself rhythmically and determinedly and it won’t be long. She will be wild with desire and need.

‘Fuck my sexy raincoat. Spill your cum on my pvc. You can’t put your nice stiff cock in me but you can shoot your load on my mac. And make it a big load of sticky smelly stuff all over it.’

I will now be very close myself.

‘I’m fucking your gorgeous mac, M. I’m going to cum very soon’

‘You’re a kinky pvc pervert’ will be M’s response ‘ you love a shiny raincoat to cum on as much as a wet tight pussy, don’t you’

‘Yes mistress I do - is that bad?’

‘Very bad so make sure you do it properly! I want cum all over it - right up the back, on the collar, the belt, the sleeves, everywhere, NOW!’

It will then take no more than a minute and, in perfect harmony, M will squeal and I will groan as we both achieve release. Kneeling over her mac, my first squirt is so powerful, it overshoots its target and lands on M’s stilettos.

‘On the mac, I said’ M will shout.

The second will be spot on - a creamy residue gathering on the back of her coat, some running quickly into the belt; the third will despoil the sleeve and the lower flap.

‘I’m fucking your kinky coat, you pvc slut’ I will shout as I empty out my member and then slump onto the raincoat causing the cum to spread out further.

For several minutes we will lay quietly both enjoying a feeling of extreme satisfaction before M will break the silence,

‘Now clean it up ....and do it properly!’

Five minutes later I will emerge from the bathroom having cleaned M’s mac thoroughly. I will lay it down on a chair and she will put it on again. I will be hoping that maybe we can continue our socially distanced fun as I will be starting to feel hard again after all the touching of M’s coat but I will be disappointed.

‘Sorry but I need to catch my train’ M will announce as she points her ruler towards my erection. ‘Save that for next time when I’ll hopefully be able to have it in my pussy’.

As she walks out of the door, I will notice a small knot of cum on the lower flap of her coat which I must have missed when cleaning - a tell tale sign for the wider world of why M so much enjoys wearing sexy, shiny raincoats and why she is a very naughty kinky pvc tart!

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