Steward at a pop festival

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Steward at a pop festival

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When I was married to Marco I used to write raunchy stories to keep his pecker up. This is one


For several years now my uncle has allowed a pop festival to be staged on a couple of his fields away from the village and the farmhouse.

Each year I have organised the stewards for the event. Keeping hundreds of youngsters in order is tough work at the best of times and if the weather is bad it can get very mucky requiring suitable weatherproof attire.

Many of the regular attendees bring appropriate clothing for all eventualities but some don’t. You should see the mess that some of them get into when it’s a wet weekend.

Another thing that can cause problems is alcohol consumption. Seeing drunken festival goers trying to stand upright and walk on wet mud can be quite funny.

As the days drift into nights there is an air of sex about the place. Couples and more are at it all over the site. You can hear them in tents. You can see camper vans and four by fours rocking on their springs. You can even trip over couples copulating in the open on the ground or even standing up.

Last year the festival was wet. Very wet in fact.

On the Saturday night the weather was atrocious. It poured down all night yet it was quite warm.

Accordingly, I dressed in a heavy duty black pvc mackintosh, rubber thigh boots and sou’wester hat for protection against the rain. As it was warm I wore nothing beneath the waterproofs to avoid working up a sweat.

Around ten thirty at night a girl staggered towards me. She was wearing a shorty shiny black hooded mackintosh and boots and clasping three pints of beer in plastic mugs. Suddenly she slipped and fell right into my arms and the three pints spilt over the two of us. I held her to prevent her falling in a heap in the mud.

I felt something wet and warm trickling into my boots. Not only was she pissed, she was pissing over me.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, I slipped a hand under the hem of her mackintosh and explored her while I held her tightly to me. Sure enough I touched home on her bare essentials.

She reacted by feeling inside my coat and took hold of my cock.

“Sorry about the piss in your boots” She said. “You can fill mine if you want”

Well, you can’t refuse a lady. Can you?

So I did. I let rip down both boots.

She clung tight to me until my flow subsided then suddenly she threw up down the front of my coat. I’ve had worse in my time. This dose was mainly beer. She must have drunk several pints before bumping into me.

I pulled her to me again and rubbed my coat against hers so that she got her share of her spew.

“God! How can I make it up to you?” She asked. “That’s an awful thing to do to a bloke”

“I’ll be fucked if I know” I said.

“That’s a deal then. You’ll be fucked” she said.

I pushed her over into the mud and lay down on top of her. Reaching between us I guided my cock into her cunt and started to fuck her there and then.

People splashed passed us without taking much notice at first then a girl in a reversible yellow rubber mackintosh and boots stopped. “Fuck her, Fuck her” she chanted. Gradually an audience formed around us. I rolled her over on top and she sat up. With her booted legs clamped either side of me she began to ride towards a climax.

Then I felt it. A cascade of liquid, like a tap opened. First one, then more of the audience started to piss on us and still she rode me. Up and down, on and on she went until I blew my load in her.

She rolled off and lay on her back. “Who’s next” she asked. A bloke jumped on and a queue started to form. I lost count of how many blokes had her in the mud.

Then a girl said “Why is she having all the fun?” and grabbed for my cock. She wanked it to full erection and then, dropping to her knees, she took the entire length down her throat and started to pump on it. She was literally fucking me with her mouth.

Another girl dropped to her knees beside me and grabbed for a bloke and soon there was a line of us being blown.

I felt myself starting to cum and pulled out. My first blast of spunk hit her straight in the face and then spurt after spurt splashed across her yellow waterproof and slowly began to ooze down it.

“Next please” I heard her call and another bloke took my place in her throat with the same result. Another blast in the face and over her waterproof.

On and on the orgy went until the band stopped and all went quiet.

The original girl who had thrown up over me pulled me up and took me to her tent. There were two other girls in it.

“You took your time getting our beers” One said. “God you are a fucking mess”

“That’s why there’s no beers. I chucked them down this bloke and fucked him in the mud for compensation. The rest is a long story but he’s a bloody good fuck with a big cock and great staying power. You should try him”

I was grabbed and made to oblige these three pop goers for the rest of the night.

God, was I knackered.
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Re: Steward at a pop festival

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And I bet Marco enjoyed them
He would think he was the guy in this one enjoying a good fucking session.
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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