when fantasy becomes reality..........(3)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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when fantasy becomes reality..........(3)

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The silence was almost deafening. I lay still for a second trying to decide whether to play dead, or, as was the case, scramble along on my knees, as best possible, tumbling and rolling, vinyl mac tangling around arms and legs, straight into mistresses shiny black legs. Sort of safe. I heard a voice 'you ok over there, thought I saw someone trip over', her slightly slurred tones replied 'its okay, we've had a couple of drinks and are messing around.....'
'Ok' came the reply. Almost immediately the noisy neighbours continued their games. I gagged a sigh of relief, Mistress, however, was not so amused. 'You got away with that by the skin of your teeth' she whispered. 'Let the games continue. Get up and move, I need more wine'. I struggled to my booted feet, very unsteadily, with her helping hand headed back towards the house. 'Don't think this is over yet, Im going to make you suffer' instant groin twitch, with all of it, I was hot, mega turned on, the pvc vinyl, tightly caressing my entire body as I wobbled towards the back doors. Still gagged, I could only mumble along with a little dribble. She was now behind me, leaning round she pulled open the patio door and pushed me through. It slid back into place. 'Right sit there' she pointed to the high back chair I had only departed from 10 minutes earlier. Very quickly I was bound back in place with the straps. I did not resist, much. A real fantasy come to life is not something you mess with! She stepped back. All shiny and black. Her glossy hooded mac looked resplendent, fur hood now sitting across her shoulders. She fingered the fur. 'So, how do you like being, my humiliated slave?' I nodded enthusiastically. That's the right answer. 'Do you want me to de-gag you?' I thought for a moment, it was again becoming a bit of a jaw ache. A break would be good. I nodded. She picked up her half full glass of wine, and downed it. 'Hmmm, perhaps in a while, perhaps not. I do like this being in control' to which she filled her glass again. 'Mmmmm. Nice wine. Bet you'd like some'. Yes I would but it wasn't going to happen. 'I have some small arrangements to make. Sit there. Ill be a while, and leave my wine alone', she giggled and skipped off out of the room shutting the door behind her.
Again, I sat waiting in silence, straining to hear any tell tale noise. The upstairs floorboards creaked a bit. A sudden 'donk' something heavy dropped on the floor, then silence again. The living room door swung open, and she wafted in, looking rather pleased with herself. 'Right you......lets get these off', the straps binding me were removed. The chain attached to my collar was tugged, 'up you get, this way'. I followed her showing some resistance, I guess I felt I should, through the door, and stumbling a bit in the thigh boots, up the stairs. 'Im not a mean mistress' she unlocked the cuffs around my wrists and removed them. 'You have two minutes to remove your boots, find your willy amongst that lot, have a pee, zip yourself all back up and report to the bedroom. Got it?' I nodded. Into the bathroom, I sat on the edge of the bath and with slightly shaking hands, unzipped boots and slid them off. Fumbling though a large mac and two suits trying to unzip to pee however took longer. Having just achieved the unzipping task, a voice from behind announced 'your two minutes are long over, further punishment to be endured. Hurry up'. I grunted. 'What did you call me' she giggled, 'no I didn't call you anything' in gagged language..... 'don't believe you, get on with it'.
Finally, zipped up, hands washed and ready to face the future I stepped out of the bathroom. The hall light had been switched off. It was quite dark. She whispered 'stay still'. A large blindfold was pulled over my hooded head. What light there was disappeared. I went to raise my hands to my eyes 'NO. Stay still' I did. The tug on my neck chain pulled my forward and into the bedroom. 'Okay my lovely slave, nighty night time for you' I felt the collar tug me further into the room, my senses told me towards the bed. I was right. 'Turn and sit' I did. The collar was unlocked and removed, but my hoods remained on, 'Now wriggle into the middle of the bed and swing your legs up' I did. My hand touched something very soft and smooth, 'now lay down' I did. 'Wriggle up a bit more' I did. 'That's it, stay still' I did. I heard the swish of her mac move to my feet end, a little fumbling, something was wrapped around my feet and legs, then... the tell tale zzzzzzzzz of my vinyl sleepsack zip slowly made its way up, pulling gently in my ankles, then knees, thighs, my right wrist was fastened to the side by the thick strap within the sack, left wrist followed. Then the zipping continued pulling strapped wrists and arms now tight to my sides, over tummy, up to chest, she struggled for a second, then passed to the top of neck. She removed the blindfold and the gag. 'Not a word, or itll stay in all night' I nodded. Although the room was dark, I could still make out her gorgeous shiny mac and her long dark hair cascading down, now into my face as she gently lifted my head as the sacks attached hood was fitted over my already hood bound head. To finish the thick leather collar was re- padlocked on. She moved away, turned and disappeared into the bathroom, returning with a flannel, cold and damp, wiping my face, so refreshing, as I still jiggled my aching jaw. Leaning over, hair again cascading down, she pulled up her fur hood, shrouding both of us and gave me the most passionate, long, lushious, kiss. 'I love you, especially as my slave' I went to speak and only made the slightest grunt 'you may speak'. I did. 'I love you too, and I love being your slave'. I strained against the unforgiving vinyl sack I was bound in. I loved it. 'Im going to finish my wine, do some thinking about your further punishment tomorrow, Ill be back in a bit to tuck you in' she giggled 'Ill leave you with this, to keep you company. I couldn't really see what she was doing but straps and buckles were being fastened around the top of my thighs and waist. With a 'hehhh….that's it. Right, pick a number between one and nine'. Foolishly I said two, I don't know where she got it from, but the vibrator strapped to my groin burst into violent life 'aaaaaaaaah' escaped my lips, 'you like?' she asked 'aaaaaaaaah' my only possible reply, 'not yet, nine eight seven six five four three TWO'..... the vibrations decreased to a trickle, just a tease, so frustrating...….. 'See you in a while.... love you'. I couldn't reply before the dim light went out and the door shut. My restricted hands tried to fumble. I just got a handful of mac. Wow. Did that really happen. I just lay their in my layers of pvc, luxuriating. Just a very quiet hum kept me company...………….
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Re: when fantasy becomes reality..........(3)

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What a wonderful trilogy. Beautifully written. I can't stop 're reading it. I hope the story continues.
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