Polka dot passion (with pictures)

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Polka dot passion (with pictures)

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So thought I'd write up @prettyinplastic and my night recently. It's taken me a while to get it up and add all the links
I've added images and links to the more risky content. Not sure how it will work out.
Let me know what you think, I might be up for doing it again with other nights we've had or some fiction I've had bouncing about my head.
Hope you enjoy.
Waning explicit content.

L turned the hot tap on, she undressed casually as her bath started to fill. She poured in the bubble bath letting the bubbles build. She dipped her toe in, It was hot just as she liked, she lowered her shelf in and breathed a deep relaxing sigh as the hot water surrounded her curves.

She sat there contemplating the madness of it all. The lockdown felt like it had gone on for an eternity, it was the 5th week they'd been stuck in their house. luckily time recently had passed with a little fun. L and P had spent every night for the last fortnight dressing up in all sorts of plastic and rainwear and enjoying each other's company. They had just started to take pictures to have a record of all the adventures.

It wasn't unusual for her to be getting in the bath with plans of dressing up for her husband but tonight felt different. She was excited and nervous for what she had planned. In all the madness she'd stumbled accross a liking for sharing her pictures online. She'd showed some very tame ones of her dressed up in an elka smock she liked to sleep in at the time but that was years ago and she'd almost forgot about them.

She had uploaded the images and put them on rainwearcentral and regnfrakker.dk
The attention she was getting was a thrill, being told how beautiful she was in plastic and the idea of people looking at her body a turn on.

P poured L a strong drink and set it on the side for her to enjoy as she soaked. She took a large sip and looked over the room, under the bathroom heater was the clothes she had picked out for the evening. There was a pile of glossy plastic and on top was the new corset she'd got on eBay. She was so excited to try it on and show off a look she had planned. She'd gotten a lot of attention with the pictures of her in a pearlescent polka dot poncho and while PM'ing with admirers about the things she liked to wear out and about was reminded of one of her favourite coats. A
pearlescent pink jelly coat with white polka dots. She loved it because she felt really cute in it and tonight she wanted to wear it with her new corset, she was sure it would be a really cute look.

Her drink was empty, she called through to P "I've finished my drink! Can you do me another and bring me some towels please"
P started to wip up a new drink, if they got out on a date they'd be taking advantage of 2 for 1 cocktails and drinking long island ice teas together. Their kitchen didn't quite have the ingredients required but he made an aproximation with what they had.

He put her drink on the side, by this point she was out the bath and putting on a small bit of makeup, she wanted her eyes to be pretty under her gasmask and have lips to match her jelly coat.
The excitement was building, she was nearly ready, her lips now a vibrant reddish pink and her mascara made her eyes twinkle.
It was time to get ready. L fondled the pile of plastic to look for her body stocking, She pulled on the legs and drew them up her thighs, pulled it on over her curves, put her arms in and wiggled it in to position.
Next she put on the thong that came with the corset. Next L pulled on her pvc circle skirt, she only had her gingham one but the underside of it was white so she put in on reversed so she the white would match her corset. It was time to put the corset on, she pulled it round her body and clipped the clasps in place. "Can you tighten me up please" L asked P.
P pulled on the silky cords and tightened the corset. L felt it pull tight and hug her waist, it pulled on her ribs; her breath slightly restricted, she liked how a corset pulled her in like someone grabbing at her waist with force.
The look was nearly there, just the coat now. She picked it up, it was soft and warm and rubbery. She shook it out and examined it, it almost sparkled in the light as the folds and creases fell though her hands. She unzipped it from being hung up and slowly slid one arm in, the plastic against her skin giving her a tingle. Then she slowly slid her other arm in and pulled it up over her shoulders, her skin felt electric, the soft pvc caressing her, she could feel blood rushing to between her legs. She wanted to touch herself but hesitated she felt so horny already and didn't need to be over stimulated this early. She shook her head and brought herself in to focus again trying her hardest to shake off the overwhelming desire to cum right there and then.
She fought it because there was a whole night to come and she had just spent ages making herself look pretty. She pulled up her hood over her head and marvelled at the new look. She set the hood back down and made a final primping so she looks just right.

L came out the bathroom and entered the kitchen. P's jaw dropped, there she stood, a magnificently pretty sight in white and pink pvc, a moment passed with p just staring at her stunned. She smiled to herself as she looked at the man of her dreams with a stupid look on his face that showed his brain had shut down and only had one thought. He looked somewhere between fainting from forgetting to breath and fucking her with a look. She loved when he looked at her this way, it was an overwhelming feeling of desire. The room could be on fire and he'd still be looking at her like the big lovable idiot he is.

"Are you ok, do I look alright" said L as she brushed her hands down her pvc mac.
Another pause as the cogs of P's brain started to whir back up. "You.... urrr...... you
... ummm.... look fucking beautiful" P stuttered. He moved toward her, P put his hand at the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. He kissed her passionately and ran his other hand all over, feeling her plastic clad curves. He swooped his hand round her back and drew her in closer, hard against his body.

She felt the blood rush between her legs again. Her lips tingled and her clit throbbed. She was lost in headspace as he tugged hard on her body. Fuck me now she thought, she needed filling up.
She was expecting the usual feeling of a hard cock digging in to her, she reached down to feel what was going on. In the moment she had forgotten she locked his dick in chastity 2 nights ago.
Not because she felt mistressy, not this time. She wanted to be a cute little submissive again this time. She needed a break from all the sex they'd been having and with all the new pictures P couldn't stop masturbating to the images as he loaded them on to the computer for her to go through. So L locked him up to make him crazy horny and have a massive load to blow deep in her.

L pushed P away "hey! It's your turn to dress up" L said somewhere between relief and disappointment but there is so much more to come she thought, it can't end now in the kitchen, she still wanted to take pictures after taking all that time to pretty herself up.

"I don't know what to wear, I was thinking the green farmerrain bib pants but it's a bit hot for them. What do you want to see me in?"

"Well your blue pvc trousers are down here and the orange ones"

"What about a top?"

"Put the blue fuck coat on, I like that one, you look sexy in it"

"But i want some pvc against my skin"

"Put the green nylon one on under it, actually you can wear it backwards" she gave him a peck on the lips and reached down fondling his swollen balls, jiggled his changed cock and sent him on his way.

P went upstairs and found the extra items, brought them down and got dressed. He slipped his legs in the blue pvc trousers and pulled them up high. His cock now straining against it's cage so hard it was almost painful, he was pent up and ready to blow.
He picked up the pvc backed nylon mac and buried his face in it and took a deep sniff. It was an intoxicating aroma of plastic and perfume from a previous owner. P slid his arms in, buttoned what he could reach behind him.
He would have asked to be zipped up but thought it be best to leave it how it was and not overheat as fast in the warm evening.
P picked up the helly hansen bib pants and pulled them on, pulling the straps over his shoulders and clicking them in to place, he reached down and fumbled around to pull his locked cock and balls out through a slit in the front.
He took the backwards hood and pulled it up over the bridge of his nose and tied it tight ready for later then pulled it back down.
Then was time to finish of the look with the blue coat. He slipped it on and did up just the bottom few buttons.

P went through to the lounge where L was sat waiting.
"Mmmm you look good" she said.
He again was taken aback by the sight before of him. He stood in front of her again lost in the sight. She grabbed his cage and pulled him close, L produced a key from her pocket and started to unlock the cage. His cock was swollen and bulging out the rings that made up the device. She turned the key and popped the lock out. She removed the cage that held his throbbing cock, now not in its confines it started to swell and grow. She worked fast to remove the base ring before it was impossible to get off.
Now free of the device his dick grew right in front of her face, she helped it along. She gently slid her tongue down the underside of his shaft. P held his breath as she slid her tongue down, he growned deeply as she slid her tongue back up and over the head.
It was now firm and at full attention.
She grabbed it firmly and took it deep in to her mouth. It felt so good, days in chastity had made it sensitive to touch. He pulled his hood over his face and groaned in extacy.
"That's enough of that for now" L pushed P away still reeling from the feel of her tongue.

They sat on the sofa for some time and chilled all dressed up. They both checked for replies to posts on rainwearcentral and L chatted to people on regnfrakker. A few drinks later and L was ready for her photo shoot.

She put on her gas mask and pulled up the hood.
She zipped up the front of her jelly coat.
She grabbed her face and breathed in deeply, a loud noise came from the valves as air rushed through them. She lost her self for a moment breathing in and out deeply encased in plastic and rubber.
P got his phone out and started to take pictures. L moved around in different poses often forgetting about the camera and getting lost in the moment and blurring many of the images.
L was so turned on, the plastic, the rubber mask tight to her face, her love for taking naughty pictures, the thought of others seeing her dirty kinky goings on. It was all to much. Between her legs was throbbing. Her lips and clit engorged, she could feel the thong was absolutely saturated and starting to run down her legs.
P stopped taking pictures, he grabbed her pulled the mask off and kissed her passionately. This time she could feel his hard dick pressing in to her. She grabbed it firmly and rubbed it between thier plastic bodies.
He grabbed at her plastic covered curves and man handled her in to a stupor.
"Oh my god I want this dick in me so badly" she thought.

P pulled away. "I want some selfies with you for my profile"
L picked her gasmask back up and put it on again and they took some more pictures. They liked how they looked together, L thought they looked cute.
P kissed L again and told her she's beautiful and that he loved her very much. L swooned in his strong arms and reciprocated the declaration of love.
P then firmly grabbed her turned her round and pushed her to the sofa bent over.

"Let's see how ready you are" P lifted her skirt and started to pull down the thong.

He could see her legs glistening with pussy juices. He slid a finger in to gauge how wet and sloppy she had become.

He grabbed the phone and started to take pictures of her pussy, he pulled her lips apart to reveal her gaping wet hole. She looked so good bent over, he fingered her from behind.

He couldn't resist and sidled up behind her,
he took his shaft and rubed it up and down her pussy lips lubing it up with her juices flowing from her.
He slowly pushed all the way in, deep to the back of her. She arched her back and moaned loudly, he thrust hard in to her again all the while taking pictures. She braced herself against the wall as he buried him self deeper and harder with each push. She could hear the shutter noise going over and over, it made her so horny to have her picture taken. She could feel with every push how wet she was as P's pants and coat wet with her juices stuck to her ass and spread her wetness around.
P pressed the record function and captured her groaning and moaning on video.
He threw the phone down grabbed her hips and fucked her hard.

"Stop...... stop, I'm gonna gush and I've not got a towel" L cried

P pulled out and she flopped down on the sofa. She sat on the towel, put her gas mask on again and started to touch herself.
P started to take pictures again, he was in awe of how hot and sexy this session was. He hit record again so he could have a video of her masturbating this way. L was so worked up she spread her legs slid her hand back and forth against her soaking wet pussy, moaning she squirted all over her
She laid there heavily breathing in her gas mask still touching herself slowly calming herself down.

"I want a cigarette then go upstairs and you can fuck my sloppy pussy hard, plow me and blow your load. I want you to cum in me so bad" L demanded.
They leaned out the kitchen window smoking. Both hot with hearts beating hard.
The kitchen floor was wet, a mix of the sweat dripping from P's layers and L' s dripping pussy. P put his hand on L pvc skirt and stroked her pussy with the plastic. It was slippery and slid back and forth in the mess quite easily.
L moaned loudly and gushed down her legs on to the floor.

"I need it now" L said and moved swiftly toward the stairs "you coming"

P put the cigarette out, chucked a towel on the floor and followed.
He tried to get an upskirt shot but she had already got to the top of the stsirs, she wiggled her bum at him and went in to the room.
When p got to the top of the stairs she was laying there panting, laying on top of a plastic sheet and and towel P prepared earlier for the inevitable mess as the bed would always be soaked after they fucked.
He stood next to the bed, she reached out and stroked his cock, she started to rub her plastic covered body all over. She slid the plastic of her skirt against her wet pussy, her head swimming.
In between panting and moaning and unintelligible ramblings she begged for cock.
"Oh fuck, please, fuck pleeeease I need it so bad, so fucking bad. I want you to fill me, ram me.
My pussy is so fucking wet for you"

P got on the bed and put his cock by her face, she sucked it furiously moaning all the time. While she slid her tongue up his shaft, drooling all over it he tied round his cock and balls. His dick was already throbbing hard but now it swelled even bigger and purple.
He put his hand on her pussy through the skirt and slid back and forth over her lips and clit.
She put him deep to the back of her throat and could feel it swell there. It filled her airway she gagged on it and drooled.
P could feel her gush against the pvc.
"Please fuck me, fuck my slutty pussy, cum in me"

He moved round, opened her legs. He lifted her skirt and looked at the inviting gaping wet mess of a hole. "Good thing I'm in layers of rainwear" he thought, it was so wet down there. The towel now soaked through and a puddle on the plastic sheet.

He lowered himself on to her and slid in slowly exploring the wet mess with his hard cock.
"Fuck me hard"

P pulled the backwards hood over the bridge of his nose and pulled his hood up.
He started to move back and forth pushing deep to the back of her and back to the tip. He trust harder and harder. As he breathed in heavily the backwards hood sucked to his face, pvc pressing against his lips. He pounded at her.
"Cum in me"

P didn't want to cum yet, her wet pussy was too enjoyable.
They changed position and L bent over, P lifted her soggy skirt and entered her again.
He grabbed her hips firmly and she pushed back on him. He slowly built a rhythm. Faster and faster filling her fully as deep as she could take. Harder and harder he pounded her dripping pussy with his throbbing hard shaft.
"Cum in me, please cum in my slutty wet pussy
It wants to be owned by you soooo fucking bad"
P flipped L on to her back. She reached out for the gas mask put it on and pulled her hood up. Her heavy breathing now louder then ever as the air rushed through the valves. P spread her legs once more and fell in to a now gaping pussy.
Again he built up faster and harder, he grabbed at her platic covered tits and pinched her nipples.
He thrust deep and hard. L wrapped her legs around his plastic body. The rainwear sticking, slapping and squelching against her wet mess.
He pounded her harder and harder. Now with every thrust he could feel her squirt on to his rainwear as she orgasmed over and over. He loved this feeling as he could feel her walm wetness dripping off his balls and down her ass.
She felt his rythum change, his body tense, he was grunting in her ear. She new what this meant, she would finally get the end she wanted, she could feel it building.
"Cum in me, "cum in my slutty wet pussy cum in me please. It's yours to own"

He thrust hard and deep in her and blew a heavy load inside of her, trusting again and again, shivering groaning he shot every last drop in to her.

P got off her and sat back and looked at the gorgeous sight of her gaping hole dripping with a mix of thier juices.

They both peeled thier soaked rainwear off and P left the room to clean him self up.
She lay there panting, a hot wet mess. She could feel his massive load dribbling out of her and down her ass hole.
She loved this feeling of being cummed in and owned. It turned her on even more, she needed another orgasm.
She reached for her magic wand vibrator, pressed it in to the wet cummy mess that was her pussy and clicked it on.
It whirred in to life, the internal motor spinning making an all to familiar buzzing sound.
She grabbed her phone quickly and found her favorite video, an amature compilation of women being cum in.
She could feel it building, her body tingled throughout with every new clip it built. She held her breath, her clit throbbed, the pressure built. she cried out and violently qwivered as an intense orgasm moved through her whole body.
Her arms and legs flopped down, she went limp from exhaustion. She lay there a disheveld wet mess.

Once her brain had started to work again she cleaned herself up. She thought her legs didn't work anymore from oragsming too much. L threw the mess on to the floor for P to clean up later. She put on her white ocean smock she liked to wear as a nighty and snuggled in to bed her mind starting to think about what she'll wear tomorrow night.

Link to Her post
Link to Her album
Link to story album
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Re: Polka dot passion (with pictures)

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Fabulous story bade even better with the pictures.
Thank you
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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Re: Polka dot passion (with pictures)

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Wow :)

It seems like you had a really nice evening! Thanks for sharing both text and pictures!
Just a little girl who loves being out in the elements enjoying rainwear in the best possible ways
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