The boss - part 2

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The boss - part 2

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Stella stood at the front of the board room. She was wearing a navy blue blouse and tight leather leggings - I had never seen her dress this way before. "Was this as a result of our meeting two nights ago?", I wondered, "was she becoming braver in her wardrobe choices?"
Since the evening events the boss had treated me exactly as normally at work - a total bitch! There had been no opportunity to be alone with her, but that was probably a blessing as I wasn't sure what I would say, or if indeed she might bring up the topic. I watched the way that the shiny black leather was tight around her crotch as she stood pointing at the screen of sales results. I wondered if she was wearing naughty underwear, or indeed, any underwear, and delighted in the knowledge that she was clean shaven down below and I knew what her pussy tasted like. Unfortunately the thoughts were starting to have an effect which was difficult to hide under the glass-top table.
Somehow she knew. I don't know how. Her ability for ritual humiliation was well-known, but how on earth she chose exactly that moment to invite me up to present my figures I will never know. I purposefully dropped my folder on the floor in the hope of gaining time for my dick to subside and spent several seconds retrieving it whilst Stella berated me for being a bungling idiot. I had half a mind to take her there and then, rip her trousers off and fuck her as the rest of the room looked on. Instead I apologised and managed to compose myself for a stumbling presentation.

"You ok Brian", Dave asked me in the washroom during the break, "you seemed not yourself today, a bit distracted".
I wanted to blurt out that I had fucked the boss and that she liked kinky outfits and being dominated, but of course I actually said, "I'm fine, just a lot on my mind with the big project".

At 3pm I got the call that I had been expecting, "Stella wants to see you in her office now, and she sounded angry, so I wouldn't hang about", came the sympathetic message from Angie, her PA.

Like much of the office, the director's suite had glass walls. We all thought this was so that people could witness the expressions of ritual humiliation without being able to hear the telling-off.
"Sit", demanded the boss.
I sat.
She walked in front of her desk and pressed her rounded bottom on its edge whilst extending her legs out towards me.
"I bet you are wondering what happens next?", she said sternly.
She moved her thighs as she spoke making the shiny surface of her leggings glint and tug at her crotch.
I said nothing.
"It means I own you. Now you will do what I say outside of work as well. If not I shall tell your little wifey, er, Karen, what happened", she threatened,
"Kirsty", I corrected her.
She didn't react. "There will be a project meeting at my house tonight at 8. Be there or lose your job.", she added.
"I have plans tonight", I protested.
"Not anymore you don't", she snapped, but she rubbed her thigh seductively as she said it and gave a small, almost imperceptible, smile.

"I'm sorry babe, I really am, but you know what Stella is like. I tried to get out of it, but she threatened to sack me if I didn't go", the conversation with Kirsty was not going well.
"I know I promised, but...", I protested.
"...yes I said. No I didn't. What do you mean a package arrived today?", I continued.
She teased, "I bought you something special for our anniversary. Something you said you always wanted".
"What?", I pressed her.
"No way. If you are not here you don't deserve to know. But tonight it looks like I might be going solo", she taunted.
"Yes, suffice to say your present won't be unused by the time you get to find out what it was", she added a sexy note to her voice.
"Not plastic joggers?", I said under my breath, trying to avoid being overheard, "what colour?"
"I'm not saying what I bought, but it wouldn't be right on our anniversary not to get something for both of us", she teased,
"In fact, if you are going out tonight I might just start now", and I heard a ripping sound followed by the familiar sound of plastic being unfolded.
"I'll just easy my skirt off and, oh, my pants dropped to the floor. Let's just see if my foot will go in, oh yes it does, well maybe they won't fit if I pull them all the way up, oh my, that is a perefect fit, slightly tight but not too much. Oh watch out, don't want to rub my clit too much as I ease the other leg. Oh wait a minute, yes I do".
She was obviously holding the phone close to her as the wonderful crocking plastic sounds started to drive me crazy. Then I heard the sound of her walking, the sound was amazing and I was desperately trying to visualise what she looked like.
Bitch had denied my video call.
"Oh no you don't", she teased on the line, "now I need to go now as I am extremely busy as I have an important meeting with Mr.Shafty and a pack of brand new AA. batteries".
She hung up.

I arrived home at just after 7.30. Kirsty was angry and was definately not in the mood to tell me what she had purchased or what she was up to earlier. I freshened up, changed and exchanged a frosty kiss before leaving the house. My emotions were mixed up, excited at the prospect of being forced into sex with Stella but hating being unfaithful and worried about the consequences.

Stella opened the door. Her house was well sat back from the road and not overlooked, so she wasn't concerned at being seen in her black PVC catsuit. There were no other cars from work on the drive so I was now sure this was a project meeting of just two people.
"Come in and go up", she said abruptly and stood aside, "did you bring the project folder?"
I was stunned at the question.
"No", she added, "well somebody is going to be in trouble".
Confused I stood at the bottom of the stairs ready to ascend, then I noticed a man sitting on a chair through the open living room door. I must have looked puzzled. The man didn't react to my presence.
"Don't mind him, that's my husband Brett", she ushered me upstairs.
I felt nervous, he looked like a big bloke who could probably take me out easily, but he didn't acknowledge his wife's comment.
Upstairs it was clear that Stella had planned a naughty evening. The bed was laid out with sex toys, a black PVC shirt and rather ominously leather cuffs that seemed to have straps down the side of the bed.
"Strip off and get dressed", the boss demanded.
I was soon nude, picked up the garment and was relieved to find that it was unbacked plastic, so felt superb as the cool material touched my naked skin. I buttoned the shirt up. It fitted perefectly. I even did the cuffs up then admired myself in the mirror, sucking in my stomach and smoothing down the shiny material. This was a look I could get used to.
"On the bed, now!", Stella demanded.
I stood still.
"NOW, I said", she sounded angry.
I stepped over and grabbed her shoulders.
"GET ON THE BED. NOW? This is your last chance or else...", she shouted.
I swung her round and pushed her down onto her bottom then pushed her roughly down on her back.
"Now, stop...", she protested.
I didn't.
Her large breasts were heaving under the black vinyl. I could see her nipples were hard.
I forced her arm back above her head and quickly closed the leather cuff around her wrist and buckled it up.
"I told you...", she was still arguing as I restrained her other arm and began to strap her ankles up so that she was entirely immobilised. She struggled, but not so much to appear like she meant it. I bent down and looked under the bed to see where the straps went. All four ended in a large round block which had a knob on the outside. I reached under, making sure my cheek pressed into the plastic of my upper arm as I did so, and stretched to reach the device. I turned the knob - "righty tighty" and the mechanism clicked as the straps were drawn in. I heard a moan from the bed above and turned some more until the lines were quite taught. As I stood up I realised the boss was now completely incapacitated and her arms and legs were in a tight star shape. I found a leather blindfold and applied it to Stella's eyes. She wriggled her head sideways as if to resist but I was not about to give in,
"Let me go! If you don't release me now you won't have a job in the morning", she argued.
I sat astride her with my balls resting on the warm PVC encasing her tubby stomach. I bent over and kissed her on the lips.
"Let me go!", she protested again. Somehow I had to shut her up, so when I spotted the ball gag on the black leather strap I knew exactly what to do. As she felt the strap being put in place she thrashed her head from side to side to try to stop me, for a moment I thought she meant it, but realised that she hadn't actually said no.
She moaned.
I slid backward down her body, enjoying the smooth feeling of her catsuit between my naked thighs, slipping off the bed until I was looking straight into her crotch. I put my hand under her bottom and felt around,eventually finding my target, I grabbed the zip and slowly released Stella's pussy from its shiny prison. The damp aroma of her was delicious and made me think she must have been wearing the suit for quite a while. My face went down and the wonderful smell made me extra hard as a sucked on her clit. She writhed as much as the tight straps would allow, then I realised that if she was able to speak she would probably tell me to bite harder, so I did. My cheeks were crushed by her black shiny thighs as her legs tensed.
I felt awful for being turned on by my boss and wanting to be between her legs, but I had to do it, I had no choice, we needed the money. I went to the bedside table, the one I knew was Stella's, and found a short vibrator. I was about to slip it in to the director's cunt when something came over me and I touched her labia with my helmet. The warm feeling was too much to bear and I slid fully inside her. She arched her back. I leaned forward and pinched her nipples hard through the Black PVC. I knew now that, like my shirt, the suit was unlined plastic which made it all the more sexy.
As i pounded on the boss I suddenly had a horrible thought, "what if she gets pregnant?". I withdrew and replaced my cock with the vibrator, suddenly fearful that things were getting out of hand. I carefully zipped the suit back up with the black vinyl shaft pulsating on maximum inside her. I quietly left the room to gather my thoughts, then remembered Brett downstairs. I wanted to understand why he was allowing his wife to be fucked whilst he did nothing; that seemed so wrong. I returned to the bedroom. Stella was writhing and dribbling down the side of her face behind the gag. I wiped her cheek and whispered, "don't worry, I will be back when I am ready, but for now you might want to consider never speaking to me badly at work ever again". I think I saw some anger on what little face I could see behind the blindfold and gag.
I slowly removed the gag and added, "now be a good girl and keep quiet, or this goes back on".
"Let me go", she said quietly. The ball went back in and I went to the wardrobe. I was looking for something to wear below the waist. My own trousers were lying on the floor, but fuck it, I'm sure I could do better and found a pair of black plastic jeans. I slipped them on. They were too tight. Perfect!

I had to go slightly sideways downstairs because of the tightness of the trousers, but the feeling was very pleasant and squeaky.

"What's the deal with you and Stella?", I asked Brett. He smiled at me but said nothing. Then I noticed he was tied to the chair by his ankles and wrists
"Did she do this to you?", I asked.
"Yes", he replied with a smile.
"And how do you feel about her taking me, er, other men, upstairs when you are down here?"
"It's what mistress does. I do what I am told", he replied with a soft voice that belied his large stature.
"Do you like it?", I asked.
"It's what she likes. I do what I am told", he replied.
"But do YOU like it? Do you like being tied up here, like this", I said pointing to his bonds.
"It's what Stella wants me to do, so I do it, like a good slave", Brett added.
She is lying upstairs tied to the bed, blindfolded and gaged with a vibrator up her cunt. I forced her into that situation. She wanted it. She wants to be dominated, she wants to be hurt. It's her thing. You just have to ignore what she says and do what YOU want.
Brett didn't answer.
If I let you go will you go upstairs and have your way with your wife?
Brett stayed silent.
I undid Brett's restraints slowly, watching in case he decided to not approve of my actions with his wife.
Brett didn't move.
"She's trapped. She can't tell you off. You can do ANYTHING you want to her.
He didn't move.
I was starting to lose my patience with this man, so I went upstairs. Stella was still writhing against the pulsing vibrator. I unzipped her suit slowly and peeled it back. Her naked body was wet. I took in the full view of the bitch's naked body tied and wet, savouring the humiliating position I had put her in. I changed into my clothes, watching Stella as I did and periodically pushed the vibratory back into her when it started to slip out. I decided to steal my own plastic outfit - it was just too sexy not to own it and I knew in that moment that I was not going to be back with Stella like this again.
I zipped her back up and kissed each boob before sealing them back in their plastic covering.
Downstairs Brett was still sitting in the chair.
"I am leaving now. You must go upstairs and deal with your wife. She really can't escape without your help, so it is up to you now buddy.
As I left through the front door I was relieved to see Brett rise from his seat out the corner of my eye. Much as Stella deserved to be tied forever trapped, I couldn't have left without some hope that Brett would do something to help her.

Back in the car I checked the time. I had only been there half an hour. It was a five minute drive home, just enough time to work out what I was going to say to Kirsty. I stowed the black vinyl shirt and trousers in the glovebox - I couldn't come up with a plausible reason as to why I would come away from the project meeting with these items of clothing!

Kirsty seemed genuinely happy to see me back early. I explained how I had walked out of the project meeting.
"What? You just got up and left?", she quizzed.
"Yes", I said confidently.
"What did Stella say?"
"Nothing? You just walked out and she said nothing?", Kirsty asked.
"Yes, she couldn't say anything, I made my position clear and left". So far every word I said was true!
"Do you still have a job?", she seemed concerned.
"I'm not sure. Tomorrow will tell, but babe, I couldn't stand being away from you, not tonight, not on our anniversary".
"That's lovely Hun, but a bit silly if you lose your job", Kirsty said, "why don't you go back there and apologise. I don't mind".
Tempting though the offer was, to be forced by my wife to go back and endure the boss' sexiness in all that lovely shiny plastic, but I knew the right answer.
"If I lose my job then I'll find another. Being away from you is not worth what she asks me to do. How she treats me. I'm done with being treated that way", I said.
"So do you want to see your Anniversary present?", Kirsty teased, and without waiting for an answer, she disappeared upstairs.
Shortly she returned carrying a small package. I eagerly opened it. Inside appeared to be another package, but was in fact a folded garment which turned out to be a pair of clear plastic jogging trousers. I had confided in my wife at always wanting a pair, loving the idea of elasticated ankles and waist and being trapped inside.
"Try them on", she said eagerly.
"Yes now! Get your kit off and get those plastic trousers on you naughty boy", she giggled.
Soon I was standing there in my blue work shirt and the elasticated vinyl trousers with nice tight elastic around the ankles. Totally glass clear with no colour there was nothing to hide my nudity underneath. There was no zip or opening so my dick was pleasantly trapped under the clear plastic.
"Nice?", Kirsty asked.
"Wonderful", I replied.
"Oh and here are mine", and with that she dropped her lose fitting navy cotton trousers to reveal that the was wearing the same see-through plastic joggers. I almost exploded at the sight of her bare pussy under the transparent material and became super hard almost instantly.
"I can see he approves", she teased as she pointed to my dick pressing against the plastic, pointing in her direction as if straining to get to her.
"And where is my present?", she asked.
"Shit", I thought, "in all the panic over work I had forgotten to get her anything. Then I thought quickly, "oh sorry, I left it in the car".
"Well go and get it", she said.
I went to change into my jeans.
"Ah ah, no you don't. You go out and get it like that", my wife teased.
"But I can't. What if someone sees me?", I protested.
"Pity", she sounded disappointed, "because the thought of you being outside wearing clear plastic trousers with your hard dick on view to the world is making me super turned-on, and who knows what will happen when you get back inside when I am that horny?"
She rubbed between her legs and gave a face that suggested she meant it.
"How bad can it be? The car is on the drive and it is dark. Only a few metres. It did sound very naughty!", I thought.
I opened the front door slightly and peered out. Nobody around. The curtains were all drawn in the houses opposite. I snuck out. The cold night air hit me and made the joggers feel extra sexy. I made my way around to the passengers side and carefully opened the door, aware that my bare arse was pointing directly down the street for any passing car to see. Luckily the road was quiet. I opened the glovebox and took out the clothes I had stolen from the boss, carefully closing the car door and returning to the house. On my short return I was emboldened by the sight of my wife standing in the open door in her white blouse and naked from the waist down under her transparent trousers with no attempt to cover her nude shaved pussy from full view. I handed her the folded shing black PVC items and was about to step inside when she suddenly closed the door on me.
"Whoops!", I heard her say cheekily from the other side, "oh look it is stuck, you'll have to go around the back!"
"Open up Kirst, this is not funny", I protested.
This was a bigger problem for me than you might think because the previous owners of the house had built an extension on the side of the house meaning there was no direct path to the rear. Had I not handed over the PVC outfit I could have put the trousers on then walked down the road to the alleyway that led to the rear of the properties, but that now seemed a risky option.
I decided to take a shorter route, but potentially also risky, by going down the side of my neighbours house and through their garden. I knew they didn't own a dog, but the lights were on behind their closed curtains and I didn't know if they would be in the kitchen at the rear in full view of the garden. I watched the road for cars then nipped down my drive and up the side of the Adams' fence, keeping low and being acutely aware of the feint crackling sound from the plastic joggers. My dick was entirely deflated and my heart was racing. As I got level with the side of their house the darkness of its side was a welcome site until, "crunch", my feet hit a newly laid gravel path. I froze. In the distance a dog barked, but thankfully neither Frank nor Betty were roused by the noise. There was a very narrow edging to the path next to the wall of the house. I turned with my back to the wall and inched my way along it. No sound from gravel crunching, only the noise of my plastic trousers dragging on the brickwork over my bare bum. I tried to keep forward, but risked toppling onto the path. Finally at the end of the wall I could see the short walk to the end of the garden where the fence was low enough for me to get over. The garden was in darkness suggesting that there were no lights on in the kitchen and thus most likely unoccupied. I eased my way along the border watching the house intently for any signs of movement, unsure of what I would do if someone appeared. Eventually I made it to the end of the garden and was about to climb over the fence when a light went on in the kitchen and I quickly ducked down behind a compost bin, knowing that it didn't entirely hide me and felt a sharp pain in my back. I froze.
I was aware of the plastic pulling tightly around my buttocks and up my arse crack as I crouched down with my arms pulling my knees in tight to my body. My face was touching the clear material covering my knees and my dick felt pleasantly trapped in the tight crotch, under other circumstances I could imagine enjoying being tied up tight in this position by Kirsty. Eventually the kitchen light went out and I peered carefully around the green compost bin to check that the coast was clear. I tried to stand up gingerly but my legs gave way after being pressed in the crouch position and the plastic joggers stuck to my naked skin for a few seconds until air was able to get back in. I stood up and heard a ripping sound on the back of my shirt, but I ignored it and carefully climbed over the rickety fence at its lowest point with my legs still shakes. There was a cracking sound as some of the ancient planks gave way and I tumbled onto the cold damp grass in our own garden. Back to safety.
I heard a clapping sound next to me and turned to see Kirsty standing on the grass. She had changed into the black plastic shirt and jeans and was wearing her favourite patent leather boots. The shirt was only party buttoned to reveal her ample cleavage as she bent down to help me up.
"I love the outfit babe, it's perfect, but it didn't look new, where did you get it?", she queried.
Thinking quickly as I stumbled up to my feet I replied, "it er, was new, but I er, sort of tried it out when it arrived, I couldn't stop myself"
"Oh you saucy bugger, I suppose I can't blame you, it is very sexy", she replied as she squeezed her boobs at the side so that her lovely nipples came in to view between her unbuttoned front.
"I think we should go clubbing, I bet all the men would be drooling over me in this gear", she said in a cheeky tone.
I was looking forward to fucking my wife after my ordeal and certainly wasn't in the mood for going out - especially not with her dressed like that. I started to walk to the house, making sure I was ahead to avoid being locked out again, but just as we arrived at the kitchen door Kristy said, "what's happened to your back? There is blood all over your shirt".
Sure enough, when I peeled off my work top in the bathroom my back was covered in scratches. Kirsty was sympathetic and cleaned the cuts as best she could, all the while squeaking as she moved in her plastic outfit.
"Sodding rose bush behind the compost bin", I commented, "at least it only damaged my shirt and not my lovely new joggers"
"I think you need to go to bed, it's been a long day for you", Kirsty said in a sympathetic voice.
"Bed yes, sleep no", I thought as I finished washing the grass stains from the palm of my hands.
I went through to the bedroom to witness a wonderous sight; Kirsty had changed all the bedclothes for shiny black plastic ones, including the pillowcases and duvet cover. She was sitting up in bed with her boobs hanging out over the top of the duvet.
"I couldn't risk you getting blood on the white cotton sheets", she smiled and patted my side of the bed. I knew there was no way she could have changed the bedding in the short time it took me to finish in the bathroom; she must have been planning this for a while.
Initially I was reluctant to remove my plastic trousers but when I saw that my wife was naked in the bed I followed suit. The feeling of being enveloped in the plastic bedding was electric and I was soon on top of my wife with my cock deep inside her pussy. The bedding made a pleasant zipping sound as we moved and I loved the way her head was enveloped by the black shiny pillowcase. Eventually, after coming twice, I fell back exhausted and snuggled in to the warm plastic, pulling the duvet up to my face to draw in the sexy vinyl smell. I looked over at my wife who was turned on her side staring at me.
"Happy anniversary darling", she said.
"Happy anniversary", I replied.

Life at work changed the next day. I had been promoted to a new job, but not the one I was expecting, this was in the Eastman office a few miles down the road. As I was packing up my things Stella came by. She was wearing those sexy leather leggings again. She leaned on the partition by my desk, "I don't know what you said to Brett but he is a new man now. This is my way of thanking you, I hope you enjoy your time under Lydia, I think you will like her, we have a lot in common", and she winked at me.
Kirsty being Kirsty could never leave it at that, there always had to be a sting in the tail so as she walked away, arse squeaking sexily, she said out loud so the whole office coild hear, "oh and keep the blouse and jeans you stole from me, I'm sure you will enjoy them very much".

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Re: The boss - part 2

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Well, what can I say Jellyman, you have excelled once again. How I would love to be Brian with such an understanding wife joining in with his fetish lifestyle.
Bring on the rain :D

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Re: The boss - part 2

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Have read both parts
Well written and an enjoyable read
Looking forward to part three
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: The boss - part 2

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I wonder what Lydia’ s going to do to him or vice versa?

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Re: The boss - part 2

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Lets get swishy!

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