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The wet evening

Posted: February 5th, 2020, 9:11 am
by spitfire617
Sexual content
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The wet evening


Amanda stood on the doorstep of her friends house.
Her feet were hurting as she seemed to have walked for ages. The Wellington boots she wore were not padded and had just started to hurt now.
The Black De Walt industrial rain suit she was wearing kept her dry in the persistent rain that had started early in the afternoon, now it was 7pm in the evening.
Knocking on the door she stood there waiting for an answer.
Susan her friend answered. She was wearing a red leather dress and Red high heeled boots when she opened the door.
Quickly inviting Amanda in Susan took off the soaking wet rain jacket. Then telling Amanda to sit on the stair case she slowly pulled off one of her Wellington boots followed by the other boot.
Now standing again Amanda pulled the black PVC rain trousers off and hung them on the coat hanger behind the door with the jacket. Dripping onto the wooden floor.

Susan led Amanda into the front living room where Julie was sitting. Still wearing her mac from the love making session they had in the kitchen. She had pulled a cushion over her lap covering the bulge of the 10 inch dildo she was also wearing. Julie had not been able to go upstairs to take off the mac or dildo as Amanda was in the hall and on the stairs.

Amanda sat down on the sofa next to Julie whilst Susan went into the kitchen to get her a hot coffee as she looked very cold.
When she returned Susan handed Amanda the coffee. Amanda cupped the hot mug in both hands and let the warmth flow through her fingers.

Julie was the first to ask the question that both were wanting to ask.
“What were you doing?”
Amanda answered her.
“I was going to the shop to get some food”
She said first.
Followed by
“When I looked in my hand bag my keys were not there”
Another pause.
“I've left my keys on the table and I cannot get into the house now”
Another short pause.
“Jason is away for the night so I can't phone him”
Jason was Amanda's partner.
“I have been walking for ages”
She continued.
“When I came out it was raining so I put my rain suit on”
Amanda said as she took a gulp of the steaming coffee.
Susan replied to her
“Good job you did put it on as you would have been soaked through”
She knew how fast and heavy it had been raining most of the afternoon.

Julie made an excuse to leave the living room. With her back to Susan and Amanda she left the room. Not showing the dildo to them. Though Susan knew she was still wearing it!
Going upstairs she quickly unfastened the buckles that held the rubber cock round her waist. Removing her PVC raincoat and throwing it onto the bed.
Hurrying to dress she put her Satin blouse back on followed by her black leather skirt.
Julie was away from the living room for only about five minutes.
Amanda had by now drank her coffee and was getting warmer to.
It was suggested that they should have something to eat. Should it be a takeaway or a proper meal?
It was decided to have a takeaway and as the shop was only at the end of the street Susan decided that she would go and fetch it rather than have it delivered.
It would be quicker to.Having decided what they wanted Susan went to inside the door, put on her shiny Blue raincoat and grabbed her umbrella.


It was still pelting down with rain as she opened the door and ventured out into the darkness.
The rain battering her umbrella, running down off it and onto her Red leather boots which she was still wearing from this afternoon. Her rain mac flowing as she walked down the street. Before she had left the house Susan had tied the belt of it round her waist.
She soon reached the takeaway and had entered it. Leaving her soaking umbrella in the corner whilst she ordered their food. Paying with her debit card she then had to wait about twenty minutes before it was ready.
Starring into the wet night as the heavy drops of water hit the shop window as she waited.
Her food order was called and she was handed a plastic carrier bag with containers in it. Again grabbing her umbrella and opening it she walked back to the house.
Once back at the house Susan went inside and closed the miserable evening outside the door. It was fairly silent as the double glazed glass stopped all the noise of the traffic and rain storm from being heard.
Julie had already got three plates out before Susan got back home.
Dishing up their takeaway the three of them started eating.
About half way through Amanda suddenly said,
“When we've finished let's go out!”
Susan just replied,
“Where to?”
“Lets put our Wellies and rain suits on and go to the river”
Julie answered that with.
“That sounds good we can wear our new Sou'westers too”
She said this as she looked straight at Susan. Who just nodded back at Julie.
“But what about Amanda?”
“She has not got one.”
As Susan said it Julie responded
“We have the black one she can use”
“Oh yes indeed I forgot about that.”
Susan had replied to Julie.
As they finished their meal the three girls just sat on the sofa.

Julie was the first to speak saying to Susan
“Wear the Red rain suit babes and I will wear the Yellow one.”
Susan just nodded and went upstairs.
Taking off her red boots and leather dress she just pulled on a blouse over her naked breasts.
Unclipping her suspender clips from her stockings carefully as she sat on the bed Susan then unfastened her suspender belt from round the curve of her waist.
Going to the wardrobe Susan found the Red nylon rain suit. Pulling the trousers on first over her Black lacy thong not bothering with jeans or her shiny PVC leggings which she had thought about wearing.
Then she put on the Red jacket, fastening it she went downstairs. Sitting on the stairs Susan pulled her own red wellies on letting the trousers fall over the shaft of her rubber boots.

Julie walked past her whilst she was sat on the staircase. And went to the bedroom.
Taking of her own satin blouse, she threw it onto the bed. Unzipping her leather skirt that joined the blouse on the bed too!
Julie was still wearing her Wellies from the afternoon out. Now she sat on the bed and slid them off her legs.
Getting from the bed it was her turn to go to the wardrobe.
Finding the yellow PVC rain suit that was hung up inside it. Again the trousers were put on first over her black panties. And round her waist. The jacket next on and ipped tightly to the neck.
Julie opened the drawer of one of the clothes storage unit and found a plastic package which was in it.
Opening this package Julie got out two Sou'westers. One Red and one Yellow. Also in the drawer was another Sou'wester, this one was black and shiny PVC. Amanda could wear this one she thought.

Going downstairs again it was her turn to put her wellies on. A yellow pair to go with the rain suit.
Whilst Julie had been upstairs Amanda had put her still damp rain suit back on.
Followed by her Black wellies.
Now all three girls were ready for for their walk apart from putting the sou'wester on.


Susan took hold of the shiny Black sou'wester and placed it on Amanda's head. Fastening it with the ties that dangled down from it. Making sure it was on properly Susan turned Amanda towards the mirror so she could see herself wearing this shiny rain hat. This was the first Time Amanda had ever worn a rain hat or sou'wester and for some reason she was turned on just by wearing it.
Julie took the Red sou'wester and placed it on Susan.
“Mme nice!”
Then it was Amanda's turn to take hold of the Yellow Sou'wester making sure it fitted nicely on Julie.
Now dressed properly Julie opened the door and let the other two out before closing and locking the door.
The rain was coming down like machine gun bullets. Vertically and fast. The girls didn't mind as they were fully protected from what ever may be thrown at them.
As they walked down the street Amanda was in the middle of the three of them. Julie on the left wearing her yellow rain wear whilst Susan was on the right in her Red suit.
As they walked both Susan and Julie squeezed Amanda's bottom over her heavy Black rain trousers. Every now and then tweaking her arse with their fingers.
They walked to the river which was only about Half a mile away and down hill from their house.
Getting to the river bank the three of them stood looking at the water as it flowed past. The party boats that went past were brightly lit which now contrasted with the darkness that was falling.
The sound of rain hitting their sou'westers seemed very loud now. The water dripping down off the brim of them.
There was no one about due to the rainstorm tonight. As the sky darkened The wind seemed to be getting stronger. As if from nowhere a streak of lightning flashed across the sky. Followed by a boom of thunder. It was a fairly warm night and with the humid rain it was just the right conditions for a thunder storm.

They stood with their backs towards the pounding rain. Facing the river, watching it splash into the water below.
The storm was growing in intensity. The lightning growing more freqent and the thunder getting nearer.
The three of them now huddled together. Pulling each other close as their sou'westers and rain suits protected them. Amanda found herself strangely becoming aroused. She did not know why but her breasts were starting to tingle in a sexual way. And she had not been touched there.
Walking down the river embankment slowly the three of them came to a mobile coffee bar that lit up the pathway.
Stopping under the shelter Susan reached into her hand bag to get some money out and bought three coffees. As the rain continued to pound down it was now hitting the roof of the coffee bar and the shelter they were stood under. Big drops fell from the shelter making puddles on the pavement close to their rubber booted feet. And bouncing off their wellies to.
They did not care as their feet were not getting wet!

As they had now drunk all their coffees the three of them began their walk back to the house. The driving rain now in their faces. The thunderstorm continued slowly drifting away.
The walk back up the hill took longer as they walked slowly.All to soon they got back to the house and were inside.
Amanda took her heavy jacket off and then her wellies before taking off her trousers.
Julie took off her jacket but left her yellow rain trousers on as she only had panties on under them. Putting her wet sou'wester onto the coat hanger.
Susan had to leave her trousers on too as she had only her thong under them. She also put her sou'wester onto the coat hanger to dry.
Amanda thanked them both for a nice evening and then laid on the sofa. The two girls had suggested that she stayed the night so this is what happened.
Saying good night Julie and Susan went up the stairs to their bedroom.
Slowly Susan slipped off Julie's yellow plastic trousers off leaving her in just her black Bra and panties.
Julie did the same for Susan unzipping her Red jacket and slipping it from her shoulders, then taking off her satin blouse letting her breasts free from it.
Julie slipped off Susan's red trousers so now she was stood in front of her just wearing her tight lacy thong.
Kissing Her breasts Julie made Susan's nipples hard under her probing tongue.
As she did Susan thrust her breast deeply into her nouth nearly gagging Julie.
Now pulling away She lead Julie to the bed and the both laid on it.