in the town centre

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in the town centre

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This story has sexual content
Not my photo taken from the internet

Saturday in the town centre


After their rainy day out Susan and Julie's week was rather quiet.
They both had to go to their jobs which were in different areas of the busy town that they lived in.

As neither of them had a car they had to use public transport.
Julie had too use both a bus and a train to get to her place of work whilst Susan just had to catch a bus.

Julie had to leave the house first as she had the greatest distance to travel.
This was usually at 6.30am.
As it was now the weekend she had to leave at 6am as the bus she had to catch only ran every hour.

Julie had left Susan in their warm bed, leaving her asleep she quietly had dressed and went down the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs she pulled her Red Wellington boots on under her uniform trousers she was wearing. Grabbing her PVC raincoat and her clear PVC umbrella Julie opened the door and then locked it behind her.
It was a warm summers morning as she walked to the bus stop to wait for her bus to come.

Sitting down at the bus stop Her red wellies shone in the awakening sunlight.
As she sat there her mind had wandered back to the day out they had had together in the early part of the week.
And the two rain suits that had played a big part of their sexual encounter.

As quickly as she had thought about it her bus arrived. So any naughty thoughts disappeared.

The bus took about 10 minutes to get to the Railway station. It pulled into the station and stopped out side the doors.
Walking through them Julie was aware that her shiny rubber boots were squeaking on the polished shiny floor of the station.
Walking through the turnstile she stood on the platform for her train to pull in.

The train arrived and her next part of the journey took half an hour which gave Julie time to chill out before she got to work.
Holding her PVC mac over her knees and her clear umbrella in one hand she felt the train begin to rock as it sped to her destination.

Julie was a care worker in one of the largest care homes in the region. As she got there she she went to her locker which was in the basement. Pulling her long Red wellies off she replaced them with her work shoes as wellies were not appropriate for the work day ahead.

At about 8.30. Susan woke and got out of bed. Letting her long PVC night dress fall down past her knees. Both Susan and Julie had worn them last night. Julie's was discarded on the floor at the bottom of the bed. The delicate smell of their lovemaking from last night coming from it as it lay there.

Susan went to the kitchen and made herself a coffee. Checking her phone she saw a message from Julie.
“Meet me in town at 3pm by the shopping centre entrance”
Susan just replied,
Susan went back upstairs. Her nightdress sticky and moulding to her 38 inch breasts. Her nipples erect under the tight plastic. She cupped her breasts and her arousal was swift! Susan stifled a moan and laid on the bed.
Her hand now going down her body onto then under the tight PVC panties she was wearing. Her sexual arousal grew and grew and very quickly she had orgasmed.
The wetness from her arousal contained inside those panties and stopping her from staining the Red satin sheets on the bed.

Susan just laid there until her excitement went away.

After about an hour Susan went into the shower. Taking off her hot, sticky nightdress that had by now stuck to her. Her panties were next. Sliding them off her thighs Susan could smell her own sexual juices that had seeped into the plastic.

Letting the warm water flow over her Susan chilled and relaxed.
Stepping from the shower she wrapped a towel round her covering her breasts and body.
Drying her hair with a second towel before blow drying her hair with a hair dryer.

Next to to do was to decide what to wear this afternoon.
She had thought about wearing a satin top and skirt but then no!
Looking in her wardrobe she saw her long red leather dress and in her mind it was perfect.
With her own shiny black wellies!

As she had a while to get ready Susan put the television on and had another coffee.

Now it was 12 o'clock so she did have to get ready.
Going to her drawers she rummaged through them, first finding a pair of Black stockings, then a Black suspender belt to keep the stockings in place.
And then the matching thong.
Putting the suspender belt round her waist she let the elastic straps of it dangle. Slowly she rolled the nylon stockings on one by one. Carefully attaching the delicate nylon to the clips of the suspender belt. Susan did the same to the other stocking as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Standing up she slide the lacy thong over her nylons and covered her smooth delicate sexual area.

As the red leather dress was fitted Susan did not put her bra on. Pulling the dress on her arms, she pulled the long zip that went all the way up the front of this shiny red dress. Pulling it all the way up to her neck. Her breasts now encased in the tight leather. Showing off how pert her breasts were but not showing her nipples.

Now Susan had a change of mind. Instead of her Black wellies she decided to wear a pair of over the knee red boots. These boots nearly matched the red leather of her dress.

Now going down the stairs Susan picked her raincoat up from the coat stand in the hallway. Pulling the PVC mac on over her dress Susan buttoned it all the way to her neck so it covered the dress.
Tying the belt of her mac round her waist so it pulled the plastic tight.

The combination of plastic against leather seemed to her very erotic.
But she had to keep these thoughts hidden as unlike their previous day out in their rain suits today was a busy weekend and there were a lot of people around.

Though Susan's raincoat had a hood she picked up her own Black PVC umbrella from the stand that was next to the coat stand.

She was not really a girly girl but on the occasions she did get dressed up she was an attractive woman.

Opening the front door Susan's high heels clicked on the concrete steps that led to the pavement.

Tottering down the street in her four inch stiletto heels Susan felt very sexy. And yes people did look at her but she put that down to her shiny blue rain mac she was wearing. Or the red boots!

By the time she had reached the bus stop the sky was darkening and the tell tale signs of rain were beginning show. Small drops starting to hit her shiny mac and running down the plastic. As yet not enough to get wet but just enough to show on the mac.

Susan felt the drops which slowly were getting heavier. Making sure no one was in the way she opened her umbrella. An automatic one which when she pushed the button opened with a loud whump as the PVC fully deployed.

As she covered herself with the umbrella the rain started to come down even heavier. Hitting the plastic over her head with a satisfying loud noise before running down the plastic and dripping onto the floor near her red boots.

It took only a few minutes for the bus to arrive. In that time the people who were also waiting at the stop and were not using either an umbrella or a raincoat got very wet. Susan smiled to herself and was thankful that she had worn her mac.

Stepping on to the bus Susan closed the umbrella and paid with her travel card. Walking down the aisle she let the umbrella drip on the floor and soon there was a pool of water by her feet. The water from her mac making it bigger. Susan had to stand on the bus today as it was already full. Holding on tightly as the bus swayed and rocked along the road. Her mac rustled with every movement.
But nobody really took any notice of her as they seemed to be in a world of their own.

Soon the bus arrived in the Town centre. And as it pulled into the bus station everyone made a rush for the bus exit.
Susan was one of the last off. She stepped of and again carefully opened her black umbrella. Again it went WHUMP as it opened. Covering herself she started the five minute walk to the shopping centre where she was to meet Julie.

Her high stiletto's clicking on the wet pavement as she walked. These heels made Susan wiggle as she walked down the pavement in quite a sexy, provocative way. She did see some guys look at her as she held the umbrella in one hand and her handbag in her other hand.

Looking at some shops as she was a little early today.
Reaching the shopping centre 5 minutes early, she stood under the roof of the doorway and closed the umbrella. Again letting it drip onto the floor and making pools of water.
People rushing past her as she stood there.

Mean while Julie had finished her shift and gone into the locker room to change. She had taken a change of clothes for the afternoon. Taking her uniform off and just standing in her Black Bra and panties Julie slipped on her satin blouse. Followed by a black leather skirt. Then sitting down she pulled on her red wellies.

Walking from the care home she carried her mac over her arm with her umbrella.
Catching the train Julie sat by the window and just watched the world go by. Seeing the sky was darkening Julie stood up and pulled her mac on.
Then getting off onto the platform she walked through the covered station and out of the doors. Now the heavens had opened. Julie opened her clear dome umbrella and she heard the rain hit it hard. Bouncing off the plastic cover and hitting Julie's mac.
Her wellies soon sparkling with water and droplets.
Walking slowly just hearing the rain hitting the umbrella was an erotic sound to Julie.
Ten minutes after getting off the train Julie saw Susan standing by the doorway wearing her mac tightly belted.
Closing her umbrella Julie walked up to Susan and quickly embraced her. Their two macs attracted to each other as they held each other tightly.
Then the two girls kissed.
A mouth probing erotic lingering one.
Pulling away from each other they walked hand in hand into the busy shopping centre through the automatic doors.

Looking at the well lit shops the two of them went to a coffee bar. Finding a table Susan was the first to take her mac off. First untying the belt from round her waist. Then slowly unbuttoning it to reveal her Red leather dress that was hidden beneath.
Putting her wet shiny mac over the back of her chair Susan then put the handle of her umbrella over the back of the chair to.

Julie followed unbuttoning her mac now showing off her satin blouse and when the mac was fully off her own black leather skirt. And of course her Red wellies.

Both macs and umbrellas were dripping water from them as the two girls ordered coffees for themselves.
Julie placed a hand under the table and stroked Susan's leather dress in a slow erotic fashion. And yes Susan was becoming slightly aroused at her touch.

Though in public the two of them did tease each other and sometimes even aroused one another to the point of orgasm. Though this was not one of those times.
The coffees arrived so Julie had to move her hand from where it was resting.
Drinking them slowly they just watched the world go by.
Hardly anyone they saw had what they would call proper rain wear or raincoats on. Or were carrying one. Yes there were umbrellas but not coats.
They had paid for their drink and now the two of them left the coffee bar.
Picking up their macs and umbrellas they placed them over their arms and continued walking.
Susan's heels clicking on the hard floor whilst Julie's rubber boots squeaked and stuck to the floor as they walked.

After about an hour of wandering they decided to go home.
Getting to the main doors it was now dark and still pouring with rain.
Stood inside the two of them helped one another on with their macs Julie first making sure it was buttoned properly, Then Susan's again fastened to the neck and her belt done tightly up.

Venturing out into the rain it was Susan who opened her umbrella to shelter the pair of them from the now driving rain. It seemed pointless for them to use both of their umbrellas whilst walking together.
Susan pulled Julie close to her, protecting her by putting her arm round her as they walked to where they had to catch the bus.

The two of them oblivious to anything else apart from the rain hitting above them.

Again the bus was nearly full by the time they boarded it. Standing close to each other the two girls were holding each others hands as they held onto the straps that dangled from the roof of the single decker bus.

“I want you!”
Julie whispered into Susan's ear as the bus swayed along.
Followed by
“I want to fuck you”
Again whispered so no one could hear.
Susan flushed with excitement as she said it.
She was getting aroused at the though of being made love to by Julie.
Though this would have to wait as they still had to walk back to the house.

Reaching their stop the two of them got off and again Susan sheltered the pair of them on the short walk back to their home.
Opening the door Julie went in first followed by Susan. Putting their wet umbrellas into the stand the girls took their macs off and put them to drip dry on the coat stand.
Julie did not let Susan get into the house properly before she pulled her to her and again gave her a long, lingering, breathtaking French kiss.
Making Susan pant with lust at the thought of things to come.

Julie pulled away and just left Susan standing there wanting more of the same!
Julie disappeared up the stairs and did not come back for about 10 minutes or so.
Whilst she was away Susan had gone into the kitchen and started to make them coffee.

She heard Julie come back and enter the kitchen behind her but took no notice.
All she heard was a familiar sound of a PVC Raincoat rustling.
Julie had gone upstairs and had changed.
Gone was the satin blouse and leather skirt!
In it's place was a long black PVC rain mac.
And under it a bulge from between her thighs.
Though Susan did not realize this.

Julie stood behind Susan then lifted the bottom of her Red leather dress up.
Finding her stockings and suspenders and her lacy thong.
Pulling the thong to one side Julie first slid one of her fingers along Susan's wet sex slit. Then a second finger.
Feeling Susan's growing arousal as she explored her.
A finger slid deeper and deeper now.
Inside Susan.
Feeling her tense as she continued.
Susan's sex seemed to clamp on that probing finger.

Was all that escaped from Susan's lips.
“Ohh ohh ohhh”
“Mmmmmm so good”
As Susan thrust back onto Julie's finger.
As she did her arousal over came her and she orgasmed with a loud moan.
“Oh yessss!”
She moaned now.
“Bend over”
Julie whispered.
And as asked Susan bent over the work surface.
With the thong still pulled to one side Julie slowly entered Susan with the 10 inch strap on dildo she had put on over her panties when she had disappeared upstairs. He rain mac had covered the dildo so if Susan had turned round and saw anything all she would see was Julie in a raincoat and a bulge under the mac.

Holding Susan round her hips where her Suspender belt was Julie thrust inside her.
Susan felt the balls of the dildo touch her wet sex hole just as it had done when she had taken Julie in the concrete building a few days ago.
“Yes yes do it!”
Susan moaned as her lover was inside her.
Still holding tightly Julie started the slow dance of love with Susan.
Deep, hard and slowly at first. In and out of Susan's wet willing hole with that solid rubber cock.
“Oh yes baby”
Was all Susan could moan at the moment as she was slowly taken to a higher arousal state.
Her mind wanting to be taken faster. Her body wanting slow beautiful lovemaking.
“Yes yes fuck me baby”
Susan moaned again.
“Fuck me with your cock”
Yes she used the words that she knew Julie wanted to hear her say!
“Fuck my pussy baby”
And as Susan was bent over Julie thrust deeply now.
Susan being penetrated by that solid dildo, filling her, taking her higher and higher and soon she would know the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Even though Julie could not feel that Susan was having an orgasm she knew she was as she began to shake, shudder and her knees began to buckle as she was still wearing her red boots.
“Oh fuck”
She was nearly screaming now.
“Oh yes yes yes”
And as her orgasm flooded through her body Susan nearly collapsed with pleasure.
“Oh shit shit shit!”
Was all she could think to say as her rubber filled hole throbbed madly on it.
Julie thrust again into Susan making her sensations grow more and making her moan louder to.
Holding the work surface tightly Susan shudder again. Her whole body now filled with sexual delight. From the tips of her toes to her breasts and higher to the top of her head. Now as she began to orgasm once more her whole body seemed to be on fire with this sexual heat.

As Susan orgasm flew through her she couldn't help but moan and groan as she was being fucked by Julie.
“Fuck fuck fuck fuck”
She groaned loudly.
Not caring if she was heard or not!
She knew in her mind that she could be heard as on past occasions she had heard their neighbours making love and the woman screaming as she cum through the thin walls of the house.
And she could hear the walls banging as they fucked each other.

She knew in her mind that she could be heard as on past occasions she had heard their neighbours making love and the woman screaming as she cum through the thin walls of the house.
And she could hear the walls banging as they fucked each other.

Julie continued to make love to Susan for 10 minutes making her cum over and over to the point of exhaustion!
When Susan had orgasmed again Julie slid from her, letting her relax as she was still bent over the kitchen work surface.
Now getting up Susan pulled her thong back over her wet,swollen slit.
Finally calming down after her numerous orgasms. As she got composed again she finally made the coffee for the two of them.
Taking the two cups into the living room she followed Julie in to the living room.
Julie sat on the sofa still wearing her shiny black PVC mac with the ten inch dildo strapped around her crotch under the mac.
Susan sat next to her still flushed but now calm after her sexual forefilment in the kitchen.
They drank their coffee and just sat on the sofa for about an hour. Susan's head on Julie's shoulder on the hot, sticky plastic raincoat.

That was until there was a knock on the front door. Susan had to get up to answer it as Julie was still in her mac and she could not get upstairs because the front door was in front of the stair case.

Susan opened the door and stood there was one of their friends.
She was stood in the still pouring rain on the door step wearing a Black industrial heavy rain suit.
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Re: in the town centre

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Good to see your, or our, fantasies come alive.

And the best of luck.
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Re: in the town centre

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I got half way through this story and had to stop and strip naked so that I could go and dress up in stockings, suspenders thong and my own leather mini and finally my Top shop shiny blue jacket before continuing.
Really like these stories, keep up the good work.
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Re: in the town centre

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blackmacjay wrote: February 3rd, 2020, 11:13 pm Good to see your, or our, fantasies come alive.

And the best of luck.
Thank you for your kind comment.
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Re: in the town centre

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HeatherlovesPVC wrote: February 4th, 2020, 7:24 am I got half way through this story and had to stop and strip naked so that I could go and dress up in stockings, suspenders thong and my own leather mini and finally my Top shop shiny blue jacket before continuing.
Really like these stories, keep up the good work.
Thank you for your nice comment
Glad you like them.
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Re: in the town centre

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wonderful stories so far keep up the great work,wonder what their friend Amanda will do with them in that sexy rubber rain suit,can’t wait to find out
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Re: in the town centre

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yellowgirl wrote: February 4th, 2020, 1:06 pm wonderful stories so far keep up the great work,wonder what their friend Amanda will do with them in that sexy rubber rain suit,can’t wait to find out
Next part in the process lol lol
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