The Meeting

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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The Meeting

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Please beware sexual content so if offended please do not read .

The Meeting

It was a cold, windy Tuesday morning when Susan had to go out for the day.
After having her breakfast she looked out on the dull morning. Grey and very dull.
Susan decided that she would wear her Red rain suit for her journey.
This suit was made of nylon and consisted of a jacket and rain trousers.

For reasons only know to her Susan had put the rain suit over her naked body. No clothes what so ever not even a thong that she usually wore under her everyday clothes.

Feeling instantly aroused at the touch of the nylon against her breasts.
Her nipples getting erect and very hard as the nylon rubbed against them.
Bending over Susan reached down and grabbed her wellies which were on the floor in the hallway where she had kicked them of the night before.

Sitting on the staircase she first pulled the right welly on. Undecided whether or not to tuck her rain trousers into the welly or to cover the long shaft with the rain suit trouser. She went for letting her red trousers flow over the boots.

Grabbing her mobile phone she quickly sent a text to Julie her long time lover saying that she was leaving the house in about five minutes. And that she would see Julie in about an hour.

This was because they had spent the night apart and it was a fairly long bus ride to where Julie was. She did not say what she was wearing nor did she say she was naked under it!

As she locked the door behind her Susan noticed the rustling sound that her red rain suit was making as she moved. This seemed to have an erotic effect on her and Susan's mind started to wander!

Quickly snapping out of her erotic thoughts Susan started to walk down the street towards the bus stop where she was to catch her bus.

As she stood waiting her thoughts again started to wander. And as they did there was a pleasant feeling growing between her thighs under her red trousers.
Shaking her head Susan got rid of her naughty thoughts as her bus arrived.

Paying her fair Susan walked down the bus and as she did she was well aware that her rain suit continued to make the rustling sound and it seemed to be loud when it did rustle!

Sitting down at the back of the bus there were only a few people on it and no one seemed to take any notice of her.

As Susan sat down her red trousers had become tighter and were now rubbing against her crotch. She noticed the pleasurable sensation returning, this time with wetness growing between the top of her thighs.

As there was no one close Susan slid her hand over the top of her nylon trousers and onto the material covering her most sensitive part.
A small moan left her lips as pleasure swept over her body.
Susan had to keep quiet as some more people had got on the bus now.
Though her face had flushed at the excitement that she felt.

Whilst Susan was travelling on the bus Julie was already where they were to meet.
Wearing her own rain suit which was a bright yellow colour she had also worn her wellies today.
And like Susan she was also naked under it. This had not been decided by either of them before they were to meet.
And like Susan, Julie had been aroused several times on her own journey to their meeting.

Now stood outside the shop where they were to meet Julie had put the hood of her rain jacket up. To protect her from the rain that had started too fall from the darkening sky.
Her hands inside the pockets of the jacket, resisting the temptation to rub her own sensitive part over the thick plastic rain trousers as she was aware that if she touched the plastic she would cum very quickly and as she was in public that was not going to be possible!

Julie heard the rain on her hood as she stood there, the loud sound in here ears making her dead to the outside.
Her mind wandered to what Susan might be wearing today. Soon she would find out!

The rain started to fall heavier now and this just increased her sensations. Now water was dripping down her yellow suit. Off the jacket and onto her wellies. And like Susan Julie had not tucked her plastic trousers into her boots. This was a good job as the rain would have gone into her wellies and wet feet would not have been good.

As Julie stood in the heavy rain she had noticed how few people were wearing proper raincoats. Yes they were wearing cheap ponchos but nothing heavy. That was until she lifted her head and looked round. There was a guy wearing a long hooded rain coat with rain trousers and wellies to!

“How sensible”
She thought to herself.

Julie was enjoying standing in the rain. Just being outside felt really good.
As Julie was standing outside Susan was getting nearer. As she was sat by the window of the bus she could see the rain splatter hard against the glass. She felt herself shudder with delight at the thought of walking in the downpour. As it was at least a ten minute walk from where the bus would drop her off to where Julie was waiting.

Susan sent Julie a quick text say
“I'm about 15 mins away x x x”
Julie heard her phone ping as the message arrived and with the reply
“O.K babes I'm waiting”
She continued to enjoy herself just standing there.

The bus came to a stop and Susan got off. Making sure that she had pulled the hood of her red jacket over her hair before she got off.
As soon as she was on the pavement the heavy rain started to batter her red rain suit. The drops splattering on the nylon and then hitting the floor.
Susan was glad that she had worn her wellies as the water was now starting to stand on the road and pavements. And as she walked her wellies splashed in pools of water.
Susan walked slowly to where Julie was waiting taking long than she thought. Her rain suit now wet and dripping water as she walked. Susan's nipples grew hard under the wet nylon as it brushed against her breasts.

Again she had to stop herself from moaning as she found it quite arousing. By the time she got to Julie she had nearly cum with just the rubbing of her jacket. Her face flushed with sexual satisfaction.

Julie saw this figure approaching in a bright Red rain suit not realizing that it was Susan. Susan saw Julie standing there in her yellow suit. She knew it was Julie as she had bought the suit for her two weeks before.

When Susan was close Julie saw her and she smiled at her. They walked to each other and embraced each other.

As they embraced their wet rain suits clung together as they touched. And as Julie pressed against Susan she could feel the sexual heat through Susan's red rain trousers. The heat that Susan had been feeling ever since she had got off the bus.

Susan put one of her hands over Julie's yellow PVC covered head and pulled her close to her. Susan's lips finding Julie's cherry red lips.
As they kissed Susan started to probe Julie's mouth with her tongue.
First opening her lips with her probing then when Julie's mouth was open finding her tongue.
The two of them stood there in the rain probing each others mouth until both of them were breathless and nearly panting with desire for each other.

Julie pulled away from Susan and took her by her wet hand. Starting to lead her down the rain sodden street to a local cafe.
Opening the door Julie lead Susan inside it.
Once inside Susan was the first to take the hood of her jacket off her head. Shaking her long hair free. Julie quickly did the same shaking her head to.

Under the bright light inside the cafe the rain on the two girls rain suits shone. The drops slowly running down the PVC and nylon of the suits and dripping onto the floor into pools of water.
Julie ordered two coffees for them and as they waited for them to come she put her hand under the table and started to stroke Susan's red trousers. Susan gave out a little moan at Julie's touch. And tensed a little to. The coffees arrived and Julie moved her hand slowly off Susan's nylon covered leg.

Whilst they were sat in the cafe Susan noticed that Julie's breasts were showing under her tight yellow PVC jacket. Her nipples seemed to be erect or was she imagining that?
Susan took a second glance at Julie and yes her nipples were definitely hard. She found that just looking at Julie's hard nipples was starting to arouse her as she sat there. Her thighs were becoming wet and it was a good job that she was wearing waterproof trousers because if she was wearing jeans there would have been a wet patch between her thighs!
Stopping the urge to touch her nylon trousers Susan had to concentrate on drinking her coffee and to not let her mind wander to Julie's hard breasts in front of her.

Julie had noticed that Susan was looking at her chest and it seemed to Susan at that moment that Julie turned slightly, making her PVC jacket mould tightly over her breasts. Showing off one of her nipples to Susan, who in turn gave a moan again.

Julie seemed to want to tease Susan as they sat there. Making sure that every time Susan looked at her she either thrust her breasts forward, Leant on the table with her breasts on it or just shook so her large breasts jiggled under her jacket. The more Julie did things the more aroused Susan was getting.

Julie paid the bill and the two girls started to leave the cafe. But before they opened the door Julie pulled Susan's hood over her head and tied it tightly.
Susan did the same for Julie.

Opening the door they went out in to the now heavy rain. The sound of the heavy water drops hitting both of their suits and bouncing onto the floor was very loud this time.
The sky had darkened and it now looked like there may be a storm brewing.

Walking from the cafe it was decided that they would walk back to the bus stop. And from there they would decide what they would do next.
Now walking slowly in the rain Julie slid her hand down Susan and onto her nylon covered bottom. Slowly squeezing Susan's bottom as they walked.
Susan did the same Julie's bottom firm under her touch. The two girls kept fondling each others bottoms until they reached the bus stop.
They looked at where the buses were going and on the spur of the moment they decided to go to a little village in the countryside.

As the two of them stood under the bus shelter all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning that light up the sky. Followed by a loud clap of thunder.
Susan shuddered at the sound of thunder, so Julie pulled her tightly to her. Julie had stood behind Susan while they were waiting. Making sure no one was looking she put her hands round Susan's waist. Slowly running her hands up her red nylon jacket, higher and slowly under her breasts. Now Julie knew that Susan was naked beneath her rain suit. Her breasts firm and so erotic under her touch.

Still making sure no one was watching Julie moved her hand round onto Susan's nipples. Feeling how erect they were now. Another lightning flash which caused Susan to push her breasts deeper into Julie's probing hands.
Cupping her firm breasts and hard nipples Julie slowly touched those erect nipples between her fingers making Susan moan and sigh with desire.
Julie heard Susan whisper under her breath,
“Oh Fuck”
Julie knew she was aroused now and usually when she said something like that it meant Susan was close to having an orgasm.
A few more gentle touches of Susan's nipples and her legs were shaking and then Susan orgasmed just under Julie's touch.

It was fortunate for Susan that as she cum the bus was coming down the road to where they were. Julie had to move away from her as she relaxed.
Susan got on the Bus first and paid their fare to the village.
Taking her hood off her head before she did.
Julie followed her and as she did she could not resist giving Susan's bottom a light pinch with her fingers.

They sat down at the back of the bus, Susan by the window. As they sat there Julie moved her hand onto Susan's red nylon covered leg. Placing it on her knee for a start off. Gently rubbing her knee. Slowly going higher up her leg onto her thigh. No one could see either of them as very few people were on the bus and they were all facing forwards.

Going higher and higher until Susan parted her thighs. Feeling how hot Susan's nylon trousers were Julie guessed that she was aroused already. Maybe from having her breasts touched earlier? As Julie touched Susan between her thighs her moan of wanting grew a little louder. Aware that there were people close by Susan bit her lip to be quiet.
Julie had now found Susan's little rosebud that was hidden underneath her waterproof trousers. Rubbing the nylon Julie seemed to make it grow and cause Susan to thrust more onto Julie's hand.
“Oh God”
Susan moaned as she fast approached another orgasm.
“Oh yes”
Her hotness and wetness growing with every touch.
She moaned through her clamped lips.
And as her final moan of desire came from Susan she orgasmed.
Her body shaking from head to toe.
Her breasts shaking under her red jacket which seemed to make her cum even more.
“Oh shit”
Susan seemed to go limp as she cum in those red trousers. The wetness in them only Susan knew how wet she was from her love juices!

They continued their journey and reached the village. It was still raining very heavily as they got off the bus.
Walking slowly with their arms round each other they just enjoyed the rain that was falling and the occasional lightning and thunder that followed it.

The storm seemed to be coming closer as they walked together. The lightning getting more frequent as was the thunder.
One flash went right across the sky very quickly followed by a loud thunderclap.

Julie suggested that they find somewhere to shelter just in case the storm got worse.
The rain was pelting down now coming nearly sideways as the wind had picked up. Hitting the two girls on their backs,running down their rain suits and onto their rubber wellies. As they walked their feet splashed in the puddles that were quickly forming now. In the distance they saw an old military building. They made their way towards it crossing a field that it was in the middle of.

The field was sticky with mud and the rain was making it even worse. Their wellies sticking as they walked towards the small concrete building.
Finding the small entrance on the side of it they went in.

It was small inside and had been disused for ages. The two girls had to get used to the dimness in there. Their eyes now seeing properly how it was concrete inside on all the walls.

It was now Susan's turn to hold Julie tightly. Running her up Julie's PVC jacket Susan found the zip and slowly pulled it down and let Julie's breasts free. As her breasts came out the jacket Susan bent down slightly and took one of Julie's nipple in her mouth, slowly running her tongue over the pink bud. The nipple getting hard at the flicking of Susan's tongue over it.
Julie moaned slightly and thrust her breast further into Susan's mouth.

Moving to the other breast Susan continued the same treatment to it. And again Julie thrust it deep into her mouth. Now slowly panting as sensations swept through her body.
As Susan kept on sucking on Julie's breast, she moved her hands down onto
the waist band of her PVC trousers. Slipping them down to Julie's ankles. Leaving her sexual secret parts open to her. Her nakedness more exposed as Julie had shaved herself.

Susan let Julie's breast slip from her mouth. Now getting onto her knees Susan was level with Julie's sweet, wet slit. Pulling Julie to her, Susan let her tongue touch Julie. Her little bud now throbbing at the thought of being kissed and licked. Just as Susan touched Julie with her tongue there was a loud rumbling roar of thunder over head, causing Julie to shudder.

And she shuddered again when Susan started to lick her properly.
Susan tasted her wetness which was growing even more with every flick of Susan's tongue.
Julie thrust her hips on to Susan's face making Susan's tongue go deeper into her her wetness. And when she did she knew that the sensations growing in her body would burst out and that she would cum on that probing tongue.

“Oh baby baby”
Julie groaned.
“Don't stop please!”
And with that Susan probed even deeper into her slit.
“Oh fuck fuck!”
Louder this time as her orgasm started to build. Her shuddering starting to grow as well.
“Oh God!”
Now her body let loose with one big orgasm.
“Oh fuck yes yes!”
She was nearly screaming now as it took hold of her.
As she did her whole body shook with pleasure.
Hot horny pleasure from being licked off.

Pulling away from Julie she let her stand there and relax for a few moments as the storm raged on. Julie pulled her rain trousers back on and stood for a few moments more. The rain was still coming down but inside it couldn't be heard at all due to the thickness of the concrete. The thunder continued slowly moving away from them now.

As Julie's panting slowly subsided Susan saw in the corner of the concrete building an old table. Taking hold of Julie's hand she moved towards it.
Moving some of the rubbish that was on it she bent over the table and laid back on it.

Julie knew what Susan wanted with out being asked. She lifted Susan's bottom off the table and in one swift movement she had her red trousers off so she was now naked from the waist down with just her jacket and wellies on.
From out of her handbag Julie produced a large strap on dildo which she proceeded to put on over her yellow PVC trousers.
The Pink dildo standing erect,contrasting with the bright yellow trousers.
Susan was wet from her own arousal that had been contained in her own waterproof trousers.

Now it was Julie's turn to stand in front of Susan. Moving towards her the dildo inched closer and closer to Susan's hole. Julie rubbed the tip up and down Susan's slit to make it wet and to make it easier to enter her.
Now holding on to her Julie slipped the hard dildo into Susan, slowly inch by inch, deeper and deeper until the solid balls at the end of the dildo rubbed on Susan's erect bud.
“Yes Fuck me!”
Susan moaned.
She had wanted to be taken ever since she had wanted to touch herself on the bus journey.
Julie just kept the dildo deep inside Susan. Not moving at all.
Susan tried to move her hips but Julie would not let her.
The dildo still deep and making Susan throb.
“Fuck me!”
Susan moaned again.
Julie slowly pulled that dildo from her but not all the way out before moving it back to where it was.
She did that a few times making Susan moan with desire.
Wanting to be taken though Julie had other ideas about that.
“Fuck me baby I want it!”
But despite these plea's Julie only moved slightly.
As the balls of the dildo again hit her erect bud Susan tried again to move.
Again Julie did not let her.

“Fuck me Julie!”
Susan was almost begging now. Begging to be taken and fucked!

Julie again slid the strap on dildo out of Susan's slit, this time a little further.
And straight away pushed it deep back in.
“Aghhh Aghhhh Aghhh”
Susan groaned.
And as she groaned she moved her welly covered ankles from the floor and up and over Julie's PVC covered shoulders.
The sticky mud that covered them dropping to the floor onto the dusty floor.
Now Julie had the dildo deep inside Susan's slit. She could hear how wet she was and how she was begging to.
Holding Susan's hips now Julie began thrusting slowly in and out.
Hearing Susan groan again and again as she made love to her.
“Yes baby”
Susan moaned softly.
Susan's wetness covering the rubber dildo.
Julie felt that rubber cock slide and rub against Susan's inner sex hole and she knew what Susan was feeling as her face started to go red with pleasure and sexual tension.
“Oh fuck oh fuck!”
Susan was moaning louder now.
Crossing her ankles round Julie's head Susan was now very aroused and was close to having an orgasm.
Julie continued her lovemaking sliding in and out slowly thrusting at first before getting faster.
The dildo sliding in and out of Susan's slit. The loud slurping sound mixed with Susan's groans of pleasure.
“Fuck fuck fuck!”
“Oh fuck yes!”
“I'm cumming!”
This seemed to spur Julie on as she thrust harder and harder.
Susan seemed to go limp as her orgasm hit her.
With one final deep thrust Julie let her orgasm. Keeping the dildo deep inside her for a while.
Susan's body shuddered and trembled as the wave of her orgasm went through it.

“Oh shit!”
Was all that Susan could say as she was breathless and panting from her being fucked deeply.

Julie slid the dildo from her and with one quick movement she thrust it into Susan's mouth making her suck her own love juices from the rubber dildo.
Susan nearly gagged on the ten inch rubber cock as she was forced to suck it.
Julie made sure that Susan had sucked it clean before she slid the dildo from her mouth.
Susan was panting even more from that experience.

After resting for a few seconds Susan got from the table she was laid on and pulled her rain trousers over her swollen sex. Still flushed from being taken by Julie. After her little rest it was time to leave their little hidey hole and go back out into the rainstorm that was still continuing.

Walking back across the muddy field and back to the main road that connected where they were to the village and their bus stop.
The heavy rain washed the dirt and dust that had collected on both of their rain suits off making the two suits streaky.

The bus stop they had to use did not have a shelter so the two girls stood there in their rain suits and wellies, their hoods covering them and the rain beating down onto the PVC and Nylon.

They stood facing each other, their breasts touching under the suits causing more sexual tension!

Their bus arrived before anything more could happen between them.
The journey was now in the dark and the only real sound they could hear was the noise of the bus and the rain hitting the window.

Susan put her head on Julie's wet shoulder and closed her eyes for a few minutes. Still thinking of being taken by Julie in that small concrete building.
Julie mean while had put one of her hands onto Susan's rain suit and was foundling her breast over the red nylon, and surprise surprise Susan's nipple became erect!

All Susan murmmered was,
Whilst her eyes were closed.
Susan was relaxed on the journey home as she was sexually fore-filled and very happy with their rainy day out and what had happened on it.

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Re: The Meeting

Post by David »

Amazingly descriptive story that easily envelopes the reader into the scene itself.
Love to see that the rain wear was used as what ti was intended for protecting the user from heavy rain or storms and not just as
a sexual object.
Fantastic job.
Here's hoping for a sequel with a lot more stormy weather to be had.

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Re: The Meeting

Post by Saltmarsh_Drifter »

Perfect rainwear erotica. Personally pleased by the wellies and mud element too! ;)

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Re: The Meeting

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David wrote:
January 28th, 2020, 12:43 pm
Amazingly descriptive story that easily envelopes the reader into the scene itself.
Love to see that the rain wear was used as what ti was intended for protecting the user from heavy rain or storms and not just as
a sexual object.
Fantastic job.
Here's hoping for a sequel with a lot more stormy weather to be had.
Thank you for your kind comment

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Re: The Meeting

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Saltmarsh_Drifter wrote:
January 28th, 2020, 1:46 pm
Perfect rainwear erotica. Personally pleased by the wellies and mud element too! ;)
Glad you like.

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Re: The Meeting

Post by Buttons »

Good job Spitrire, We don't get enough stories involving rain suits and yours is very welcome. I enjoyed the graphic descriptions of the girls enjoying themselves. I had a good self message on this story. :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:
Bring on the rain :D

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Re: The Meeting

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Buttons wrote:
January 29th, 2020, 12:04 am
Good job Spitrire, We don't get enough stories involving rain suits and yours is very welcome. I enjoyed the graphic descriptions of the girls enjoying themselves. I had a good self message on this story. :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:
Thank you

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