Doctor's Orders

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Doctor's Orders

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"Mr. Walters, I have bad news I am afraid, you have a rare skin condition", the attractive young doctor said seriously.
"What does it mean?", replied Dave nervously.
"Untreated it will get worse, but there is a new therapy that has had good results. It takes a lot of dedication, and some find it uncomfortable, but I think in your case there is a good chance we can cure you."
"Whatever it takes", he replied, "I can't go on trying to live like this", he pointed to the mottled rash on his upper arm.

Tuesday came around and Dave sat in the waiting area outside the hospital clinic, apprehensive at what the treatment might consist of.
"Mr.Walters?", a large cheerful nurse called his name.
In the consulting room she asked him to take of all his clothes and lay on the couch, which was covered in a blue shiny plastic sheet.
"Why? What is going to happen?", Dave asked.
"Didn't they tell you?", she queried in a surprised voice.
"No!", he replied.
She produced a large white tub, "we'll first we need to apply this".
Dave felt relieved, it appeared to be a simple case of ointment, he smiled and slipped his clothes off, standing only in his boxers.
"Those too I am afraid", said the nurse in a kindly way.
Dave suddenly worried. The sheet seemed deliciously soft and smooth, the nurse was attractive and her tight uniform was a turn on, now he worried what his reaction would be.
The plastic was cool and as lovely as he feared as he sat up on the couch.
"We'll start on your back", the nurse motioned to him to lie on his front.
The erection was almost instant as his dick hit the blue vinyl. The plastic smelt wonderful as the nurse started to work the ointment into his bare skin, starting at the neck. The feeling was cool and gave some relief to the tight feeling that his condition created.
Soon she was closing in on his bum. So far she had covered every bit of skin, was she going to do the same down below? Then he felt her gloved had between his buttocks and she worked the cream in and around his anus, "sorry, we have to get every bit of skin below the neck for the treatment to be most effective. His erection increased as the nurse massaged his balls, and he felt a little cum come out.
Dave was feeling no less turned on as Diana proceeded down his legs until the inevitable moment when she said, "time to turn over".
As Dave turned he noticed a super fast wiping action by the nurse on the sheet below his groin, "she noticed the cum, how embarrassing", he thought.
As he worried, his manhood was no less rigid as he turned over, but he just ingored it, not sure what nurse Diana was going to say. But she said nothing as she turned around having changed into fresh gloves.
Dave tried not to look at the nurse as she worked, but her eyes were to die for and she smiled and he thought he might be falling in love.
The time came when her hands reached his groin. He was now desperate to feel her hands on his dick and was not disappointed as the slippery ointment was applied to his shaft, and she didn't seem to be too gentle. As she reached the head she apologised, "sorry but we must get every last part, stop me if I am hurting you", and she gently pulled back his foreskin.
Dave thought he had died and gone to heaven as Diana exposed his purple helmet and massaged cream into every fold and his crack. He gave a gasp and came. Spunk hit her blue sleeve and dripped over her shiny gloved hand. She simply turned and, with her free hand, wiped everything away, "we'll just have to redo a bit here and there", she said in the most matter of fact way.
Davie's dick had deflated somewhat by the time Diana had finished working her fingers between his toes and she said, "nearly done, just one more step. Can you get up and stand next to the couch, but try not to wipe any ointment off if you can please".
Dave stood naked, desperate to cover his nudity, but not wanting to touch the treated skin.
The nurse stood with her back to Dave, then turned, holding a small package, which she proceeded to open.
Dave watched in delightful horror as the contents unfolded in front of him and Diana presented a clear plastic suit, holding a leg open at the top, "slip in carefully, you can steady yourself on my shoulder if you need, but don't rub the treated areas".
He stood on one leg, placed his hand on her upper arm and drew in the sexy smell of her red hair as he looked down her cleavage.
The suit had a front closing which was like a zip but continuous rather like the resealable openings on some frozen vegetable packs. There were doubled areas in front and behind, allowing access withough having to remove the garment.
Soon Dave was encased in plastic from the neck down. Only his hands were uncovered.
"Now you MUST Keep this on for two days", Diana handed him a small pot of ointment, "re-apply this where needed after you have used the toilet, but only open the garment when you need the loo. You will get hot and sweaty, and you will find it hard to sleep, but trust me, it is going to help".
"What do I do after two days?", Dave asked, as he started to put his clothes back on over his new plastic prison.
"Come back in and I will have to reapply the ointment and give you a new suit. We have to repeat this for three weeks, then your treatment will be complete".
Dave nodded his understanding and said, "see you in a couple of days then".
He squeaked across the room to the door as the plastic tugged at his naked body.
"I think I must have died and gone to heaven", he thought, "still,if I MUST Wear plastic for two days I will just have to do as I am told and endure nurse Diana when I return".
Thankfully Diana could not see the broad grin on his face as he left.

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Re: Doctor's Orders

Post by kulshan »

What a cure process! Sounds like heaven! Great story and thanks!

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Re: Doctor's Orders

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Will check and see if I have a rash that needs attention
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Re: Doctor's Orders

Post by Izzitpvc »

Is this "procedure" available on the NHS or did you have to go private?

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Re: Doctor's Orders

Post by galondraken »

Ohh :)

This reminds me that it was a long time since I did the same thing. Must get some more disposable plastic suits :)
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Re: Doctor's Orders

Post by pvc_simon »

Maybe the nurse should slip you into some plastic pants before your next session on the plastic sheet!

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Re: Doctor's Orders

Post by Buttons »

Nice story Jellyman. Oh to be Dave in his lovely plastic suit and the thought of the nurse covering him with cream once again.
Bring on the rain :D

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