Train Ride

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Train Ride

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Colin had never been to Romania, let alone travelled alone, at night through Eastern Europe. The very old carriage smelled musty, and possibly bought from English railway stock of the 1950's where each carriage was divided into areas of about 10 seats with doors on either side, but no walkway. When underway the occupants were sealed off from the world. Colin wasn't sure if he was happy to be alone in this particular situation. Work had told him to visit their factories in Eastern Europe, and this would be the last, but certainly most remote. Provided nobody got on at the next station he would then be alone to his destination. His hand slipped down the front of his trousers and caressed his dick through the clear plastic pants; a very reassuring feeling.

At the next station the platform seemed nice and empty, but then he heard screams of girls, excited screams and saw an entire coach load appear and doors started to bang as they climbed aboard. His carriage was towards the end of the platform, so he hoped he might be spared company, but it was not to be. As it became clear that his was the only remaining empty seating a terrifying and wonderful group appeared outside his door and started to climb in. Evidently part of some sports team the women were all dressed identically in black plastic suits with yellow detailing and had a team logo of a wasp on the back.

The girls piled in making a racket as they chatted and threw their bags onto the overhead storage. One woman pressed her ample chest into Colin's face as she stowed a large brown bag. She said something that might have been an apology for all he knew of Romanian. Although it was cold outside, Colin had removed his coat because the carriage was cozy and warm, and now his bare arms were being rubbed by plastic sleeves of the girls who seemed to have no idea about personal space. He was trying desperately not to get a hard on, but surveying the carriage, all he could see was a wall of plastic clad ladies bodies. His eyes fell to the legs of the dark-haired girl in front of him, the trouser legs were elasticated above white trainers, he loved the way the shiny material looked tight against her ankles and as her legs parted and he ventured to wonder if the garments were unbacked plastic and if she had knickers on!

Colin tried to think what form of sport was involved as the girls were all ages from late teens into their 50's. He counted 11 women, which explained why he had to endure the torture of their wonderful bodies rubbing against him. He had no clue what they were talking about, but it all seemed very convivial and light-hearted.

Then a blonde-haired girl got up and started doing dance moves in the cramped space between the passenger's legs. The women joined in clapping out a beat and singing a song that Colin vagely recognised as Madonna. Then the girl tripped and fell, landing directly on Colin's lap. The half zipped jacket flapped on his cheek and he could see it was just as soft and shiny on the inside as the outside. Initially the girl seemed stunned at what had happened, but then she placed a playful arm around the back of his neck and said something in a slightly sexy voice, then the whole carriage burst into laughter. The woman was probably in her 30's, attractive, of average build, but with deep blue eyes that seemed to bore into Colin's very soul as she stared into his eyes.

She was about to get up when she noticed the bulge in his trousers. She made a noise which Colin recognised instantly as the universal sound of "oi oi what have we here then!". She rubbed his mound playfully through his trousers and now his face was touching her neck with her black shiny collar rubbing his cheek, and he was blushing from embarrassment. All the women responded with a similar noise and suddenly Colin felt scared as he was now the focus of everyone's attention. The woman slipped her hand down his trouser front. Despite the situation there was no way his dick would not be hard, and she had a good hard squeeze, seeming oblivious to his own plastic attire.

A chanting started. Again Colin didn't know what the words meant, but was defiantly a call to egg the girl on. Then the red-headed girl next to him joined in and started to pull his trousers down whilst the blonde woman kept a hold of his dick hard. The red head then proceeded to stoke the inside of his bare thighs, making her plastic sleeve rub against it. Colin decided that if he was going to die then this was as good a way to go as he could possibly imagine!

He felt hands on his chest as someone was unbuttoning his short sleeved shirt. He didn't resist. The women were chattering and seemed excited, but he had no idea what was actually being said. Soon he was butt naked with several girls rubbing him. Then a larger lady stood up and pushed her way towards Colin, she took his hands and pulled him up with quite a strong grip, then she sat down where he had been and pushed him back on her. His naked body was now being caressed all over by plastic clad girls. Another chant started and the blonde girl stood up and made a gesture which looked a lot like "do you think I should?"
She stood in front of Colin with her back to him then grabbed the elasticated waistband of her black trousers she started to pull them down whilst wriggling her bottom provocatively. Her knickers went down with the shiny bottoms, or so Colin assumed, until naked buttocks appeared. With the trousers half way down she reversed onto Colin, moving to position his cock on her cunt, then slowly slipped he body down until she was sitting on his lap with his cock right in her. The plastic jacket made a delightful swishing sound as she bounced up and down. The large girl whose lap Colin was on grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him sideways onto the laps of the two girls next to her forcing the blonde girl off him. Then she turned and lay on top of him, positioning her pussy above his dick but prevented from entering her by the lovely shiny black plastic that played on his manhood. Colin could feel the knees under his back, bottom and legs as the weight of the big girl pressed down on him, made all the heavier by the fact that she was using one arm to pull her trousers down far enough to get his cock into her cunt. He felt the elasticated waistband of the girl's trousers pushing on the base of his cock. He gripped the girls buttocks and squeezed them; they were half bare and half covered in vinyl. Colin was trapped with plastic all around and was enjoying every moment.

The large girl got up and next a short woman with curly hair stood up and came over, as if knowing she was next, "my god, are they all going to screw me?", thought Colin, "I do hope so!"
The girl took off her trousers and sat across Colin with her back to him, but kept her jacket on. She slid herself onto his dick with a gasp as she did, then proceeded to wiggle her bottom and move up and down on his manhood. The girl closest to his head, whose lap he was lying back on, bent forward and smothered his face in huge plastic clad boobs. Colin enjoyed the feel of their weight on his face and especially that he could sense an erect nipple rubbing his cheek through the black shiny vinyl. He turned his head and gently bit it, feeling the taste of plastic and the increasing aroma of sweaty girls and PVC. One by one each girl mounted Colin and pleasured herself on him. He began to get the feeling that something wasn't right after he had come for the fifth time; he had never managed to come more than twice in the same session before, and that was only with a ten minute interlude during which time his girfriend took a shower and he seduced her through her glass clear plastic shower curtain - she knew nothing of his fetish but presumably thought that having him fuck her from behind whilst standing in the shower was great and thought nothing of the fact that he was on the dry side with plastic draped over her as she was pummelled by him and the power shower at the same time. And where was all this jizz coming from? Each time he came he felt a full load in each girl, and supposed maybe it was just a feeling, but nothing was actually coming out. However when the fifth girl, who sat fully clothed on him with her black shiny pussy on his face sucking on his dick, made him come he looked down to see rivers of jizz on her face and dribbling down the black PVC sleeve of her top as another girl bent over and licked it off.

Somehow Colin was now lying face down across the legs of about five girls with his dick hanging down between the legs of the large girl as she worked him with her thighs covered in the lovely plastic trousers. Several girls were massaging his naked back, toying with his balls and one had pulled the elasticated sleeve of her jacket down over her hand and was pushing the shiny material into his arse with her finger. His face was squashed against a naked, shaved, pussy of the red headed girl who had removed her bottoms and was pushing his head from behind to make him pleasure her.

Then Colin had another thought, "why are all these girls out on such a cold night wearing nothing but thin plastic tops and bottoms?", in all of the exciting action he couldn't recall seeing any underwear on any of those that had exposed themselves to him, and every single girl that had had the pleasure of viewing had a shaved pussy; just the way he liked it. "Why would these women want him? Surely some might be worried about getting pregnant?", he wondered.

Suddenly there was a squeal of brakes signalling that the train was arriving at his destination. Colin sat up to survey the scene. The Windows were all steamed up, black and yellow plastic garments were strewn around, their shinyness exacerbated by large amounts of cum, with only one woman fully clothed, and one fully nude, all the rest were either naked from the waist down or had no top on. As if it was he most normal thing in the world they all started dressing, even the sight of arms and legs being slid into the PVC made Colin hard, "I've been drugged with Viagra", he thought, "its the only explanation". The train slowly stopped and one of the girls opened the door and let cold air rush in. She turned and kissed a Colin before leaving. Each girl said goodbye with a playful squeeze, peck on the cheek or a full blown snog, and suddenly Colin realised he was left alone naked and hurriedly started to dress. A whistle blew signalling imminent departure and he was about to leave the carriage when several women pushed in through the door forcing him back, then the last one closed the door and smiled at Colin. He sat with his face agog. The collection of ladies were all older than him, but all incredibly attractive and everyone was wearing fetish gear. There were PVC and plastic aromas still, but these had been joined by the smell of rubber. The woman who sat down opposite him was wearing a full length black super-shiny latex catsuit with a studded leather belt and matching ankle and wrist cuffs. The lady next to him slipped her hand down the front of his trousers, she was entirely nude except a glass clear plastic suit and knee length black shiny wellies.

As the train pulled out a hooded figure on the platform whispered, "enjoy eternity master Colin, you've earned it", then faded into nothing as a girl in green heavy PVC waders took Colin in her mouth as he sat naked once again.

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Re: Train Ride

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I know where I'm going for my next holiday! lol
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Re: Train Ride

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Great story JellyMan, I loved it and will definitely be taking my next holidays training around Romania. Well done.
Bring on the rain :D

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