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The Blue Rubber Maid Part 1

Posted: January 12th, 2020, 5:23 pm
by MissRachel
The Blue Rubber Maid: Part 1

This is a true story. This story is so true that if you do not believe it you can watch the video! My back ground is that I have crossdressed all my life but as I became older I had to stop dressing in the “closet” and come out to the world. Some CDs never take that step for a variety of reasons. I just had come out to the world.

Over time I learned how to put on make up, comb a wig and pick clothing that matched. There was many more things to learn but one day I was ready and went shopping as a lady. I look now at those pictures and they seem so distant. They were early steps in a long journey. I look almost “foreign” in those early pictures. I remember being slightly nervous but my wife took me by the hand and supported me that day. My wife is a peach. She has always supported me. She does not understand but we are always supporting to each other.

So much for the back ground: maybe one day I can take all of the adventures I had over the years and write a book. This would be one of the stories in that book!

Over the Christmas holiday I was getting bored. I had already taken several a trips to the roller skating rink in my rain suits and I had even taken the time to dress up. It was quite a sensation: several people complimented my on my costume and my make up. But today I was wanting to do something different. I had not worn my Rubber Maid Uniform in almost a year and was longing to wear it. For those who have not tried wearing rubber clothing it is amazing. I guess you truly have to want to wear something created from rubber. Rubber has a very special feel. Rubber is slightly stiff and cold when you put it on but after a few minutes the rubber becomes warm and sticky. The rubber becomes a “second skin” if you are wearing a cat suit. In the case of wear rubber bloomers the rubber still becomes warm but it moves around your legs and private parts. It has this wonderful soft feeling! The dress is the same in that it is not tight like a cat suit but moves as you do. Do not get me wrong: I love the feel of a cat suit but a rubber dress has all it’s own sensations.

Well I had to dig out the uniform from the back of the closet. It was in a box with my other uniforms: yes I have five rubber maid uniforms and possibly at some point I can do videos featuring each one. I pulled the uniform out of the box and pulled the parts out of the zip lock bag it was stored in. Yes my heart was starting to race. Just feeling that cold rubber in my hands just gets me excited. Here are the parts to the uniform: a pair of short, black rubber gloves, the rubber dress, the rubber bloomers, the rubber cape and the rubber corset which has a small apron attached to it. You might be asking yourself why does a rubber maid uniform has a cape? Is that like combining two different kinks??? Well actually it could be thought of it that way but there is a more accurate answer. In addition to crossdressing to go out to diner our night clubs (yes I wear the Rubber Maid Uniform outside the house in public) I like to attend Comic Book / Anime Conventions. Several years ago the Comic Book Writer Stan Lee had a TV show called “Who Wants to be a Super Hero.” The series ran for only two sessions on the SciFi Channel but I felt it was pretty entertaining.
See here ... perhero%3F

One of the characters on that series was “Maid Hygenia.” See lower right in the picture. I liked her uniform and I thought to myself what would happen if the uniform was made from RUBBER? In addition to being a smash at the conventions I could wear it to conduct the contests I was holding. Who could create such a lovely uniform from rubber? Well I had just the company: . They are based in the United Kingdom and had created my other uniforms. They do OUTSTANDING work and do not use that cheap crap from China. Reducing a long story to a short one they did create the uniform and I have worn in it for almost ten years now! That is an amazing testament to UK quality and workmanship!

Back to the story now. I smoothed out the uniform on the bed and arranged all the parts. I was getting very fidgeting: wanted to wear my uniform! I love to feel as if I am pretty. I am not pretty as a boy but when I do my make up and wig proper and not speak I have fooled several people outside. Ok, Ok, I look like an old guy in a frock, who cares, I am having fun. It is off to the restroom and smear make up all over my face! That is a process all it’s own. When I first started it took almost 90 minutes to apply make up. New I can complete the task in 30 min. LOL it makes my wife grumble. She complains; “How do you put that stuff on so fast?” There are two reasons; first I have practiced the procedure and second I want to be girly. With the make up and the wig on it is time to pull all my clothing off.

Now standing completely nude I look at my uniform. I love my uniform. It is very pretty and soft. What do I pull of first? I pick up my rubber bloomers. The uniform has been out of the plastic bag for some time so the wonderful odor of rubber is already in the room. I set on the bed and carefully if not a bit slower then normal place my right foot into the rubber bloomers. Then I place my left leg foot into the other side. I then pull them up and the rubber bloomers waist band makes contact with my waist. I am on my way to dressing like a girl. WAIT! STOP!

It was then I realize I was rushing to put on the uniform and was not paying attention to what I was doing. A proper girl wears leggings. A proper girl does not show off her legs: she should be covered up. Ok, Ok pull of the rubber bloomers. Now what? I was in a hurry to get dressed and did not locate my rubber leggings. Hmmm, I could just wear normal, black stocking for this game but next time wear my rubber leggings. PLEASE do not tell any of my students: the teacher (that is me) was breaking a critical rule. When I was in the business of training Maids (that is a completely different true story) there was a very strict process to dressing. Then there was an INSPECTION. Any deviation was met with a punishment. Anyway, pull off the rubber bloomers and pull on some normal, black stockings. Pull on my rubber bloomers.
With that minor emergency over come next is my bra. Argh I have the same problem: I do not have my black rubber bra handy. It must be with the rubber leggings in the closet some place. What to do? I am going to break the rules again and wear a lacey, black bra under the rubber uniform. I pull on my lacey, black bra and tuck the fake breasts neatly inside the cups.

Next is my rubber uniform. I pull the zipper down on the back of the dress and very carefully place the dress over my head. Then I holding the dress with my right hand I slide my left arm into the left sleeve. Then I reversed holding the dress with my left hand and sliding my right arm into the right sleeve. The dress slides down with my head popping up in the neck. There is a trick to getting dressed alone. If my wife was not busy I could just hold the dress up and ask her to pull up the zipper. She was busy and I had already made preparations for this. Before trying to pull up the zipper you have to take a lanyard from a convention badge and clip it onto the tongue of the zipper. This way when the dress is setting on your shoulders you can reach around on your back at waist level will be the end of the lanyard. Carefully work your arm above your head and pull the zipper up. This was done and now I could lace up my rubber corset. Remember the picture of Hygenia the Maid form the TV show? Her corset has a small apron attached to the bottom. My rubber corset has the same thing! The laces are in the back but the front has a small apron on it! Super cute! Lastly I have short, black, rubber gloves to complete the uniform. Everything from the UK is always chlorinated so the pull on very easily. The only thing missing are the knee high boots but I am going to wear my short rubber boots with the cute little rubber bows instead. Not accurate to the TV show but that is ok. Now I set on the bed to look over myself. I look lovely! I feel so girly and my uniform is so shiny! The chlorinated rubber is very bright all by itself. I was thinking just do some house work or make a cocktail but I was wondering something. What if I would try on my PROS Two Piece Rain Suit? I could be doing two things at the same time: wearing my rubber maid uniform and wearing my rain suit! I so wish it was raining but outside it is only a cold, sunny day. Oh well it is off to the closet to fetch the heavy rubber gloves, rain suit and the matching Sou'wester hat . So the same thing takes place: I enjoy laying everything out on the bed. With all this back ground description I can actually move on to the video! Lets go!

So now everything is out on the bed. I enjoy arranging all the parts and admiring what I have. My collection is not large by any means: I have seen people with upwards of 500 rain wear items! My collection is very small but the items do get outside pretty often. Let me straight my wig: it sort of got messed up pulling the rubber dress on. Better. Now let me put on my hat. This hat matches the PROS suit. I actually got it after the suit. I did see the hats on the website but was not sold on them. It was then I was paging through some pictures on that I found the women wearing my rain suit AND the hat! I had to have one so I ordered it. It takes a moment to place the hat on my head and pull the draw string up. Then I look in the mirror to make sure it is on straight. Yes I am a nut: it makes me excited. So now I want to put on my heavy rubber gloves. These gloves are quit old but have lasted many years. They are the same gloves they use in the military for chemical warfare. The outside has a dull finish but I have polished them with some latex safe sex lube and they look great. I also have a few drops of lube in the glove so they slide on better because I am wearing my thin Maid Uniform Gloves. The heavy gloves are small so the fit is tight but not uncomfortable. I really like heavy rubber gloves and the look good with my uniform even though they are not part of the original set up.

With heavy rubber gloves on I need to pull on my PROS Rain Suit Pants. I walk over to the other side of the bed and pick them up. I sit back down on the bed and carefully pull up the left leg into a small bunch. I lift my leg and slide my boot into the leg. I need to shift the pant leg around a little because I am lazy: I am trying to slide a boot into a pant leg. I also do not want to knock my bow off the rubber boot. I have already done that before and had to re-glue it back on. Next I do the same for the other leg. I then stand up in front of the bed and carefully wiggle into the pants. Between the rubber cape, the rubber bloomers and the rubber dress I have a lot to place into the pants. I do not want it all in one spot: the uniform should hang correctly in the pants as if I was wearing it without the pants. I wiggle and wiggle to get everything in. All this wiggling is getting me very excited. As a matter of fact wearing the pants in the bright sun light is making me wet and warm. The rubber uniform is now covered with a heavy PVC rain suit pair of pants. These pants are really BIB pants so they go clear up over my fake breasts. This is VERY warm and a little restrictive. Being bound up makes the situation all the more enjoyable. I also see how the sun is making me so shiny! I love this PROS suit! With the bib pants pulled all the way up I work on getting the snaps on the shoulders set. This bib pants does not have the normal straps but has a yoke instead. This means there is more wonderful PVC covering me. I feel so project and SNUG!

The snaps are all buttoned up. I have to phase for a moment and look in the mirror. Part of playing dress up is to create a character that makes you feel good. I look in the mirror and see someone in a rubber maid uniform wearing PVC bib pants. Her breast push out the bib pants. Her breasts are lovely and shiny. Ok, Ok back to getting dressed. I pull on my heavy PVC jacket but I forgot about the Sou'wester hat. The bill on the back is made to channel water over the wearer’s neck. This coat has a hood and now pulling on the coat I have knocked the hat over. I sit on the bed and straight the hood out to lay flat on my back as best I can. I keep thinking about the picture I saw on Pintrest. It helps me move things around. Next I fix the hat. With that done I stand back up and go to work on the coat zipper. Wearing a pair of heavy rubber gloves over the thin gloves is making it a little difficult but not impossible to get the zipper feed. I zip up the coat and it takes my breath away. I ma not uncomfortable but I am snug and cozy. It feels wonderful! Lastly I need to do all the snaps. I want the coat completely sealed up as if I was going outside in a storm. All the snaps are done. I take one last look in the mirror and realize all this moving around has made the hat off center. I have to undo the draw string and pull off the hat. I straight my wig out and place the hat back on. Everything is perfect. I have my rubber maid uniform and rubber boots on. I have two pair of rubber gloves on my hands. I am wearing my heavy PROS PVC rain suit. I am not dripping in sweat but I am warm and damp. Life is good.

Stay tuned because I have three more true stories to tell! Saying Good Bye from Miss Rachel.

Re: The Blue Rubber Maid Part 1

Posted: January 12th, 2020, 11:05 pm
by Gordo
Excellent story! There's nothing like getting dress in shiny black raingear.

Can't wait for part 2!

Re: The Blue Rubber Maid Part 1

Posted: January 13th, 2020, 12:51 am
by MissRachel
Gordo wrote: January 12th, 2020, 11:05 pm Excellent story! There's nothing like getting dress in shiny black raingear.

Can't wait for part 2!
Thank you Gordo. I am not good at fiction: I can only tell the truth. The video is my source :)

Re: The Blue Rubber Maid Part 1

Posted: September 7th, 2020, 8:40 pm
by MissRachel
I do not think I ever posted the video to the story so here it is:

Re: The Blue Rubber Maid Part 1

Posted: September 8th, 2020, 8:31 am
by Johnnyrbr
Great Video !! Wonder what was going through the mind of your little doggie as he/she looked on. I know what would be going through mine. If i was in that gear I would never want to take it off

Re: The Blue Rubber Maid Part 1

Posted: September 8th, 2020, 6:39 pm
by MissRachel
Johnnyrbr wrote: September 8th, 2020, 8:31 am Great Video !! Wonder what was going through the mind of your little doggie as he/she looked on. I know what would be going through mine. If i was in that gear I would never want to take it off
Great point. The puppy has witnessed lots of rain wear dress up over the years.