True storie

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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True storie

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I am going back years ago when my and girlfriend now wife where around 17. We had gone out for the day, we had very little money just enough for bus fee drink and probably a bag of chips,

It started a warm day we where going out on a date but money was tight but we where going out anyway.

Never of us had bothered to take or think about taking a coat and I don’t think we ever owned a raincoat, me and wife think this is now we got into plastic raincoats and a specialty her. It was a Sunday and we leaved my house around 4pm so in the uk most of the shop close around 4 or 5 and we was going to look in the windows and then catch the bus down to the beach and get some to eat and just walk till we had to go home, it was about 6pm once we got the bus to to the sea and was start to get colder but was still nice I was getting hungry was we made own way to the only chip shop which was open and a little was which was like a sweet shop on the way to the shop,

It start to spit with rain only small drops so it not bother us

The buses only run over hour and 30 mins so we thought get food and find some cover to eat it.

As we got almost there it happened the drops turned to total down poor Ann that’s my wife took one look at my, she says I was shaking and started to run so I followed her, she ran to the shop grad a roll of bin bags and two of this old ladies rain bonnets. She used almost all of the money I before I could even ask way she bought that she was pulling the bin bags over my head and only made a hole for my head.

By the time she was done I had about 4 or 5 bags over me and a rain bonnet.

I remember her asking the shop keeper if we could say in there for a bit as it by now had turned into a massive storm the wind was some I had not heard like that before and the rain come down like glass, the shop keep said no he was closing due to the storm, and we had no choice but to leave and go out in it.

Ann that this point was trying to cover for self I had no holes for my hands so I could not help, so the man in the shop help to cover Ann then put in her bonnet.

Nerve one of us had a phone and both own mums don’t drive so it was walk to the bus stop and wait.

The wind make it hard to walk Ann had done I good job to cover me as best she could but I was still wet in side the bags and so cold but she did all she could,

To make things worse the bus stop did not have a shelter, so there we stood wait for the bus,

As we waited I nor Ann cared what we looked like and even when we got home and told my mum, my mum thanked Ann for her quick thinking, gave us a warm drink and Ann stayed over.

That night we both talk and Ann let on it made her want to buy a raincoat.

To this day she does not ever go out with out one and before she could have the money to buy one she would alway go out with
A bin bag in her pocket.

When ever we both leave the house Ann makes sure I put on my raincoat

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Re: True storie

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Interesting story Kelly, It is amazing how we all have different stories to tell how we were introduced to our fetish. Just loved your experiance and would have enjoyed seeing you both dressed in the garbage bags. :D :D
Bring on the rain :D

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