A rubber Christmas to remember part 2

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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A rubber Christmas to remember part 2

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I ran upstairs to hide my new rubber boots which had a very good christening in a bath of mud. I hid them in a box under my bed ready for the night.

Later that night when everyone was fast asleep, I slipped the rubber boots out of the box. I caress the rubber of the side of the boots between my fingers. I rip off my socks and slip my feet into the boots and fasten the cuff of them.
The lining of the boots was slowly warming my feet, making them warmer and hotter. I lay under my bed covers which made me hot with the help of my breath warming me up. To make me hotter, I got out of my bed and rummaged around in my drawers for my thick onesie to slip on.
I continue to hide under my covers, making me sweat a lot making the soft lining of my boots wetter and wetter. All I can think about is my struggling in the deep mud from earlier on in the day and how dirty my boots were.
I layed under my cover with my body dripping with sweat making my onesie and boxers rather damp with sweat.
My wellies on the other hand started to develop a puddle of sweat at the bottom with sweat running down the sides.

After a while longer of building sweat up in my onesie and wellies. I uncover myself from my thick duvet and my sweat feels ice cold in the fresh air.
I get out from my onesie with my feet dripping with sweat onto my wellies. I rub the sweat into the rubber of my boots and slip them back on to spend the rest of the night sleeping in.

I hope you all enjoyed the stories, as I said, these stories would be a dream of mine and maybe of yours too
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Re: A rubber Christmas to remember part 2

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That is sooooo horny.
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