The Lift

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The Lift

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Another 18+ from a no longer active Yahoo group

It had been raining heavily throughout the day, Marc was dashing through the wet streets dressed in a long blue vinyl mac. The water streamed down his raincoat and soaked his trousers and shoes.

He had finished his shift at work and was heading for the multi-storey car park a few hundred yards from where he worked. Just ahead of him a young shapely woman was hurrying in the same direction. She was resplendent in a yellow pvc slicker, hood tightly tied to protect her from the rain.

Marc reached the carpark and by this time water was seeping into his socks. He waited in line to pay at the machine, just in front of him was the woman he saw earlier. She turned round and glanced at him as she headed for the lift, he smiled back and shook droplets of water from his plastic coat.

Marc wished he could find a raincoat that would protect him more from the heavy constant rain, and maybe some waterproof trousers to go with it. He hated getting wet and he always carried his coat, neatly folded up in his bag for just such an occasion. As he paid for his parking, he too headed for the lift up to floor 9 in the car park.

It was a very small lift, just room for 8 people. He stepped in after the woman in the yellow mac he had seen just moments earlier. The doors closed and the lift made its way up to the floor where he had left his car. He noticed the young woman fiddling with her hood ties, smiled and said, “Nice weather for ducks”

Just then the lift came to a juddering halt and the dim light went out. He and his companion were in near darkness, trapped between floors with no way out of this situation. The woman was unconcerned, “This has happened before, we will be out in an hour” she said to Marc. “My name’s Janet by the way, I’m parked on floor 9 if we ever get there”, “Pleased to meet you” replied Marc “I’m on floor 9 too, if we have to wait for a while, I may as well be comfortable.” Marc unfastened his blue mac and sat on the floor, it spread out around him like a fan. Janet did the same and leaned back against the wall of the lift. It was total silence in their _meta_l prison, occasionally they could here a car screeching down the ramp to the floor below.

Marc was fascinated by Janet’s yellow raincoat, he asked her, “Where did you get that coat from? All I have is this flimsy plastic mac”, Janet smiled and replied “Ebay of course, I just can’t resist a bargain. I have about 50 at home, in all _style_s and colours, this just happens to be my favourite” Marc just had to feel the soft yellow PVC, it felt smooth as he ran his hand down the sleeve of the coat. His own mac rustled as he moved.

Janet turned and put her hands round Marc’s still very wet coat, she pulled him close and their lips gently met. “I just love plastic raincoats Marc,” Janet said, her hands wandering over Marc’s wet plastic mac. Marc kneeled up and felt Janet’s shiny yellow PVC mac. He ran his hands up and down the coat Janet was wearing and pulled up the hood. Janet gasped slightly as Marc expertly tied the draw string at the neck. Janet immediately did the same to Marc’s coat.

They were both kneeling down in the lift, locked in a passionate embrace, with their hoods up and both moving their hands rhythmically up and down. “Mmmm that feels good” said Marc. By now he could feel a mammoth erection trying to burst out of his soggy wet jeans. He took hold of Janet’s hand and let it rest on his growing bulge in his trousers. Janet got hold of Marc’s hand and expertly put it under her long flowing skirt. They spent the next few moments gently masturbating each other in the confines of the lift.

Just then Marc suggested they go all the way. Janet agreed but said to Marc, “Keep your raincoat on, I love a man in a mac” Marc’s eyes lit up at this suggestion and said that would be wonderful if Janet could keep her mac on as well. They quickly took their soggy clothes off and laid down on the lift floor. Marc was in heaven, he fondled Janet’s breasts through the soft yellow plastic raincoat and Janet opened her legs invitingly for Marc to slide his throbbing cock into her wet pussy.

Slipping and sliding in their macs, the two strangers were going at it hammer and tongues, rising to ecstasy and ultimate multiple orgasm, all the while they didn’t notice the lift had started on its journey upwards again. The lift doors opened with a ping. They looked round and saw the embarrassed face of the lift engineer on their floor. “Oh don’t worry, I’ve seen it all before” said the kindly engineer, “Take your time, you are the last ones in the car park.”

Janet and Marc hastily dressed, kissed briefly and headed for their cars. For those wonderful moments trapped in that small lift, Marc fulfilled his wildest fantasy. That night he browsed on the internet for plastic raincoats. It was to be the start of a life long passion for him, all thanks to Janet in the yellow PVC raincoat

Richard Sockett

Marc and Janet Part 2

A few weeks after their chance encounter in the lift, Marc left work to get his lunch from the local chip shop. A fine drizzle was falling from the battleship grey sky, people were going about their business, some had umbrellas, while others were content to get wet. Marc slipped on a dark blue and yellow reversible raincoat he bought cheaply from Ebay a couple of weeks earlier. His workmates had laughed at him saying he looked like a fisherman when he wore it yellow side out for the first time, but Marc didn’t care, as long as it kept him dry in the rain, it didn’t matter to him what he looked like.

Strolling down to the chip shop, his mouth watering at the thought of a big bag of fish, chips and mushy peas, Marc looked at the passers by hurrying to get out of the rain, now getting slightly heavier. He smiled smugly to himself as he walked down the road, hood up on his raincoat, well protected from the cold wet afternoon. Marc joined the end of the queue, which snaked round the shop and out of the door, it was a popular little establishment, right in the middle of town, near the bus station and university.

Marc was now in the shop, and near the front of the queue, he was gazing at the menu board on the back wall, he was so busy thinking about his lunch, he forgot he still had his raincoat fastened up with the hood up, it glistened under the lights of the shop, droplets of water clinging to the smooth plastic. A couple of students sniggered behind him, but he did not notice what they were laughing about. He was woken from his daydream by the words “Are you hear for chips or shelter from the rain darlin’?” A bit flustered, he pulled his hood down and started to dictate his order, then he stopped mid sentence, stared at the woman who was serving behind the counter and said “It’s you isn’t it, the one from the lift a few weeks back, Julia is it?” Janet rolled her eyes when she realised who it was that wanted his chips, had she really made that much of an impression on him, that he couldn’t remember her name? “Close but no cigar, its Janet, how are you Marc, I see you have a new mac”
“Hi Janet, er I’m fine thanks, I got it off Ebay the other week, a real bargain.”
Marc regained his composure and continued with his order of fish, chips and mushy peas. Janet said, “I finish at six tonight, if you want to meet for a coffee”. Marc was delighted to see the girl of his dreams again, and they arranged to meet at the local Costa Coffee near the chip shop that evening.

Marc could not concentrate at work that afternoon, after eating his lunch, he just kept thinking about Janet, the chip shop, the lift and the few moments of shared passion he thoroughly enjoyed. He ran full pelt down to the coffee house when he finished work, he was ten minutes early, but instead of going in and sitting down, he gallantly waited in the rain for Janet to arrive. Marc looked up and down the street, checking his watch hoping Janet would turn up. He was getting anxious, when at 6.10pm Janet turned the corner, wearing a long flowing plastic raincoat, deep hood and matching belt, in bright pillar box red. Marc said “Wow, you look amazing” Janet hugged him and answered “Hey, your not so bad yourself Marc, do you want to go in or shall we just stand about here getting wet?”

Marc opened the door for Janet and they stepped inside, Janet chose a seat by the window, while Marc went to order the frothy coffee. Marc came back with the drinks and sticky buns, and sat down opposite Janet. Janet had draped her long plastic raincoat on the edge of the chair next to Marc to dry. Marc still wore his raincoat, but he no longer had it fastened up. As they chatted happily, sharing news about the days events, Marc found he could not keep his eyes off Janet’s mac.

After a while Janet said “Hey Marc, are you listening to me?” Marc replied lazily “Sorry Janet, my mind just keeps wandering, what were you saying?”
“I said, why do you keep staring and touching my red mac?” Janet quizzed
“Oh was I, sorry, I didn’t realise, its just that I’ve never seen such a stunning garment on such a beautiful young lady” blushed Marc
“Do you want to see more of my raincoats Marc, would you like me to give you a fashion parade?” Janet said half mockingly
Marc didn’t realise this was meant to be a joke, so he took the bait and said “I was afraid you’d never ask, can I have your telephone number? Where do you live?”
Janet reacted with astonishment, and said “Hey wait, hold your horses mister, at least let’s have another drink first before we go any further”
Marc apologised to Janet for being too forthright and bought Janet another cup of coffee.

Janet said she lived about 4 miles outside the city centre, on a quiet street, she had been there for about 18 months. She lived alone with 2 cats for company, her last boyfriend had not shared her passion for plastic raincoats and left her after a month, she had been on the look out for someone to go steady with ever since. Marc realised Janet lived just a couple of streets away from his pokey 1 bedroom flat. Marc told Janet his car was at the garage being serviced so he had come on the tram today. Janet said she brought her car into town today and could give him a lift to her house.
Marc agreed and downed his coffee in one gulp, it was going to be the start of a long and interesting night.

They walked slowly to Janet’s car, left in the same car park with the faulty lift, as they stepped in the lift, Marc said “Bring back memories?” Janet blushed as she remembered their actions in this very lift just a few weeks before. Janet kissed Marc and put her hand teasingly on Marcs’ growing bulge in his trousers.

Janet’s car was big and roomy, an estate with fold down seats, much too big for one person, but Janet liked big cars. Before long they were speeding along the suburbs towards Janet’s house. Janet had a plan, she would test Marc’s interest in raincoats to the limit. Instead of going to Janet’s house, she turned off the main road and headed out into open countryside, Marc thought this was strange, but didn’t want to offend Janet, so he said nothing. Half an hour later, after driving through the dark, wet streets, Janet pulled into a deserted layby, concealed by trees from the road. She stopped the car and turned off the engine. With a flick of a switch, her seat and Marc’s slid slowly back until they were both staring at the roof of the car, they could see the stars gently shining through the sun roof.

Marc took his seatbelt off and turned to Janet, still enveloped in her long, flowing plastic mac. They kissed passionately and fondled each other, still wearing their raincoats, they both felt safe, there was no way they could be seen from the road, so they continued in their passionate embrace. Janet moved her hands over Marc’s yellow and blue mac, the soft shiny plastic slid effortlessly between her fingers. Janet found the zip and pulled it all the way up, she then got hold of Marc’s hood and pulled it over his head, tied the draw string and said, “Does that feel good, Marc? Do you like to be well protected from the elements in your soft plastic coat?” Marc was in ecstasy, he wanted nothing more to be dressed in plastic, with a beautiful understanding girl in his arms, kissing and cuddling in wonderful plastic heaven.
Marc suggested they make love in the car there and then. Janet agreed and they both moved to the back seats, folded them down and laid a travel rug over the top of them. Marc and Janet snuggled down in the large car and expertly explored each others bodies, all the while dressed in plastic.

After 20 minutes of hot and steamy sexy action in the back of the car, Janet and Marc were both dripping with sweat, the windows of the car were all misted up and they both felt elated and exhausted. As Marc licked the sweat from Janet’s firm breasts, Janet suggested they return to her home and get cleaned up, for the next stage in Marc’s wonderful plastic filled night of passion. Marc agreed, they both dressed and the car roared into life, it took a couple of minutes for the car to demist before they could drive off.

They arrived at Janet’s two bedroom cottage, near the edge of a wood, a short time later as there was no traffic and they could not wait to start getting close again dressed in their raincoats. Janet took off her raincoat, with a struggle as the plastic was clinging to her body after the exertions in the car, she peeled off the soft plastic garment and draped it on the back of the settee. Janet said she was going to have a shower, and Marc could make himself comfortable and watch television while he was waiting. Janet’s cats came and sat with Marc, purred and settled down to sleep.

Janet called Marc to pass her a towel, he crossed the room and went into the warm cosy bathroom, he could see Janet’s curvaceous body silhouetted in the soft semi transparent plastic shower curtain, the water was still running. Instead of handing Janet a towel, Marc quickly took off his clothes and stepped in with her. Janet was surprised by Marc’s actions but also very pleased to be sharing tender moments with this wonderful man, who just happened to love plastic, a mutual passion she had for quite a while. They kissed and cuddled in the shower, with the water streaming down their bodies, bouncing over their heads and pattering onto the plastic shower curtain. It sounded to Marc as though they were in a very heavy rain storm, his penis rose stood to attention at that thought.

Janet said “Hey easy tiger, we don’t want you to waste your energy before you have seen me in all my raincoats, I have 50 remember, all different colours and _style_s, I am sure you will enjoy the fashion parade.” Marc agreed to let Janet dry off, while he made a cup of coffee, with just a towel covering his lower body. The curtains were wide open, but that didn’t matter, because the house was not overlooked in any way, concealed on three sides by a high fence, and on the other side by the woods.

After a while Janet came into the room wearing a plastic see through bra and panties, she looked stunning, Marc admired her lovingly. Janet sat down and curled her long slender legs around Marc’s torso. They sipped their coffee and gazed into each others eyes. At that moment Marc knew he had met his soulmate and the one he would spend the rest of his life with. He felt relaxed and peaceful, his mind totally empty with other thoughts, only of Janet and her plastic outfits, Marc couldn’t wait for the fashion parade to start

To be continued ……………………….. in part 3

Richard Sockett

Part 3 The Fashion Parade

By Plastic Richard

After half an hour cuddling on the settee, Janet rose, stretched and whipped off Marc’s towel to expose his naked form. Marc tried to catch Janet, but she was too quick for him. “Come into my bedroom if you want the towel back” teased Janet. Marc didn’t need to be asked twice, so he got up and padded to Janet’s bedroom.
“Lie down Marc” Janet instructed “You are going to enjoy this fashion parade” Marc lay spread eagled on Janet’s king sized bed, the sheets and quilt were made of shining red satin, and felt cool to the touch, but incredibly sexy.

As Janet opened her wardrobe to select the first item of the fashion parade, Marc could see a vast array of raincoats, jogging suits and one-piece plastic suits neatly arranged in colour order. Marc could see reds, yellows, blues, blacks, pinks, greens and clear plastic garments. Janet was right, Marc would enjoy this fashion parade, his penis was ramrod hard, and the fashion parade hadn’t even started yet.

Janet pulled out a long, black plastic mac from the wardrobe, and put it on, slowly and teasingly she fastened the poppers, tied the belt and finally put the hood up and tied that. She swished over to the bed and sat down next to Marc, kissed him passionately on the lips and forced him to lie down on the bed. Next Janet kissed his chest, stomach and then opened her mouth wide and put Marc’s rigid shaft in her mouth and sucked, up and down, flicking her tongue at the end of it, rolling all around Marc’s cock. Marc wanted this feeling to go on forever, but he completely lost it and shot a load of white sticky fluid into Janet’s mouth.

“MMMMM You taste good Marc, did you enjoy what I just did to you then?” Janet said, wiping her chin
“Yes indeed, I wanted it to go on forever, it felt great, God I love you Janet” replied Marc.
“Now comes the fun part Marc, I would like you to put my plastic outfits on as well as me, I want you to share the fun and excitement of plastic” Janet said firmly.
Janet selected a cape from her vast plastic wardrobe, it was red and smelt wonderful as Janet pulled it over Marc’s head, it had no arms in it, so it just draped over Marc’s shoulders, Janet pulled the drawstring tight on the hood and kissed Marc lovingly. Janet replaced her black mac with a blue, clear plastic suit, Marc stood by the bed, draped in his red plastic cape and admired Janet’s beautiful curvaceous form cocooned in blue plastic.

After Janet was dressed in her blue suit, she took a long yellow raincoat from her wardrobe and draped it around Marc, fastened it up and tied the matching belt round Marc’s plastic coated body. It was tight and Marc couldn’t move his arms. “I’ve got you now Marc” Janet smiled. Marc pretended to struggle free, but to no avail, his arms were firmly tied with the belt Janet had put around him. Janet now went back to her wardrobe and put on a pink raincoat on top on her blue suit, she then found a long green pvc mac and put it on Marc, but this time back to front, she fastened the raincoat and pulled and tied the hood over his face. So Marc was standing in Janet’s bedroom dressed in a red cape, a yellow mac and a green mac on back to front, he could not see anything, and the smell of the plastic was intoxicating. Marc lay down on the bed and soon he could feel Janet climb on top of him. She masturbated Marc slowly and carefully before sending him to the point of ecstasy as she moved faster and faster up and down his cock with her hand, she then stopped and held it firm so he could not orgasm there and then, then she would suck every inch of his rigid member. Finally Janet got on top of Marc and slid effortlessly down onto him and made love to him on that satin king size bed, while dressed from head to toe in plastic. The green pvc mac moulded itself to Marc’s face every time he breathed in deeply.

When Janet was satisfied, she undressed Marc, he was sweating and had a huge smile on his face, Janet was quite right, this fashion parade was thoroughly enjoyable. Janet led Marc to the bathroom and they enjoyed a nice deep hot bath to relax after their exertions in the bedroom. Janet said “If you enjoyed having sex in my macs, then the next part of the evening will be very enjoyable for you, just wait and see”. Marc lay back in the bath and fondled Janet’s breasts, he moved his hands down her body and found her G-spot, massaging that made Janet squirm with enjoyment, she turned round in the bath and made love to Marc again.

After the bath, Janet chose two clear plastic suits, one for Marc and one for herself, they dressed quickly into the warm plastic outfits and headed for the bedroom. They were both content to cuddle and lay in each others arms feeling the soft plastic clinging to their bodies in its heaven scented embrace. Sleep took hold soon after. Throughout the night they woke up, kissed, cuddled and tried on more raincoats, it was then Janet suggested they take photos while dressed in plastic macs. Marc was a bit sceptical at first, but soon agreed when he realised the photos would only be for the pleasure of Marc and Janet. They both took it in turns to take pictures, while the other posed seductively on the bed, with macs open or fully fastened with the hoods up. Marc’s favourite mac was a long flowing yellow pvc number with tie belt and hood, semi transparent and very soft. The pictures looked great when downloaded onto Janet’s computer, they both sat on the swivel leather chair and admired the erotic pictures they had just taken.

Marc was getting incredibly turned on, just by looking at the photos. Janet said “You want me again don’t you, you sexy beast.” Marc nodded and kissed Janet passionately, Janet stroked Marcs penis through the soft plastic jogging suit he was wearing, it felt great. Marc responded by reaching down between her legs, and fondling her down below, first with one finger, then two and then four, Janet enjoyed this, her breathing quickened and she wriggled on top of Marc trying to stop herself enjoying this too much, Janet was soon damp and Marc’s fingers expertly went in and out of Janet, massaging all the sensitive areas, Marc quickly rubbed the G spot and Janet moaned and panted, her eyes glazed over, she was near to orgasm, Marc continued massaging her, Marc wanted her so badly, he wanted Janet to enjoy this experience as much as him. Janet and Marc collapsed on the floor of the spare bedroom and Marc continued to excite her, going faster and faster, Janet screamed with ecstasy as Marc got on top of her, slipped his rock hard penis into her and made love, finally releasing hot sticky cum after 10 minutes of non stop sexy action.

Marc and Janet hugged tightly after the sex session, he never wanted to stop being close to Janet. Just then the telephone rang, Janet picked it up, talked for a minute and came back grinning broadly. Janet said “Marc, my twin sister Claire and her boyfriend Greg are coming over now, I would like you to meet them”



Claire and Greg came round about 11.00pm, soon after the pub had closed, Janet introduced Marc to her sister and her sisters boyfriend. Marc stared open mouthed at Claire, she was wearing a knee length black PVC dress, a pair of PVC thigh boots with 3” heels topped off the outfit. Claire hugged Janet and gave her a loving kiss. Noticing Marc was flabbergasted, Claire said “It’s O.K. I’m bi-sexual, so there is plenty of time to get acquainted with you”.

Greg said hi to Marc and sat down in front of the T.V., cracked open a beer and swigged from the can. The girls joined Greg and Marc shortly afterwards with a bottle of wine and some vodka alcopops. Claire stared knowingly at Marc and giggling, she said “I see you share Janet’s passion for plastic Marc” Marc looked down and realised he was still wearing the clear plastic suit Janet had asked him to put on when they went to bed.

Marc blushed slightly at being found out in such an obvious way, another tell tale sign was the massive bulge in his plastic trousers. Marc said “Janet has really opened my eyes to the pleasure of PVC outfits, she is a wonderful woman”. Janet leaned over and stroked his penis cocooned in the soft plastic outfit, kissed him passionately on the lips and sighed, “I love you Marc”.

When the beer, wine and vodka had been consumed, Greg asked Janet if he could go and get changed into something more comfortable. Janet grinned and said “Help yourself, you know where things are, we will be joining you soon”. Greg asked Marc to go with him to help select an outfit from Janet’s wardrobe, Marc thought this was strange, but didn’t think more about it, until he found himself alone in the bedroom with Greg at the door blocking Marc’s way. Greg said “Hey Marc, have you ever been with a man? I’ve been with both and it feels wonderful believe me.” Marc confessed that he had never even thought about getting intimate with another man, and he didn’t think he would ever try.

Marc watched Greg get undressed and put on a red PVC jacket, Greg sat down next to Marc and gently shoved Marc down onto Janet’s bed, next Greg put his hand on Marc’s penis and began to gently stroke it. Marc grinned as he felt it growing inside his plastic trousers, if Marc had been sober he would have stopped Greg there and then, but as he, Greg, Janet and Claire had a lot to drink, Marc didn’t care what Greg wanted to do to him. Greg pulled down Marc’s plastic trousers and kissed his rock hard cock, Marc enjoyed this as he remembered Janet doing the same to him just hours earlier when he was wrapped in plastic raincoats.

Marc reached over and masturbated Greg, slowly at first, then getting quicker. Greg squirmed as he realised he was going to climax soon, he pulled away from Marc, went to his jeans pocket and pulled out some condoms, he said “I don’t want to make a mess on Janet’s bed just yet, can you do the honours for me Marc?” Marc agreed and unrolled the condom down Greg’s shaft. Greg did the same to Marc and instructed him to stand up facing the door. Marc knew what was going to happen next, he had his back to Greg and was leaned against the door.
Greg said “I will be very gentle with you, as this is your first time, let me know if it gets too much and I’ll stop”. Marc said he would let Greg know how he was feeling. Shortly afterwards Marc felt Greg’s penis enter slowly in his back passage, he squeezed his buttocks in surprise and his eyes watered a little. Greg told Marc to relax and let him carry on the experience. Marc got used to the feeling very quickly and was beginning to enjoy himself when Claire and Janet came into the room, sat on the bed and watched Marc and Greg in action.

Claire said to Greg “Do you want to make a sandwich?”
Greg replied “I would like that, come and join us.”
Claire stripped off and put her arms around Marc, she kissed him passionately on the lips and opened her legs to accommodate Marc’s rigid penis, she sat down on top of it and Marc penetrated deep inside her, Greg moved his penis faster and faster inside Marc, this was getting really exciting for Marc as Claire joined in thrusting up and down on top of Marc.
Not wanting to be left out, Janet pulled on a strap on dildo and stood behind Claire. Janet entered Claire and joined in the fun, wriggling, writhing and panting the four friends made love, finally collapsing in a heap on Janet’s bed, all dressed in plastic raincoats and suits, arms and legs intertwined in a loving embrace.

Claire and Greg got up and went to bed in Janet’s spare room, Janet and Marc stayed in the room where Janet had her vast plastic wardrobe, it felt wonderful to Marc, cuddling Janet, the aroma of soft plastic filling his nostrils, and as much passionate love making as they both could manage.

During the night, Marc had passionate sex with Janet, Claire and Greg, while the others watched the bedroom antics and videoed them as they changed into their favourite plastic outfits ready for another kinky love making session. Marc knew then, he wanted to be with Janet forever, she had a stunning sister, who was very experienced, her sisters boyfriend Greg was sure to become a firm friend, who would understand Marc’s liking for PVC raincoats, as well as an occasional sexual partner, when they all got together for fun drunken evenings of passion.

The next morning Marc and Janet sat in the deep, hot and luxurious bath, kissing and fondling each other. Marc thanked Janet for introducing him to Claire and Greg, he had never experienced anything so intensely loving before he met her. Janet told Marc, her sister regularly came round to the house with Greg for late fun nights in, after the pub had closed.

Janet explained that plastic raincoats were very important to her, and made her feel sexy, she would often put one on as she lay in her bed alone, masturbating herself, longing for someone to share her passion. Her mind often wandered and wished she could be more adventurous, her fantasy was to be handcuffed, and tied to the bed, while having sex with a plastic clad stranger.

Claire and Greg left after breakfast and agreed to see Janet and Marc a few days later for some more macking fun. Marc asked Greg if he would like to be a bit more adventurous for their next meeting and could he bring some rope and handcuffs for Janet to act out her fantasy. Greg agreed and promised their next session would be mind blowing for them all.

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I liked the story to the point where a couple came sotrs. Truth is, I'd like a girl as Janet.

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Excellent story RainyDee, I loved the elevator encounter and the exploits of Janet and Greg. Well written and constructed, you make a story easy to read.
Bring on the rain :D

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