Mandys' Story Part 2

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Mandys' Story Part 2

Post by RainyDee » February 13th, 2010, 4:53 pm

This was posted on the original forum and I thought I would re-post it to get this sub forum going. This is an adult content orientated story. (18+)

Friday seemed to take an age to pass, the sun was just starting to set in the clear blue evening sky and the cool breeze felt refreshing against Mandys' face as she walked into town. She was on her way to meet Dave at the station as he returned from his interview, and was really looking forward to seeing him. The train was due by the time she arrived at the station so she headed straight for the platform, within a few minutes she saw the train in the distance and she watched anxiously as it pulled in. The automatic doors of the carridge opened and the passengers stepped off and made thier way to the exit, she caught sight of Dave, and walked forward to greet him "Hiya Dave!" she said with a wide grin, she put her arms around him and kissed him firmly on the lips before he had a chance to answer, "Wow Mand! I'll have to go home more often!", Dave returned the kiss and the couple followed the last of the people out of the station.

Thier halls of residence were a good 20 minute walk from the centre of town which gave Mandy and Dave plenty of time to catch up on what each other had done on the 2 days since they saw each other last, "so how did the interview go then? are you a member of the working class?" she asked, "I won't know til next week, they've still got more interviews to do" Dave informed her, "well fingers crossed" she said and put her arm around his waist in a supportive kind of way, "how about you then, finished that essay yet?", "erm... almost!", thoughts of Wednesday night began to come back to her and she felt a little tingle just thinking about it. For the past couple of days, Mandy had benn in an excellent mood, her adventures in the plastic rainsuit had opened up a new side of her personality that greatly excited her, she knew she would have to be very careful how she went about exploring this new passion, but explore it she would, and she had a plan. As they walked through the gates onto the uni campus, Dave couldn't help but wonder at Mandys' bubbley disposition, she was normally a happy go lucky kind of girl but there seemed to be an extra sparkle about her today. "you seem very chirpy today Mand, have you won the lottery or something?", Mandy laughed, "I wish!, I'm just glad to see you, I've missed you", "Aww, thats cute!" Dave replied in an effectionate tone, "Do you fancy a drink Dave?, I heard there was a band on in the union tonight" Mandy enquired, "That sounds good to me" said Dave, they took the left fork in the path and made thier way to the bar.

One of the things Mandy admired most about Dave was how easy he was to talk to, it didn't matter what the subject was she knew he would never judge what she had to say, however she had no idea how he would react to her discovery of his little secret, never mind her own revelation. There was only one thing Mandy could think of to help quash her inhibitions and relax her nerves and that was with a few drinks, her plan was under way. The strange distortion of time she had felt all day seemed to be in reverse now, the day had drgged on and felt like a week, but now the 2 hours they had spent in the bar seemed like minutes, as they left, the beautiful vibrant colours of the sunset had turned to darkness, the only colour being the orange glow of the street lights dotted along the road. They were soon outside the block of flats where Dave stayed, "Are you coming up?" he asked with a smile, Mandy knew what he meant, "what about the others?" she replied, "They're in Scotland for the Celtic v Rangers game tomorrow, they won't be back til Sunday" he informed her, she smiled "Bloody football!" and the pair made thier way up the stairs and into the flat. As Dave closed the front door, he asked if she'd like a coffee, "oh yes please" came the response, "OK, just go through, I won't be a minute" and with that he went into the kitchen. Mandy walked down the corridor and opened the room door, as she stepped in, she felt a mix of nervous anxiety and excitement come over her, memories of what happened on the bed in front of her 48 hours previously filled her mind. Bending down she looked under the bed, the rainsuit and boots were just as she'd left them on Wednesday night as she'd been unable to get back on Thursday as planned, she reached in and pulled the jacket towards her, leaving it just visible under the edge of the bed, she was full of anticipation, determined to have the soft plastic covering her body once more.

The unmistakable clink, clink, clink sound of a teaspoon stirring in a cup could be heard coming from the kitchen, Dave would be here any minute, Mandy stood up and rolled the swivel chair out from the desk, turning it to face the bed at an angle then sat down, kicked off her sandals and checked she could see the pvc raincoat, she could! Dave pushed the door open with his foot carrying a cup of coffee in each hand, he pushed it closed again with his heel, "Cafe a la Dave, as requested!", Mandy giggled as he put her cup on the corner of the desk, he placed his own on the bedside cabinet and sat on the bed facing Mandy, "It's a bit warm in here, do you want the window opening?" he asked, "No, its nice and cosy", she looked at the window, sure she had left it on the latch on Wednesday night, "one of the lads must have closed it before leaving for Scotland" she thought to herself. They chatted and drank thier coffee for 20 minutes or so, Mandy now completely relaxed, the alcohol doing the job she hoped it would, she rolled forward in the chair and put her arms around Daves' neck, "shall we retire for the evening?" she said seductively, "Thats the best offer I've had all day" Dave joked, and they kissed, then kissed again, then a third. Mandy sat back in the chair reaching for the hem of her t shirt and pulled it over her head, dropping it to the floor, her hand soon undid her bra and it followed the t shirt. Dave had moved to the end of the bed and stood up, he undid the buttons on his shirt and took it off placining it on top of Mandys' t shirt and bra, his jeans landed on the pile of clothes with a thud, he turned, took the edge of the duvet in his hands and threw it back towards the wall. This was the moment Mandy had been waiting for, with the duvet out of the way, she could clearly see the light catching the plastic bundle she had stategicly placed earlier, "Whats that?" she asked as she stood up to take off her trousers, "What? Dave replied, "That shiny orange thing under the bed", he looked down, and could just see the raincoat from his angle, "oh, erm... its nothing.., just an old jacket". Dave had completely forgotten about his pleasure giving attire, and tried desperately not to show the panic that had decended over him, Mandy wasn't fooled for a minute, she could see Daves' face turning red, "I love the colour, lets have a look", Dave couldn't think of anything to say as Mandy bent down and pulled out the orange bundle, he could feel his legs beginning to tremble with panic as he saw the rubber boots start to emerge, being dragged out from hiding as they were stuck to the rainwear. Dave resigned himself to the fact that there was likely to be some awkward questions to be answered, he climed to the back of the bed and lay facing Mandy, proping himself up on his elbow, meanwhile, Mandy knew this was a critical time and desperately tried to think of something to say to put Dave at ease, she could tell he was uncomfortable about something, she knew exactly what, and had a fair idea what he was thinking about her discovery. Picking up the jacket, she stood up and finding the jackets' shoulders, took one in each hand and held it up in front of her, Dave was so nervous, he had no idea what to expect, "oh cool! it's see through" Mandy exclaimed, "and it feels so soft, its kind of sexy!", with that, she turned to face Dave placing the smooth pvc coat against her chest, holding it up under her chin with her arm, she took hold of the sleeve in her other hand and held it out to the side, "What do you think?" she asked. Daves' nervous panic disappeared in an instant, as if someone had flicked a switch. Daves' heart was still racing only now it was fueled with desire, "that colour suits you, and you do look sexy, all shiny!", with this aknowledgement, Mandy knew the ice had been broken on both sides, her plan couldn't fail now.

"Can I try it on?" she asked, "Of course, here, let me give you a hand", Dave climbed back off the bed and stood in front of Mandy, taking the jacket from her and holding it out, she turned and flicked her long blonde hair down her back, and gently placed her left arm into the sleeve, she let out a shrill as her arm glided down the still damp plastic, "this feels really nice" she commented as her other arm slid effortlessly into the other sleeve. Dave slowly worked his hands down Mandys' back, round her hips, up over her stomach and then down to take hold of the zip, her plastic covered back now resting against his chest. Placing the zipper together he slowly moved the slider all the way up to the top. Mandy could feel his cock twitching against her as the blood began to stiffen his shaft, his hand moved up and gently brushed her hair around the back of her ear, resting his head on her shoulder he whispered softly, "you feel so good", as he gently cupped her breasts, he kissed her seductively through the plastic on her neck. Mandy beamed with contentment, knowing that they both felt the same, "would you like me to put the trousers on too?", she asked, "oh yes please" he answered excitedly. Stepping to one side , Dave bent down and picked up the trousers for Mandy, one of the boots that were stuck to the plastic peeled itself free and landed on the floor with a thud, he handed her the trousers and sat down on the edge of the bed, his eyes open wide as he took in the sight of Mandy in his raincoat. As Mandy straightened and peeled apart the pvc legs she asked "How come I've never seen you wearing these before?". Seeing that she'd noticed the now large split in the crotch, Dave knew there was no point in hiding anything, "I.. er... I like to wear the suit when I'm alone and... erm... think of you!", Mandy grinned widely, "you naughty boy!" she teased, and slid the slippery, damp plastic trousers over her legs, the elastic of the waistband made the squueeky sound once again as she pulled it into place over her hips, "ooooh, this feels really good" she said as the sensations she had experienced previously began to return. Dave was sat on the edge of the bed leaning back with his arms stretched out behind him propping himself up, he could see Mandy clearly liked wearing the pvc suit, he was so excited to see one of his fantasies coming true right before his eyes that the couple of things that didn't seem quite right just didn't register. Without asking, Mandy picked up one of the boots and began putting it on, she was so wrapped up in the feelings overcoming her that she almost fell over, "Careful!" Dave said, and quickly reached forward to take hold of her elbow, steadying her, "here you go", he said, as he turned the chair at the desk round for her to sit, "Thank you" Mandy said, and sat down. Making sure the elasticated ankle was under her heel, she slid her foot into the boot. Dave sat back down on the bed, once again propping himself up with his arms to give himself the best view of Mandy. Mandy herself was battling to control the desire surging inside, she could feel her pussy juices beginning to drip from her as she reached down for the other boot.

Soon the boot was on, and she sat back in the chair facing Dave, stroking her pvc covered thighs she asked "Does this do anything for you?", Dave sat up a little to see her from head to toe, "oh Mand, you've no idea what you're doing to me! I've dreampt about this for weeks", "really?" she replied, "oh yes, you look even better than I imagined" Dave said, his voice quivvering, Mandy moved from the chair and knelt on the floor in front of Dave, and put her arms arond him, he in turn put his arms around her, she could feel him trembling as he started to caress her, thier lips met, and they kissed passionately. They remained in the embrace for a few minutes, Daves' hands exploring every inch of Mandy that he could reach, she was beginning to sweat inside the already damp rainsuit making it slither over her skin as he moved his hands with increasing intensity. The time was right, Mandy slowly brought her hands round to his chest and pushed him onto the bed, as he lay back, she sat down on the heels of the boots and took hold of his rock solid cock, "Would you like this covered in rubber? she asked with a cryptic tone, "Theres' condoms in the drawer" he said, "not what I had in mind" she replied. On the floor Mandy had caught sight of those unlined gloves she'd had so much fun with, picking them up, she slipped her left hand into one of the gloves and wrapped the other around his shaft, "How does that feel?" she asked as she started to run the glove up and down, "Thats just the best" Dave moaned. After a short time, Mandy took the glove and put it on her hand and took hold of him once more, leaning forward she kissed him on the tip of his cock before slowly lowering her mouth over the purple helmet, she allowed saliva to roll from her lips as she teased Dave with her tongue, her glove covered hand working the lubricant evenly over the full length. Dave was himself overwhelmed by the experience, he and Mandy had had sex several times but this was the first oral she had given him, he pushed himself up into Mandys' mouth and she responded by sucking hard on the bulbus end reaching into her troat, she continued to work her lips up and down his cock, sucking as she drew her mouth up to the tip and licking him tantalisingly as it was taken back in. With an increasing tempo to her rhythm, she knew it wouldn't be to long before he came, his thighs had begun to tighten as she sucked and she could feel his balls retracting, with a final suck up his length, she withdrew back, taking hold with her rubber shrouded fingers and thumb. Dave lay in a state of euphoria as his errection was so sensually pumped by Mandys' gloved hand, as her strokes quickened he sat up knowing the time was near, Mandy too sat up slighty so thier eyes could meet, Dave sat fixated on her, the tingling in his balls grew expodentially and he let out a cry "Oh Mandy", she looked down in time to see a stream of cum shoot from his japs eye, the hot creamy juice landing on her shiny orange breast, she kept pumping the pulsating shaft and a second wave flew onto the raincoat landing just beside the first, "yes, yes" Dave moaned, Mandy couldn't resist, and quickly leant forward and put his cock back in her mouth, sucking the remains of the load onto her tongue, she moved her lips up and down several times more draining all that was left, sitting back she grinned uncontollably, looking at Dave as he fell back panting for breath, the salty seamen felt slimey as she worked it around in her mouth mixing it with her own saliva, finally swallowing it, "You've made a bit of a mess on your raincoat Dave", she said as she looked down at the cum dripping from her breast, "Not to worry, its not the first time" he replied with a cheeky smirk, Mandy took a tissue from the box on the cabinet and wiped away his juices, secretly admiring her work.

Dave recovered some composure, and pulled his legs up manouvering himself to the back of the bed then jestured for Mandy to join him, she duely obliged, and the 2 lay facing each other, "Was that OK? she asked, "OK? that was awesome!", Mandy smiled contentedly, saying "I never knew pvc could have such an effect on you", "Its not just the plastic, its you in the plastic" he answered. As he placed his hand on her side, she rolled onto her back, his hand gently working its way over her stomach in a slow circular motion making the pvc rustle, this seemed to excite Mandy and she sarted to wriggle and squirm around, the material rustling all the more, "You're taking to this very well" Dave commented as his hand glided up over the raincoat until it rested around her breast, he could feel how solid it was, her nipple errect atop the orange dome he was caressing so gently. As she lay on the bed submerged in the feelins rushing over her, the gentle touch of Daves' hand brought back memories of the last time she'd been in this position, "oh god, this feels so damned nice, its just like last time", "Last time?", Dave asked, Mandy had been so wrapped up in the pleasure she was experiencing that what she thought she'd said to herself she'd infact said out loud, this caught her completely off guard and she quickly brought her gloved hand up to cover her mouth, "oh, oh" she said with the tone of a naughty school girl who'd just been caught scribbling on the blackboard. She stared at Dave for a moment, an expectant look in his eyes and the cheeky grin reassured her that there was nothing to worry about revealing her own secret. Moving her hand and placing it on top of his as it rested on her stomach, she said, "erm... I've got a little confession to make of my own". Mandy explained how the marbles from his solitare board had rolled under the bed and how she had found the rainsuit, she seemed nervous as she had begun the story, but Dave noticed a very different Mandy was telling him about how she felt as she made herself cum just 48 hours earlier.

The revelation was making Dave so horny, every word was being translated into pictures in his mind, Mandy knew the effect her secret was having, she could feel Daves' cock beginning to twitch and grow against her thigh, "I hope you're not mad at me for splitting these pants even more" she said at the end of the erotic tale, "No, not in the slightest, not if you enjoyed youself that much in them, besides, it'll make things easier" Dave said, "What things?" asked MAndy, with that, Dave leant over and gave her a prolonged, passionate kiss as he slipped his hand down between her thighs, his now fully erect cock pressing into her, she quivvered as his warm fingers began to stroke her wet pussy. There embrace continued to become more passionate, thier tongues entwined as thier kiss also intensified with lust. Dave could sense Mandy was fully aroused, and being dressed in the rainsuit was exciting her even more, the way she wriggled to ensure every inch of her skin was touched by the steamy plastic was making him want to be covered in pvc too, "Mand, would you mind if I wore something as well?" he asked, "No, I don't mind" she answered, keen to see what else he had to wear, she looked on eagerly as Dave got off the bed and went to the small wardrobe in the corner, he opened the door and reached for something on the shelf, Dave turned to face her, and with a flick of his hips he closed the wardrobe door, in his hand was a rolled up clear plastic bundle. Taking hold of one end of the suit, Dave held it it up and let go with his other hand, allowing it to unfurl to the floor. The suit was a one piece coverall with a white elasticated band around the waist, elasticated wrists and ankles and a white zip running up the front. Dave took hold of the suit by the shoulders and gave it a shake to straighten out the legs, then mimicing Mandy he held it across his chest with one arm and held out a sleeve with his other hand as she had done with the raincoat, "Well, what do you think?" he said, Mandy laughted at his humourous pose as his errection was pertruding from between the legs of the suit, "Oh wow, where did you get that? she asked, "On ebay, you'd be suprised what you can find on there" Dave answered. Resting against the edge of the desk, Dave slipped one leg into the suit, then the other, Mandy watched in awe as her boyfriend coninued to put on the suit, the sound it made was music to her ears, it was a lot more "swishy" than the rainsuit she was wearing, the surface had a more satin finish instead of being shiny. Soon the suit was zipped up and Mandy saw "OMP" written on the velcro tab Dave was fastening under his chin, "That feels better, now, where were we" he said as he stepped towards the bed. Rather than climbing over her as she'd expected, Dave went to the bottom of the bed and knelt on the mattress between her legs. Picking up her left booted foot and placing it on his shoulder he began to massge the rubber, pressing it firmly making the wet plastic slide over her skin, within a few minute he had placed her other foot on his other shoulder and was now caressing both her legs, one with each hand.

The purposeful circular movement of Daves' fingertips made the pvc rustle provocatively, the now wet interior of the plastic trousers made her tingle as it slithered over her. As her excitement grew, she opened her legs so he could continue to please her, her inner thighs were very sensitive, and as his fingers moved expertly over her hot slippery flesh her breathing began to quicken. Mandy wanted more, she could feel her juices trickle as they passed over the swolen lips of her pussy, she opened her legs a little further and slid the soft rubber boots behind Daves' head pulling him into her. There was no mistaking what Mandy wanted, and Dave was only too willing to oblige, he could see the pulsing virgina before him and the sweet scent of her juices filled his nostrils, as he glanced up, he saw her pulling on the drawcord of the hood and fubling with it in the oversized gloves, "let me" he said, leaning forward he took the 2 ends of the cord and pulled it tight, the hood covered her eyes and most of her nose, after securing it in place he kissed her passionately, then again on her neck, a further kiss was placed on her firm breat along with a teasing lick and flick of her solid nipple, he could hear her heart racing as he continued to kiss her through the hot raincoat, making his way back down to her neatly trimmed blonde pussy. Dave too was emmersed in the sensations of his own suit, the thick clear plastic was beginning to release its cling from his skin and glide over him as he too started to perspire, the smell of the warm pvc combined with Mandy's juice was driving him wild, his tongue was soon licking at her cliterous making her moan with pleasure, the taste of her was so good, he began to probe his tongue inside her, his lips meeting hers, her warm slippery fluid ran into his mouth as he sucked gently on the quivvering flesh. The two were consumed by thier desires and Mandy could wait no longer, reaching down to the head burried between her legs she placed her gloved hands over Daves' ears and gently motioned for him to move up, Dave was ready, his cock and balls were already through the carefully made slit cut into the sewn seam of the suit just below the zip, moving over her body, Dave kissed and licked at his plastic clad princess that lay beneath him, as he kissed her on the cheek she could feel the tip of his penis enter her, slowly working back and forth until his full length was inside her, she couldn't help but let out an excited moan, she'd never known Dave to be so hard before. She was not alone in noticing a difference, Dave could feel her virgina seemed tighter than before and was definately a lot wetter, even with the exrta pressure surrounding his cock he could slide in and out of her with ease, the ribbed sensation of her pulsing pussy along his length as he pushed into her sent shivers down his spine.

The air was full of the familiar aroma of warm, sweaty plastic generated as the couple made love, the swishing sound of the pvc as they rubbed against each other in thier passionate embrace was just fantastic, Dave had never imagined anything so intense in all the times he'd dreampt of this moment, he tucked his hands under and round onto her shoulders, this gave Mandy something to push against and she was soon matching his rhythm. The pounding pole inside her was quickening, bringing her to the point of no return, she wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly, her legs were now around him too, the soft rubber boots pressing against the back of his thighs plulling him in even more. The pair were both breathing heavily, Mandy moaned with pleasure with every other exhale, Daves' thrusts were shortening and penetrating deeply, the sound, the smell and the feel of the rainwear thrilling every sense just as they did before, the unmistakable tingling was forming and she knew she was about to cum. Daves' heart was beating so fast, he was so overwhelmed with all that was happening, he felt the tip of his penis push against the entrance to Mandys' cervix making her yelp, he'd never been so far inside her before, with a few more powerful thrusts he shot a stream of cum deep into her, Mandy feeling the power of the thrusts began to orgasm strongly, "Yes, yes, oh fuck yes" she screamed, her own cum rushing, squeezing along Daves' still pounding cock and squirting out over his balls, the 2 kept cumming, wanting the moment to last forever, the tightness, the wetness, the juices, the stiffness, the smell, the sound, the plastic, everything was absolutely perfect, Eventually Daves' thrusting began to slow as his load was spent, Mandy pumped him into her with her legs to make her orgasm last as long as possible but eventually she too began to wain, the couple laid wrapped in each others arms reveling in every second of thier orgasns while they caught thier breath, Dave undid the cord of the hood that was still covering most of Mandy's face as he gave her a long and lingering kiss, "That was!" he finally said, "mmmmmmm.... yeh!" she replied, they kissed some more before Dave reluctantly withdrew his withering errection from Mandys' still sodden pussy. As he climbed over to lay beside her, he saw the large patch of cum on the sheet between her legs and started to giggle, Wwhats up?" she asked, "have a look" he answered and pointed, Mandy sat up and looked down and saw what was amusing Dave, "Oh my!" she said with her rubber clad hand over her mouth, the patch was much bigger than the one she had created on her own!

They lay for around 10 minutes, kissing and running thier hands over each others' rainwear, "So I guess you've no objections to my liking of plastic" Dave asked, "Oh god no! I've never felt so good in my life!" she replied, adding "I only wish you'd said something sooner", "After tonight I wish I had too!, mind you, there's a few weeks til we finish for summer" said Dave. It was now almost 1am, they had been in thier pvc gear for almost 2 hours and were both soaking wet from the fantastic sex, "I'm off for a shower, are you coming?" Mandy asked as she sat up and slid to the end of the bed, "yeh, good idea, we can rinse out the rainwear while we're at it" said Dave, getting up himself. The pair made thier way into the bathroom, the room was a lot cooler than the bedroom had been making Mandy shiver a little, as she reched over the bath for the shower taps on the wall she said "I'm not taking this suit off til the steam heats in here up a bit", "Don't take it off at all" said Dave, "Oh yes?" said Mandy with a cheeky grin, "you'll see why" he replied. He held his hand under the water falling from the shower head to check the temerature and after adjusting the tap and rechecking, anoounced that it was just right. Mandy watched as he stepped into the bath, then sat on the edge to remove her boots, having put them neatly together against the wall, she stood and turned, then stepped in to join Dave. The warm water was indeed just right, it made the most wonderful noise as it landed on the plastic, she put her arms around Daves' waist and he in turn held her, they stood holding each other under the warm waterfall coming from above them. "Have I told you how good you feel wearing this" Dave asked, "I think you mentioned it" she replied with a smile, she rested her cheek against his shoulder as his large hands agian began to move slowly up and down her back, it felt so relaxing having the water trickling inside and outside of the raincoat, Daves' hands softly caressing her. Dave turned slightly and picked up a bottle of shower gel from the shelf in the corner, he flicked open the lid with his thumb, with his other hand he brushed her hair as far to one side as he could from the collar of the jacket, Mandy raised her head to look at Dave wondering what he was up to, She continued to watch as he slowely loewered the zip a few inches, "Yes?" she said inquisitively, Dave just smiled, took hold of the hood and pulled it away from the back of her neck, then squeezed the shower gel bottle letting it drizzle down her back. Mandy wriggled uncontrollably as the cold soap met her warm skin, "Jesus, thats cold!", she exclaimed, with that, Dave took hold of the zipper and pulled it towards him revealing her breasts inside the orange plastic, with another squeeze of the bottle he watched as the blue gel landed on her chest and started to slide down. The bottle was dropped into the bath, and Dave zipped up the raincoat agian, he slid his hands round her waist and began to massage the foaming gel, his hands moved with ease up and down, left to right spreading the foam all across hear back, this was making the pvc so slippery, it felt so sensual, she allowed the gloves that were now half full of water to fall from her hands landing with a splash.

Mandy put her arms around Daves' neck and kissed him, Dave was working his way around her sides, working the foamy gel over every inch of her he could reach, he knelt down in front of her and turned his attention to the gel on her chest. As he'd done on her back, he methodically worked the gel into a foamy lather and spread it over her breasts and stomach inside the plastic, he seemed to be taking great delight in massaging her slippery breasts. There wasn't any part of her body that hadn't been covered with the gel now, the feeling of the soap washing away all the sweat inside the rainwear was amazing. Dave bent down and picked up the gloves from the bottom of the bath, after emptying out the water he put them on, "Rinse time" he said, taking hold of the zip. He moved the slider to the bottom and parted the zipper, his hands then moved up over her stomach, then her breasts and onto her shoulders. As he slipped his gloved hands under the plastic he pushed the jacket off allowing the weight of the water that had gathered in the hood to pull the raincoat off her back to the ground. The warm rubber moved over her foamy body like a melting ice cube glides over glass, it was a brilliant feeling that was over far too quickly as the shower rinsed away the frothy suds, as the last of the soap rolled from her stomach onto the pvc trousers, Dave couldn't resist sliding his hand between her thighs and holding her pussy in his rubbery hand, "feel familiar?" he asked, making reference to what she'd told him earlier, "mmmmmmm.... yes, it does!" she answered. Mandy took the waistband of the trousers and pulled it down over her bum before leaning one hand against the wall, with the other she pulled the trousers down to her ankles, she took hold of the elasticated ankle and pulled her foot free form the plastic, then did the same to the other foot. Dave was also taking off his oversuit, "Oh, I was going to do you now", said Mandy, "Its OK, times' getting on" said Dave, the couple finished thier shower helping each other to dry then returned to Daves room. As they entered, the smell of plastic was still heavy in the air and as they caught sight of the damp patch on the sheet they turned to look at each other both with contented grins on thier faces. "I'll strip it, you get a clean sheet" Mandy directed, Dave went to the wardrobe and took a black sheet from the bottom shelf, the bed was soon made, and the two climbed in and settled down for the night. Mandy was laid facing the desk with Dave behind her, his arm wrapped around her waist, she felt his arm move and gently brush the hair away from her ear, "Thank you" he whispered softly, "What for?" she asked, "For making a dream come true tonight", he said, "Oh, you'welcome", she smiled, secretly pleased with the way her plan had worked, Dave rested his head back onto the pillow and the couple drifted off to sleep.

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

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Fantastic stories RainyDee and it's great to see a gf get into rainwear by finding it, if it were only the case in real life.

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

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This is a sexy story, made me really horny. Thank you

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

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While I was on the net I found these pictures, anyone who has read this story may recognise something...!


I wish I knew how to contact this lovely wader and PVC clad honey, I'd love to send her a copy of the story!

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

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I hope you manage to find her........I'm sure she would enjoy the story.!! :D :D

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

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What a great story, thanks!


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PolyVinylC wrote:What a great story, thanks!
Really Really good!!!! 8-)

btw,the Girl on the Pics is Jessica from Fetsh memoirs.she looks very sexy ;)

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

Post by hotwilly » April 20th, 2011, 8:34 pm

btw,the Girl on the Pics is Jessica from Fetsh memoirs.she looks very sexy

Some very sexy ladies in wonderful outfit on Fetish Memoirs previews.
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)


Re: Mandys' Story Part 2

Post by RainyDee » April 21st, 2011, 9:53 am

Thanx for letting me know who the cute girl in the pictures is Fender & hotwilly! There are certainly some very hot pictures in the Fetish Memoirs previews, its such a shame there was a warning about credit card details being stolen from this site, I would join otherwise.

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