Mandys' Story Part 1

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Mandys' Story Part 1

Post by RainyDee » February 13th, 2010, 4:50 pm

This was posted on the original forum and I thought I would re-post it to get this sub forum going. This is an adult content orientated story. (18+)

Mandy had known Dave all the time she had been at university but had only been going out with him for the last few months, although all those who knew them had considered them to be a couple for a lot longer. As Dave was in his final year Mandy knew that the relationship was more one of mutual effection than true love and that once Dave left uni at the end of term it was unlikely they would continue seeing each other.

Mandy was running out of time to complete an important essay for her coursework. Earlier in the week Dave had said that he had to return home for a job interview on Thursday and would be leaving on Wednesday dinner time, "would be nice if you saw me off on the train" Dave said, "of course I will!" she replied. The couple arrived at the station with plenty of time to spare so decided to go for a coffee while they waited, "what are you going to do with yourself while I'm away? Dave enquired, "I've got to get this essay finished, its due in soon", Dave laughed, "you still haven't finished it? you've been at it for weeks!", "I know, I know, but you know how it is in my flat, there's always something going on", Dave smiled, and after a moment he reached into his pocked and took out his keys and gave them to Mandy "here, go over to my place tonight and bury your head in those books, I'll phone Tom and let him know you'll be using my room", Mandy took the keys and thanked Dave, with that, the announcement came over the tannoy that Daves' train was due. The pair finished thier coffee and headed out onto the platform as the train pulled in, Dave wrapped his arms around Mandy and gave her a long kiss, "good luck with the interview", she said, "good luck with the essay!" came the reply. As the train pulled out of the station they waved goodbye to each other and Mandy turned to make her way back to the halls of residence.

Evening soon arrived and very warm for the time of year, armed with a bag full of books and her laptop Mandy set off on the 5 minute walk to the flat Dave shared with 3 others, Tom, an Irish student, and 2 Scottish lads from Glasgow, as she approached the block of flats she could hear excited cheering and then a unified "ooooh" coming from the open second floor window, Soon she was opening the flat door just as Tom was coming out of the living room, "oh hi Mand, Dave phoned to say you'd be over, don't mind us, we're watching the football", "I know, I heard you lot from downstairs!" she said with a smile, "anyway, I've got to get on so I'll leave you boys to it", "aye, no problem" Tom replied and went into the kitchen. Mandy headed for Daves' room, once inside, she moved some of the scattered CD's and a solitare board to the edge of the desk and set up her laptop with her books off to one side. After about an hour, Mandy was ready for a break, the room felt quite muggy as it had been a warm night and the window was on the sunny side of the building, as she sat back in the chair, she wafted her t shirt to generate some cool air around her hot breasts, just as she did this there was a loud knock on the door, startled, she jumped up, catching a book she had open on the table, this in turn caught the solitare board on the corner knocking it to the floor, "ah hell" she exclaimed as the marbles rolled off in all directions. At the door was Jock, one of the 2 Scottish lads who shared the flat, "You alright doll?" he said with a heavy accent she found hard to understand most of the time, "We're away down the pub for the last hour to celebrate Celtics' win, fancy coming with us?", "I wish I could, but I've got to get this finished" she said, "OK, maybe next time then eh?" Jock enquired, "Maybe" she replied politely. Jock returned along the corridor and met up with the others who were waiting for him by the door, and as it closed firmly behind them, she could hear them singing and laughing as they headed for the pub.

Once she'd closed the door, Mandy knelt down to pick up all the marbles, placing them back on the board as she went, "there's still 2 missing" she thought to herself, lifting back the duvet that was draped over the edge of Daves' bed, she reached under to feel for the marbles, she swept her hand up towards the top end of the bed, her fingers felt something very soft and smooth that made her stop inquisitively, "mmm... this feels... nice". Knowing she was alone in the flat, her curiosity got the better of her and she gently took hold of the mystery item and pulled it out from under the bed, in her hand was wht appeared to be a sleeve, and as the rest of the item came into view she could see it was a raincoat bundled with a matching pair of trousers and... was that... yes, it was, a rubber riding boot, looking under the bed she could see the other boot in the corner and reached in to get it out.

As she stood up, she suddenly realised what the strange aroma was that had first caught her attention when she arrived, it was the plastic of the rainsuit. By now, there were so many questions running round inside her mind that the essay had been forgotten about, whats this doing under his bed? whats it made of? why am I feeling like this?, she picked the garments up and placed them on the bed, as she did she noticed the swishing sound the material made, then there was the feel, so soft, so smooth. At this point, Mandy realised something was happening to her, her heart rate had begun to quicken, her palms were beginning to sweat and there was a flushed feeling sweeping over her, "oh my!" she thought as she picked up the transparent orange raincoat and held it out in front of her, she noticed it had a drawcord hood, another cord around the waist and another around the hem, there were also 2 reflective stripes around the upper arms, looking more closely at the label she read "100% P.V.C. Made In China". There was now only one thing for it, she had to put the raincoat on, as she nervously slid her bare arm into one of the sleeves, she couldn't help wonder, "why am I so nervous? why do I feel so strange? This feels so nice, but why?, with her mind still racing, she slipped her other arm into the remaining sleeve and pulled the coat on, then zipped it all the way up and as she did, she could feel her erect nipples through the plastic, and there was definately a moist feeling in her pants. Mandy slowly and gently caressed her now PVC covered arms and body, she noticed there was something in each of the pockets either side of the jacket, reaching in, she pulled out 2 gloves, they felt really smooth, not like any rubber gloves she had seen before, totally smooth black rubber, she couldn't resist putting one on as she was no longer questioning all these new feelings she was experiencing, she was simply enjoying them. To her surprise, and delight, she discovered that the gloves felt exactly the same on the inside, as her hand slid in, she felt the soft rbber enclose over her fingers, she held her hand up admiringly and looked at the glove shining under the light from the ceiling, the cuff running half way up her forearm, slowly, she closed her fist and opened it again to feel the now warm rubber squeeze against her skin, "oh wow" she thought, "this feels great". As the glove was a couple of sizes too big, she took it off and placed it on the bed with its partner, and turned her attention to the trousers which matched the jacket.

As she reached down for the trousers Mandy could feel the plastic of the jacket clinging to her arms, this felt so exciting, and there was now an anticipation about putting on the trousers, the wide elastic waistband squeaked as she stretched it and let it retract back, the ankles seemed to have the same kind of elastic around them too, but wait a minute, the seem in the crotch of the orange bottoms was split, not all the way round but about 6 inches, "thats why they're under the bed, he can't be using them any more" she thought, "or does he?". The pices were starting to fall into place now, the plastic suit, gloves in the pockets, a split in the trousers, "the kinky bugger!" she smiled, "well if its good enough for him, I'm having a go", Mandy was now so aroused she knew she had to do something, her t shirt was becoming quite wet inside the steamy plastic coat, and as she still had to get home later that night she decided it was time to take full advantage of the situation she found herself in. The clock showed 10:25, the boys would be leaving the pub around 11 and it would take them 10 minutes to walk back to the flat. The zip of the raincoat slid effortlessly to the bottm and she slipped off the raincoat, her heart was now beating a little faster, she was so warm, and the air in the room had a more noticable plastic aroma now, as she quickly took off her t shirt, then her bra, she said to herself "I'm going to enjoy this". The button and zip on her skirt were soon undone and it dropped to the floor followed by her now damp knickers,

Now standing completely naked, Mandy knew time wasn't on her side, the humid air in the room was now full of the smell of the plastic mixed with the scent of her deoderant, after pushing back her long blonde hair so it was all running down her back she reached for the raincoat, quickly putting it back on, she shuddered slightly as her arms slid back into the now damp sleeves, after pulling the hood over her head she zipprd up the jacket and pulled the drawcord snuggly round her waist and tied it into a neat bow, then it was time to do the same to the hood. As she pulled the cord, she could feel a rush of anxiety as the plastic closed in over her face, "oh this is just heaven" she thought and tied a bow to secure the hood in place. Next there was those matching elasticated trousers, she held the waistband in both hands and stretched it ready to step in, the squeak of the material exciting her, she soon had her legs in and pulled them up around her waist, as the pvc touched her wet pussy she let out a moan, "oh yes!". Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she took a moment to savour the sensation of being completely encapsulated in the rainsuit, moving her hands slowly up and down her legs, then her stomach and finally caressing her solid breats, as her hands moved gently over the PVC clad nipples she felt the lips of her pussy begin to quivver and her juices began to mix with the beads of sweat forming on the inside of the trousers before starting to move down her thighs. After taking in these intense feelings for a moment more, she caught sight of the rubber riding boots on the floor, "should I?, oh yeh!", she picked up one of the boots and ran her hand up the length of the shaft, "wonder if they're like the gloves?" she said to herself and looked hopefully inside only to see a padded red foam lining reaching down all the way to the sole of the boot. Dave was only one size bigger than Mandy in shoe size and she eagely slipped her left foot ito the boot, the elasticated ankle of the trouser leg trapped on the underside of her heel pulling it in, the padding of the boot snuggly securing the plastic around her leg all the way up to her knee, once the other boot was on, she knew what was going to happen next.

Mandy swung her legs up onto the bed and laid back on top of the duvet resting her head on the pillows, after making herself comfortable she closed her eyes and allowed herself to be completely overtaken by the sexual desire burning inside her. Once more she began to run her hands over her plastic clad body ony with more purpose and more firmly this time, as she did, she noticed that a combination of the warm atmosphere and her strongly beating heart were making her perspire even more now, and the sweat was acting as a lubricant allowing the pvc to glide across her skin as she moved, this hightened her sensations further, she continued to move around on the bed, rolling her head from side to side pushing the plastic against her cheeks, she brought her booted feet up towards her bum raising her knees to feel th wet pvc slide over her thighs, her breathing had now also quickened, the juices trickling freely from her pussy, gradually she opened her thighs moving her hands slowly down to massage the pvc into her cliterus making her twinge uncontollably for a seccond. By now Mandy was in exstacy inside her orange cocoon, as she spread her legs even wider she felt the split in the trousers tear exposing her pussy to the air "mmm!" she grinned, and picked up the unlined rubber gloves that were on the edge of the bed under her thigh, finding the left glove, she pulled it on over the cuff of the sleeve, there was at least 1/2 an inch at the top of each finger was empty space, on went the right glove and he hand immediately went back to stroking her pussy.

As the smooth rubber met with her wetness, her heavy breathing turned to more of a pant and as she continued gradually increasing the speed and preasure of the strokes there was the occasional involantary groan of pleasure. She knew it wouldn't be long now, and so curved her middle and index fingers slightly and pushed them tentitively into her virgina, reveling in how the soft rubber glided in effortlessly. Now sweating heavily, pockets of water began forming inside the rainsuit, she could feel the warm liquids moving around as she squirmed uncontrollably in her palstic paradise, her fingers started to push deeper inside her, slipping in and out with a steady rhythm, her pussy squeezing against the thick rubber, her moans became louder and more freequent as the pace of the digits working back and forth inside the trobbing virgina increased, she pushed her head backwards into the pillow pulling the hood down over her eyes and onto her nose and from under the pvc came a rush of hot air enfused with the pungent aroma of sweaty plastic into her nostrils, the pace of her now thrusting fingers increased even more, her thighs flexing with each thrust, her breasts jiggled under the slimey PVC adding to her aroused stae, the unmistakble tingle was forming deep inside her and was soon surging up her spine, with a thrust as deep as she could she started to orgasm like never before, every nerve end was tingling, the pvc slithering all over her body felt like the kiss of the gods, she kept the rubber inside her moving in and out as hard as she could to keep her orgasm going, cum was running from her as if a dam had burst making the glove squelch loudly with every penetrating push. What seemed like an eternity had past and the orgasm began to fade, Mandy lay exhausted on the bed panting for breath, she took her fingers out of her pussy and with her other hand she slid the dripping hood up away from her eyes and wiped away the sweat from her brow, as she opened her eyes she held up her other hand and admired the cum covered glove as it glistened in the light, then, she brought her hand up to her face and gently rubbed her cheecks taking in the smell of her juices and the hot rubber, cum still running off the glove and onto the raincoat, as she slid the two fingers that had just brought her so much pleasure down her nose, the temptation to put out her tongue and lick them was too much, "mmmmm! lovely!", with that thought, she slipped the fingers into her mouth and sucked on the smooth rubber.

Having no idea how much time had passed, a sense of panic came over Mandy, she sat up and turned to look at the clock beside her laptop, "10:58, oh hell, the boys are going to be back any minute" and with a sense of urgency she threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, looking back at where she had just been laid, she could see the large puddle of her juices on the duvet "oh my!" she thought, as she stood she could feel all the pools of sweat that had gathered as she lay on her back begin to flow down her body and gather around her toes inside the boots, this made Many shiver with pleasure, but she knew there was no time to enjoy it further. There was no time to waste, she pulled on the drawcords for the waist and the hood simultainiously releasing the knots then unzipped the jacket, sweat dripped from her breasts and the hem of the jacket onto the carpet, she dropped the jacket onto the chair at the desk then sat back down on the bed and took off the riding boots, tipping one of the boots upside down a trickle of sweat ran from the boot which brought a smile to her face. As she took of the sodden orange trousers, it dawned on her that the split in the seam was now twice the size it was, "oh no, what can I do here?", there was nothing she could do, there was no time to do anything except get dressed and go back to her flat before Daves' flatmates returned. There was just enough time to go through to the bathroom and dry herself down with the towel hung over the edge of the bath, Mandy was now almost back to her normal self and her quick thinking mind decided all she could do was come back tomorrow and do all the cleaning up. The cool air of the halway was a sharp contrast to the humid air of Daves' room, as she approached the open door the smell of warm plastic was strong, once inside she quickly dressed herself, picked up the soaked rainwear and put it back under the bed along with the boots, with a last admiring glance, she couldn't resist a final feel of the soft, smooth plastic, with a look at the clock she knew it was time to go, she took a brush from her bag and tidied up her straggley wet hair, putting the window onto the first latch to clear the room of the strong pvc smell, she turned and made her way out of the flat, locking the door behind her. There was no doubt about it, Mandy had to do that again and as she walked back to her own flat she started to think of ways she could get herself encased in the plastic rainsuit once more.

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 1

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I liked this story best.

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Re: Mandys' Story Part 1

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Has it really been 8 years since I first posted this? wow, how time flies!
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