Keeping Warm

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Keeping Warm

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The first story I've written focused entirely on rainwear! Enjoy!


As the age-old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately for Zoe Harris, the springtime storms that ravaged her area made the promised May flowers little more than a pathetic consolation prize. She lived in a drafty, one-bedroom apartment that did the bare minimum to keep her sheltered from these awful storms. Nights were especially bad. Too often, the twenty-year-old would find herself having immense trouble keeping warm. No matter how much she tucked her skinny frame under the covers, she was still cold.

Things came to a head one awful April night. Rain and sleet pounded against the young blonde’s window as she desperately tried to keep warm. Even under her comforter, clad in a set of pink fleece pajamas, she was still shivering. Poor Zoe debated getting out of bed and putting on a sweater, but she figured that if she did, she would only get colder. After another fifteen minutes though, she finally broke. Fuck this! She tore her covers off and stormed out of her bedroom and down the hall towards the front closet. At this time of night though, her apartment was extremely dark, and when Zoe went to retrieve her sweater, she took hold of something else by accident. Instead of her fluffy wool sweater, Zoe felt something soft and rubbery in her hand. Upon closer inspection, It turned out to be one of her raincoats: a bright yellow PU Helly Hansen jacket.

Zoe sighed. This’ll do… She pulled it on and zipped it up as fast as she could, the rubbery material swishing loudly all the while. Once she had her raincoat on, Zoe breathed a sigh of relief. She was a bit warmer now. Just as she turned to go back to bed though, something occurred to her. In a moment of clarity, Zoe realized that this thin rain jacket might not keep her warm the entire night. I’ve probably got the pants that go with this jacket somewhere… So, Zoe flicked on the hallway light and began searching for her rain pants. They weren’t all that difficult to find; just buried a little deeper in her closet given how little she used them compared to the jacket. Picking them up, Zoe smiled. She slipped the rubbery pants over her legs and tightened the elastic waist. Satisfied, she turned around to leave, but just as she did, something else caught her eye.

The dim hallway light had caught the reflection of Zoe’s casual raincoat: a long, and extremely shiny pink rubber trench. Zoe paused for a moment, debating whether she should put on another layer. After all, rubber doesn’t breathe well; what if she gets too warm? In her current situation though, Zoe figured it was better to be too warm than too cold. So, she took her second raincoat off its hanger and pulled it on. She did up all the buttons, and finished off by tightening the belt around her waist.

Zoe had never worn multiple layers of rainwear before. She had only ever seen it from a practical perspective; a means to an end, so to speak: to keep dry. Now, that mindset was beginning to shift. She felt protected. She felt safe. Turning off the hallway light, Zoe walked back to her bedroom with a feeling of euphoria. Her rain suit swishing and crackling with every step she took. Snuggling herself under the covers once again, Zoe curled up into a ball. She was nice and warm now thanks to her rubber suit. Thus, she drifted off to sleep with but a single thought: Why didn’t I think of this before?

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Re: Keeping Warm

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This must be of the best ways to stay warm during a cold night :)

I hope that she will find more nice ways to stay warm and gets many good nights sleep in it.
Just a little girl who loves being out in the elements enjoying rainwear in the best possible ways

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Re: Keeping Warm

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My wife would agree with this. She has several rubber-lined mackintoshes and, whilst she does nor share my fetish, she believes that these are the best ones to keep her warm

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