Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Sarah telephoned the next morning, thanking me for the super sex yesterday, and that she would be away for the next day but would telephone when she returned.
No sooner had I put the phone down when a message came through from the oilskin man.
I replied that I probably could, what time and where?
Around noon at the reservoir. Was the reply.

The next day I arrived at the reservoir, the motor home was there and the caravan but not Sarah’s Land Rover.
I knocked on the motor homes door. He stood in the doorway his oilskin open and chaps revealing his cock. He smiled and welcomed me in. Have a drink, he said.

We sat together, today was my Pacamac and boots day. I want you to wear my oilskins again, he said.
Okay, great, any particular reason?
No, you just turn me on wearing them.
I finished my drink and replaced my Pacamac with his oilskin coat, oilskin chaps and my boots.

I received another whisky then he began to wank me. He painfully squeezed my balls as he wanked me, then slapped them two or three times.
I cried out in pain. He smirked.
He told me to stand, then locked my wrists with padlocks behind my back. Come with me, he ordered.
We left the motor home, walked a short distance to a tree and proceeded to tie me to the tree and place a rubber ball gag into my mouth.
He then wanked me till I was fully erect and slapped my balls hard.

He turned and left, walked over to his motor home. I heard the engine start and he left the reservoir area. Nobody was around, dark clouds came, and the heavens opened.
I was left bound in his oilskins, shivering and very wet. My Pacamac was long gone in the motor home, replaceable but I was wearing his oilskins. The daylight faded and night-time was totally black. I couldn’t shout for help. My rubber ball gag prevented that. If I could survive the cold and wet, tomorrow’s daylight would be my next opportunity for help

In the distance I saw the lights of a car coming along the main road. The lights turned to where I was tied to the tree. The lights still came towards me then turned towards Sarah’s caravan and stopped.
I saw her in the distance getting out of the Land Rover open the caravan’s door and switch lights on.
I struggled to shout but it was not possible.
The caravan door opened again, and Sarah jumped out of the caravan and began running towards me.

What has he done to you? She gasped, as she reached me through the pouring rain. I could not respond. She looked behind me at the very wet rope that was holding me to the tree. She desperately tried to unpick the knot, but the rain had made it very difficult. Finally, she saw the rubber ball gag firmly stuck in my mouth. She released me from it and shouted above the rainfall I’m going to get a knife.
I was shivering uncontrollably, the rain noisily splashing down on my oilskin coat, I watched as Sarah ran to her caravan and then back to me. She cut the rope binding me to the tree. I slipped and crashed down in the muddy area beneath the tree. She fell on top of me. Our muddy wet bodies so close together.
We managed to skid down to her caravan, enter and lock the door. I have some steel cutters somewhere. She found them and cut through the handcuffs.

Take off your clothes. She said looking at a shivering muddy person.
I took everything off except my boots, Sarah boiled a kettle and washed me down.
She dried me and I just about stopped shivering. She disappeared and produced a wonderful purple PVC dressing gown.
You look lovely but it’s all I have.

She busied herself putting on the Calor gas heating for the caravan. Here she said. A whisky.
I needed another quickly and was given one.
Right, she said. That’s you sorted out now let me get dry and changed.
The caravan became warm because of the Calor gas heating and probably the whisky.

So, what the hell were you doing tied up in oilskins in the pouring rain miles from anywhere? It’s a good job that I even saw you up there in the dark and rain.
I told her that he had wanted to help him in the motor home.
Bastard, she growled.
I have known this guy for a number of years, not sexually you understand, but through our mutual fetish thing. But if ever I get even an inch close to another guy, he spoils it and stops it for me.
I took a sip of whisky and said. Am I close to you Sarah?
She looked at me for a long long while before tears ran down her cheeks.
Yes, you are.
I took her into my arms, we sat cuddled together, the sound of the rain crashing down on the caravan roof made it even more romantic.
We had a luxurious dinner of baked beans and a fried egg plus more whisky then climbed into her bed, pulled over the duvet and slept.
The sound of the rain eventually petering out and early morning sunshine trying to burst through the windows.

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Post by hotwilly » August 13th, 2019, 8:31 pm

It would seem I am the only person passing comments on your stories whi is a shame.
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Post by kinkycumbria » August 14th, 2019, 7:36 am

i am enjoying them, i hope there not all fiction and some parts true

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Post by Mikmac77 » August 14th, 2019, 5:09 pm

Great set of stories, i've found them very arousing! please continue

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