Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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As well as my twelve lovely shiny nylon cagoules I also have one shiny black heavy weight rubber cagoule given to me by an admirer. It’s a pull over the head cagoule with a tightish hood, a twelve-inch zip from the neck and it is a little longer than my other nylon ones. It comes down half way between my crutch and knee. This I have found very exciting, as I can walk around with my cock and balls out and nobody would know.
I quite often wear this with my very tall black rubber waders. I have noticed that just recently when looking at pictures of guys wearing tall boots, it’s the waders that now get me going more. Tall waders and a bulge are very arousing.
There are at least four fishing lakes, rivers, quarries within half an hour’s drive from where I live. Always quite a few serious fishermen and the not so serious I have discovered. Lots of wellies and waders and interesting ,waterproof clothing. Some even have tents and cooking facilities.
The last time, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the river area around dusk. Some guys were packing up but one guy I knew was sitting on his portable chair drinking a mug of tea. I walked up very close to him. My cock was becoming aroused but underneath my rubber cagoule, not visible to him.
How’s things? I asked. He turned and smiled. So so. He replied.
I moved really close to him within inches of his face. He put his hand up inside my cagoule, squeezing my hardened cock. I feel better now, he said. Pulling out my cock, putting it in his mouth and sucking it.
I looked around, but darkness had almost fallen, nobody was close by.
Would you like to cum in my tent?
I eased myself in followed by the owner. He closed the tent flaps and set about wanking and sucking me. I had to do nothing, just enjoy. I groaned with pleasure as I came, shooting my cum into the air, landing on his face and my rubber cagoule.
I lay there satisfied, with him on top of me. He turned opened the tent flaps and pulled me out.
Can you come here tomorrow? I’ll bring my motor home, more room to do things and a bit more secure.
We agreed a time and I walked back to my car.
The next day couldn’t come quick enough. By the evening it was raining hard. I was dressed as before with my waders, shiny rubber cagoule with the hood up. There were a couple of hardy fishermen along the river bank. Then the guy from yesterday appeared, black sou’wester, long black oilskin coat and black rubber wellies.
I’ve parked just over there, he said pointing. Didn’t want to get stuck in the mud.
He unlocked the motor home door and we stepped inside. Lovely and warm and spacious.
He put his hand up inside my cagoule again and found my willing cock. I opened the press studs of his oilskin and was surprised to see his naked body complete with an erection. I held it tightly. He squirmed a little. I tried to take off his oilskin. No, he said. Please let me keep it on.
I understood, rubber, PVC, oilskins they all felt so much more stimulating next to the skin. I tried to wear my cagoules that way too.
He lay on top of the narrow bed. I lay on top of him, feeling his erection between my legs. I moved up and down simulating love making, then slithered down until his cock was level with my mouth. His hands pushed my head down on him nearly chocking me.
I’m cumming, he gasped thrusting himself violently in and out. I nearly drowned. I had never experienced so much cum from one person before.
After I had cleaned myself up a little, he said. I only cum like that when I wear my oilskin next to my body, other times its just a normal spurt.
Wow. I said. Keep wearing it that way. It was wonderful for me to experience. Thank you.
After a while he asked if I would like to walk in the rain.
Nothing on underneath? I asked.
Nothing, he smiled.
We walked along the river bank. His wellies and my waders squelching in the mud. He rested against a tree running his hands up and down his oilskin coat. I ran my hands up and down him as well feeling another erection. I opened the bottom of his coat pulling out his cock wanking him quickly.
He spurted cum all over me, glistening on my wet shiny rubber cagoule. He slid slowly down and sat in the mud gasping for breath.
He slowly got to his knees and fumbled under my wet cagoule, found what he was looking for and wanked me. His cum on my cagoule was washed off in the pouring rain.
We walked back to his motorhome. I need to lay down, he said. I thought about staying and having more fun but then decided against it, said our good byes and I went home to clean up and get dry.
The following day it was still raining. I thought I should go back to the river to see if he had left or not.
His motorhome was still there plus a motor bike.
I parked, walked over and knocked on the door. He opened it still wearing his wellies and oilskin coat. Are you okay? I asked. Yes, fully recovered after your super treatment yesterday. He said with a smile. Here.
Come in. I have a friend here.
I climbed into the motorhome and met his friend. He was younger than me wearing a one-piece PVC motor cycle suit.
I was just telling Adam here what we did yesterday.
Adam smiled. I wish I had been there. It sounded like fun.
What are you wearing under your PVC suit? I asked.
Nothing. Was the answer.
I looked at the motorhome owner and said. You can go first!!
Three guys totally aroused by the shiny clothing they were wearing, touching, wanking, sucking and kissing. It was four hours of fantastic sex, all together, two at a time any combination. I was terrific. The rain still poured down. We all went out in the rain, touching each other’s wet and shiny clothing.
I left them together and drove back home. I had two new email addresses to call upon if I needed some shiny fun anytime.

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Post by hotwilly » April 12th, 2019, 7:19 pm

Nice , got me aroused. Wish I had been there
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Post by Johnnyrbr » April 13th, 2019, 8:22 am

Only reply I can make to this story is Ooooooooooooooh!!!

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Post by luvcapes&macks » April 13th, 2019, 3:31 pm

got me going too , specially the long all rubber over - the - head shiny cagoule , if only !

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