Husband and I (Part 31)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 31)

Post by Lindaf » August 10th, 2018, 8:31 am

Next part involves Bill’s aunt Helen

She had her man friend move in with her for the company but like me, she always wanted more.

I invited her out to a fetish club for fun without the boys. I picked her up at 8 and she looked fantastic. Unknown to me she had bought a red PVC cat suit and a red PVC mac complete with red PVC thigh high boots. I nearly wet myself when I saw her. She looked sensational.

I seemed to be underdressed by wearing my rubber ensemble. Black bra, black keyhole panties and my black rubber cape

The club was a bit quiet when we got there. I was at the bar when these two guys walked over and started to chat. They had rubber wear on too and they looked great. I invited them over to our table and started to chat.

Within a short space of time one of the guys nearest Helen started to slide his fingers over Helens PVC mac and touched her breasts. Helen started to breathe deeply and as she did that her new cat suit started to crackle as her breathing got harder.

By this time the other guy was starting to fondle me. He slid the bottom of the cape up and started to touch my now soaking wet pussy. I was so wet, his fingers slipped into me straight away. My nipples were standing out as they rubbed against the inside of my rubber cape.
I heard a zipping sound and as I turned, I could see Helen unzipping the top half of her catsuit and exposing her breasts. The gut bent over and sucked her already hard nipples. She was moaning as he licked her breasts. Her hands strayed over to the guy and started to rub her hand over the guys crotch. It was obvious he was very aroused.

After a while and much kissing and fondling, we agreed to go back to their place

Helen and I were so horny by this time and welcomed the notion to go back and fuck.

The guys disappeared for a few moments whilst Helen and I made ourselves more comfortable.

They returned wearing only plastic macs. Their shaven cocks were standing upwards behing their macs. In addition they had wellies on. Helen and I looked at each other and smiled.

While they were away, I slipped off my bra and panties and was naked except for my rubber cape. Helen had taken her red PVC catsuit off and was wearing only her glossy red PVC mac and her red PVC thigh boots.

We kissed and touched more. The guys positioned their cocks out of their plastic macs to allow us suck them through the gaps in their macs.

For a few minutes Helen and I sucked them off then they turned to us.

One of the guys rolled my cape up and saw I was naked below. He actually stuck his head below my rubber cape and let it fall leaving his encased in my cape. He licked my clit for all his worth. I was soaking wet in anticipation.

Helen was lying on her back with the guy licking her red PVC boots from top to bottom only to stray and lick her freshly shaved pussy and started again on the other boot.

By this time, my man was fingering me and eventually got his whole hand in my pussy. I was screaming, the way he was fucking me with his hand was amazing. He eventually withdrew and rolled my cape up to fully expose my breasts and now soaking wet pussy. Still wearing his plastic mac, he carefully stroked his cock and entered me with ease. Both of us were so sexed up it didn’t take long for both of us to orgasm simultaneously.

Helen was also being fucked by the other guy. She asked him to cum over her PVC mac which he duly did.

What an evening of fun. We got back to Helens place and had a very stiff drink then went to bed very satisfied.

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