Husband and I (Part 8)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 8)

Post by Lindaf » May 26th, 2015, 1:31 pm

My next adventure came when I was 19, when by then boyfriend went to Blackpool for a few days. The weather was atrocious and meant that we had to stay in a lot.

I got fed up and went to the shops. One of the shops I went into were selling see through plastic macs (I guess they came out of the back store when it rained) Looking through them I found one that fitted me and my boyfriend. He knew I had a fetish for plastic, PVC etc. but didn’t really tune into it like I did.

Anyway, I got back to the flat after a couple of hours shopping. He looked up when I got back and just nodded. I said I was going to shower and pretty myself up for going out in the evening.

It was a great shower. Cleaning every crevice carefully, more crevices than some I have to say. I got out and dried myself off in the bedroom. My packages were still there unopened and I proceeded to unwrap the plastic macs and try mine on naked of course. It had a hood and a thin tie up belt on the mac if you didn’t want to use the buttons.

Wow my pussy was I dripping when I put the mac on. I got a shiver too and thought I would surprise my boyfriend by walking into the lounge stark naked except for my mac. He looked up and his mouth dropped wide open when he saw what I had on or not as the case would be…..

He stood up and placed his hands on my arms and drew me towards him. The mac rustled as we came closer until he held me that close I could feel his cock getting harder by the second. I dropped to my knees and took his now hard cock out of his trousers and sucked him like never before. While I was sucking him, he kept feeling the plastic mac my body was encased in and then I felt a shudder. It was him about to blow his load into my mouth. I took his cock out and he shot all his warm cum over my mac. It ran everywhere and even dripped on the floor. He was still hard and I let him fuck me on the floor. Yes I was still wearing the mac. The sweat inside the mac stuck to me but what a great sensation with him fucking me and fondling my breasts over the now soft plastic mac.

We had to shower again before we went out for dinner. We kept talking about the afternoon and this made me very wet and needed him to fuck me again. What he didn’t know was that I had bought him a plastic mac too and that was for fun later. I had to stick my hand inside my panties to masturbate a little to keep me from fucking him there and then in the restaurant.

We got back to the flat and he asked me to put my mac on again as I did earlier. I teased him by saying no and eventually I said yes but on one condition. He wondered what was coming next. I told him to strip off, his cock looked succulent and ready for eating. I stripped naked and put my mac on again and handed him a package. He opened it and there was a gasp. His own see through mac. He put it on within seconds and came over to hug me.

The macs crackled as we hugged and I felt his cock trying to burst out of its plastic encasement.

He was ready to fuck. His cock poked out of the front of his mac and I again dropped to my knees to suck that meaty cock. It didn’t take him long to cum and I nipped his cock as I wanted to keep that cum warm and sticky for later. More so to keep him on the edge by teasing him not to cum.

I decided we need a shower to cool off for a moment. I ran the shower on cold and suggested that we shower with our macs on. He duly agreed and we were in the shower stroking each other through our macs for ages.

We ended up fucking in the shower. Before he shot his load in me he pulled his cock out and splattered his load over my mac. It was cute to see his cum trails dripping of my mac and into the shower. Glad the mac is cleanable, a spray from the shower and all is sorted.

For what I remember that put a whole new slant on the holiday. We prayed it would rain so we could go out in our macs. That didn’t really matter we wore the mac at least one time during the day………….

Coming soon…hubby and his ponchos and pink rubber gloves and of course his aunt

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Re: Husband and I (Part 8)

Post by spitfire617 » July 21st, 2018, 1:44 pm

I can relate to Blackpool in the rain!
This was in the 1980's though.
Clear macs both in and out of bed. Worn in the rain as we walked in Blackpool.
And worn in the hotel when we got back but like you naked under them!
My girlfriend at that time had 38 inch breasts and the clear mac showed her nipples of when they were erect.

And yes we made love whilst we were wearing them. Sticking too our bodies as we moved around the room and on the bed.
And yes the sound was tremendous crackling at every movement

Those were the day of adventure!

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