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Ideas for new sub forums or any other suggestions on how we can improve and this forum.
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Re: male or female

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That may be so. I still stand by my statement, my friend.
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Re: male or female

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I am a trans-female, transitioning and i know there are a couple of other Trans folks as members a couple of female members as well, some Tv identifing folks too.
I have been a member for many years and have always found it welcoming and inclusive.
Please don’t prove me wrong, there is enough transphobia elsewhere in my life i hope the last comment wasn’t as such.
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Re: male or female

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Kinky-In-Scotland wrote: November 23rd, 2015, 9:35 pm Would it be possible to have a gender preference option added to our profiles? I too would rather be involved with females but I don't mind watching videos of fellow male fetishists enjoying their rainwear in the same way I do ;)
I think thats something that is missing also a photo of the member as well that way you have an idea who you are messaging!!!
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Re: male or female

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I don't know about photo's being made mandatory, hardly anyone fills their profile in anyway. Now that is something which should be looked at.
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