Best job ever

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Best job ever

Post by mason » October 13th, 2018, 7:42 am

I've just started my own small gardening business which I operate solo. There are many advantages of this set-up, which I won't go into here - but the very best one is being able to wear my protective plastic or PVC rainwear, especially if its very cold or muddy (or both).

The other day, I began a two-day job which involves slashing extremely overgrown grass and weeds away from the banks of a small watercourse running through someone's property. It rained not long ago and there was still quite a bit of mostly brackish water in the creek so I decided to wear my heavy duty, olive green unlined PVC waders (which I bought brand-new for just $10 from an op-shop a few years ago) for the job. I also put on my full-cut Haian briefs and plastic pants under them as well. Although it wasn't hot, it was nice and sunny so my waders heated up beautifully. I cannot say enough how nice my plastic pants and the smooth, slippery PVC felt against my body and bare legs.

They certainly had the effect of making my work go that much faster ...

My client was also very pleased that I was willing to go in the (shallow) water to cut everything away. She even gave me a dozen eggs from her chook house on top of my pay.

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