Your most memorable formative experience?

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Your most memorable formative experience?

Post by MacRobin » October 11th, 2018, 6:26 pm

Along the path that brought us to where we are and to wear what we like, most of us had a moment when our deep desires, which would stay with us for a lifetime, were irretrievably cemented.

I invite anyone to describe theirs, be it rubber, latex, PVC, nylon, PU or even spandex.

Mine? There was a woman who lived in our village who had inexplicably married the village spiv. Daphne. Why couldn’t she have waited? I was 13 and coming on strong. If her spiv had been wealthy enough, she would have used taxis. But he wasn’t so she had to use the bus, a double decker into town. It was wet that day and nobody wanted to go upstairs. I did. Front row. She wailed at the bottom because there were no seats and everyone turned deaf when she cried out for someone to give up their luxury. I was behind her, gazing at the ripples of the yellow rubberised taffeta raincoat, one size too big, swirled around her. I could smell it. I wanted to touch it but darent. Mrs Cowgill would have spotted me, she spotted everything and she would have told my mother. Attempted rape. On that day, I need not have worried. Daphne started her reluctant path up the stairs and as the driver deliberately let the clutch snatch and start the bus with a jerk, Daphne rocked back and forth on the stairs as a gust of wind blew the whole of her yellow rubber higher and higher. I was rushing upstairs faster than Daphne and inevitably, when her rubber raincoat fluttered down to resume its normal drape, my head was at most an inch behind Daphne’s posterior and I was enveloped, nay encased in wet clasping yellow rubberised taffeta. I inhaled. Daphne recovered her composure and proceeded to the upper deck, her rubber sliding over my skin as she did so. My friend Granville was in the steps behind me and when we sat down, his eyes wide open he asked me
“Did you see . . Erm . . . See it. while you were under there?
“Oh Granville, it was wet, slippery, yellow, glowing from the reflection of street lamps, smooth, exotic with an intoxicating aroma. I want one.
Granville didn’t believe me. His older brother had tried to have it off with Daphne’s younger sister and he’d told him it was dry, hairy and uninviting and not yellow.

My uncle Jack had a similar experience. The runt of my father’s family, he never married and sought jobs where he could stroke fabric. Mon- Fri he worked in t’mill as weave quality controller, marking with his strict chalk when a pimple flawed the otherwise perfect worsted. On weekends, he worked freelance on clothes shops. One Sat, answering an emergency, he reluctantly accepted a shift in the shoe shop. Shoes didn’t do it for him. As he bent down to squeeze a woman’s foot into a shoe one size too small and she, looking down and seeing Uncle Jack’s bald head, thought it was her knee and hurriedly pulled her skirt over it and smoothed it down tight. Apparently, I wasn’t there, but the result I could imagine having once clapped my hands in the hen hut on my other uncle’s farm.

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Re: Your most memorable formative experience?

Post by rubberdee » October 11th, 2018, 6:43 pm

Good one, MacRobin, very good.

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Re: Your most memorable formative experience?

Post by Sophie-Cagoule » October 12th, 2018, 12:09 pm

For me, has to be a girl ar school who wore a red woth white zip peter storm cagoule to school most days, she was couple years older but loved spotting her in that cagoule at school. At the same time the black white and grey patrick cagoules became very popular and the hottest girl in school, sadie, wore one everyday, rain or shine, i am sure she sparked a few boys and girls fantasies at school about her in that jacket lol.

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Re: Your most memorable formative experience?

Post by Ilovecagoules » August 6th, 2019, 10:23 pm

Several girls at school who wore cagoules. One wore a navy blue Peter Storm full zip and she'd always plunge her hands into the pockets. Another wore a navy Regatta and would do the same. Another seemed to live in a green cagoule with a white zip (not sure of the make) and the last I recall started coming to school wearing a royal blue cagoule - again, I'm unsure of the make - with red & white stripes down the sleeves. This then changed to a navy and royal blue Regatta full zip.
A couple of teachers would wear cagoules on the odd occasion. One wore hers on a sponsored walk I took part in. Needless to say I made a point of sticking quite close to her all day!

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Re: Your most memorable formative experience?

Post by Johnnyrbr » August 7th, 2019, 8:14 am

Forgive me if you have read this in other forums but my introduction into the world of rubber came very early. When I was 3/4 years old [ still holding moms hand as we walked down the road ], my brother had a black rubber mackintosh bought him. I used to bury my face in it and stroke it all over. Then there were the children in a nearby home who were all dressed in SBR macks and souwesters and wellingtons as they walked out. I used to follow them as close as I could always wishing I could walk in the middle of them to smell the rubber and feel it against me. Then when I was about 14 dad bought himself some Dunlop Warwick wellingtons. That really confirmed my love for rubber. Later as new things came out in PVC and plastic it was even a greater delight. Now many, many years later I'm still enjoying the experience

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Re: Your most memorable formative experience?

Post by TStorm56 » August 9th, 2019, 1:03 am

Well, I had quite a formative experience when I was age 13 on vacation with my family! Before that I always liked going out in the rain with a raincoat on and would get a funny feeling. Onto the experience at age 13 though...

I was on vacation with my family at the beach, and we were having lunch at a restaurant inside a small marina, there was a pier nearby where you could watch people fish. Regular beach activities were off the table as it had been raining intermittently through the morning. This continued well into the afternoon. Anyways, as we were sitting there a small boat pulled in which two women got off from. Both were suitably dressed for the weather! One woman was in yellow, and the other in orange. The woman in yellow got off the boat and started walking towards the restaurant. I had a window seat so my eyes were absolutely glued to this woman, who, as she walked, began to unbutton her heavy duty raincoat. As she got closer I was able to make out the features of the woman, she was blonde and quite attractive. It was a sight I shall never forget!

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