Repurposing pvc u like

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Repurposing pvc u like

Post by David » August 28th, 2018, 11:18 am

Greetings and Salutations everyone.
Been a while since i have posted on here.
But had an amazing storm here in Green Bay Wi last night.
Torrential heavy downpours wish I would have had some wind to go with it but I digress.
I had noticed sadly that my black shiny king size mattress cover that I had purchased a few years back
from pvc u like had split in all four corners make it not hold to the bed anymore although I don't think that the pockets were
made for a pillow top mattress ( had only used them for about a month total so they were still like brand new. )
Oh well I cut a circular shape and left a good length for some hood ties and voila a deep hooded rain bonnet that protects my entire face.
Then a slit in the rest of the sheet and put it on over my head as a long almost floor length rain poncho that almost reached my feet.
Sadly I made the slit a bit too long so some of the rain did get through so i will have to wear a shortie rain jacket underneath.
Out into the storm i went.
The roar of the rain hitting the hood and newly fashioned cape was music to my ears.
It did leak a tad thru the slit but I did stay bone dry underneath thanks to the extra raincoat, rain pants, and rubber boots that i wore.
The lighting lit up the sky and the wet black pvc shined like polished stones in the heat lightning.
After about a hour walk I went back home to get some rest excited as I know we are supposed to get some more possible severe weather tonight.
What a way to close out the summer. :D

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Re: Repurposing pvc u like

Post by raincoatboy » September 4th, 2018, 7:40 pm

I have a few pul raincoats where the hood started ripping off at the seem so I carefully cut it off and I have repurposed a few pvc hoods.

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