One and two piece splash suits.

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One and two piece splash suits.

Post by KlepperGuy » December 27th, 2017, 11:31 am

Well the weather was good over Christmas for walking at one of my local country parks and it was good to see children showing off their new toys that they had received from Santa.
I certainly can remember my first two bikes I received at Christmas, the first with stabilisers and the second a larger bike which I did my paper round on. the latter also included a pvc/oilskin yellow cape and sou'wester. (how else can you dress and enjoy cycling in the rain).

Now this is nothing to do with bikes, but about rainsuits and two children I saw walking and playing with the mum and dad and group of other family members on Boxing Day morning. The boy and girl wore one piece pvc rainsuits, one orange and the other blue. Woolley hats, gloves and pvc wellies.

The thought hit me.........what would I had felt at a very young age if my mum and dad had brought me such a suit for Christmas or anytime.
I knew from an early age that pvc, rubber and plastic meant something to me (I would like to say excited me, but 'no' when I was young I did not even know what that meant. I just know I just liked wearing my macks and wellies.)

The rainsuits gave the children the freedom to play and splash in puddles, no parents saying 'don't do that or come away from there'.

Was I envious 'yes', why can't manufacturers make similar suits for adults, I would love one.

The closest I have to a one piece rainsuit is a Rukka and Belstaff pvc motorcycle oversuit, great to wear.............but not the same as the childrens splash suits.

The country park (Rufford Abbey) I go to has the usual shop and cafeteria, but alo an outdoor living centre, selling clothes for walking mainly Regatta, but other brands as well. Well the sale was one and I could not resist buying a couple of new items, but there amongst the sale items was the children's section and lo and behold were two piece pvc rainsuits in orange , blue and green.
I could not resist touching them to confirm they were real pvc.........and yes they were.

Oh to be 5 or 6 years old again and go slashing through puddles and the rain, to enjoy the sheer innocents of play, running and screaming as the water in puddles was kicked around and splashed up your rainsuit.

The pleasures of being young and not being touched by the cruelty of the harsh world we live in is short. Stay young as long as you can.........growing up happens silently and far to quickly.

All I can say is I might be getting older..........but I am young at heart and my love of pvc, rubber and plastic rainwear which I have had for over 55 years still sustains me, as it does many of the members and readers of this site and similar sites.

Happy New Year to you all and keep enjoying your macks and rainwear.............whether it is wet or dry, they will give so much pleasures in 2018.


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Re: One and two piece splash suits.

Post by Lordgrey » December 27th, 2017, 8:47 pm

For a single splash suit you may to look at this:

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Re: One and two piece splash suits.

Post by reinydevil » January 2nd, 2018, 4:42 am

That is a nice thought. Happy New Year!

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