Sighting in Edinburgh's West End

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Sighting in Edinburgh's West End

Post by HeatherluvsPVC » November 26th, 2017, 8:17 am

On Wednesday I saw a lovely lady wearing a beautiful long black and very shiny hooded raincoa.
I've never seen one like this before, it was just below knee height, very fitted with no storm vents and I don't think it had a kick pleat, or if it did it was fastened. From the way it hung it seemed to be made of quite a heavy weight material, possibly PU or PVC and the hood was fringed in faux fur. can anyone recognise who made it as I would love one for myself. :roll:
If by any chance it was anyone from our rainwear loving family can I just say that you looked Incredible. :)


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Re: Sighting in Edinburgh's West End

Post by Onslow » January 14th, 2018, 1:43 am

Sighting in San Francisco - in the last week about 4 inches of rain has descended on the San Francisco Bay Area , largely in one day ! That's how it happens here - none of that permanent drizzle I used to remember from when I lived in the UK . . On travelling into SF on Monday on the train , I spotted two ladies in PVC macks - both black & shiny . First ones I have seen here in northern California in a couple of years .
To the other extreme , for those who like shiny rubber rainboots , there were about 1 in 3 female wearers that I saw on the same trip . Very popular here and with an amazing number of varieties - but lots of Hunters !
Hopefully this will continue !

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