Rainwear and Cross Dressing

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Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by Curiousb »

I share my rainwear fetish with a liking for ladies clothes made of certain material. I enjoy wearing both when I get the opportunity.

Would I be correct in thinking there are others on this site that feel the same? If so do you think there is a common denominator and if so what is it?

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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by mikerubber89 »

Me too. I have a PVC straitdress and a latex Victorian gown - I think it started because the only boots I could find to wear with catsuits were thigh high stilletos and it just then went on to getting dresses to wear with the boots.
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by blackmacjay »

I think it may apply to some of us and I guess I'm one. I do own a couple of men's single-texture mackintoshes as well as 2 robes from Weathervain and a latex dressing gown.

My wife has several single-texture mackintoshes and it is raining this weekend.
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by saxon12343 »

Certainly agree - love the feel of ladies Macs as they appear and feel better fitting - would love to meet a gentleman who appreciated me dressed thus - pm me if interested
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by kinkydenn »

You are not alone, I am the same!
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by Taurus »

My rainwear fetish does also extend to some ladies clothes, but only in the right materials like pvc, vinyl, latex and (faux) leather. I like to see women in these materials but I also like to wear it myself. My collection is now limited to two vinyl macs but sometimes I also fantasize about trying on other (ladies) pvc items like skirts, boots or heels or even better, having a girlfriend wearing those items for me, but for now my private situation doesn't allow more.
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by HeatherluvsPVC »

I also enjoy wearing skirts, dresses and other female items of clothing but again only in certain materials ie. PVC latex, leather, satin and also denim. My interest started in the early 70's when long PVC coats were in fashion and I remember thinking it was unfair that girls could get away with wearing these but us poor boys could only look (not that that wasn't enjoyable).
In the mid to late 70's I remember being able to wear velvet jackets, afghan coats, clogs and t-shirts that were quite feminine in the cut (shapeded waist and flaired sleeves), also my hair was waist length...... okay I was hippy ...... but it was a time where the images of what sex you were by how you dressed was blurred and I for one was sad to see that go.
Why should we, in this 'liberated' age, be forced to wear clothes that define that we are male or female, why can't we wear what we want, whether that be shiny PVC macs teamed with a PVC skirt or a shirt and tie with a suit.
Heatherluvs PVC ;)
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by latexloo »

I wear ladies raincoats, wellies and leggings, but I normally mix them with male vanilla clothing, so I do not class myself as a cross dresser as I am not trying to be a woman or come across as one. I can relate a lot to what HeatherluvsPVC is saying in the previous post.
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by Taffmac »

I couldn't agree more with HeatherluvsPVC on the point that "we should not be forced to wear clothes that define that we are male or female". That's life, unfortunately. Not in my time but one day that will hopefully disappear.

I really enjoy wearing my Jeantex Toni see-through plastic mac in the rain. The buttons do up the "men's way", left over right, but I wouldn't dare to wear an identical mac outdoors if the buttons did up the "women's way", right over left. How stupid is this tradition. Also, although I wear pink and pale blue shirts, I would not be seen dead wearing a pink or pale blue (my favourite colours) plastic mac outdoors even if the buttons were the "men's way". Of course, there is always the zip which makes it unisex. But, if there is a flap covering the zip it will then be either a men's or women's garment depending on which way the flap points. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

By the way, if a woman went out in mac done up the "men's way" no one would bat an eyelid.
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Re: Rainwear and Cross Dressing

Post by jodie »

Could a man wear the latest Burberry womens pink plastic raincoat . As men are being encourage to wear pink now according to google articles on the web and the buttons do up the ladies side . I think its possible to carry it off especially in todays gender neutral world but would anyone notice or care .The only problem would be trying to explain why you want one to the assistant in the store and trying it on for size.
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