What is it specifically about rainwear that makes it a fetish/thing for you?

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Re: What is it specifically about rainwear that makes it a fetish/thing for you?

Post by marcus_germany » March 15th, 2017, 8:11 pm

In my case its a little more Strange.
Soft-PVC, Cling Film and Latex turns me on. The great thing on the Rainwear is for me that i can wear this great meterial directly on my body. Most i like the transparent PVC. It should be high-Gloss shiny thats what i like most. I Also love this clear Umbrellas with PVC Canopy. The Most Umbrellas with PVC are the dome Umbrellas. The Normal Umbrella form ist most times made of eva,pp ,poe or pet. Unfortunately, tt's harder to get a pvc-caopy umbrella in the normal form. But i like the normal form a little more then the dome form.

Where my fetish comes from: NBelieve it or not. It was there from the beginning, i do not know why. I Have a couple of anormalities compared to the average men.

1. I have the asperger syndrom, a special form of autism. I like electronic music, most normal hobbies of me are in eletronics, technics and IT. I also hear all sorts or Electronic Music (techno,dance, house, trance but also 80er style synthesizer als rlectro music) So my life is a kind of "digital" :)
2. i also have sinesty. When i hear noise, i can "see" it in colours, forms. Due to this i can realize fionest differences in a sound (e.g. Differences between mp3, lossless and other codecs)
3. I am not good in finding friends and contacts in the real life. In the Internet, it is easy form me to write with anyone, but very seldom, i meet someone of the people from the forums in the real life. I periodicly try to chance that and getting more social contacts in the real life, but it is not easy.

So when did it start? In the age of 6 years, long before any sexual interest for femals or any normal sexuality, I rwelised that transparent cling film and soft plastic film turned me on. i didn''t knew anything about sexuality and what this was in this young age nor did i had any other sexual interests in this age, but this one thing was there from this time on (or maybe earlier, but maybe i did not remembered it earlier or did not discovered it befor the age of 6 years).

In this young age i didn't knew anything about fetish or similar and i did not talk to anyone in this time. The first time i heard that i am not the only one on the world with this special feelings and interests was with 23 years as i saw something about SM Fetish on the television. I am not interested in SM practices, only in soft clingy Plastics, mostly PVC and Latex but at this time i learned that its called a fetish and i am not the only one in the world with this. Later, google brought me to some internet forums. This forum i found during the google image search for "PVC Rain cape".

Later i also got a copuple of less strong fetishes.

1. Costume fetishes: Sure i like it when beautiful girls and women wear latex and PVC outfits, but especially i like costumes like nurse costumes, cheerleader costumes and so on (ideally in pvc or latex)
2. Pink fetish. As Pink is a typical "female" color, it also turns me on if this costumes are in pink. pink pvc film, illuminating objects like transparent umbrellas e,G. in Pink light (or pvc umbrellas with clear-pink canopy)

3. I also realised that also some sort of Fragrances and Smells turn me on. "Good" Fragrances like lavender, rose,lilac but also some "bad" smells like winegar and fish turn me on.

4. i also like it slippery: Sliding gel, butter, vaseline make latex and pvc more slippery.

So in fact, the pvc and latex fetish seems to be there sincy i was born. The other things mostly came later

Ah, i forgot to say, i am male and currently 38 years old and I live in germany. I still live in flat of my parents (My parents ddo not know about my fetishes. I do not want to talk with them about this and i am sure they also won't know this. They are not that kind of people. I our family, no one talks about sexuality. As a teenager, i learned about sexuality first time in the school. We are a very conservative catholic family.). My room ist only 11,96 square meters (And i do not let my parents in there). Not much space to live fetishes :(. from 2008 and 2010 i was studying in heidelberg. There i had a 16 square meters student room for my own. This was the time where i was able to live my fetishes best as i had more space and had this room completely for me. Unfortunately as i am not good in social conacts and relationships a never met a girl friend that shares my fetishes (or at least a girl friend). I did it alone. Google image search, youtube and similar and me.

edit: i forgot two further minor fetishes.

5. Silk fetish. I like the softness and the thin lightness of silk scarves
6. Womens hair fetish. I like playing with my fingers in the long hair of beautiful woman. it feels so good. ideally she has shiny hair and uses wet look hair gel or pomade.
When i was a teenager, i primarily liked girls with black hair. Today i like every hair color. blonde, brunette,black,red and also artificial hair colors like türkis, blue, green,pink, purple, rubin red and so on. In general i like colors. For me, a girl could have red hair,yellow raincape with pink boots or something this way for example.
PVC is sexy.

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Re: What is it specifically about rainwear that makes it a fetish/thing for you?

Post by rainwearseeker » April 7th, 2017, 3:48 pm

It started ever since my early childhood years. I always liked the smooth texture from the vintage PVC raincoats. That clingy sticky nature it used to have back in the 80's and 90's. My first rain coat was a black rubber one when I was very little. I remember wearing an all yellow shiny plastic mac with a hood and then I had a rubber striped navy blue and yellow. Because of these experiences, I always liked how raincoats felt. That rubbery nature, the creaky sound, the soft sticky feeling left behind, and the over all design. I live in North America, and unfortunately, those qualities are almost long gone. I still have a yellow Item's International raincoat that has been around for years. I first put it on when I was 9 years old.

For me, my fetish is rain wear to full body rubber suits, but I am very selective to what I like. I like wearing rubber gloves with my rain coat and it is a lot of fun to wear chest waders to get that full feeling out of it. I am also into rubber and raincoat like PVC hazmat suits, but I only own one suit. I do own a Chinese rubber wader suit with attached gloves.

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Re: What is it specifically about rainwear that makes it a fetish/thing for you?

Post by mspakamac » September 27th, 2017, 8:51 am

For me it's everything. The look, the buttons, the feel, the sound, the aroma and how they make me feel attractive and desirable.
I adore my foldaway plastic macs and nylon macs http://www.plasticmacs.com

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Re: What is it specifically about rainwear that makes it a fetish/thing for you?

Post by pvclovering » October 10th, 2017, 9:28 pm

My interest began in the mid 1960s when I was bought a boys plastic pakamac to wear on a wet day on holiday at the seaside. Must have been around 10. When we were home, I loved wearing it. It was the feel of it I suppose. As I got older I liked seeing girls wearing PVC & plastic, but I went through wearing a nylon cagoule stage. It is only in the last few years that I got back into PVC wearing with the likes of PUL & Weathervain, with unisex macs. As much as I like to wear PVC for pleasure as well as in the rain, I think women look better in PVC rainwear.

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Re: What is it specifically about rainwear that makes it a fetish/thing for you?

Post by Taurus » October 12th, 2017, 10:20 am

My situation seems al bit like marcus_germany. I am 39 and have also a form of autism. I was wondering if fetishes are more common with autism, especially asperger.

My interest in rainwear started when I was 5 or 6 when I had an orange pvc raincoat. Later I had a similar one in yellow and I could'n understand why it gave me special feelings. I loved to wear the smooth material and I also liked looking at others wearing raincoats. In my adolesence in the 90's I loved to see women in pvc macs, they where fashionable at the time and I began fantasizing about trying them on, to feel the nice material on my body, the smell and the nice crackling sounds of it. Also when I had the chance in a store, liked to touch them. But only a few years ago I had the guts to take pvc or a nice womens leather coat to a fitting room and trying them on and only recently I have bought two pvc macs for "pleasure".

Due to circumstances I also live with my parents so there is almost no room for my fetish. If I had my own appartment, I probably would have a collection of rainwear and womens clothing, in pvc/vinyl of course. So for me, my fetish for rainwear and pvc/vinyl clothing was always there, as long as I can remember. Although I like to wear (womens) pvc/vinyl clothing I am only interested in seeing women in these materials. Men in pvc/vinyl don't attract me at all. Women definitly look beter in pvc/vinyl and I am very pleased to see vinyl returning in the shops like H&M.

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