Rainwear sex

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Rainwear sex

Post by Scrittyrainwear »

Hi all new to this site I have a huge obsession with rainwear wear it whenever I can but mostly love to mastabate in it or have sex in it with my partner she still isn't keen on the idea of it as it took me three years to come out to her with this fetish and she thinks its strange I'm just a normal 25 year old guy and want to know is the fetish strange would love to meet anyone into rain wear living in Perth Western Australia
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by kulshan »

I don't think this is a strange thing at all. Been doing it for years. The slick, clinging waterproof is perfect. The swishing and crackling of the preferably stiff plastic adds to the sensation.
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by JanetandNick »

Nick and I love having sex in rainwear.
And friends are always welcome to join in!
Janet xxxxxx
Nick and I love meeting other rainwear enthusiasts
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by latexstorm »

"Normal" on the surface often turns out to be anything but when you look more closely. And the more loudly someone insists they don't have a kink, the more I assume they've got something EXTRA weird happening on the side. :-)

Just sayin'.
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by ShinyW »

I too live in Perth Western Australia and I too have a fetish, fantasy, fondness,... for anything shiny including rainwear. I have found over the years that once I introduce the idea to my wife or girlfriend they at least get into it or sometimes get pretty excited about it.

Happy to chat via PM.
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by pvclovering »

No, this fetish is not strange. I have been into shiny PVC/plastic for more years than I dare think about! Must admit that I thought I was the only person who had this love of PVC though until I found this site a while ago. I am not alone!
It is a sunny morning outside but here I am indoors wearing my shiny black PVC raincoat, feeling good!
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by blackmacjay »

And that is one great thing about the Internet.

WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

When you look at the other stuff that's out there, we're normal!
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by sissy_sofi »

Normal is overrated. Raincoat fetish is fairly common within a kink community, well 1-100 or so, lol.
It is a publicly known one and fairly acceptable. I do enjoy raincoat sex and it has been far too long, it does nothing for my spouse, so I don't push it on her. I do wear one from time to time with her though.
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by ShinyShoppe »

Until my lovely wife arrived in my life,.... rainwear sex was a very limited pleasure.
She has a shiny fetish...and adding it with rainwear/rubber/bondage, we have the most fantastic life.

Live your life, the fetish IS who we are, we are lucky to know such passion and fire in the belly.
I would not be vanilla for any money, all those poor vanilla folk out there, I feel sorry for them.
They have no idea how much pleasure they are missing out on !
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Re: Rainwear sex

Post by raincoatboy »

It would be my dream come true to meet a woman who's into pvc.
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