Hello from Janet

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Hello from Janet

Post by JanetandNick » January 29th, 2010, 12:24 pm

Time I filled in this bit, what to say....
I came across the rainwear scene just a few years ago.
I have always loved all sorts of very soft, smooth, slippery, shiny materials, and so one day a friend bought me a plastic mac to try on. It felt absolutely gorgeous and one thing led to another, I now have quite a large collection of rainwear, mostly given to me by friends. Many thanks to Paul for the lovely green rainsuit he sent me!
I'm 42, and have been for several years now, it's a good age.
I'm bisexual, and love sex with girlfriends just as much as guys.
I'm happily married and Nick and I are swingers so I get lots of opportunity for fun.
I enjoy rainwear both indoors in bed, and outdoors in the rain and getting muddy.
I think really I'm not actually a fetishist, because I like lots of different things sexually, and the rainwear is really just one of the things that enhances sex for me.
I'm rather exhibitionist, I love being in front of cameras, so a few years ago I started a Yahoo group to show off my pictures, and this evolved into a proper website of my own http://www.janetseclecticreviews.org.uk
It's completely free, I just do it for fun, and update it when I have the time. It has several "layers" and you have to register to see the sexy pages, including the rainwear. The registration bit is just so I can keep spammers under control.
Finally, just to say I love to meet other people who enjoy rainwear fun, so if you'd like to meet, please message me.
Nick and I love meeting other rainwear enthusiasts

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Re: Hello from Janet

Post by latexloo » January 29th, 2010, 1:22 pm

Hi Janet,

Im a 38 year old guy based just to the north of London who loves rainwear fun, and especially wearing fetish clothing in public.

Would love to chat with you further regarding rainwear fun.

Please feel free to email me at latexloo@hotmail.com and we can take it from there hopefully.

Look forward to hearing from you

Loo x

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Re: Hello from Janet

Post by Rainwearboy » January 30th, 2010, 2:48 pm

Glad to see you here on the new forum and would love to see more of you in the green maxden rainsuit. If you have a look at the Links section you will see your link is the one that gets clicked the most ;)

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