How and when did your fetish begin?

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by pvclovering »

It is interesting to read how other people got into their fetish. In gthe past I have posted on this topic how I got into PVC/plastic. In the mid 60s I was bought a plastic pakamac to wear on a wet day on holiday.I loved wearing that raincoat.
I have just been reading pvcdude92 post. When I got back into wearing PVC a few years ago, I also found it difficult to put a raincoat on and wear outdoors. Then, on a really wet evening I plucked up the courage to put my mac on to go out wearing it.Since then I have had no worries with it. I've had some good comments, and even a couple of smiles from younger ladies who wouldn't normally give me a second glance! All I can say is put your raincoat on and go for it.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by hotwilly »

Never had a problem wearing my plastic/ pvc macs out
Worn two different PUL macs at Goodwood Revival over a number of years
Latest purchase; ... 0290.m3507
Was worn for Christmas shopping on Friday which was a wet day, received no comments, either negative or positive.
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by rubberdee »

I like the look of that, hotwilly, might indulge myself after xmas

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by hotwilly »

rubberdee wrote:
December 24th, 2018, 11:04 am
I like the look of that, hotwilly, might indulge myself after xmas
I'm 6'2" -42 chest, got xx large fits and allow for jacket underneath

I will add worn I doors for pleasure as well - very nice :D
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by tiger4macs »

Reading so many of the responses to this question, the same pattern crops up again and again: early childhood. For me it must have been when I was about 3. I had a little SBR mac and sou’wester. I would tolerate the coat, but remonstrate vigorously when my mother put the sou’weater on me. Can’t explain clearly why, but I felt desperately shy. However, when I played in the cupboard under the stairs I would put it on and make a funny face. Don’t ask me why!

Later, at primary school during WW2, rubberlined cotton macs were de rigeur, and I kicked up bobbsy-die when my parents tried to make me wear my blue one. But I loved to see the girls in theirs; they looked so sweet in their sou’westers (“mac ‘ats” in Hampshire!) that I always wanted to hug them. Thus were born a) my conviction that mackintoshes were quintessentially feminine wear and no way on God’s earth was I going to wear one, and b) my delight in seeing a girl (nowadays a pretty lady of course) in a mackintosh, the more so if it’s a pretty, romantic design with tailored bodice and waist, flared skirt and either a generous, flowing hood (40s style) or a fetching rainhat (preferably in black PVC), and more still if she looks a little bashful. (There’s a lovely photo of just such a lady posing at a Mackintosh Society function that expresses that notion beautifully. What has happened to them? They don’t seem to be active anymore, as my attempts to contact their website fail).

So my fetish apparently diverges from most men’s in that I have NO desire to wear rainwear myself, though I’m always strangely stirred by the feel of slippery, slithery materials that rustle deliciously. But I long to see a lady enjoying her mac, and can imagine nothing more erotic than a lovely lady, wearing nothing under a gorgeous mackintosh (apart from black patent kinky boots of course), seriously turned-on by the experience… except for one thing: same lady, in the same outfit, having a stupendous orgasm by whatever means suits her best! Of course if I were the agent of her ecstasy all my Christmases would have come (if you’ll pardon the expression) at once!

You’ll have deduced by now that I’m seriously old. But once a fetish has you in its thrall it never lets go and I’ve suffered from mine (I use the word advisedly) continuously since 1940 and wish to Christ it would go away, as it has consumed so much time, so much emotional energy and produced SO much unsatisfied longing in my life that I’ve been damaged rather than fulfilled by it. It seems to me that people whose fetish originated this way possess some innate, involuntary erotic response to the feel, smell, texture, sound and look of rubberised or PVC materials. They seem mostly to be male but obviously (and thank God for them!) there are some ladies similarly disposed.

It wasn’t until quite late in life that I discovered via the internet that I wasn’t uniquely weird, that there are others like me, if only approximately. What wouldn’t I have given to find a lady who had a passion complementary to mine, when I was young and vigorous. It may be that if I had been bold enough to broach the topic with one or other GF…. but of course in those days…. forget it, Jack! (My wonderful wife of nearly 60 years is positively NOT interested, so that’s that).

So it is that I’m irresistibly drawn to seek images and stories on websites like this one, that spin my wheels and here I am fulfilling some strange urge to share with fellow addicts. May you all find more satisfaction than I did!

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Johnnyrbr »

My love of rubber began when I was 3/4 years old and a brother had a black mackintosh and souwester. I used to bury my face in it and stroke it all over because I loved the smell and feel of it. Neither of us had wellingtons but there was a childrens home nearby and all the kids there had the same mackintoshes plus wellingtons. I didn't know why I had such an attaction to it but I used to follow them as much as I could to see the creases forming in their macks and watch the wellingtons rub their legs. When later in life I was in the RAF I was issued with a lovely rubber cape and wellingtons to use on the airfield, but it got used more for personal pleasure.
Now, many years later I am still in love with the same.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Friesennerzboy »

My Fetish begun when i was a little Baby
I had many pacifier(hope that is the right word) like 10 of them and i could never fall asleep without all 10 of them. They werde Made of rubber and with 3 years i had 3 raincoats i never wanted to put them off. I also wore them naked :) Maybe this is Strange for you But with 6 years i secretly pissed in the pockets of my rubber raincoats then After my Parents threw all my raincoats away i never Got an New one. With 12 years i started to wank when i was alone at home and searched pictures from wellies and raincoats. With 14 my Passion grew further that i cummed on the wellies of my little sister (cause i didnt had some for myself) and thats my Story how i Got the Fetish.

PS: Now i am an 16 year old German Boy Who would like to have own rainwear to have fun with it. But because some problems in the Family i cant have rainwear until i have my own Apartment.😓

and here is an Photo of me wearing my raincoat (image link deleted)

Sorry, we do not allow images of underage children wearing rainwear on this page, no matter how 'innocent' the photo may be because this is a adult fetish forum. Thanks for understanding. Mase

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Straitjacketed »

Andyf08 wrote:
July 25th, 2018, 8:39 am
My fetish started very young. Young enough to be still made to sit in a pushchair. When out I had to wear a mothercare wet weather coverall in bright red nylon. It had a long black zip right up to my neck with a hood with a nice big peak on the hood. I used to love wearing that.
Tickled to read this because, while I never had one of those pushchair coveralls, I remember, as a young kid in the early '70s, seeing them in the Mothercare catalogue and feeling... intrigued. By then, I was a little too old for pushchairs but something about the concept of being "trapped" beneath crackly red plastic with only one's partially hooded face visible fascinated me. I'm not sure why but the combination of being uncomfortably hot, wrapped in pungent fabric and unable to get free was a situation I really wanted to try for myself.

A bit older - maybe the first or second year of primary school - I remember a boy in my class wearing a shiny black anorak with a hood and being very proud of it. In the playground, a couple of other boys played a trick on him where one grabbed his arms from behind and the other, quick as a flash, pulled the drawstrings of his hood tight and knotted them so only his mouth and nose were free; he was effectively blindfolded. He had no option but to try to unpick the knot with his nails.

It's always a bit difficult to say for sure whether those things cause the rainwear fetish or whether they're just the earliest fetish-related memories. There may have been even earlier examples I just can't recall. I do know my interest in bondage dates back slightly earlier - I remember playing kindergarten pretend games with a girl the same age where she was a princess and I was a robber who got caught stealing her treasure and chained up in prison - and there's always been an intertwining of that and my interest in tough, shiny, impermeable clothing that could restrain or somehow trap the wearer: wanting to take off/get out of the clothing but being unable to do so.

As I've got older, I've recognised that within that overlap there's also an element of humiliation linked to that, particularly around the idea of being forced to wear distinctive wet weather clothing in public; maybe that's the "sissy" aspect of having to wear a raincoat and, God knows, a sou'wester in front of one's peers, as a kid. Like others in this thread, I went through a phase of absolutely refusing to have anything to do with clothes made from the materials that (I later recognised) turned me on. I think I, like some others, eroticised that embarrassment.

So... somehow all of that coalesced into a fetish for rainwear. I like the sensory elements - the way light reflects from my favourite gear, the sound it makes when I move in it, the smell of new PVC or oilskin, the way it's cold then warmer on my skin - and, perverse as it might seem, I like the fact that it can make me feel uncomfortable, physically and psychologically. It can make me hot, red-faced and sweaty (especially with hood up and tied tightly so I can't easily undo it even if the sun starts to shine). It can make me self-conscious (try wearing a Stutterheim Opal on the Tube!) but I love it when I have no option but to deal with all of that.
"It ain't bondage until you want out..."

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Rives »

So many parallels with my own experiences..... made to sit in a pushchair with one of these covers after I'd broken my foot aged 6 and made to wear a bright red pushchair cover with a tightly fitted hood. And then a series of nylon pakamacs right up to 17 years old. So many stories and experiences.....

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by furryhood »

Well... I blame my parents totally!! Don't know how old, but probably 6 or 7, in the early sixties, I was the younger of two, my sister was 3yrs older, and as times were hard, I quite often ended up with her hand me downs, especially her anoraks and macs. This was the era of the diamond quilted hooded drawstring type that many kids wore. She had a shiny brown one, with a fur trimmed hood, which once outgrown, was forced onto me. I remember absolutely hating being made to wear it. The more I protested the worse it got, with the threat, then being made, to wear the hood up and fastened as a 'punishment'!
At first, I really hated it, but I remember, after a few episodes finding it a rather nice 'feeling' being made to put it all on. Eventually it almost became a game, which of course I secretly now enjoyed! Next came her shiny pvc mac and soon after a very gloopy dark blue shiny rubberised anorak. All of them of course, I hated, doing my utmost to refuse to wear, blah blah..... I now had a small collection of my most favourite (hated) attire, and would often be made to 'choose' my punishment! Thinking back I suspect my mum and dad probably had probably sussed me out! Im now 60+. Luckily with a wonderful lady who does nt give a hoot about my funny little habits, her comment being 'its harmless, it makes me happy, and it could be so much worse!' So my wardrobe is stuffed full of shiny hooded pvc, vinyl, macs, anoraks, jackets, one piece suits, all hooded and some fur trimmed, I also love hooded puffas etc etc. Even she has her own collection. Shiny vinyl fur trimmed hooded puffas are so acceptable streetwise now, luck us...…...x

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