How and when did your fetish begin?

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Taffmac »

Firstly, I'd like to give you a bit of encouragement. During my early relationship with my wife, I gently brought the conversation round to the things that men like and that prompted here to ask me what I found exciting. I asked her to guess what it might be and after several guesses and some hints I said that it was an item of clothing and I eventually admitted my liking for plastic rainwear. She was perfectly OK with it and actually said that she thought it was "cute" (her word). The next time I saw her she turned up wearing a shiny PVC jacket that she'd had since her college days. After that she bought a couple of see-through plastic macs for me (it was the late 1970's and they were fashionable at the time). I then added more macs to my collection and we had some great moments together, both wearing plastic macs.

Now, a word of warning. My passion for plastic was very strong and I would add more macs to my collection and I was obviously too enthusiastic about my fetish. There came a time in our marriage when my wife felt that I loved my macs more than I loved her. She no longer felt comfortable with the situation and I then had to indulge in my passion when on my own.

So, if rainwear means so much to you, I would suggest that you broach the subject with your girlfriend very carefully and gradually and, if she accepts it, ensure that she is not threatened by it. If you really love each other I am sure that she will enjoy seeing the look of pleasure on your face as my wife did in those earlier days.

Hope this helps and Good Luck.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Rubberpaul »

My fetish began as a child sleeping on a rubber bed sheet,in teens l loved shiny coats,and admired other mainly ladies wearing them,as l grew older l realised l had a rubber fetish,so l bought rubber clothes for men and women yes l cross dressed.l now own a lovely full length rubber mac,and proper Hunter Wellingtons,often wear rubber clothes under the long walks in rubber especially in the rain.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by kinkychippy »

My love of plastic began when I found a pile of plastic baby pants in the kitchen belonging to my younger sister. I must have been about 6 at the time . I used to take them to bed at night and fondle them next to my skin the smell and feel was amazing then early School Days my mother bought me a plastic mac from Woolworths.loved to sneak it to bed and wear it next to my skin. Soon after I used to play tie up games whilst wearing my plastic Mac with some girls I used to play with. Later on in life I discovered rubber and latex but plastic pants will always be my favourites.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Andyf08 »

My fetish started very young. Young enough to be still made to sit in a pushchair. When out I had to wear a mothercare wet weather coverall in bright red nylon. It had a long black zip right up to my neck with a hood with a nice big peak on the hood. I used to love wearing that. As time went on I used to get hand downs from my sister as money was tight and we used to have second hand clothes. I had a number of nylon raincoat some with hoods but the ones without I was made to wear a plastic rain bonnet. Still to this day I love all rainwear and wear everyday if possible.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by susanmacintosh »

I first became entranced by rainwear when I was about 12. In those days a lot of the boys at my school would wear those classic grey pacamacs, and I longed to have one of my own, but it wasn't until I was 16 that I got my first one, a grey plastic mac from Woolworths. Before then I had taken to wearing my father's grey pacamac whenever I had the chance. I must admit that at the same time as my interest in macs was aroused I also realised that I was a transvestite, and having two sister at home I was not short of material for dressing up in. Imagine my delight when one day my younger sister came home with a lovely blue nylon raincoat, which were quite fashionable in those days. (Although my taste for rainwear had begun with plastic macs I soon found myself equally excited by nylon raincoats.) My love of raincoats has not grown any less over the years and I still adore the sight, feel and smell of rainwear.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Mightymach »

When about 9 or 10 years old I used to hide in the cupboard under the stairs underneath my mothers rubber mackintosh.i would get a strange feeling in my nether regions so I quite enjoyed that. Sometime after I had to have a tooth extracted and my mother was unable to take me. It was an afternoon and being off school for the day and not being able to eat before I naughtily ate a bar of chocolate. Mother knew the dental nurse who agreed to take me and return me afterward. I was taken to the dental clinic and waited for my turn, I was duly led in to the chair and told to take deep breaths as the rubber gas mask was held on my face. I could see the long rubber breathing tubes attached to the machine with a big rubber bag inflating as I breathed.The smell of the rubber was overwhelming and the feeling returned to my nether region again before I passed out.
When I awoke again a rubber mask was held on me to give me some oxygen,when I was fully awake I was led into a cold waiting room to wait for the nurse to finish and take me home. After a short time I started to feel sick and was told by the nurse to lay on the bench which was rather hard, she returned with her rubber mackintosh and folded to make a pillow for me.
The rubber smell filled my nostrils and the feeling down below returned,I got the sleeve and rolled it up to make a mask and started breathing into it.
The nurse returned and caught me breathing into the sleeve she asked if I liked the smell to which I replied with a nod. She said she was nearly finished and would take me back to her home as my mother wouldn’t be finished at work for a while.
She drove me to her house where I was given a few biscuits and a drink of milk.she then went into another room and returned wearing a red rubber Macintosh.
She asked me if I would like to wear another rubber mask which agreed to,it had a long rubber tube attached. She put it on me and asked if I liked it which I did and my feelings down below had returned. She laid me down on the settee and cover me with a rubber mackintosh sheet which I also was laying on and she then started to fondle me down below.
I didn’t know much about what she was doing at the time but I certainly enjoyed it. I know now and would like to experience it again!
What happened then was strange to me at the time but the smell and feel of rubber was overwhelming. My Breathing tube ended inside her rubber pants and I saw she was also wearing a rubber skirt and top under her Mac,she bent over me and started to suck me down below and she started breathing very heavily and gasping which I know now was her orgasming.
This was the beginning of my life of rubber
I have to amit that it happened again on 2 other occasions when dental work was required and I remember a number of occasions when I wore my mothers Mac and found relief with it.
From then on rubber macs breathing masks and seeing women in macs became a colossal turn on and now because of the decline of proper mackintosh’s I find the next best thing is a shiny plastic mac and the thought of what the female wearing it might feel like wearing it naked and what that may do to likeminded people like myself.
I think in today’s environment it would be classed as sexual abuse but I certainly would not complain about it and I find now I get enormous pleasure from my wife orgasming in her rubber hood,mask and mackintosh while I orgasm in my pvc pants and she covers my face with her rubber breathing bag.
Happy days

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by blackmacjay »

I would love to have your experience but I didn't. Sexual abuse or not, I want it.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by pvcdude92 »

My fetish started in a very odd way. There are photos of me when I was very young wearing a frog design PVC rain coat and wellies and rain hat and I am loving it. Then at some point I developed a phobia of PVC rainwear … I remember at the age of 5 my mom brought me a PVC rain coat and tried to put it on me and I just cried my eyes out. My phobia extended to anything PVC / plasticy. I even remember when I had a birthday party at McDonalds when I was about 7 and they wanted everyone to wear a PVC coated tabard I just cried until they said I didn’t have to wear it.

I must have grown out of that phobia at some point as at the age of about 12 I was at a kids holiday club and we all had to put on yellow plastic rain trousers, a matching PVC jacket and a hat to play a game (not sure what the game was but it had something to do with lots of water) and as soon as I put it on I felt an strange feeling and I got my first every erection. A few months later at the same club they did a game with a messy forfeit and the loser had to get gunged with messy foods. I lost and was so annoyed as I really didn’t want to get my clothes messy but they gave me the same yellow PVC rainwear to put on again and that was the point I suddenly also developed a fetish for gunge and rainwear together.

Since then I have discovered my fetish covers more than just rainwear. I get turned on by anything plasticy / PVC including Aprons and Haircutting capes. I love it when I get my hair coloured and have to sit in a hairdressers wearing a plastic haircut cape.

I now own a few different PVC raincoats and other PVC Items … but still so not have the guts to wear one of my raincoats out in public so to tell my partner of my fetish!

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Stephie »

I’ve read quite a few of the lovely articles in this thread. My love was my mother’s pale blue soft vinyl Pakamacs, button through, gold Pakamac lettering, collar, belt, through pockets for every day clothes and a matching rain scarf. Perfect for a confused boy in his puberty, with the usual popular sticky results!

I haven’t heard much about love of rain bonnets. I loved these too and years ago they were accordion folding type with thin tape to tie under the chin. I remember them with umbrella motifs and when folded cane in a little plastic wallet for purse or handbag.

I have a fair collection of rainbonnets these days. Visor type from the old polka dot crinkly noisy plastic to soft vinyl, shiny PVC, patterened fashion retro themes which have quite a following these days aka The Bonnit.

From a confused male to a part time TV, the appeal of plastic macs is still strong. Elements Rainwear do some lovely flowing retro designs to grace a full circle skirt or full skirted rockabilly dress. Their models gracefully wear matching rain scarves over lovely retro 40’s and 50’s hairstyles some of us may remember, or wish to copy.

The thrill of rubber and plastic raincoats, capes, bonnets and sou’westers is more than enough by itself, but if you’re a TV like me, fully made up, your nicest undies underneath, dress with rain garments on top, your bonnet or rain scarf tied nicely over your hairstyle, heels 👠 on, it’s so heavenly.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by mrbassman101 »

@Mightymach . Fabulous experience with your Dental Nurse , sounds like you really enjoyed it .
I too would have loved to undergo such an experience.
Obviously it was so wrong in these enlightened ? times in which we live , but it sounds so nice .
Regards mrbassman101

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